Dare Telugu Full Movie || Jeeva, Anjali, Karunas || Ram || Yuvan Shankar Raja || G Murali

If you jump from there,
onIy your bones wiII break.
You won’t die. Come down sIowIy.
HeIIo boss.
Jump or come down.
We are getting baked in hot sun.
Don’t we’ve any other work?
HeIIo sir.
PIease come down.
I’m here to heIp you.
PoIice is your friend.
Jesus, save my son.
When I decided to commit suicide,
…it was 4 Iast evening.
I was waIking on Purna Market road.
Writing a Ietter to someone before
kiIIing YourseIf is a rituaI.
Writing a Ietter to someone before
kiIIing YourseIf is a rituaI.
But to whom shouId I write?
AnjaIi, You are the onIy one
whom I know on this earth.
But, I’ve a probIem
in writing to You.
I don’t know Your whereabouts.
Though I may write a Ietter,
I can’t post it to You.
But is it necessary to post any Ietter?
One needs a name to write a Ietter.
I can’t find a better name
than yours AnjaIi.
You are divine piece of God.
So, I must teII You the reason
why Iim committing suicide.
You’II sneer on hearing the reason.
The reason is very simpIe.
How can a TeIugu graduate
survive in our state?
This doesn’t Iook Iike a reason, does it?
Even I feIt Iike that.
Not untiI I met MuraIi Iast month
in IocaI train.
Move aside, madam.
Gents kerchief, sir.
Kerchief sir.
-1 for Rs. 5. 2 for Rs. -10.
– MuraIi…
– Kerchief with Mega Star photo
– Hey kerchief..
– You want kerchief sir?
Coming sir…1 for Rs. 5. 2 for Rs. 10.
You’re MuraIi, right?
Do you want kerchief sir?
You’re MuraIi, right?
I’m Raja not MuraIi.
Buy kerchief if you want.
Don’t disturb my work.
Kerchief, sir…madam…
Hey MuraIi…
You’ve the scar which you got
whiIe pIaying a Kabaddi game.
You are MuraIi, right?
Yes, I am MuraIi.
So what?
Then why do you act Iike a stranger?
We both studied in same coIIege
for 3 years. I don’t deny that.
You scored 65%.
I scored 66%.
So what?
What happened?
Back home my parents think that
I’m working as a teacher here.
But I am seIIing hankies here.
I’m not Iike you.
Don’t remind me the past.
– Hey MuraIi…
– Leave me.
– I don’t want to see you.
– MuraIi..
Three out of my 30 batch mates got
a job under minority quota.
And the rest 26 are doing unspecified work
in different pIaces under fictitious names.
I was bit IuckY.
I too got a job.
What is honor?
Sit down.
FaiIing from one’s own grace.
What do you mean by that?
It means. Sit down.
What if your father beats you?
What if Your headmaster makes You
kneeI down in the prayer haiI?
What if the poIice kick
your bottom in pubic?
– YouiII Iose your honor.
– What if we Iose honor?
Sit down.
EIders says..
..that as Iong as we have hair,
we appIy oiI & shampoo it.
But when it faIIs down,
it is waste hair.
We put it in a dust bin.
He is taIking bad.
Hair isn’t a bad word.
It is a chaste TeIugu word.
EIders says….
”Die rather than Iive with disgrace”.
HonorabIe souIs die when disgraced
rather than Iive with it.
Thank you sir.
Okay, write this 10 times.
Nair, a tea pIease.
A cigarette, sister.
What’s this new habit?
Give me one.
Sexy siren !
You bastard!
He touched her.
Stop the jeep.
Inspector is caIIing you.
Don’t put off the cigarette.
Come with it.
Can’t you put down the cigarette?
He toId me not to…
Where was your sense?
Get into the jeep.
Why sir?
Aren’t you educated?
Don’t you know smoke in pubIic
is banned? Get in.
Sorry sir.
Get in.
I’m working as a teacher
in this schooI.
The schooI is itseIf running without License.
Do you want me to saIute you?
Get in.
What are you watching, man?
Drag him into the jeep.
– Get in.
– Sir, pIease Iisten to me.
BIoody crook!
– Sir, I was smoking inside the shop.
– Get in.
if poIice beats You in pubIic,
it means You Iose Your honor.
– Your name..?- Prabhakar.
Your name is itseIf troubIesome.
And your address?
No. 33, Paidiraju Mansion, Gandhi Nagar.
Pay Rs. 250.
I don’t have money sir.
You say you’re a teacher.
Don’t you have money?
Low paid teacher.
Moreover month end.
Don’t trust the teacher.
My son is studying in cIass 1 .
I pay Rs. 500 for his tuitions.
Nowadays, they earn more than us.
Students join onIy Mathis tuitions.
Nobody joins TeIugu tuitions.
Writer, he’s a TeIugu teacher.
Then why did you smoke Iike
a foreigner on the road.
As a TeIugu teacher,
You must have smoked a beedi.
Pay Rs. 250 & Ieave.
Even I am educated.
I know ruIes.
I didn’t smoke in pubIic pIace.
Show me the G.O.
If that comes under a pubIic pIace,
…I waiI pay the fine.
Though you don’t have a penny in pocket,
you taIk about ruIes very weII.
Stand here.
You wanted to see Government Order.
And I waiI show You.
Why are you staring at me?
That’s how I Iook.
She was smiIing at you, right?
Look down.
What did you say?
Look down I say.
TeII me.
In pubIic pIace…
What did you teII the head constabIe?
– I was smoking inside the tea shop..
– Is the tea shop your home?
Or is his wife your concubine?
– Don’t taIk bad about girIs?
– Hey…
If we beat you,
you waiI Iodge a compIaint
for beating a teacher.
Make him sit with criminaIs with
onIy his underwear on.
OnIy then he waiI reform.
HonorabIe souIs die when disgraced
rather than Iive with it.
I was sitting there as a piece of shit.
How can I Iive after this humiIiation?
So, TeIugu is aIso a reason
for me to commit suicide.
That’s not aiI.
There’s a Iot more.
But everything mean the same.
Does a TeIugu graduate need
a reason to die in Andhra Pradesh?
I wrote aiI the reasons in a Ietter
to AnjaIi…and Ieaped down.
But I am a fooI.
Before jumping down,
I shouIdive checked if there’s power.
I wouIdive attained saIivation.
But destiny brought me to
the same poIice station.
CouIdnit You find a better pIace to die?
Showing tricks from the
roof during peak hour?
Traffic got jammed for
an hour because of You.
– Look at Your bIoody face.
– Sorry sir.
I am reaIIy sorry.
Leave me sir.
– How was the feast?
– Not much just fourth.
– Take it.
– No sir.
Come on smoke.
I was beaten & fined
for smoking in pubIic.
When you smoke outside,
we waiI fiIe a case against you.
But not when you smoke inside.
C’mon smoke.
Thank you sir.
Not now. I waiI smoke Iater.
Inspector is so generous that he
waiI put you in jaiI for 5 years.
For the crime of committing suicide,
you can onIy remand me.
Don’t scare me by saying 5 years jaiI.
When you smuggIe marijuana
worth haIf miIIion,
…5 year jaiI term is too IittIe.
Did I smuggIe?
Just a minute.
AII that I have is onIy Rs. 2.
Just a minute.
Who waiI beIieve you if you say that
I smuggIed drugs worth haIf miIIion?
Forget about me.
WaiI you earn saIary pIus bribe
around Rs. 20000 a month?
Where waiI you get haIf a miIIion?
– Making fun of me?
– Sir…
Wait for me. I waiI come.
FriendIy to sociaIize
and honest in duty.
Greetings sir…you carry on, sir.
We can fiIe drug smuggIing case for
haIf miIIion to 5 minionsi.
We’ve reached the court.
Come in the evening.
Missed it?
Get up sir. He has escaped.
Get up sir.
– Catch him…
– This is 303.
Suicide attempt case has escaped.
Over sir.
Sir, give me a ticket to Duvvada.
This isn’t vaIid.
Give me another note.
Sir, aiI 5 rupee notes are
in this condition onIy.
Sir, pIease give me ticket.
I too know that..
But aiI stick and present it.
Get it sticked & present it.
If I’ve to stick it I need to
go to BheemIi, sir.
I need to buy a ticket for that.
I’ve onIy this five rupee note
to buy a ticket.
– HeIIo.
– Sir, aiI five rupee notes are torn…
Sir, pIease give me a ticket.
BIoody pain in ass!
Want to buy or give me way?
Wait, man…I’m buying ticket.
The worId turned me into nothing,
but this one drop of bIood
turned me into God.
Sir, didn’t I teII you that
I don’t know anyone?
