Dem Rivals Zero In On Michael Bloomberg As He Rises In The Polls | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. I used to respect Mr. Canada. I've lost respect for Mr. Canada since 2008. He cashed in on Harlem instead of investing in students that wanted to work for him.

  2. Mike "Stop and Frisk" Bloomberg, great choice to represent your community there. There is hardly a difference between Trump and Bloomberg except for competence. Bloomberg can implement his racist policies because he has half a brain, trump has been spining his wheels because he can't read.

  3. There is still a long way to go before the 2020 election but Bloombery does have the ambition, drive, morals to do the job. 100 times better than trashy Trump.

  4. For any of the candidates, trolls can pretend to be "for" the candidate and spend all their resources viciously attacking the opponents. That is what Trump trolls are doing. They do not have to show themselves as "for Trump" to attack Democrats. They can pick the strongest Democrat and be for them ~ and from that posture attack the other Democrats. In fact trolls can have dozens of puppet accounts pretending to be for different Democratic candidates and simply go around slinging hate in every direction. Event the best intending actual Democrats can get trapped in the fray by spreading the troll-work.


  6. I am not sure why no one is asking if these surrogates are being paid by Bloomberg, I think that is a fair question to ask.

  7. The guy in the blue suit is a sad character; he’s willing to slither across the floor in exchange of Bloomberg’s dollars.
    Dignity, completely gone.

  8. I'm a Bernie fan, but I try to be objective and I just don't see how Bloomberg is a better choice. You think people in the rust belt are going to vote for Bloomberg? A wall street billionaire who wants to police your intake of soda and what kind of guns you own? I don't see it happening

  9. Amazing how having some billions of dollars helps your chance of becoming US President ! Well maybe not that amazing, or new either !

  10. Bloomberg bribed the pollsters .. How do you fix it to where everything is BribeProof and you know what?? You cant do it .. there's always someone that can be bribed to rig it like we see with Bloomberg. #StopMSNBCannibalHolocaust

  11. Black voters should not vote for Dems anymore. The Democrats have their plantations and you black voters should walk away. This nations president is the best thing the black communities have seen. The mainstream media has lied to the minorities.

  12. Why does Bloomberg impose himself into this election ? Clearly lots of people reject him, he doesn't even have a solid base. He is just shopping for random votes all around the US. VOTE BERNIE 2020 !

  13. Thank God our nations president Trump will win reelection and the Republicans will retake the house. The dangerous hateful extreme leftist agenda will be crushed.

  14. I bet if they all line up in a row with their hands out and demand reparations right now.
    Bloomberg would run a personally hand every person with skin slightly darker than his a fist full of money

  15. No one is perfect, but Bloomberg is the only person to bet Trump.
    And Trump has absolutely nothing to offer this country.
    He's a disgrace to this country.

  16. Trump is winning the black vote, if MSNBC was right that he hated blacks then he would be doing what Democrats have been doing for the last 50 years, he is doing the opposite and the results are proof!

  17. Stephanie Ruhle used to work for Mike Bloomberg and promised a job in the white house. Reason for this forced manipulative segments promoting him.

  18. The "intellectual" in the blue is the same type of Witch Doctor who sold slaves to the slave traders in exchange for shiny trinkits.

  19. Another Candice Owens, why do y'all think were this dumb?? and MSNBC is no better because y'all let this clown get on here to corrupt minds.

  20. These guys know none of the Democrats can win so they are plugging their noses and lining their pockets with Bloomberg money, anybody but Trump is all they care about, even though Trump has done more for blacks than ANYONE!

  21. Hey msnbc, fyi Bloomberg is NOT a democrat. He’s a lifelong republican up until a few months ago. Plus you think voters are gonna be gung ho for a billionaire old white dude?


  23. Bloomberg—Throw minorities against the wall
    Hillary—-Super predators
    Trump—- what have you got to lose?
    The proof is in the pudding, TRUMP 2020!!!

  24. Bloomberg takes on IQ45 with force and is not attacking other Democrats. Good for him, kicking that fat orange butt. Enough of the circular firing squad. The guy in the dark blue suit is on the money, spot on. Kudos to him.

  25. he was a republican and a recist shame on you mister Canada you forget the black life matter, i do not understand, to win you need to change a recist to bring another racist.

  26. Michael Bloomberg isn't a Democrat. He's paying black people to scam just enough black in order for him to get the ticket or have a brokered convention. He makes me sick. Take note of every prominent political figure pushing for Bloomberg and never give them your support again because they WILL sell you out just as they are doing now.

