Dr. Vivek Murthy: Mental & Physical Health During Coronavirus | The Daily Social Distancing Show

All right, so,
first things first, welcome to the show, Doctor. Thank you so much
for being here. Thanks.
Great to be with you, Trevor. Well, thank you for being there, and then thank you for talking
to me here, I should say. I feel like we have
to change our language for the world we live in now. Um, you’re
one of the few people who has a unique incite
into what is happening now. As somebody who served
as the U.S. Surgeon General, you had a very specific job, and that is essentially
keeping the nation healthy. And you’ve commented on
how unfair it is to send doctors in
to fight the coronavirus when the government is not
giving them the equipment that they need
to protect themselves. What do you think people
are missing about the fight doctors are having
with this virus? Well, Trevor,
this feels very personal to me. You know, it is my friends,
my family members and colleagues
who are on the front lines now of the war that we’re waging
with this new virus and a very dangerous virus. And we’re asking them
in many cases to go into battle
without the armor they need. There are doctors
who are having to reuse masks because
their hospitals are running out, even though they know
that puts them at greater risk. There are doctors who are
running out of gowns and gloves. There are hospitals that are
running out of ventilators, and they’re trying to figure out
how to use one ventilator and share them between
two patients at the same time. So it is not wrong to ask
doctors and nurses to work hard. It’s not wrong
to ask them to sacrifice to take care of their patients. But I believe
it’s wrong to send them in without the protection
that they deserve. And that’s why, as a country, we need to be pulling out
the stops on ramping up production of all
of the materials that they need. It’s not enough to say
“We’ll do it when we need it.” It’s not enough to say, “Well, it’s up to somebody else
to solve that problem.” Like, at all,
every level of government, we need to be making this
the top priority, because doctors, nurses
and health care workers are putting their lives
on the line for us, and it’s high time
that we had their backs. A growing consensus, uh,
that’s starting to emerge both online and, unfortunately,
in the White House, is this idea that the cure, which is social distancing,
etcetera, some people are calling it,
is gonna be worse than what is being caused by people being unemployed,
etcetera. What do you think people are
missing when they say, “We’re just gonna have
to live with this, “allow people to get sick
and accept that some people
are going to die”? Well, I think it’s, look,
important to consider the pros and cons of every approach. And let’s be honest. There is
no perfect approach here. Uh, but it is, I think,
a false choice to say that we have to choose between
people’s lives and the economy. Because the real way, uh, that we should be addressing
this virus is to recognize that the way we save the economy is actually
by defeating the virus. Unless we take these steps and make sure
that these are in place, uh, we really should not be thinking
about pulling back. That is recipe
for making the situation, both the health and the economic
situation much, much worse. Before I let you go, um, you
have a book that is coming out that speaks to a situation that we all find ourselves
in right now, and that is, we are isolated from people
that we know and love. Many people are forced to stay
at home, either by themselves, or not with the community
they’re used to. You write in your book about how society is struggling
with a new disease, and that is,
essentially, loneliness. What are some
of the things people can do to try and maintain
their mental health, as well
as their physical health? I’m glad you asked, Trevor,
because it’s important, not just because
loneliness makes us feel poorly, but also because
we now understand that chronic loneliness
is actually bad for our health. It increases our risk
for heart disease. It shortens our… It’s associated
with a shorter lifespan. But there are things
that we can do to ensure that we strengthen
social connection. And as hard as this time is,
I think that we can potentially come out of it even stronger
if we do a few things. So, number one–
I think it’s important that we spend at least
15 minutes a day, if not more, engaged with the people
that we love, whether that means
video conferencing with them, writing to them,
calling them on the phone so we can hear their voice. The second is–
it’s really important that we make that time count. And that means improving
the quality of our time with others
by decreasing the distractions that we experience
during our interactions. So instead of talking
to somebody on the phone while you’re also scrolling
through your social media feed and rushing your in-box
and watching the news on TV, just try talking to them
with your full attention. One of the greatest gifts
that we can give people is the gift
of our full attention. And finally,
it’s important also to recognize that one the back doors
out of loneliness, if you will, one of the great,
but hidden solutions to loneliness is service. It’s by helping others, uh, that we actually take the focus
off of ourselves and place it on someone else. It’s how we rebuild a connection
to someone or establish a new one, and it’s also
how we remind ourselves -that we have value
to give to the world. -Mm-hmm. Because one of the great prices
that we pay when we’re lonely is, over time,
we start to buy into the idea that maybe we’re lonely
because we’re not likable. Maybe in some way
it’s our fault. Maybe this is evidence
of some personality flaw. Now, none of that is true. But when we serve other people,
we’re reminded of how good it feels to connect,
and that we have something of great value
to bring to them and to others around them. Oh, Doctor,
thank you so much for your time. Thank you for the words. Uh, hopefully,
people will listen, and we’ll be seeing you
on the other side. Have a good one. Thanks so much, Trevor.
Take care and stay safe.