For the past 2 hours, you are…
Move man..
Where is Prabhakar?
– Sir, I know onIy one Prabhakar.
– I’m asking about him onIy.
He is in SriIanka.
Oh my God!
Sir, I hurt my head twice for him,
Doctor warned me that
I’II the third time.
Sir, I got hurt again.
I’II teII you the truth, sir..
He beat me and
took away my train ticket, sir.
East Coast Express sir,
to Hyderabad, S4 coach.
Who is it at this odd hour?
GeneraIIy they say smoking
is injurious to heaIth.
But that day I found it’s danger
to another person.
Very good man !
SIeep weII, dear.
HeIIo, you shouIdnit smoke
inside the train.
Don’t you know it?
I didn’t get you.
You speak TeIugu or Hindi?
– Oh ! Andhra?
– Yes.
You shouIdnit smoke inside the train.
Rs 200 fine..
I’II Ieave you, if you pay Rs 100.
I don’t have money, sir.
What? Don’t you have money?
You’re traveIing in reserved compartment.
Don’t you have money?
Do you have ticket or not?
– Yes sir.
– Show me.
Show me..
Show me your ticket..
Give me Rs 100 and
take back your ticket.
– Sir, I don’t have money.
– Give me Rs 100.
– PIease sir…
– Hey…bIoody f…
For an every action, there is an equaI
and opposite reaction.
How can Newton’s 3rd Iaw not work?
Driver, stop the vehicIe.
Go back..
– Greetings, sir.
– Who is it?
Who are you?
Show me your face.
You scoundreI! Don’t run away!
Stop! I’II fire at You…
Stop man !
One more thought…
One more desire…
One more message…
Look, a fear is fast approaching
from the opposite side…
A LittIe more distance…
A few more burdens…
A LittIe more…
…fast approaching me
from the opposite side…
No one to visit…
No one to visit me…
TraveIIers cross the road up & down
but the road remains there forever…
The pIeasant moments we spent together
waiI never fade away from my eyes…
I sIept on garbage tiII
the break of new dawn…
I don’t remember
when did I Iast smiIe…
Trees don’t shed tears
for withered Ieaves…
It’II not feeI the pain
tiII the root catches fire…
Pain teIIs me that
I’m stiII aIive…
I reaIize I’m not with You onIy
when I wake from sIeep…
Look AnjaIi, what I’m having
is marijuana.
Don’t get angry…
I’m heIpIess..
It’s otherwise known as ‘Sivapanam’.
Since I’m Lord Siva,
I have to have it.
Do You know why Iive become Lord Siva?
Because I’ve the authority of births
and deaths, so I’m Lord Siva.
so You’re my consort Parvathi
though presentIy not with me.
So come, we waiI go and have a dance.
Yesterday in a city…
Inside a gIass jar…
I saw a diamond…
I saw a diamond…
I remembered her eyes…
I don’t have money to buy diamond…
StiII I’m not worried…
I kiIIed the shop owner…
And stoIe the diamond…
Once whiIe on a traveI,
during night time…
I saw a goIden siIk sari…
I remembered Your sIim body…
I didn’t have money to buy sari…
I didn’t bother much…
I kiIIed the cIothiers…
StoIe the girI…
Once You faII in Iove,
You don’t need money…
Once You become God,
kiIIing is not a crime…
After that, 2 Years passed since
I’m in Vizag.
There’s no street or Iane I didn’t Ioiter.
In these 2 Years, I kiIIed 22 peopIe.
– You… 22…murders…
– Hey stop it.
Why are you Iaughing now?
Like sIaughtering goats in mutton shop…
Like stuffing passengers in share auto.
Your Iist of murders
is stretching Iong.
I make fooIs of others.
You’re trying to fooI me?
Get Iost, man.
I thought you’II pay Rs 10000,
that I can pay for my bike’s due.
If the Iistener is fooI,
youiII Iie that donkey’s wiII get thorns.
Brother, first cut your hair,
then you can hack men.
Wait man…
PIease hoId on, man..
What happened now?
TiII now didn’t I Iisten to you patientIy?
Won’t you Iisten me for a whiIe?
Why are you getting tensed?
Put it down…
it may go off by mistake.
I’ve come back…
Put down the gun.
You’ve given a chair
to be a pot in fear.
Thank you very much.
Why are you Iighting
a Iamp in day time?
Last match stick.
I can’t go out for another match box.
You’re right, sir.
I’m on diet, sir.
Fire is identity of wisdom.
OnIy wise can smoke.
He has started!
Have you ever faced death in Iife?
I’m 30 years oId.
How can I not face it?
How many?
Two, sir.
Two? When?
..2 years ago, sir.
My grandpa, sir. Very good Grandpa.
How did he die?
He went to sIeep but never got up.
– Last year…
– Who?
My father. Very good father.
He went to sIeep but never got up.
Why are you repeating the same diaIogue,
he went to sIeep but never got up.
Am I asking you about peacefuI deaths?
Gory death, man !
With bIood spiII and fIesh…
They cut my mother’s throat and
bIood gushed out Iike a fountain…
Have you seen it?
I saw it.
I saw my grandpa’s head
breaking into pieces.
I’ve seen it.
Just hoId on…
I witnessed my first death
in the age of 10.
I was having this geometric
box with me then.
It was with me…
It was with me…
It had 2 erasers, 2 crayons, 3 hen
feathers and many more things..
Above aiI,
AnjaIi, who gave me
aiI that was with me.
Where are you taking me
into the forest?
Wait… you come, I’II teII you.
Come on…
Hey, we have reached very far.
TeII me the matter.
I’ve a friend here.
I want to introduce him to you.
Do you have a friend in this forest?
Who is it?
Mr. Tiger.
How can a beast Iike tiger
be your friend?
– Isn’t a cat your friend?
– Yes.
Like your cat,
tiger is my friend.
Cats are girIs’ friend,
and tigers are boys’ friend.
Tiger is nothing but a big cat.
ReaIIy saying this?
Come, I’II introduce you to him.
if You come across a girI using
the word ‘ReaIIy’ frequentIy,
A Ieaf fIoating on water has
become a Iifeboat to the ant…
Oh fIying butterfIy…
When I touched,
it gave me many coIors…
This is a new game of hide and seek…
That changed the mindset…
Happiness and sorrows
are two sides of a Iife…
Heart says with Iove no one
is aIone in this worId…
A feeIing Iike chiIIness of
a shadow in hot sun…
A mind is getting chiseIIed into a statue
with the Iashing of sea waves…
The goIden days of the chiIdhood
is making a come back…
Hey, what are you doing there?
Who is she?
Is she your daughter?
Yes.. go and sIeep..
Okay sir.
To Gayathri of 7th std D section..
Dear, how are you?
Here, I’ve got a naughty student.
He is just Iike me.
Mischievous boy.
– Mother… mother..
– Hey, what happened?
– What happened, dear?
– Mother… mother…
It’s nothing..
It’s nothing…
May Lord Muruga bIess You…
May aII Your fears vanish…
The man who reIieved aII the pain and
sorrow from my Iife is my TeIugu teacher.
I was waiting for the summer vacation.
Because in summer vacation,
the schooI waiI be empty.
MY TeIugu teacher spent aII his time
for me and with me onIy.
I never ever wished to spend
my vacation with my father.
To be frank, I had even
forgotten my father.
Oh fIying butterfIy…
When I touched,
it gave me many coIors…
This is a new game of hide and seek…
That changed the mindset…
Hey, wait…
Nothing, sir..
Hey, what?
Leaving so soon?
Leaving by evening train.
AII the best, friend.
– When are you Ieaving?
– Okay.
– TeIugu teacher…
– What?
I’II stay here for this vacation aIso.
I’ve to appIy for coIIege aIso.
Hey, stop teIIing Iies..
I know where to get you admitted.
Your father is Ionging
to meet for 6 years.
Go and meet him.
Didn’t he carry you aII these days?
Now you go and carry him.
– Where are we going?
– I’II teII you, come.
An oId student ShankarIingam
of mine is getting married.
Love marriage.
He caIIed me sign as witness.
I’m going there.
I may come Iate, dear.
– Your father is in CaIcutta, right?
– Yes.
– As soon as you reach,
ask your dad to phone me.- Okay..
I’II discuss with him about
your further studies. Got it?
The bus in which our warden was
traveIing feII into the river.
– What?
– Sir…my TeIugu teacher…
..60 dead bodies are Iying inside.
ItiII take 2 days for postmortem
and other formaIities.
Has come to cIaim body?
Get Iost, man !
From morning they are torturing me.
AnjaIi’s mother…
Who are You?
I was your neighbor.
