Dems Bring Two Articles of Impeachment Against Trump | The Daily Show

For months now, Democrats
have been inching closer to bringing
articles of impeachment against President Trump. And today,
they finally made it official. ANNOUNCER:
This is CNN Breaking News. An historic day on Capitol Hill, the House announcing
articles of impeachment against the sitting
U.S. president, Donald Trump. A president who declares himself
above accountability, above the American people, and above Congress’s power
of impeachment, which is meant
to protect against threats to our democratic institutions, is a president who sees himself
as above the law. We must be clear: No one, not even the president, is above the law. That’s right. The Democrats
have officially announced articles of impeachment
to show that, other than Steven Seagal,
no one is above the law. And I know
this sounds weird, but… I’m actually proud
of Donald Trump. Yeah, because he’s
getting impeached, but… I didn’t think
he would make it three years. -I’m not gonna lie.
-(laughter) Like, Trump getting this far
into his presidency without being impeached is
a lot like when a dog accidentally drives a car
into a tree. Yeah, the dog crashed, but he
made it, like, eight blocks. -That’s impressive.
-(laughter) I don’t even know
how he put it into drive. -He barely knows letters.
-(laughter) Now, there was a big debate
within the Democratic Party about how many
articles of impeachment to bring against Donald Trump. But in the end, they decided to
strike with surgical precision. President Trump
now facing two charges as the top Democrats
of the key committees stood together to announce
it all this morning. Abuse of power
and obstruction of Congress. Democrats have decided to narrow
the scope of impeachment to the two articles
of impeachment that they believe
are the easiest to prove and backed up
by the most evidence. Because we are operating
in a universe where… Republicans are challenging
some of the most basic facts, Democrats want to make this case
as airtight as possible. Yes. Only two articles
of impeachment: abuse of power
and obstruction of Congress. Which means the Democrats
are showing a lot of restraint. Because, I mean,
let’s be honest, Trump has done enough crazy shit to merit
2,000 articles of impeachment. Yeah, there was
obstruction of justice from the Mueller Report, using the presidency
to enrich his businesses, the porn star payoffs,
flag molestation, the time he looked
directly into an eclipse, and of course,
having Don, Jr. I mean, that’s impeachment
on its own. -So…
-(cheers and applause) So… The good news for Trump is that he’s only facing
two charges, although, in a way,
that’s also kind of sad for him, because Nixon had three articles
brought against him, Bill Clinton had four,
and Andrew Johnson had 11, which means Trump will have the smallest impeachment
of all time. You know that’s gonna make him
insecure. He’s gonna be like, (mimics Trump): “It’s not about
the size of impeachment, it’s about the friction
of the conviction.” (laughter) -(normal voice): And these…
-(cheers and applause) And these impeachment articles could not have come
at a worst time for Trump because remember how the
president has been saying that the whole
Russia investigation was a biased conspiracy
against him? Well, he demanded
that the Justice Department look into
the Russia investigation. And guess what they found?
Whomp-whomp. Tonight the Inspector General’s
report, finally out, into the origins
of the Russia investigation and the report finding
no anti-Trump bias. TV REPORTER: The Justice
Department’s inspector general revealing there was no evidence
of a witch hunt, determining the FBI
had enough evidence to justify the probe at the
height of the election. But the inspector general says
FBI officials made serious errors
and omissions in applying
for surveillance warrants to monitor the communications of a Trump campaign associate,
Carter Page. TV REPORTER: Despite
Trump’s mocking of FBI agents he says were using the Russia
probe to defeat him, the report found an agent
who messaged another after Trump won the White House that he was so elated
with the election, it was like watching
a Super Bowl comeback. Yeah, not great
for Donald Trump. The report did find misconduct
by some FBI agents, but, overall, it said
that the Russia investigation was justified and there was
no anti-Trump bias. So for Trump, this is weird, because it was a little bit
of what he wanted, but a lot of what
he definitely didn’t want. It’s almost like he opened his
presents on Christmas morning, and he got the VR headset
he was hoping for, but it only plays videos
of his grandparents having sex. (audience reacting) Yeah.
That’s disappointing. It’s so weird that they make
that game in the first place. I mean… Still more fun
than the Jesus game, I’ll tell you that much. Now, surprisingly, Trump has been taking the bad news better
than you would expect, but maybe that’s not because
he’s taking it at all. The I.G. report just came out
and I was just briefed on it. It is, uh, incredible. Far worse than I would
have ever thought possible. This was an overthrow
of government. This was an attempted overthrow, and a lot of people
were in on it, and they got caught. They got caught red-handed. Trump is a legend, man. (laughter) The report came out, and he’s just blindly
plowing ahead. Like the report says
what he wanted it to say. Yeah. ‘Cause that’s not
what it said. And he’s just like, “No, it is.
It is what it said.” Yeah. He’s like those people
who get dumped and are totally in denial
about it. “Donald, you’re great
but this isn’t working.” (mimics Trump): “Okay, feel
better. I’ll see you tomorrow.” (normal voice): “No.
No, you don’t understand. It’s over Donald.” (mimics Trump):
“Love you, too, babe.” (normal voice):
And, look, we all know Trump didn’t read the actual report. I mean, his advisors
can’t get him to read reports. They probably just gave him
some of the bullet points on a Denny’s placemat. -But even if he did read it…
-(laughter) Even if he did read it,
it wouldn’t matter. Yeah. Because Trump always
creates his own reality, no matter what the facts say. So even if he does get impeached and somehow
gets removed from office, there’s a good chance
Trump will just ignore it and keep being president. They’ll walk in like,
“Mr. President, “the votes are in,
and I’m sorry, you have to leave
the White House. It’s over.” He’d be like, (mimics Trump):
“All right, love you, too, babe. See you tomorrow.”

