Doll News Magazine Winter 2018 – United Federation of Doll Clubs – UFDC

Hi and welcome to Vintage Doll Collector
on YouTube. Today I want to show you
what’s inside the latest issue of Doll
News magazine. The only way to get a
subscription to the magazine is to
become a member of the United Federation
of Doll Clubs, and I’ll talk a little bit
about that later. The doll on the cover
is a reproduction of an antique French
fashion doll, and the pattern to make her
dress is included in this issue.
The table of contents is on the first page,
then we have the editor’s column and a
column from the president of UFDC,
some upcoming events, and welcome to new members.
“Getting to Know You” has a little bit
about each of the officers of UFDC.
This article is about the 19th century
French fashion doll maker Eugene Barrois,
and about the new reproductions of these
dolls and costumes being made by
contemporary artists.
The pattern to make the dress is
by detailed instructions
and lots of photos.

There’s also a paper doll of the doll
with old and new outfits.
The next article has
information about the 2018
UFDC Convention which will be held in Phoenix,
some of the events that will be happening there, and information
to help
attendees plan their visit.
This is a great article by Rebecca Kaufman about
the novelty teddy bears made by Steiff
in the period between World War I and
World War II.
This story is about Rose Percy, a wax
doll who was raffled off to raise money
to care for wounded Union Army soldiers
in the Civil War, and is still being used
today to raise funds for worthy causes.
This fascinating article is about a
studio mannequin that is believed to
have belonged to the
French impressionist painter Pierre Auguste Renoir,
and how her provenance was traced.

This is a short piece about the R. John Wright collectors convention.

This article is about the wonderful dolls
made by African-American artist Leo Moss
in the early 20th century.
Myla Perkins collected several of his
dolls and her collection is coming up
for auction in March.

Next we have photos of the blue-ribbon winners
in the competitive exhibit
at last year’s UFDC convention.
Some of the rarest and most beautiful
dolls in the world are exhibited there,
from antique to vintage to modern.
Here are some photos of the special
exhibit of Disney dolls that was held at
the convention.
Another exhibit was of Seminole Indian
and there are also instructions to make a
Seminole style patchwork outfit for your doll.
This article shows a convention exhibit
of vintage to modern dolls with their wardrobes.
Some of the dolls included in
the exhibit were Barbie,
American Girl, and Sasha dolls.
This article is about dolls who have
appliquè as part of their costume,
including Seminole dolls,
as well as other dolls from around the world.
Here’s a story about what the junior collectors
were doing at last summer’s convention,
and a pattern design for a young
collector to sew a doll’s purse.

Now we have some more information from UFDC about Regional Director training.

The club section of the magazine is
about what some of the UFDC clubs
around the country are doing.
Special events, doll shows, fundraisers
and other activities.
Reviews of recently released books let
collectors know
what resources are available.

Finally we have some UFDC
financial information and a few ads.

Next, I’ll show you how to learn more about UFDC and find a club near you.
The website for the United Federation of Doll Clubs is
You can explore the site to find out more about our organization.
There are a few different types of membership available.
Most members join a local doll club,
which offers a chance to get together with others who share your interest.

To find out about clubs in your area, scroll down
to the bottom of any page
to find the regional map, and click on your state.
If you live outside the US, click on the globe icon or the number 16.
That takes you to the page for your region,
where you can read the latest newsletters and email the Regional Director,
who can put you in touch with the nearest club.
If you aren’t able to get to club meetings,
you can join an online club which is
part of region 16. You can also join as a
Member At Large, which means you are a
member of UFDC, but with no local club affiliation.
Click on the membership
button at the top of the screen,
then scroll down to the Member At Large
Clicking on the “Join Now” button takes
you to the links for the application forms.

if you live anywhere near Kansas City,
MO, you can visit the UFDC museum.
The current special exhibit is on
Campbell Kids dolls.
Thanks for joining me today, and happy collecting!

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