I aIways reIate to my motheris tragic death
to make them remember me.
Death has been
my visiting card tiII date.
How come you are here?
Her father died in bus accident.
You can go inside and see him, can’t you?
They are not aIIowing us.
Who? That watchman?
First wife’s reIatives.
A prostitute has come to fight
for her rights on this man.
ShameIess woman has come
with her daughter in tow!
Don’t know how many famiIies
she had ruined.
I didn’t see my father.
I couIdnit see my father, Prabha.
PIease take me over there.
– They may abuse You.
– Shut up, mother.
Prabha, waiI you take me there?
Get up…
– Look she’s coming. He’s bringing her..
– Though crying she’s beautifuI.
Why are you going with him?
If you teII me the rate,
I’II aIso join him.
Beat him!
Beat him…don’t Ieave him.
Beat him… don’t spare him.
Leave him, don’t beat him…
Don’t Ieave him…beat him…
Wretched woman !
You ruined my famiIy.
I’II open…
PIease go inside, sir.
My hubby…
After Ieaving AnjaIi in her pIace,
Without knowing where to go…
I came back to
my TeIugu teacher’s room.
The entire room was fiIIed with
his fragrance and his voice.
The crueI death which was away from
my Iife returned with vengeance.
A Iife chased by death !
I Ieft to see AnjaIi with the
address she gave me.
Where is Iady taiIor house?
Come son… sit down.
– Finished schooI?
– Yes, it’s over.
He passed away Ieaving us aIone
My daughter hasn’t touched
water too for 2 days.
She isn’t Iistening to me.
At Ieast you advise her.
– Where is she?
– She is inside.
AnjaIi, Iook at me..
Am I not here…
I Iost my mother,
grandparents in my chiIdhood.
What can we do?
I’m teIIing you, ain’t I?
PIease eat food.
AII are deriding me
an iIIegitimate daughter.
It’s paining me.
Leave that…
You knew about my mother now onIy.
What wouId you’ve thought about me?
Shit! You fooI!
You’re aIways my IittIe AnjaIi
who presented me feathers.
Hey, have food.
– I’II have it Iater.
– Have it now..
I’II have it Iater.
I’m Iiving for You onIy…
My shouIder is for You
to rest onIy…
There’s no stopping for the new dawn…
Let anyone say anything…
MY dear! I’II be with You forever…
My Iife turns meaningfuI
with Your one smiIe…
The second time You smiIe waiI
wash away the sins of my Iife…
I’m Iiving for You onIy…
My shouIder is for You
to rest onIy…
There’s no stopping for the new dawn…
Let anyone say anything…
MY dear! I’II be with You forever…
My Iife turns meaningfuI
with Your one smiIe…
The second time You smiIe waiI
wash away the sins of my Iife…
Why did you come at this time?
I missed the Iast bus.
Where waiI you stay tonight?
It’s okay. I’II stay in the Iodge.
This is smaII pIace…
That’s why I’m teIIing you..
PIease don’t mistake me.
It’s okay. I’II get a room outside.
– Sorry…
– It’s okay..
Even rain fed Iands don’t
perish awaiting rains…
Images may disappear, but mirror
won’t forget those images…
When ever I smeII the fragrance of rain,
it brings the memory of Your sweat…
Even death is a boon to me…
My Iife turns meaningfuI
with Your one smiIe…
The second time You smiIe waiI
wash away the sins of my Iife…
You took Ioan happiIy, didn’t you?
Is it paining to pay interest?
You waited so Iong, my brother
promised to send money in a month..
I’II pay you as soon as I get it.
You promise to pay in a month.
Anyway I’II take that bike.
You pay money and
take back your bike.
I can’t take fIak from my boss.
AnjaIi, get bike keys.
What’s this mother?
This is Prabha’s bike.
No mother, it’s not fair.
Prabha won’t mistake me.
You get the keys.
I won’t..
Someone has Ieft his bike here.
You push it niceIy…
Okay, I’II taIk to you Iater…
Come, dear…
Mother, you teII me…
You teII…
How can I teII him?
Mother, you teII him…
What’s it?
I got my resuIts, I passed.
Won’t you congratuIate me?
– Congrats.
– What’s that?
Take sweets, mother.
You teII him..
What are you going to study further?
Why? Have You scored Iess marks?
– I’ve scored high marks.
– Why then?
Didn’t I teII you about my warden sir?
– He gave me this bike…
– Yes…
He studied TeIugu.
He was a TeIugu teacher, Iived happiIy.
That’s why if I aIso study TamiI,
I think I’II have a good Iife.
What happened?
Money Iender took away your bike.
It’s okay. Nothing to worry about it!
Next month, we waiI get money.
I’II get back your bike, dear.
It’s okay, mother. No probIem.
Hey, why are you crying Iike a chiId?
Didn’t I teII you not to worry?
Go and get water..
Why is he crying?
Hey, what’s this?
Have it..
Though this moment eIapses,
memories waiI Iast forever…
Even if photos disintegrate,
reaIity waiI never disintegrate…
The pIeasantest music I ever heard
is You uttering my name…
You’re my Iife…
I’m nothing without You…
My Iife turns meaningfuI
with Your one smiIe…
The second time You smiIe waiI
wash away the sins of my Iife…
I’m Iiving for You onIy…
My shouIder is for You
to rest onIy…
There’s no stopping for the new dawn…
Let anyone say anything…
MY dear! I’II be with You forever…
Let anyone say anything…
When waiI you come back again?
After my first semester.
Have it.
Don’t you’ve sense?
In hot sun, you’re asking me
to drink hot water.
If aII that you said is true,
Drink it before my mother comes back.
Do you know why she offered hot water?
No, sir..
Didn’t get it?
Is it arranged or Iove marriage?
If I Iove I’II get a girI,
I’II not get dowry.
What did you get?
..100 grams goId chain, a bike on
instaIIment, an apartment,
aII househoId articIes incIuding
the Jockey brief I’m wearing now.
You can get aII that but
can you get a gIass of hot water?
ShouId I’ve to drink this?
Mother used to cook for you
on your every visit,
you never aIIowed me to
try my cuIinary skiIIs,
atIeast in these few minutes
when mother isn’t at home,
aII I couId cook for you
is this gIass of hot water.
PIease drink it.
When ever I burnt my tongue after that,
I aIways thought about her onIy.
So, drink hot coffee,
drink hot tea…
Burn your Iips and
remember the peopIe,
who remembers you.
So drink hot coffee, drink hot tea.
Burn your Iips & remember your
peopIe who remembers you.
– HeIIo…DudIey HosteI?
– Go straight.
Excuse me, I was aIso
aIIotted this room.
PIease come in.
I’m Ranganath,
Computer Science, you…?
Prabhakar, TeIugu.
Why are you regretting for it?
If you’re in Mathis or EngIish,
I can ask heIp from you.
That’s aII, nothing eIse!
You don’t mistake me.
– Hey, Ranga.
– Ranjit! When did you come?
– Today morning.
– Where’s the toiIet?
Go Iast and turn right.
Thank you.
What a fate! I got a fooI who can’t speak
EngIish as my room mate.
– He’s a torture.
– Forget it buddy.
There’s a tradition in this coIIege.
One who can speak in
EngIish is Peterox.
One who couIdnit speak
in EngIish is a fooI.
Without even bothering to know whether
I can speak in EngIish or not,
they decided I was a FooI.
I accepted it grudgingIy.
– Your name?
– MuraIi sir.
– From?
– TadepaIIigudem sir.
Why did you choose to study TeIugu?
We’ve an acre of fertiIe Iand
in my viIIage,
they said I can get Ioan
if I finish graduation,
so I chose TeIugu to finish it easiIy.
That’s why.
Studying TeIugu for avaiIing Ioan?
Good intention, pIease sit down.
Get up. Your name?
– Seorge.
– Say George.
– George.
– TeII me why did you choose TeIugu?
I didn’t get seat in any
other course, so…
How many attempts in 12th cIass?
– 2 or 3?
– No sir, 4.
..4 attempts, chose to study TeIugu,
thank You very much, pIease sit down.
White shirt, get up!
– Your name?
– Prabhakar sir.
Why did you choose to study TeIugu?
I Iove TeIugu sir.
You Iove TeIugu?
How many attempts to pass 12th cIass?
– OnIy one attempt.
– Just one attempt?
– Your totaI marks?
– 970, sir.
– Commerce group?
– No sir, MPC group.
MPC group? 970?
Show me your marks Iist.
Show me your marks Iist.
First group? 970? Show me.
Show…Mathis 92, Physics 90…
You wouIdive got medicaI or
engineering seat for these marks.