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  1. You try so hard not to say "Medicare for All, or Universal Healthcare"… and for God's sake, never remind people that the only candidate that offers real solutions is Senator Bernie Sanders.

  2. https://m.facebook.com/100014810621561/posts/838238906679789/?notif_id=1585207341084443&notif_t=close_friend_activity&ref=notif&d=null&vh=i

  3. sad to see healthcare workers and first responders with inadequate equipment. to swab patients, they just put on flimsy masks, no 95, and no suits on like in China or South Korea. As this tragedy continues, cross-infection will be on the rise and most medics will catch the virus. thanks for addressing the question in this segment.

  4. In China hospitals are now divided into "fever hospitals" and "other hospitals." people with coronavirus symptoms can only go to fever hospitals to avoid infecting patients and doctors in other hospitals. Hope New York can work out something similar to protect doctors and patients.

  5. Being locked up in my house is really no different than any other day for me. This is normal. Hope y'all crazy people can get inline with yalls lonely selves. It's fun to watch "normal" people go into anxiety mode. I live that panic every day and can control it when it does peak. Yall got a lot of learning to do. Stay sane

  6. I saw the video you made about the mayors in Italy . I just wanted to make something clear . Those videos are of about 2 weeks ago , they are not recent , they got viral in Italy much before they did the English subtitles to make them viral ( what a bad word now ) elsewhere outside Italy . So no , people are not still going out , those were southern regions that were still relatively unaffected then . So while the world was out and about still spreading the virus like crazy as if the problem didn’t concern you and we had just started out lockdown . The lockdown we have is probably the strictest all over the western world . And if other countries don’t do real lockdowns and not those ridicules lockdown were they fight over toilet papers , then the world will never get rid of this nightmare .

  7. Trevor, you are so inspiring. Thank you for being a great human being and for showing us your heart in your work.

  8. "Giving full attention" to the person you communicate with. That makes all the difference. Thank you for reminding us! Perhaps we can retrain and an improved style of communication willl be one of the good outcomes of these times.

  9. 2 months ago…China is epicenter of Covid 19 and our President banned all travel to the entire country of China and other surrounding countries not just Wuhan. This slowed the spread.

    2 weeks ago…Italy is the epicenter of Covid 19 and our President banned all travel to the entire continent of Europe not just Milan. This slowed the spread.

    2 days ago…US is the epicenter of Covid 19 and our President says why shut everything down some places don't have a problem with Covid 19 at all. Keeps travel open between all states.

    Draw your own conclusions but one of these things is not like the others.

  10. I see he is drawing similarities between a solider in war and doctors in the front line against the virus.

    It’s fair, unless the federal government can take care of the equipment shortage, it is exposing the weakness in the US defense capacity against possible threat.

    That is not cool.

  11. This fucked up government has also been asking military personnel to hack their protective equipment. We don't protect the people protecting us.

  12. I would point out some GLARING issues with what Trevor is saying but I don't want to be banned or blocked. I am no Trump fan by any means but I am also no blind fan of the media. Stay safe and disinfect regularly, people. And stop listening to YouTube for your information. Read about this virus from many seperate sources. Don't make your mind up based on your favorite talking head. This is life and death. Be careful.

  13. I am surprised at many people who defended Trump and criticized Trevor on Youtube Stories for making fun of him as opposed to the majority of those who made comments below this video

  14. Just imagine what it would be like if you could get the virus through your phone. For example, if you talk to someone over the phone or watch a video on YouTube and the person has the virus, you can get it too.

  15. Thank you so much for having the Doctor on. I been offering Complementary Phone Sessions to the public. I am in the Mental Health and Abuse Recovery field. Plus Life Coach in Health and Wellness. I been offering my time to help in these times of uncertainty. I appreciate the Daily Show. I been watching you every chance I get so I can relax and laugh. Thank you for doing your videos. I do appreciate them. Blessings to all. Also please relay to the Doctor thank you for his service.

