Dennis Quaid On Ronald Reagan As He Gears Up To Play Him: ‘He Was A Great Man’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY

56 Replies to “Dennis Quaid On Ronald Reagan As He Gears Up To Play Him: ‘He Was A Great Man’ | Megyn Kelly TODAY”

  1. Dennis Quaid will be wonderful playing this part as the President. Can't wait to see it. He is one of my favorite actors.

  2. I thought dennis quaid was dead.  Seriously.  I remember it coming across the news ticker.  wtf. anyone else confused now?

  3. Ronald Reagan created HOMELESSNESS, and his KARMA is that California now with the biggest homeless problem in the country is still suffering. The mentally ill need to be taken care of, else you will have more shoointngs, and more suffering, to push out the mentally ill lfrom state hospitals and stop the funnding was the cruelest act of a presedent and we are still dealing with it. He went to the ranch cause you don't have to deal with the public and the homeless.

  4. I wonder how many people realize that previous to Ronald Reagan’s presidency, students who had a parent die were able to go to college and their tuition was covered by our government? Ronald Reagan took those benefits from children, already devastated by the loss of a parent. Both of my daughters lost, not only their father, but also those benefits to cover college tuition. I hope this fact is brought to light in this movie! God only knows how many other students were so deeply hurt by this Republican, so typically selfish and prone to cover ups. So, please tell the truth about Ronald Reagan, who took college tuition from students who were already deeply hurt by the loss of a parent. How low can a president go? He is no hero, just another greedy, heartless monster with a big phony smile, who laughed all the way to the bank.

  5. Reagan? Yuk! Just another actor who craved attention! Sound familiar? Because of Reagan both of my daughters had to work throughout college and spent years paying student loans. No I do not like those who cater to the rich and would steal from young people who lost their father. Not my idea of a hero. Bernie Sanders is my hero. He has a heart for the people!

  6. Jesus was Jewish! Sorry you are so filled with hate. Clearly, you have been brainwashed by the oligarchs, who never seem to have enough and are doing everything they can to keep the average and less fortunate down. Many college educated teachers are working extra jobs just to provide for their families, especially single mothers. Walmart, Amazon, etc. workers are barely surviving as the owners are laughing all the way to the bank. This sick mentality is promoted by the Republican Party. My daughter’s are only a tiny fraction of the millions who have been hurt by this party. Yet, they manipulate people and seek to divide us by race, religion, economic privilege,etc. They believe in the “divide and conquer” mentality. The sad reality is that many insecure people believe them when they tell them their group is superior to others, thus strengthening the destructive divisions. Yes, I blame the Republican Party for being led by the oligarchs like “lambs to the slaughter”. I am praying to my loving Jesus like I have never prayed before that He will wake people up and enlighten us all to “ Love one another as I have loved you.”

  7. Northofyou33, This movie is further evidence of the attempted brainwashing of the Republican Party. Everywhere I go I see homeless people lying on sidewalks, or living in cars or in wooded areas. The rich need to get off of their golf carts and take a good hard look around. I don’t understand how they sleep at night! This movie is another attempt to brainwash people. Maybe the cocaine permanently causes brain damage. Does it cause blindness , too? I would suggest staying sober, waking up and providing food for the hungry and clothing for those in need, medical care for those in need, and most of all homes for the homeless. With all of the money and resources in our country, no one should be hungry or homeless. We are victims and hostages of the oligarchs and their puppet politicians, most of whom are members of the greedy Republican Party. They need to be stopped and that is what I am fervently praying for. May God bless you. You are one of the awakened ones. Pray like you’ve never prayed before!

  8. Invictus maneo, The politicians, in general, need to stop being puppets for the rich oligarchs. Campaign donations are buying our leaders, who are afraid to lead for fear of losing these outrageous contributions. There should be a limit to contributions, so the politicians will not be bought, nor afraid to lead based on the dignity of each and every human being.

  9. Reagan is also my favorite president even though i was not alive then. Cant wait for the movie to come out looks like it's going to be great.

  10. Quaid is an excellent choice to play him. Reagan was a great man and tremendous President. Unlike the criminals we've had in the White House since Reagan, that was a simpler and more innocent time.

  11. Invictus maneo, I have never looked down on anyone. I was a single Mom , who worked very hard and attended college part time. My girls didn’t want to have to struggle to make ends meet the way I did. Sorry if you have a problem with the fact that my daughters and I graduated from college. We worked extremely hard to try to make better lives for our families. If you consider this elitist, that is your problem. To call me elitist is truly amusing and couldn’t be farther from the truth. Apparently, Reagan didn’t have a problem stealing from children whose parent has died. (Typical Republican mentality)

  12. Reagan was a very likable type of guy, and he had to be one of the luckiest person that has ever lived in our life time, but he was not this great president, the economy recovered like always it always does and with the help of reform that was passed before Reagan was in office, but since he was the Man sitting in the big chair at the time when he was in office, it wasn't anything he did, he got the credit. he ran up the national debt so high and with this military build up has made other countries hate us

  13. Invictus Mabel, I did work hard and did not ask for handouts. I am a DEMOCRAT and I believe in helping those who truly need help. Some people are not as strong and healthy as I was as a young mother. Unlike most Republicans, Democrats DO have hearts for the people and MOST of us do NOT want handouts. The main difference I see between Democrats and Republicans is that Republicans hearts are in their wallets. It’s all about $$$!
    “Every man for himself” seems to be their motto. Not my party! Never has been, never will be unless they have a major change of HEART and start putting people first, before $$$.

  14. Let's say this…. if the movie tells the story of Regan ignoring the Aids Epidemic in a meaningful way, it could be an mportant film.

  15. I've always thought that Dennis Quaid was way more talented than his brother, Randy. Sure, Randy had put in a few good performances back in the day, but Dennis was always my favorite of the two. Really looking forward to seeing Dennis as Ronald Reagan next year.

  16. I always had a crush on him since day 1that i saw him on movies,for me dennis quaid and tom cruise are the most handsome actors in the world of course😍😍😍

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