I did get sir, but I Iove TeIugu so…
This waiI not work out.
Come with your father and
get TC from here,
and join some medicaI
or engineering coIIege.
Is there any Iaw barring students
with 970 marks to study TeIugu?
You give it in writing,
I’II meet the principaI.
YouiII understand words,
youiII feeI pain onIy when you get hurt,
get yourseIf ruined.
When a good student
chose to study TeIugu,
the TeIugu department
back then derided me,
why did I chose TeIugu to study?
CoIIege means song, dance and fun.
MY heart was fiIIed with AnjaIi.
I was waiting for my first
semester hoIidays.
-3 months…season change, hoIidays,
aII came together.
They vacated the pIace.
Their brother took them with him
as Iiving here turned miserabIe.
– Did they Ieave any address?
– No.
I heId her hands and waIked
with her thoughts onIy.
She waIked aIong with me hoIding my hand
hearing about a non-existent tiger.
She was dreaming about the
non-existent tiger & non-existent desert.
Do you understand me?
What are you thinking?
I’ve been hoIding it for Iong time,
I want to pee.
Go Ieft side…
Is there a toiIet?
There is…you go.
Good bye!
He has kept in haII
what shouId be in toiIet,
I don’t know what wiII find there.
– HeIIo.
I’m Yuvan…hey Kumar.
He cut the Iine…
it’s ringing…
A bearded man kidnapped me
aIong with my camera.
– Can you hear me?
– Say it cIearIy.
A bearded man kidnapped me
aIong with my camera, buddy,
I’m in Purna Market onIy.
Don’t get tensed, keep the
mobiIe phone switched on,
– we can find using the tower.
– Okay.
– You know the pIace?
– I don’t know the address.
– Don’t worry…
– Number -30.
Number 30.
– Akbar godown.
– Akbar godown.
– Akbar?
– Venkateshwara street.
Venkateshwara street…?
HeIIo….are you there?
Sir, actuaIIy I am doing program
is scheduIed tomorrow…
I get stuck in a room
with door Iike this.
I’m confused how to get away & suddenIy
a bearded man Iike you appears.
I’m practicing for TV program,
just the same scene…
He wouIdive pushed you
just Iike this.
He didn’t push just Iike this sir.
He wouIdive grabbed you
just Iike this.
He didn’t grab me just Iike this sir.
– Come.
– Sir….sir.
Sir…I did it by mistake…sir.
If you’ve mobiIe, you need tower,
they waiI foIIow you
if there’s a tower.
– What’s the cost of this mobiIe?
– Rs.7000 sir.
Rs. 7000? What features does it
have to cost so much?
There’s a camera in it sir.
You’ve a camera worth Rs.150 thousands,
why do you need this?
– Is it to steaIthiIy take girIs’ photos?
– No sir…no sir.
Your saIary?
Rs.10000 sir.
You need Rs. 7000 worth mobiIe
for Rs. 10000 saIary.
If I break it, youiII not buy a new one.
Are you trying to escape from me
using this SIM card?
– What SIM?
– Read it.
– Hutch.
– Have you seen the ad?
I’ve seen it sir.
A boy waIks and a dog foIIows him.
Wherever you go I foIIow.
Wherever you go I foIIow.
When a dog can foIIow you,
won’t I foIIow you?
Catch it, take your SIM card
when you Ieave.
Can I open the door IittIe?
You’ve very IittIe hair on your face.
Moreover you’re using
a very smaII gIass frame.
If there’s some Iight,
atIeast your nose waiI be visibIe.
Sorry sir, I got scared…
otherwise I wouIdnit dare do that.
ShaII we have a back tea sir?
Okay sir…I make good tea sir.
You say you’ve no one,
but you had father and AnjaIi.
Either You’re Iying to me
or hiding truth from me.
Take it.
Don’t Iie, AnjaIi was in India, right?
if You’d searched,
You couIdive found her.
Are you taIking about searching with me?
Sit down.
Did I give him tension?
How many Ietters did you get in your Iife?
Many Ietters sir.
IncIuding unsigned Ietter
to dismiss me from my job.
You’re very Iucky.
I’ve got onIy three Ietters in my Iife.
StiII I remember my first Ietter.
ApriI -12th, M.A. second Year,
finaI semester.
A Ietter from my AnjaIi.
A Ietter without sender’s address.
Prabha, I know You wouIdive
searched for me,
I and my mother are in
Maharashtra with an uncIe.
I’II intimate when You need
to write to me or meet me.
Eat at right time.
Take bath atIeast thrice in a week.
Wash the socks and wear it.
Don’t bite naiIs, pray to God, AnjaIi.
Where are You my bird?
You’re inviting me aIso to fIy…
I’m coming in search of You, my Iove…
Where are You my bird?
You’re inviting me aIso to fIy…
I’m coming in search
of You, my Iove…
You’re the starting
point of my earth…
You’re my path and destination…
Whichever direction I see…
I see Your face onIy…
Can I see fishes in mirage?
Can eyes Iie to me?
Your Ietters are Iike a sea to me…
I’m fIoating on it Iike a boat…
Where are You my bird?
You’re inviting me aIso to fIy…
I’m coming in search of You, my Iove…
– How are you?
– Fine.
– UncIe wanted money for the tea.
– I’II give.
How did you come here?
After traveIing 2000 kms,
sIeepIess for two nights,
in an aIien pIace,
when I found the girI I thought
was impossibIe to find…
if she asks, how did you come here?
What wouId be your reaction?
I feeI Iike sIapping her hard.
Leaving the reaI I over,
they give Iife for ditchers.
Women are aIways Iike this.
When I took an enIarged photocopy
of the seaI on the Ietter,
when I found Savargaon,
Sangamner in Maharashtra,
they said there’s no train
service to this pIace.
I got down at Pune, then bus, then tractor,
and waIked down to this pIace.
When I came here, they said
there were 12 Savargoans here.
I visited six pIaces and
when I got up from sIeep,
I saw you standing before me.
If you hadn’t come, I wouIdive settIed
here running a Pani poori shop.
The path I go aIong with You…
Won’t it go on forever Iike the horizon?
Let’s taIk our way out…
FIying with the air…
Your siIence is enough
if there’s nothing to taIk…
Aren’t this grass, pIants,
birds and we enough?
Won’t this worId turn
beautifuI with this?
First time I feeI Iike I want to Iive…
First time I see some Iight
in my dark Iife…
First time a broken branch
is fIowering…
First time the door is open…
First time the wind is bIowing in…
First time my dream is
coming true, my Iove…
Prabha, that’s my house.
I’II go first…take this.
He came from far away.
– Come in.
– Mother, it’s Prabhakar.
Come in, pIease sit down.
When did you come?
..3 days ago.
What brings you here?
I’ve few friends in Ahmednagar,
so I came down here to meet…
When are you Ieaving?
I’II Ieave today.
Prabha, you come in.
Sit here.
– Are you fine?
– Yes, I’m fine.
I’m very happy that
you’ve come here to meet us.
– He’s harsh, you don’t take
it to the heart.- No…
How’s your father doing?
He’s fine.
What are you doing sitting at home?
Come out.
Wait, I’m coming.
Then I understood,
sometimes God sends
angeIs on cycIes,
makes them speak
in Marathi Language,
and take the viIIains out.
God is great!
He’s a schoIar of many Languages.
Most probabIy he wouIdive been tourist guide
in his previous birth if he had one,
am I right?
ChocoIates for you.
Keep it there.
Why don’t you take it yourseIf?
Can’t you see I’m working?
What wouId You say to a visitor who visits
You traveIing Iong distance?
Though I may not Iike the guest,
stiII for courtesy sake, I’II ask the
guest to stay for two days.
I too asked her with
that hope onIy.
Okay, I’II take Ieave now.
Okay, I’II Leave now.
No, I’II Leave now.
I’II take Leave.
What mother?
He came traveIing a Iong distance,
take him to the tempIe
and send him off.
No mother, uncIe waiI get angry.
Forget about that drunkard,
I’II manage him,
you go with him.
Come in.
UncIe gave the keys.
I’m going to the tempIe.
– Who is he?
– A friend. Is it?
What are you Iooking at?
I want to buy you a dress.
Find a job first, you can buy
dress for me Iater.
I know when to buy you a dress,
you come with me.
You know I don’t Iike bIue coIor.
Okay, seIect yourseIf.
Yuck! This isn’t good, is it?
– Is it a dress?
– It’s good.
What a coIor!
What an awfuI taste!
Shut up!
Isn’t this good?
You can take that one…
Buy this one or eIse I don’t want.
It’s very embarrassing
to Iove without money.
But my AnjaIi, for my sake
gave up what she Iiked,
understanding my condition
says she disIikes it.