  16. I am from Sri Lanka. As of yesterday, a total of 102 coronavirus-infected persons has been diagnosed in Sri Lanka so far, out of which three recovered. zero deaths. Doctors and nurses in our country are also struggling because of this. We are going through a police curfew for one week now and it has extended for another 2 weeks. Many people are sewing these protective gears and masks from their houses and distribute them freely. When the gears are ready, a teams who have passes come and pick up the suits to hand them over to the hospitals. There are young people in SL who invent ventilators, trying out prototypes from their houses. Essential food deliveries, Medicine, Free deliveries of essential food items to low-income families, even the food for street dogs; our sri lankan young teams are doing it. And these teams have self quarantined themselves. Our armed forces and police are our heroes who built quarantene facilities in 24 hours. They treat people who are in quarantene facilty to the best of their ability. We have 4 star, 5 star hotel owners who gave their hotels to be used as quarantene centers. As a developing country, we are also struggling, but at a time like this; as a citizen in our country we can't expect the government to provide everything for us. The government is also leading and our citizens are also contributing for this crisis. This is the time for everyone to come together as a united nation to keep fighting against this common enemy. Contribute whatever you can, your talent, your creativity, your strength, money if you are capable. We are still struggling to stop people going to buy essentials when the curfew is lifted. But slowly people are getting to understand how serious this is.
    God bless you all, whoever reading this. Think like a human, Act like a human and be a better human…
    <3 <3 <3

  17. So we don't go back to work until the hospitals are better prepared for whatever might follow. Given that they are ill-equipped for the current climbing tuber of cases, I don't think you talk about timeline for an "Easter Sunday return" before you thoroughly cover the plant get all hospitals ready for whatever comes their way.

  18. What a great and timely interview. Dr. Murthy seems like a very kind soul. Definitely will be getting his book.
    I live alone and have been self isolating for at least two weeks. Not to mention, watching way more Coronavirus news than I should. Taking a toll on me now. So, this topic of connection and service hit home with me. Ironically, before seeing this, I decided that I'm leaving the house today to donate blood. They are in desperate need of blood donors right now. Grab your mask, wipes and car keys and join me. 😷

  19. Thank you Trevor Noah for being an uplifting, informative and humorous constant during this global turmoil. Your show has helped keep things in perspective while not letting the severity overwhelm (I also really like the way these segments are shot; definitely my favorite "stay-at-home" editions. Very clean.) Job well done, to you and those that may work on this! You are gems! Dr. Murthy was so soothing and I hope his words reach the humanity in humans. Wonderful work.

  20. As a 36 year old, I’ll risk my portfolio tanking in order to stay alive, a wise investor doesn’t rely solely on the stock market for their livelihood. If Trump wants to go back to work, or rather start working for the first time, I’m all for him doing so. But the rest of you please work from home, and ride this out, we should be on lock down at lease until June, only going out for essentials and necessities like FOOD, MEDICINE, WEED, TOBACCO, ETC.

  21. A Chinese traditional medicine named 连花清瘟胶囊 have cured a lot of patients with mild symptoms in China. We have donated 10,0000 to Italy. This medicine is very cheap in China. Hope it will help you guys. Stay strong!

  22. is that what a mature , confident man sounds like? was so used to orange asshole couldn't tell anymore

  23. https://www.instagram.com/tv/B-KhpzjB3pu/?igshid=1p6nxq8zk2r3f ,
    expecting you will include this in your next video 😀 #DailyShow #TrevorNoah

  24. Dr. Vivek Murthy Sir, can you give better suggestions to the Indian Government in concern with this nCoV virus. Why I am asking you bcoz you being an Indian might know about the people and you are good doctor by the way…. Can you pls deliver your message to the Indian Government??

  25. This is literally the PRESIDENT'S JOB!!! to keep the American ppl safe. Just because u dont like a govenor that is no excuse for not protecting Americans.

  26. I tune in to get away from my self quarantine – I love Trevor but does he really need to look and sound like he is lounging around at home and chatting on Skype.

  27. so if your are reading this Trevor, you R probably boring to stay at home now. 🙂

    Just to give you some support here. I can feel it is very tough to make the show at home without the audience and all fancy facilities. But but but… It is still very funny. I have been listening to your podcast for years. Especially these days, I need your humor power to fight against the corona. Keep going man.

  28. I Hope 2020 Nobel peace prize winner's will be all Health care workers, Military & police, Volunteers social workers, local administrator etc… all they participated combat Corona virus.
    Specially all health workers through out the word.

