Dan Bongino: ‘Putin has to be absolutely laughing right now’

43 Replies to “Dan Bongino: ‘Putin has to be absolutely laughing right now’”

  1. Putin has been LHFAO for the past 3+ years at the moronic Democratic Party. Pretty pathetic.Trump might have been able to cut some deals to benefit us all. The US being permanent enemy’s with Russia does no good for anyone in the world.

  2. I made a comment on a video about what was going on with Putin and Russia pertaining to our problems. I am with you Dan, I think Russia is laughing.

  3. Reinforce out parner ships with our neighbors and friends is vitaly important. Don't allow whiners at home distract you from strengthening our ties to our friends abroad.


  5. The demons cant get near Trump.Hes too protected. Big huge warrior Angels.Trumps home in Heaven is larger than the White House

  6. Bernie is a dangerous psycho. Did you see his eyes bulge when he speaks?
    This is how Communism started, with people like him. Hundred of millions dead later and people want Communism again?

  7. हमारी सुरक्षा के सामने तुम्हारे सीक्रेट सर्विस वाले फैल है।

  8. In India the Caste social systems are slowly going away and equal standing within their monolithic society is gaining popularity. Like most intelligent immigrants that come here it takes two to three generations before assimilation of and into American culture takes place. I dated a second generation Indian woman many years ago and her parents made it very difficult for her so we went our separate ways. She married another second generation Indian man but they have never been happy. They have three children all in their late teens and early 20's and date who they want. Likely will marry outside their race but may not. Main thing is their 2nd generation parents are not as rigid as 1st generation parents.

  9. Stayed up to watch livestreams from Indian media of President Trump's arrival…
    As I scrolled through various broadcasts, It struck me that there was such reverence, unity, and Love being nurtured, across the entire board.
    It was truly incredible.

  10. What kind of screening happens with the Indian "honor guard" that Trump reviewed.? For example the Indian officer standing next to him with a sword and the troops just a few feet from him.

  11. People from around the world flee communism and end up here in America looking for a better future. That's why America will never become a socialist nation, and Bernie Sanders will never be POTUS.

    "If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth."–President Ronald Reagan

  12. First Lady Melania Trump gives me Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis vibes! She's so beautiful, elegant, sophisticated, and graceful! I love our First Lady.

  13. Hay Bongino. How do you know they don't do Putin's job? After all Obama said to tell Putin hill have more time after the election for Putin.

  14. Putin is a patriot, that is something to envy in a leader. Look after your people.
    I will not confuse patriotism with altruism, he is no friend of the west.
    He needs to be kept in place and his magnificent public relations scam needs opposing.

  15. Thank God for Donald! Donald, we love you. We want you to stay in the White House forever! You’re the best President in the history of this country. Thank God for Donald.

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