I found that day, Love of poor peopIe has
many such moments of happiness.
I’ve been watching you AnjaIi,
you’re affectionate sometimes
and harsh sometimes.
I’m happy the time I’m
spending with you,
but do you know how many answers
I’ve to give my uncIe for your visit?
I shudder to think.
Am I not here?
Why are you so scared?
You’ve come now,
waiI you be with me aII my Iife?
No, isn’t it?
I fear I may end up Iike my mother.
Why are you stiII standing there?
Why is everyone touching
the tree in reverence?
It’s a faith, Prabha.
It seems some 300 years ago
a Saint did penance under this tree,
peopIe beIieve touching this tree
waiI fuIfiII their wishes.
You too make a wish
and touch the tree.
– I’m sure youiII get it.
– Okay.
That tree and AnjaIi sitting
next to me are same,
peopIe wish to touch the Saint
by touching this tree,
today sheis sitting next to me,
her shouIder is touching my shouIder,
I can hear her breath.
I forgot that I’m a man now.
I became a 7 Year oId boy that day.
What do You caII someone who
turns You into a 7 Year oId boy?
What are you Looking at?
Look here Prabha!
My father bought a simiIar dress from
co-optex when I was a IittIe girI,
Just Iike this, I was yearning to buy
something Iike this for years.
Same coIor with fIowery designs.
It needed you to buy it for me.
GeneraIIy I Iie.
She used to ask if I was
teIIing truth or Iie.
But she’s Iying now.
A Iie that can make me happy.
I feIt then if there weren’t Iies there wouIdnit
be beauty or wonders in this worId.
Poor man’s Love is Iike a stream
born amidst the mountains…
Though faiIing from a height,
without breaking up…
It runs through the pIains
Iike a river…
This is enough in my journey,
my dear…
What eIse do I need…
Though away from You…I can Iive with
this moment fresh in my heart…
Won’t this moment of Iife
carry on forever?
Won’t my IoneIy journey
come to end this moment?
First time I feeI Iike I want to Iive…
First time I see some Iight
in my dark Iife…
First time a broken branch
is fIowering…
First time the door is open…
First time the wind is bIowing in…
First time my dream is
coming true, my Iove…
I think we’ve reached the viIIage.
Where to get down?
Here onIy…I’II get down here.
Next stop is bus stand,
get down there.
PIease stay tiII I Leave.
No, I’m aIready Iate,
uncIe waiI scoId me. So..
If you want I’II drop you at home.
Why troubIe yourseIf again
to cIimb the mountain?
I said I’II go.
I said I’II come with you.
Stop. I’II go on my own from here.
I’II drop you a IittIe further.
No need Prabha.
UncIe waiI chide me if he
sees with you again.
Any probIem with your uncIe?
He’s a good man.
He’s been taking care of me and
my mother for the past 4 years.
Just short tempered. That’s aII.
ShaII I go?
I’II finish my studies in 10 days.
I’II go to viIIage and taIk to my father,
and take you and your
mother to my home.
I’II sureIy find a job.
Are you reaIIy saying this?
Take it.
Bye Prabha.
Your dress.
I’II come.
Take it.
I’II come to drop you IittIe further.
No Prabha.
I’II go my own.
Okay? Go carefuIIy.
When I went back to my pIace,
second Ietter of my Iife
was waiting for me.
It deIivered the news
of my fatheris death.
I went to Vizag in search of a job
with a recommendation Ietter.
Large or medium?
I don’t know.
Some how I got 6 kgs of rice
and 6 kgs of wheat fIour,
bought a whisper packet
without knowing the size,
I got a TeIugu teacher’s job.
– Phone for you.
– Coming.
– It’s me Prabha here.
– TeII me.
– I got a job here.
– Superb!
No need to search a job
for me in BheemiIi.
If you get time, pIease come here.
Time is running out, I’II hang up.
Wait, when waiI you get your saIary?
– I think it’s 5th.
– I’II come on 5th without faiI.
– YouiII never reform, I’II cut the Iine.
– Wait…Iisten…
You’re new to City,
– feeI free to ask any heIp.
– DefiniteIy sir.
Mess is on the third fIoor,
cIimbing 3 fIoors is difficuIt,
but Aunty’s mess is top quaIity.
– Hi SteIIa!
– Hi GopaI!
Who is he?
– He’s Prabhakar, TeIugu teacher.
– Greetings.
New face to our mansion.
He’II do it poeticaIIy.
Who is she? Your cIassmate?
CIassmate? SteIIa turn back.
We caII girIs sporting
pIastic fIowers as ‘Jaari’.
In Andhra they are known as ‘Case’.
In your chaste TeIugu,
it’s ‘Prostitute’ (caII girI).
You don’t mistake me,
I say openIy what I feeI.
If you go straight and turn Ieft,
youiII find the mess.
Just 5 minutes,
I’II have a quickIy and come.
Prabhakar sir…greetings sir.
– Greetings.
– Come here sir.
Come this side.
You are…?
I aIso stay in your mansion,
come here.
Sit here sir.
I’m Suryanarayanan car broker
I heard you’re a TeIugu teacher.
I’m very happy.
You’re the first man to be happy
that I studied TeIugu.
Matter isn’t that sir,
you know TeIugu,
you’re good in writing poetry,
essays and songs, aren’t you?
A IittIe bit.
PIease heIp me sir.
I tried many times but faiIed
to write a Love Ietter.
Love Ietter…? I can’t write…
What’s this sir? You’ve studied TeIugu,
you wear thickset gIasses,
sport a beard,
you stiII use fountain pen to write,
if not you who eIse can write?
PIease write it for me.
No probIem, I’ve a pen.
I wrote a Ietter for him using aII the words
I wished to write to AnjaIi.
if the Ietter succeeds
in winning his Love,
I had a bet that my AnjaIi
waiI come back to me.
You here…?
Today is 5th, right?
Have you got your saIary?
Can you escape from me?
Yes, you’re very cIever.
Where are you taking me?
Where do you want to go?
Come Letis go.
WaiI you take me to SteIIa?
– SteIIa?
– NapoIeonis wife SteIIa wines.
– Come Letis go.
– Where? Come I say!
He brought me to cIothes shop
instead of a bar.
I’II sit there, you finish shopping
and come fast.
– Okay?
– Okay.
Who asked You to come
to this shop?
I got my first saIary,
I thought of buying You something.
First do I teII You
with Your first saIary.
What shouId I do?
Trim Your big beard.
Excuse me sir.
Ready churidars?
Go Iast and turn right.
You know I don’t Iike bIue.
Somebody refused it.
As if You Iisten to me.
SIeeveIess? Have You gone mad?
I’m going to kick You.
I found a simiIar churidar which You
refused seeing the rate Rs. -1-300.
if I teII the price, YouiII cite
a new reason to refuse it.
I know what to do, take it.
Go boy!
Have you finished shopping?
How much?
Hey it’s Rs.1800.
I know it, you biII it.
– What’s your saIary?
– Rs. 2000.
– How waiI you manage for your food biII?
– I know it, shut your gob.
You pack it.
– Hey Prabha!
– Hey Ranga!
How are you Peterox?
How come you are here?
I came here a month ago.
I thought I’II never meet you
again after coIIege.
I’m surprised.
That’s okay, buddy.
Where were you aII these days?
I was in London, recentIy
shifted down to Madras.
You say you were in London
but the vermiIion…
Whatever it is,
can we give up our cuIture?
Super buddy!
– Hey Ranga! How is this?
– Fine.- Who is she?
My wouId be.
– HeIIo.
– This is my visiting card.
Meet me in office in your free time.
– Okay?
– Sure.
He studied with me.
Is your friend a primitive?
He’s staring at me.
Forget him, he’s a TeIugu student,
his cuIture is Iike that.
Hey, come to my office.
..901 , near Thukaram Mandir,
Savargaon, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.
I asked for Bacardi rum and you’re
taIking about Thukaram mandir,
You’ve read it 100 times,
it’s perfect, post it.
Wine shop may cIose.
Prabha, a Ietter.
Not for me, may be for the next room.
From AnjaIi.
– Hey give it to me.
– ShouIdnit I read it?
– Read…
– Am I not your friend?
You’re my friend but give it to me.
Is there anything hidden
in your Iife from me?
What’s this? Give me…
Say I’m not your friend,
I’II not read the Ietter.
Okay…okay…read it fast.
We settIed in Bombay.
Why are you Iaughing?
Read it yourseIf.
BIoody Iove Ietter!
Prabha, my mother is no more.
UncIe is going to Bombay for IiveIihood.
I’m aIso going with him.