  29. Stop this bullshit most doctors and nurses chose that job for the money they dont give a rats ass about " cases" .

  30. One thing is true. No country can be shut down for months and survive. Tough quarantine for a couple of months and if that does not work, unfortunately governments will have to decide with what number of contagions and deceases they are willing to go on

  31. it's funny when non-billionaires in america think they have any kind of say in how the country is ran in to the ground.

  32. the video of a woman and the bat soup was filmed in an island country, not china. In China ppl also hate those dumb ass ppl who eat and trade wild animals. there was a nation-wide ban on those wet market so we haven't seen those markets in other cities in China for years. the problem is why Wuhan still has one, maybe it's corruption, maybe it's lack of supervision, feel free to criticize the gov about that. btw ppl who eats those stuff are only account for less than1 percent of total population, so it's not a culture. Trust me, the majority od Chinese hate those ppl as much as u do. At first reading comments of stereotypes and racism against China make me angry and sad since it's not true and not fare, then I realized that it's all the same. After the outback ppl in Hubei(the province where wuhan locates) blame ppl in Wuhan, ppl in China blame ppl in hubei, ppl in other Asian countries blame Chinese, and Western ppl blame Asians. JUST TO BE CLEAR:①MOST PEOPLE DONT EAT DOGS IN CHINA② BASICALLY NOBODY EAT CATS IN CHINA③WILD ANIMALS TRADING IS illegal IN CHINA④NEARLY ALL SUPERMARKETS IN CHINA IS CLEAN AND SAFE⑤CHINESE PPL ARE AS SHOCKED AS YOU ARE BY THAT WET-MAKRET

  33. wait a minute, a communist government at list didn't think twice before lockdown, but the ppl in democratic country had to think about choosing btw lose of life and economy!!!!!

  34. Can someone keep explaining to me why people keep asking doctors economic questions? Seriously?

    Here's some simple, uncomfortable facts:
    * Poverty kills. If you don't believe me, take a trip to Haiti, to Afghanistan, to sub-Saharan Africa, etc. Trevor himself I'm sure knows this well.
    * Even in Italy and Spain (by far the worst in per-capita deaths), even right now (at the peaks of their COVID-19 infections), far more people die from non-COVID-19 causes
    * "The economy" all traces back to human labour. If people aren't working, there is no economy.
    * You can only pay for things from the government just printing money for so long. It's inflationary. The more you print, the less it's worth – not simply linearly, but exponentially, as the greater monetary supply is compounded by exponentially declining trust in the government's ability to pay it back. And even if you don't go that far, the increasing debt load means increasingly high interest costs down the road, both in terms of the size of the loans and the higher rates. It becomes an increasingly heavy long-term burden for your children to bear.

    You simply cannot shut down the economy for long periods. That's saying "Let's turn the planet into the world of Mad Max". That's not to say that temporary lockdowns cannot be required – they very much can be, to get an out-of-control situation back under control if things have gone too far without action (although New York's is terribly designed*). But they have to be just that – *temporary , a way to get things back under control so that life can go on with changes for disease control. And countries have repeatedly done this. China, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, etc etc. Life goes on there. People work. The disease is under control. So let's not try to pass off this "either nobody works for a year or everybody dies" nonsense.

    ** Re "New York" style lockdowns: outside of the home, the main ways the disease spreads is via things like mass transit and gatherings of people. New York has not shut down mass transit, yet it's enacted policies that have discouraged enough traffic that some streets are so empty that they're talking about turning them temporarily into parks. You should be encouraging any movement of people that needs to be happening to *be in private cars*, because there's no transmission risk between cars. Meanwhile, people can't go to work (most workplaces being relatively easy places to enact disease control measures, and where your coworkers are the same people every day), but they're not cracking down against private gatherings, people in parks, people playing sports (close contact while breathing heavy and touching… can you think of a better way to transmit the disease?). It's ridiculous. It's like the lockdown was designed to maximize economic pain but minimize effectiveness.


  36. Why is nobody talking about how trump called the South Korean president asking for test kits or how leaders from 20 countries will have a web conference in few minutes?