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  1. It sad how many idiots think this impeachment will result in anything other then rallying trumps base and making most moderates flip red. They’re so called evidence is nothing more than hear say. If we went by this standard Obama would be considered a Middle East asset, the Clinton’s would be part of some sort of deep state, and bush plan 911. Honestly if the media was being honest and not trying to do everything they can to make up a reason for why Democrat lost this impeachment stuff would have been laugh out in a couple days at the start of the whistle blower report.

  2. An Article they used on Johnson: Bringing Disgrace on the Office – they should have added that for the mega-Mass abduction and terrorizing of children and babies & inhumane treatment of Immigrants.

  3. Just thinking about Trump was elected by The Americans makes me Sick, there is no guarantee that The Proud WHITE people of that country won't again elect another Trump

  4. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”
    ―     Rumi

  5. I'm glad you have the freedom to express your dislike to the President of the United States, but dont forget where that "right" comes from. I would choke slam a POS like you in a heartbeat!!

  6. while all this was going on Lavrov, Putin's right testicle, was in the White House reassuring Trump that the 2020 election is in the bag.

  7. Trump made Russia help him To Win , Also trump and hes campaign , Some How Only Had A Letter Of What Ukraine And Trump Had Spoken About , It Comes Out It Was More Then That , Didnt Trump Use Ukraine To lie For Him About What Trump And Ukraine Had Supposedly Had Discussed In The First Place , Its All Over U.S.A , What trump and Ukraine Had Discussed In The First Place , And It Was False , Why Was Ukraine Lieing In The First Place For Trump , Did Trump Force It , Because He Has Power , Trump Could Have More Time , Not If He Cheated Or Stayed On Twitter , But If He Was Really With The People In The U.S.A , And Really Into The New Generation Of Tech All The Way , With Respect And Manners To society In America !! One More Thing For Trump , USA Is Mix ! , Not Racist !! , Its How America Got Bigger And Stronger In The First Place , You Cant Just Think You Can Get Russia To Elect You And Then Think Its A Free Ride Down The Park , Its A Kids World , An These Days Even The Kids Know Tricks Are For Kids !! Bye Trump Be Happy Cause Not Only You Wasnt Fit To Be Are President , You Just Didnt Fit In Well Either Way , Noting Because Of Your Weight , But That Too . It's over. #IMPEACHMENT – #TrumpGottaGo .

  8. Wouldn't it be nice if he did just carry on after being impeached and then security has to physically throw him out of the White House to get the point through.

  9. Impeachment doesn’t mean he will need to leave the office because in Senate Democratic Party won’t get the majority

  10. Clinton had 4 articles of impeachment? What did he do? Have "sexual relations" with an intern before his presidency? Pretty sad when this isn't even that big of a deal nowadays.

  11. For the last three years, Republican's were to afraid to speak out against Trump. Other in Washington were to chicken to say anything?

  12. Now please do Obama for killing kids with drone strikes… and Bush for starting a whole fake war in Iraq… fuck Amerikkkan politicians man

  13. It's been like this for 3 years about trump, go luck trying to, no evidence on anything. I don't even like the guy, just funny how people are so stupid they forget the last thousand time the dems said impeachment happening.

  14. Yeah right!!






  15. I guarantee you "Trump will not be impeached." Not only he will complete this term, He is coming back with second term with bang.
    I am not seeing any democrat candidate making any impression.

  16. You think 3 was far now watch him go for 8 💀. He still controls the senate but people don’t know or don’t care.

  17. All you heathens see yourself above the law and the MOST HIGH YAH 🧐. America is having such melt downs in every corner of this heathen shit hole country. The MOST HIGH YAH is far from being done. HALALOUYAH!!!!!!!!

  18. If the world has come to accept that Trump is a pathological liar, his Republican enablers should know that they will not be getting such an easy pass.

  19. 🤣😉👌Well, I must say that president Bill Clinton finally accepted his BJ like a man..
    YEP💬🕺🤦‍♀️O'.. I don't care 💬

  20. Mr. Trump. You are looking like the biggest bullshitters of the entire fucking world.
    Prosecute Hillary Clinton.
    If you don't.
    Fuck off.