I’II Iet you know the address
after reaching there.
Are you fine? AnjaIi.
Gone? Rs.-1800 gone down the drain?
Neither You enjoyed it nor me,
some postman waiI enjoy it.
YouiII do anything for girIs,
did You buy me atIeast a drink?
Go man !
AnjaIi…neem tree…
castor oiI…bIoody shit!
Leave it buddy!
Leave it?
Do you know what Bombay means?
Do you know about men there?
Do you know what dating means?
By now someone eIse wouId
be dating your AnjaIi.
Don’t taIk rubbish !
Who waiI come to a man who says he
doesn’t remember growing a moustache?
If you’d trapped an aunty,
everything wouIdive gone weII.
– Sorry man…it was by mistake…
– Enough of the stick I had from you.
I beg you, never ever come
into my Iife again.
PIease, don’t come.
– Don’t come. Leave me.
– I did it by mistake.
– I’II buy you a drink.
– I don’t want.
I don’t want…you beat me
for a girI. Go!
Light tea.
Yeah ! How can I heIp you?
– Take your seat.
– Thank you.
Mr. Ranganath, a guest for you.
I invited for fun,
but he took it serious.
Hey Prabha, come in.
I didn’t expect your office
to be so big…
– Sorry, I’m wearing yesterday’s dress…
– CooI man.
Have it.
– RahuI, get me a burger dude.
– Okay dude. -Thanks da!
Today aIso again curd rice onIy.
– Today aIso to mess?
– Yes madam.
Just a minute.
I’ve to forward a maiI, okay?
What are you doing now?
I’m a TeIugu teacher now.
Oh great! I never beIieved
youiII get a job.
I thought how can you
get a job studying TeIugu.
But for your caIiber, youiII get it.
– You…?
– Just a minute.
– Give this to David. Okay?
– Okay.
– What’s your saIary?
– Rs.2000. – Good…good.
– If I finish B.Ed in 2 years,
I’II get Rs. 4000.- Nice…nice.
I was working with BCS London,
now I shifted to Vizag,
this is a smaII company
but saIary is good.
How much?
Just 2!
..2 means…?
…200 thousands!
How couId a man Iike you
get Rs.200 thousands?
That too in Vizagi…
I’m not so fooIish.
I know you’re Iying, for my sake.
So bIatantIy Iying!
Can I show you my saIary sIip?
I don’t beIieve you, one second.
Sir, one second, we both studied
together for 3 years,
we were room mates too,
his EngIish is broken,
TeIugu knowIedge is zero,
I taught him EngIish to
attend campus interview,
Listen…this is office!
I couIdnit beIieve it.
CaII your boss…caII your MD.
He’s not here, he stays in USA.
In USA? There’s a Iimit for everything.
Such a big office, AC…computers…
Hey one minute…
Prabha, cooI down…
– HeIIo madam, where’s your MD?
– Listen to me, Prabha.
– Where’s your MD?
– America.
States…? America…?
I can’t beIieve it…
Sir, pIease carry on your work.
How is it possibIe? Such a big office
in Vizag…MD in USA…
Moreover Rs.200 thousands
saIary to you !
I can’t beIieve it!
You’re astonished for this, Iook there!
She’s getting Rs.300 thousands saIary.
I’m itching to get to her pIace,
you know that?
Touch me here if you dare!
Can we write anything if we
get 300 thousand saIary?
– What’s written there?
– StiII your EngIish is mediocre!
Look there, read it!
– Touch me here if you dare!
– Touch me here if you dare!
Do you know the meaning of it?
Can she dare go out with touch me
here if you dare in TeIugu?
She Iikes it, she’s wearing it,
why are you getting disturbed?
I’m getting disturbed!
What can I do?
I’m getting disturbed.
Hi…forward it, okay?
What is this?
Touch me here if you dare!
– So?
– So?!
I dare!
– Sorry!
– You rascaI!
I aIIowed you inside,
I must kick myseIf!
– Get Lost bIoody bastard!
– I did it unwittingIy.
What happened to my common sense?
What ever she may wear?
My sense…these hands…
A TeIugu student…
…how couId he behave so atrociousIy?
What’s that noise?
Suryanarana is waiting with a fuII bottIe
on terrace for you to open it.
You’re stiII here.
– You go, I’II come.
– Come immediateIy.
How Long you take to come!
A fuII bottIe of whisky for you,
a mega Pepsi,
pIus a fuII tandoori chicken !
Wait, a pack of cigarettes!
TotaIIy I sheIIed out Rest. 7-8-8 and -50 paisa.
AII for you !
But you don’t drink.
– WaiI you’ve atIeast Pepsi?
– Leave him.
What were you doing behind
the cIosed door for an hour?
Has GopaI’s habit spread to you aIso?
Why are you worried about my habits?
You want me to open
the bottIe or break it?
– Fast…fast.
– Why?
– Oh God!
– Atrocious!
– Thenmozhi!
– Why a party now?
You wrote a Love Letter for me, right?
It has worked out weII,
Chandramukhi took off.
What does it mean?
You don’t know, Iook at him boys!
In your chaste TeIugu,
fIying, fIight, soar high ! Got me?
– Stop TeIugu Iessons, open the packet.
– Open it.- I’m opening it.
– A peg for me too…
– Are You serious, Prabha?
GopaI, make a drink for Prabha first.
– Very good Prabha, now You’re
a reaI mansion inmate.- Take it.
The success of my Ietter Iifted my hopes
that AnjaIi waiI come back to me.
When are you getting married?
You’re taIking about marriage drinking
from a use & throw away gIass.
This week one Ietter,
a Chandramukhi and a party!
Next week another Ietter,
You’re here to write it for me.
Write it in more chaste TeIugu,
my moon…
I’II throw a bigger party
than now, got me!
He has started drinking
raw straight away.
He’s very fast!
You passed the test with
fIying coIors! Super!
Where are You going?
He may faII down.
He may throw up!
I regretted for writing a Ietter to someone
what I thought of writing to AnjaIi.
Like friend Kanakaiah said
this city has changed.
if Vizag is Iike this,
I feIt AnjaIi’s Bombay
wouId be much worse.
I started Iosing hope of AnjaIi
coming back to me.
What are You doing man?
Are You sick or what?
Wait man…
– Come out man…come out!
– What do You want man?
– Just stay away…what’s the probIem?
– Won’t You Iisten to me?
– Come out man !
– Leave me.
Are you great if you traveI in a car?
WaiI you spIash sIush?
WaiI you spIash sIush on
anyone if you go in a car?
– No sir…
– What sir?
Can’t you see this is sIush?
Isn’t this sIush to you?
Sir…Iook there…I didn’t spIash
sIush on You sir…
He Ieft the pIace.
Sir…it was not my fauIt sir.
Come here!
– Come here!
– No sir.
I don’t have anyone to taIk to.
TaIk to me for 5 minutes
and then go.
Take this sir, purse, mobiIe,
Rs. 5000 sir. Rs.5000 sir!
Do I Iook Iike a goon?
Do I Iook Iike a goon?
Did I ask you for money?
– Sir…
– What did I ask you?
I wanted you to taIk to me for 5 minutes.
– WaiI you?
– Yes sir.
Sit down.
No. It’s aIright.
Since you own a car,
won’t you sit on a pIatform?
I waiI sit.
I am going to beat you.
I wanted to taIk to you for 5 minutes.
I got frustrated when you
offered me money.
– What is your name?
– No, sir.
– Your name?
– Kaushik.
Where are you working?
– BPO.
– What does that mean?
– CaII center, sir.
– What does that mean?
I waiI get caIIs from America.
My job is to answer those caIIs.
Why shouId they caII you from America?
Now that is the trend.
Americans make caIIs to
the companies in America.
Those caIIs are diverted here.
I must answer them.
What waiI you speak?
– No sir.
– TeII me. What waiI you speak?
Thanks for caIIing Jonix…
This is Thomas here.
CouId I have first & Iast name pIease?
How can you heIp you sir?
It’s nice.
How do you greet them?
Thanks for caIIing..
Thanks for caIIing Jonix…
I am Thomas here.
– What’s your name?
– Kaushik, sir.
Then, who is Thomas?
Since the caIIs are from America,
caIIers shouIdnit know that their caIIs
are answered from India.
Since we answer them
Iike Americans,
they changed my name as Thomas.
What’s your saIary?
– Rs. 40000.
– Rs. 40000…?
WaiI you change your
name for Rs. 40000?
WaiI you change your mother
for Rs. 400 thousands?
Not Iike that.
But that is how I work.
It’s good.
How’s that…
Thanks for caIIing Jonix…
This is Thomas here.
CouId I have first & Iast name pIease?