    By the way, if it weren't for Bloomberg spending 12 million to nominate Republican Senator Toomey in 2016 – who won by 1.5% – we wouldn't have Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court and it would not be a 5 to 4 Republican majority!

  27. Baron Von Bloomberg simply won't get votes.

    He is the DNC's "Break glass in case of Bernie" situation.
    They would rather lose to Trump than have a Bernie win.

  28. You can blame ADOS let it burn! Never bloomberg! There was violence with all of that strange fruit that has been hanging! Jeff come on by brother!

  29. Trump-tastics, fearing people into believing STUPIDITY (sorta like the bible being used to fear slaves into enslavement suppression)…

  30. I'm a black New Yorker and I cannot understand why blacks are falling for this fake apology from Bloomberg. He does regret " STOP & FRISK" at ALL!! These black supporters need to speak to the young black & brown teenage boys that stopped for no reason, but their skin color!

  31. Billionaires know absolutely nothing about the needs of regular people. Electing a billionaire as a political leader is like shooting yourself in the foot every single day of the week.

  32. "Dont judge Bloomberg for what he did as a politician, rather judge Bloomberg by what says hes going to do as a politician"


  34. MSNBC = 6 videos on Bloomberg and his rising polls, 2 videos on Biden and how he can make a comeback, 12 videos on why Bernie Sanders is the devil and is in last place.

  35. I'd be curious to know if all these people who are suddenly endorsing Bloomberg after never endorsing a candidate in their lives have been paid to campaign for Bloomberg.

  36. There's no perfect candidate so let's pick the worst one. LOL Let's be honest, Bloomberg is being supported for the simple fact that they think he's the only one who can take down…………….Bernie. Geoffrey just gave away the game in this interview.

  37. 1. Mike Bloomberg 2020 Launches Mike for Black America Alongside Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner and Black Mayors From Across America @Mike2020 (Feb 13, 2020)
    2. Mike Delivers Speech in Houston, TX | Mike Bloomberg for President (Feb 13, 2020)
    3. Statement from Mike Bloomberg
    @Mike2020 (Feb 11, 2020)
    4. Honoring Black History | Mike Bloomberg for President (Feb 3, 2020)
    5. Introducing The Greenwood Initiative, Economic Justice for Black America (Jan 19, 2020)
    6. The Greenwood Initiative: Economic Justice for Black America @Mike2020 (Jan 19, 2020)

  38. That guy choosing Mike Bloomberg was paid to do so. Bloomberg is the democratic version of Trump. I believe there’s a 100% chance this guy would also support stop and frisk, if you paid him enough.

  39. Maybe the candidates ought to get a real platform based on what the country needs and worry less about bickering. The voters would appreciate that. But what can you say. Negativity rules these days.

  40. If we don't fix the electoral college it doesn't matter what we do. Hillary won the election by three million votes…Trump was put in office by the egotistical fools in the electoral college not by the voters….it doesn't matter what we do if we don't fix the system. I don't trust the DNC they think they can push the voters around to get who THEY want not who the people want – I certainly don't trust the electoral college – I don't trust the politicians who pretend to work for us in Washington like Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham….We have to throw them all out and redo the system. Eliminate the electoral college….bring Trump before the law….throw the Republican party out – every single one of them…..there are 27 Republicans up for reelection in the Senate in November – we'll find out how alarmed the voters are in November – either we turn the Senate Democratic or we can kiss this country good bye. If we can get a Democratic Senate we can Impeach the criminal President…..We've had yers to fix the electoral college – ever since they muddled in the Gore-Bush debacle and we've done nothing. Being upset doesn't fix anything.

  41. I don't trust Bloomberg's motives but I understand that we do not need to convince the true believers, we need to get the folks in the middle. Trump has a solid 40% and only needs to scare 8% of the population and suppress 2-3% of votes in select communities in order to win.

  42. Their hatred for Trump is over riding their natural instinct to Hate Bloomberg even more, plus a few thousand dollars helps out when you are selling out your own people.

  43. I have worked in youth development in Harlem for over 15 years. I took brand new award winning books, some by black authors, that his school threw out and I gave them away for free to kids and parents during a public free book fair I held in a neighborhood youth center in Harlem. Canada has some questionable motives himself throughout the years. The old school black folk would 'slide into bed' a bit with the unethical and wrongdoers, in their words, to advance the black community. Flake, though a great pastor, was one like this when he was a Congressman. Nope, sorry Canada I don't want some more broken up potato chips this time, I want my own bag. #notformyvote

  44. Notice you don't hear Mike Bloomberg on these shows defending himself. Making the case for his plans for the black community. He has these purchased faces to talk for him.

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