  21. In all honesty do most people think that he will be removed from office by the senate? I feel like every liberal is gonna be upset when they realise that being impeached by the house means almost nothing if the senate does not follow up. That's not the American political system being 'broken' it's just most people not understanding how it works. The reason it is this way is to make sure that if a president is removed from office it is for something that the entire country can agree is worth removing, not just one party winning part of congress and undoing the American people's vote. Not American here by the way but by the way I read the comments I can tell that 90% of people don't seem to understand that.

  22. I'm from South Africa, and I'm lost in all this! Only watching for Trevor! 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦

  23. I like to think that regardless whether it is impeachment or election loss, Trump is going to sit in with the rest of the far right Republicans and rant on about his god given right to be emperor of America

  24. Intresting how proud americans seem to be of the impeachment process, and still no president has ever been removed through that process? 🤔 Nixon might have been removed but he just resigned and was pardoned by his successor. And Trump won't be removed either, thanks to Bitch McConface.

  25. With respect to Donald Trump, despite what Chairmen Nadler stated, Trump has been ABOVE the law for decades – actually virtually all of his life because he isn't poor. In fact, due to his father's wealth he inherited, Trump has played the courts like a fiddle to steal from, intimidate, punish, silence, and humiliate anyone and everyone.


    Liberals, if you don’t get Donald Trump impeached, I’m gonna register to vote and vote for Trump in 2020


  27. We Are All IMPATIENTLY Waiting To See And Hear The Breaking News Of Trump Getting Escorted Out The White House From Being Impeached 😩⏰📅🗞📯

  28. I hate democrats, Trevor saying surgical precision. Really? This impeachment is dead on arrival. All this is a damn show. Why do the very rich and white get away with stuff no other class or group of people. Get away with. The establishment needs to get rocked to it's core.

  29. Damn Noah sad to see you sell out so fast you were funny once now you’re just spewing lies like the rest of the loony left media 🤦‍♂️

  30. I love brilliant comedians bc they have a way of bringing the sad truth to light for the world to see it for what it truly is in their own humorous way & smashing the evil of their subject!

  31. No trump is Hella funny i will miss him😩😭he made me laugh so much I libertarian both Republicans and liberals suck

  32. These 2 articles of impeachment are a joke. They cant even state a crime. Obstuction… because trump finally used executive privilege, that exists for a reason. Every president since and including Washington have used it. When there is an issue, between the 2 coequal branchs like this, it goes to the supreme court, the 3rd coequal branch. That is when trump did. So..since the.court hasn't ruled yet, it cant be obstructing congress. Plus, they say he was hiding evidence of impeachable offenses? What? What is the evidence he is hiding?

  33. So does Trump still have full presidential authority while in the process of being impeached? Personally I do not want someone who is being charged with abuse of power to have access to nuclear launch codes for instance.

  34. "A lot of people were in on it, and they got caught; they got caught red-handed".

    So true; Carter Page got caught; Paul Manifort got caught; Michael Flynn got caught; Roger Stone got caught…

  35. I highly recommend watching the hearings over this if you want to be informed. This is laughably discrediting to what it means to have a platform and lie to people. You are all either doubling down on the lie because you don't want to face reality or maybe you just don't care and that is easier for you to live your life in ignorance. Don't watch clips. Don't read opinion peaces. Watch the hearings. I think it's funny and fine to make fun of the president as comedic satire. It's not funny when you just spread false claims. By continuing down this path you are only hurting what it means to live in a democracy. Conversation based on facts not feelings is the only reasonable way to move forward. You want Trump comedy how about this. "The reason we don't have unicorns today is because Trump became president." Boom, Easy.

  36. By the way, Trump WILL NOT get impeached. It must go through the senate also, who will dead this circus on arrival. And an FYI, he is going to win by a land slide in 2020.

  37. The only thing that we should worry about is we should remember about the movie Enemy of the State with Will Smith remember how hard they tried to just get one man I'm not defending drunk f*** that guy I don't like him anybody who locks children up in cages and separated from the parents to go to f**** hell straight up but if they can do this to a president just imagine what they do to the average citizen

  38. If Trump isnt impeached, it is not going to look good come election night (as in this will dramatically increase his supporters)

  39. I find myself waiting for Trevor’s joke after each topic, grinning during the build-up then laughing after each punchline. Never enjoyed political news this much. 🤣😂🤣😂

  40. America, listen. When we were promised that our leaders were going to uphold law and order, did we believe?

    And what standard will we hold our leaders to?

    Are you fed up with watching destruction of our way of life? Are you ready for the bold new world we deserve? Sitting and waiting, praying and hoping only work to embolden those who want us to be weak.

    Get angry. Get fed up. If you believe in America, if you believe in patriotism, if you believe you are worth more than being slowly victimized, get pissed off.

    No matter who, vote blue.

  41. So let me get it straight, when republicans watch Breaking Bad, do they think "that Saul Goodman, such a nice person" ??

  42. The only people I have seen obstructing congress from any meaningful work that they are employed to do are the Democrats, who have been abusing power in Washington for two generations. When will anyone make them pay for it. Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi need to be impeached for trying to frame their own President. How about if they got more work done instead?! Lazy buggers.

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