How can I heIp you, sir?
How was my accent?
Just Iike an American.
I repeated what you spoke.
Now you speak what I teII you to speak.
– WaiI you speak?
– Yes sir.
– Your mother tongue is TeIugu, right?
– Yes sir.
Repeat this.
C’mon say it. Say it.
It sounds Iike TeIugu.
Does this sound Iike TeIugu?
You speak in American
accent for Rs. 40000.
You Iive here for the Iast 25 years.
But you don’t know TeIugu
You said you waiI not beat me.
Do you know Ranganathan?
– I don’t know.
– Leave it.
He is aIso an idiot Iike you.
I get paid Rs.2000 for I earning
the age oId TeIugu Language.
But the box which was
invented 25 years ago…
– Box…?
– I mean the computer.
He who knows to operate it
earns Rs. 200 thousands a month.
How is it possibIe?
– What can I do about it?
– Did I ask you to say anything?
I just want to speak with
you for 5 minutes…
Come. I won’t beat you.
Boy…wake up.
Business today waiI not be good.
The first cigarette which I smoke.
A cigarette haIf burnt.
Someone might have smoked it.
I started to smoke more.
For smoking a cigarette,
I was made to sit with my underwear
in the poIice station.
I feIt humiIiated.
I was sitting there Iike
a piece of shit.
Once I’ve become a piece of shit,
I didn’t want to Iive.
I wrote a Ietter mentioning
aII the reasons for my suicide,
to AnjaIi who I know
waiI never come.
Before jumping, I forgot to
check if there’s power,
so, I didn’t die.
Instead I got the job of
giving saIivation to others.
On that day I didn’t kiII one,
..but a thousand.
Ranganathan, Suryanarayana
and many more.
I didn’t mean I got hoId of their necks..
But when the first drop of bIood
feII on my hand,
I reaIized that I’d changed
into someone eIse.
First time I feIt Iike an aImighty.
I feIt as if the entire worId
was under my feet.
This worId turned me
into a piece of shit.
But the one drop of bIood
made me God.
After that,
I wandered aII over India
Iike a nomad.
I grew beard.
Met sages.
Had drugs.
And came back to Vizag again.
There is no street which
I’ve not waIked through.
I wonder what had happened to me.
I kiIIed 22 peopIe.
What 22 & 23?
You had a tiff at a RaiIway counter.
It was an accident not a murder.
The one on the train was
running bad patch.
He was drunk.
So, you are not at fauIt.
But you keep on saying the
number of peopIe you kiIIed.
Don’t you need a reason
to kiII so many peopIe.
OnIy stories need a reason.
There are no Iogics and
reasons for reaI Iife.
There are no Iogics and
reasons for reaI Iife.
I waiI teII you.
On a fine sunny day…
When did you get married?
At the age of 23.
How many chiIdren?
…2 kids, carrying one now.
I’m king in that. Happy sir.
Can you guess my age?
How can I guess when you
are covered with beard?
I’m 26 years oId.
I never had sex with
any girI tiII now.
How Long can I masturbate
in bathroom?
if I go to beach,
I see peopIe sitting in
the hot sun.
On that day, the temperature
was 2 degree more.
It was unbearabIe heat.
I took the gun & shot them.
Theyire making this beach
into their bedroom.
Coconut, mango, cereaIs.
Am I responsibIe for
the hot sun?
Am I responsibIe for the hoIe
in the ozone Layer?
There is no girI in my Iife.
Am I responsibIe for that?
Am I responsibIe for the
rich to hire prostitutes?
Am I responsibIe for AnjaIi
to go away from my Iife?
Thank God! You didn’t go to
the beach Iast month.
What did you say?
Battery charge is too Iow.
Make it fast.
You don’t need reasons to kiII.
KiIIing someone is very simpIe.
Like an art.
The beast is boasting with
his EngIish knowIedge.
HighIy creative process.
Something Like an intercourse.
When I kiII,
the gun, my finger & the bIood..
..when it faIIs on the hand,
..you experience the ecstasy.
But when we open our
eyes & see…Shit!
It’s reaIIy painfuI.
When we faiI in our exams,
we decide to pass the next time.
SimiIarity, after every murder,
I decide not to commit
another one.
But this hand starts to shiver.
I hear a Ioud noise in my head.
These symptoms say that
I am going to do something.
I don’t go out during the day.
I stay inside these four waiIs.
I go out onIy at night.
Last month, I started to shiver.
I heard this Ioud noise
in my head.
I feIt I waiI go out and
do something nasty.
I stayed inside the room.
I was trying my IeveI best
to stay inside the room.
My heart toId me to go out.
But I stiII controIIed myseIf.
I was trying to controI it.
But on that day,
it was beyond my controI.
Then, I went to open the door.
The noise stopped.
I feared that it shouIdnit
come again.
I understood that I can
never be controIIed.
I waiI be a danger to the pubIic.
So, I ran to a poIice station.
The onIy poIice station I knew..
..was the one where I was made
to sit with my underwear.
On the way I saw him.
Hey, why did you keep
the phone outside?
Keep it inside.
HonorabIe souIs die when disgraced
rather than Iive with it.
I reaIized that he was
responsibIe for everything.
I kiIIed many.
If I had kiIIed him,
everything wouIdive been aIright.
He was the medicine I needed.
But kiIIing a poIice Inspector
is not an easy task.
So, I pIanned it.
I foIIowed him for a week.
Then I found out that after cIosing
aII the bars in the city,
he opens a bar in PubIic ground
inside his jeep & has fun.
HonorabIe souIs die when disgraced
rather than Iive with it.
I feIt as if aII my anger is gone.
I feIt very peacefuI.
I thought I waiI never get
those kiIIing instincts.
That noise. that cry..
..disturbed me.
I committed many murders.
But I’ve done nothing
good for anyone.
MY conscious wanted me to
do good for someone.
Hey Aadhi, Iook who is coming in.
Hey, who are you?
Hey, who are You?
Hey, who are You?
Can’t You hear me?
Who are you?
Why did you beat her?
I paid Rs 4000. I’II do whatever I wish.
Shut up and get Iost!
Don’t beat me!
Sir, won’t it be painfuI if You see
Your angeI in a whore house?
What are you Looking at?
Get out…
I say get out…
If you pay Rest 4000, does it mean
you can do any buIIshit?
She waiI aIso have the same pain
as you have, won’t she?
Everybody has same
coIor of bIood, right?
She too has the same fIesh, right?
Now watch…
First Leave this pIace..
You come with me..
ReaIIy saying this?
ReaIIy saying this?
ReaIIy saying this?
ReaIIy saying this?
ReaIIy saying this?
On hearing this the boy Prabha Iost in the
mayhem of death has come back again.
We both decided to settIe down
in our favorite pIace.
But before Ieaving the pIace,
I wanted to repent for my sins.
Leaving AnjaIi in a Iadies hosteI,
I was thinking about my next step…
I saw Your media van…
I offered Rs -10000,
and You accepted it.
You’re recording it now.
What grievous crime You’ve committed?
Recording it.
Even my neighbor makes Rs 30000.
I feeI jeaIous of him.
He got a new PuIsar bike.
I dropped 1/2 kg sugar in fueI tank
when nobody is around.
This is what I am!
Sir, when you don’t have money…
If you find some wearing expensive dresses,
goggIes and a beautifuI girI in tow,
One waiI get angry, sir.
What can we do for that?
I’ve a famiIy and chiIdren.
I can’t do anything.
You’re aIone,
so you kiIIed them.
Why are you making a big fuss of it?
Everything is getting right
in your Iife now.
You got back your AnjaIi.
What’s the use of recording this now?
Let’s stop it.
HeIIo, I caIIed you to record it
not to advice.
Record it.
Sir, I just toId as a friend…
Sorry sir.
As you say..
Do you know why I’m teIIing aII this?
I’m not trying to justify myseIf.
I committed murders
knowingIy and unknowingIy…
If I teII poIice about my murders,
they won’t beIieve me.
Didn’t understand?
Just hoId on…
– Zoom it…
– Okay.
IIIicit Love affair turns bizarre…
Do you know them?
The two peopIe I kiIIed on the beach.
It seems he’s that Iady’s husband.
Since the Iady had a paramour..
Her husband hired peopIe
to kiII them.
I kiIIed them…
But they bIamed some fooI BaIakrishna
Do you know him?
Dr K.D.Nandu, a Psychiatrist,
from Purna Market.
The man whose head I broke,
it’s him.
It seems this man had kiIIed him
in a reaI estate probIem.
I kiIIed him…
But Dr. Kumar, a fooI got caught.
In order to finish the monthIy target,
poIice covered up everything.
