Despite Past Admissions, Flynn Looks To Withdraw Guilty Plea | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. 50 years ago all they traitor and russian communists would got the chair or needle and 99 % of American would said let me pull the switch or put the needle in there arm and now all white supremacists have betray American for a pay check from.

  2. I wonder if Flynn comprehends the irony that he started the "Lock her up chants" and yet he's the one going to jail? 🤔😆😅

  3. Flynn is a moral coward, and an absurd human being. If Flynn had simply stuck to the deal that was agreed upon, he MIGHT have served a month in jail…maybe. But instead, he tried to be cute, and breached his plea agreement. Now he's in a world of 💩. I can still see him leading that chant of "LOCK HER UP!!!" more than 3 years ago now.😆 If he only knew back then, what he knows now.😄😂

  4. Great he ought to he was treated badly after years of loyal service by those whose loyalties lie with dirty birds..very dirty birds.

  5. Because this traitor counts on a pardon.
    Of course accepting a pardon equals – by law – admitting guilt. But these guys dont care, they will say "I plead not guilty, I got a pardon, I am 100% vindicated! Now hire me!".

  6. Plenty of new evidence that prosecutors lied on fisa and the rest. Should be outright dismissed with prejudiced when the ppl who are supposed to uphold the law proceed to break it by withholding exculpatory evidence.

  7. Trump has privatized the Department of Justice and D Trump is the owner. The crooks have completely taken over the government. Something's wrong. This doesn't work. The justice system in America is one big "conflict of interest."

  8. Traitor Flynn belongs with the campaign felon Manafort and multiple felon Roger Stone. Hillary won’t be locked up, ever. Another nothing burger investigation from the liar in chief.

  9. Well the Dems have gone back on their word, why can't he say that those statement was received under duress and should be able to withdraw his half of the deal.  ><><  They question him for days and hours, putting him in solitary confinement, threaten him and his family and work of him for months and if that isn't duress nothing is.  It was like the Gestapo style inquisition and no one should have been expected, to stand their promises, subterfuge and lies.

  10. Flynn's activities where a violation of military law also. Members of the Pentagon came to personal warn him that was in violation of UCMJ and that he needed to stop certain behaviors – he did not stop. The footage of his speaking engagements in Russia, where completely anti-America, it was amazing. As a former General, Flynn is still bound by the UCMJ and could still be charged by a military tribunal. That Tribunal could use his previous guilty pleas as evidence.

  11. It obviously has been made clear to Putin agent Flynn, in no uncertain terms, that he will pardoned by Putin agent Trump. Putin has fleeced Russia for billions and this money is freely available for Republican Party bribery.

  12. Gee, I don't know, perhaps it's because evidence shows massive alterations made to Flynn's 302's and the withholding of evidence from the Defense the Court has ordered to turn over that the prosecution has failed to do!

  13. The "justice system" threatened to drag his son through the
    "justice system" as well, to help Flynn make his "plea deal", knowing the "justice system" they assured Flynn that they could promise long terms for both he and his son, if he did not cooperate.
    How truly sad.

  14. I cannot understand why Flynn is doing this because he would serve less than one year in prison but going to trial he could face a life sentence.

  15. During the Trump Transition, Obama told Trump to be wary of Mike Flynn, because Flynn had a history of bad decision making. I guess that's still true,

  16. CNN just lost the law suit with Nick Sandman, they admit to putting out false news. You’re going to court against him next, tell us about it MSNBC.

  17. People are coerced everyday into pleading guilty in criminal courts all over the country,to crimes they did not commit.

  18. When you check the record he's not guilty he just got sucked in and lied to by the FBI. Fake news loves to lie about General Flynn.

  19. amazing how lots of trolls dare to attack Rachel but not Lawrence with the same senseless, baseless personal attack.
    Easy to recognize these propaganda attacks probably by bots, there is no content and no context to what she says, just generic insults and name calling. To all of you panicked troll, vade retro

  20. He lied guilty even though innocent because the corrupt FBI threatened to go after his family.
    Everything Comey and Mueller did will die because the tree was poisoned.

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