  37. Being alone is not same as feeling alone. This is a cultural skill to some of us. I am a Finn – I do not feel alone if I am physically alone even extended periods of times – but I would feel alone without any contact with my husband. That said – it does not mean some social distancing would make me go nuts – the fact of the point is that at this time in the world we MUST have personal discipline, weather we are alone or with our families, to keep to what has been ordered and suggested to slow this illness down. Do not let your self think 'one time wont hurt, I take some (what ever gear you can imagine) and…' – that is THE mistake. Stuff that 'my right is' attitude where the sun don't shine until that virus is under control and stop listening to the fools who think that the safety measures can or should be pushed aside for the 'economy's shake' – because that economy will NOT get saved any time soon if millions and millions people keep on getting sick and the healthcare system breaks down. That is a recipe for serious down scaling in the number of population. Think of it like this – you have a house on fire – but that fire is unusual in one major way. It can not be put down with water or any other existing way of putting a fire out. If you do not create a barrier of distance between what is burning and the entire city – it will all burn down before someone comes up with the right invention to put that fire down. Do what ever you can to slow down the damage from the fire and more importantly – from letting it spread into a larger issue. Hold on to that discipline for those of us whom would burn down faster than the others. In areas where all people have been tested – the 50% of those whom test positive for this Covid-19 virus have absolutely no symptoms what so ever. And 70% of those who have died out of Covid-19 or related issues – have gotten the illness from a family member. If you do not feel it, you may still be a carrier of it – and you may give it to your friend, just because you once thought 'one time to meet my fiend wont hurt anyone' – and they might turn out to have no symptoms, but what about his or her grandmother then?

  38. Viruses Infect Humans not the Economy .Without Humans the Economy can Kiss Goodbye to Businesses & Corporations .

  39. This shows how people are wimpy, skeerdy cats and lack the ability to accept limits. ITS NOT PERMANENT, babies . Wah wah, I can't almost hit a pedestrian

  40. So, can the statistics on covid patient flow & other patient flow by states and districts be checked & resources (masks/ventilators, gowns, etc.) mobilized from low-covid flow and low other patient flow to high-covid flow areas such as New York and California in the mean time when the production of these necessities are being ramped up? And inter-state travel needs to be limited. And stricter inter-city travel restrictions needs to be imposed on the epic-center cities. Also, is the ramp-up of mask production so difficult that it couldn't keep up with demand? If there are American companies producing mask & protective gears or they are imported, whatever, look at the supply chain networks & divert them to the needed places. America is very innovative in the private sphere, but their government functioning is as effective as a zero

  41. The right doesn't try to save the economy. They try to save the "EcOnOmY". These are two different things. The "EcOnOmY" means 'keep the rich rich and the poor poor.' Don't let them fool you by their marketing BS.

  42. Tell me does he not look like beardless n older Hassan??? Under that beard I'm sure Hassan looks like this

    He looks kinder though

  43. Lies. Just lies. It’s a virus and All viruses are contagious. Unless they are lying about recovery this makes no sense.

  44. When my children were babies, there was an outbreak of chicken pox at the day care center. My first thought was to keep my kids at home but the awesome day care provider told me to bring them. They both contracted the pox, we dealt with it and kept moving forward. Would it be so bad to contract it and to fight it with vitamin C, colliodal silver and other immunity boosters? This disease has been formulated to force people to take the vaccines which historically have been a detriment to brown people. I'd like to see Bill and Melinda Gates receive their vaccines?

  45. Corona virus, is a genetically mutated political virus, it is not a simple virus to create such havoc, it is genetically mutated by those political scientists. how someone in the prison, can catch this virus. it is something else, dubbed the name of this virus. this virus enjoyed enormous fame close to USA election, to either depose trump from the power or consolidate his position, as he said by Easter the virus is gone, Trump need a legacy does not he . he several times referred to himself as Jesus, so what legacy can be better than calling him as the savior of world, second even better than Jesus, under his command this virus got slaughtered .you, morons think that things which trump says it is just fabricated and blurted out spontaneously. no no, there is a powerful team behind him, telling him say this say that, sound like a someone suffers amnesia, contradict yourself, perplex people, create havoc in media by mixed messaging and put the blame on their dis-credibility. he is playing everyone, because politics means play . what happened to Ebola virus ??// Ebola slayed plenty of innocent Africans, why to outplay Ebola, no one involved Jesus . i will tell you morons, because Ebola virus was not serving the political interest, but this one , this genetically mutated monster is serving political interest, it is very much obedient, so lets involve Jesus. well, where was Jesus in the first place to avert this virus.? seriously, the most dangerous specious on this planet is human, it is our screwed specious, if our specious wiped off, the rest of specious know how to handle each other. socialism, communism, social distancing, turning on each other, one innocent cough is good enough to be incarcerated. socialism "berni sanders", communism "China, Russia", Jesus, "conservative Republicans", Hatred finger pointing "Trumpism", and take advantage of all of this shit, Democrats. who is paying? rest of the world, even Americans themselves are paying too

  46. Since the rich people lives in America why can’t they contribute. Trump will never help none except himself and his assets……

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