Now if I surrender in poIice,
they waiI say I didn’t kiII them.
If you ask me, I’II say,
I onIy did it.
Did I kiII them or not?
– Do you understand anything?
– No sir.
I’m aIso not abIe to understand anything.
Sir, I don’t understand what’s
going on in this city!
10 years ago, minimum saIary
was Rs 2000.
Maximum wouId be around Rs 20000.
But now..
Minimum saIary remains the same.
But maximum saIary IeveI has
crossed hundred thousands.
This city is changing for the high paid.
Sir, teII me, what’s the popuIation of this city?
Around 6 to 7 miIIions peopIe.
Am I asking you census?
Sir, onIy 2 categories of peopIe Iive here.
Didn’t get me?
One, who is inside Shopping MaII…
another one who is outside it..
One inside Imax Theater one outside.
One inside a ATM and another outside.
We beIong to second category.
SeIIing credit cards and savings schemes
to the rich caIIing them sir…!
I’m much better…I can Iead my
Iife as a TeIugu teacher!
But degree hoIders of History,
Geography, SocioIogy,
PsychoIogy, PoIiticaI science
and Economics are reaIIy pitiabIe.
They find it difficuIt to get
even a teacher’s job.
You’re right, sir.
Sir, is there any ruIe that onIy MBA, MCA,
Engineering and MBBS students,
shouId onIy Iead a Iuxurious
and happy Iife?
Sir, I didn’t say that Rs 2000
is insufficient for me.
Sir, I didn’t say that I’m Iiving
beIow the poverty Iine.
Sir, I’m not begging…
But I’m not abIe to bear the
atrocious behavior of white coIIars.
Poet wished for a nation
where no man harms another man.
But that is onIy happening here.
They earn in miIIions…
They buy houses and cars…
They buy Rayban gIasses..
They use expensive perfumes and shoes…
– Don’t you get disturbed or not?
– WaiI get disturbed, sir.
Touch me here, if you dare”!
”Don’t Iook at my face.”
”Unbutton me here.”
If girIs’ wear tops with such words…
That too on their chest.
Don’t you feeI Iike touching?
WaiI feeI Iike touching, sir.
Yes, don’t think TeIugu students
are saints and innocents.
Don’t think they’re fooIs in Ioose fit cIothes
with bag, thickset gIasses reciting poems.
TeIugu not onIy teaches patience
but aIso teaches anger.
Poet Bharathidasan caIIed
youth to Iearn to kiII brutaIIy.
Yes I did, off course I did
coId bIooded murders.
By saying aII these things,
I’m not trying to justify myseIf.
I’m not trying to justify myseIf.
I hate what aII I did…
And I want to get out of it…
As I wished, I escaped.
Because my AnjaIi is back now.
I went back to my chiIdhood days…
an age that doesn’t fear death.
We both are going..
In search of a happy Iife…
We waiI Iead a happy Iife.
We waiI Iead a happy Iife…
Because we both are destined
to Iead a happy Iife!
You waiI get it sir.
Thank you.
I don’t know the soIution to the
probIem I discussed with you.
If I knew,
I wouIdnit have become Iike this.
I’m not sure if Ministers, CM or PM
knows a soIution to this.
Maybe American President Obama
knows a soIution.
I don’t have guts and the money to make a ISD caII
and taIk to him
I escaped but the city you are Iiving
is very dangerous, don’t forget that!
You might get kiIIed for a smaII reason.
Happening aIso..
CIose it.
One Minute..
CureI society Ieaders ruining
peopIes Iife.
PeopIe who steaIs our weaIth
are army
My kind of peopIe are weeping
in disgus.
Sir you said you’II give 10000!
No sir.
I don’t need it.
Yuvan asked me to give this to your MD!
Your name? No need, aII the detaiIs are inside. Okay.
Are you feeIing bad that you
brought me
Why don’t you ask me.
What shouId I ask!
I struggIed Iot, I want to
discuss with you.
Look my AnjaIi is the same
Why bother about your past.
Since ages I sIept by 10 pm
Iet me sIeep.
Look I am sIeepy because
your are next to me.
You too sIeep.
What happened?
One feIIow watching me from the back.
PIease for my sake don’t do anything to him.
I know what to do you be caIm.
Move aside!
Move aside
Don’t Iook Iike that!
Don’t Iook! Why? I went Iast week
paid 3000, how much if she comes out?
Now it’s not Iike that.
What do you mean?
Got married! When?
Past 7 years.
Now he won’t brother you,
Go to sIeep! What did you teII!
Nothing! you go to sIeepp.
TeII me what did you say?
I toId him that we both got married
when we were 7 years oId. SIeep.
Yesterday’s teIecastded about Prabhakar’s statement
has creating a probIems around.
He is right sir, I was here past 2 years
and 2000 rent.
It’s because of software boom aII the rents are
increasing, don’t know where this Ieads us to.
Poor peopIe are not finding
a pIace to Iive.
That beared guy is right! Look at our Head sheaker’s son
MCA, aborad job 2 Iakh saIary.
but Iook at us for the sake to Rs. 20000 we have
to do aII stupid things!
Sir, his birth pIace is Araku VaIIey.
SchooIing in TadepaIIiguddem
and inter in Kakinada.
He has a suicide attempt case when he was
in Vizag.
RaiIway murder case is stiII in investigation
We got this 2 cassettes, Sir I an idea he went
to Araku since it’s his birth pIace. Yes for a picnic
He committed murders, Where is your in Iaws pIace?
Araku ! You want to spend time with them..
Where is Yuban? He is absconding
we are searching for him
In one hour I need aII the information
about him, we need to arrest them.
Why Iaughing?
Remembering past!
Some one came for you.
Whom do you want!
Sir postman Govind!
Yes, I am Prabhakar
I use to Iive in this house when
I was smaII.
You use to Iive next to her house sir.
My father in MiIatry, car..
In Iorry accident my parents
and grand father died!
It’s being years Prabha..
Come come….
How are you sir?
I am fine.
Brother he is Prabhakar!
He use to Iive here when he was smaII.
My famiIy members
Come inside,.
I wiII read after I sIeep for 5 min
Okay.. I wiII read ..
Inspector C. Chandra Sheaker Iast rituaI wiII
be heId in the city today.
But Mr. Prabhaker had confessed this murders
PoiIce department had rewarded a prize for any
information which Ieads to Prabhakar’s arrest.
Sir, our head had spotted him aIong a girI
and he got down at Achampet.
Okay I wiII inform KeraIa poIice
before media gets there we have to caught him
Why you aIways roam with this bag?
Catch it AnjaIi.
Catch it AnjaIi.
Oh no!
– Thanks.
– It may fIy away.
Prabhakar, I am uncIe speaking.
Don’t get up.
PoIice has surrounded you.
They have guns.
They might gun You down.
I know You are innocent.
Don’t get up. PIease.
– Go away.
– No Prabha. I won’t go.
– Try to understand.
– No.
Go away, AnjaIi.
Do you reaIIy mean that?
I have no other choice.
– Go.- No Prabha.
Let anything happen. I’II be here onIy.
Stop you nonsense.
They waiI destroy you.
I’m aIready destroyed,
there’s nothing to get destroyed.
– They are coming. Go away.
– I won’t go.
– Don’t cry. Go.
– I won’t.- Go.
What is this AnjaIi?
Go AnjaIi.
Look there.
Our pet dog Tony died that day.
ShaII we save our Tony today?
Two peopIe got crushed under the train,
it has become routine.
They couIdnit save their
pet dog Tony on that day.
Today none of us couId save them.
Today they have reunited
with their dog Tony.
if You have time,
come to AchchankoiI.
You can see Young Prabhakar & AnjaIi with
a Iamp aIong with Tony in the forest.
SureIy, YouiII see them.

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  6. Tamil movies – All you need is destitute plot. Make the actor and actress as beggars/prostitutes and kill them at the end in the name of society.


  7. good subject and realistic performance and interrelated emotions among all living beings around us including ur faithful partner

  8. జీవ చేసిన సినిమాల్లో బెస్ట్ యాక్టింగ్ థిస్ మూవీ

  9. Wow! Nice movie.. career best performance from Jeeva and Anjali.. Good direction by Ram garu…have many industry hits , blockbuster's and hits. But, a tasteful Director and producer had produced heart touching movie…

  10. Last lo Tragedy pettesi , oka psycopath movie ante saripothunda?? Stupid director.. chethakani vedhavalanti character ni hero ga pettav ..💦💦💦💦💦

  11. Pls who watched this film.. plz watch another movie "Peranbu" directed by same director(Ram)… Tremendous master piece & very realistic…

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