Elliott Wright and Sadie Stuart’s Gorgeous Wedding Day | Today Top News

They have already been married for weeks, but only now our photos
Emerging of the lavish wedding of Eliot Wright and Sadie Stewart the 36 year old Thole star in his
25 year old muddled bride tied the knot on 30th September at st.
George Bickley church in Bromley
And the reality couple scrubbed up pretty nicely as they prepared to swap vows in front of family
friends and it cameras perhaps taking inspiration from
Channel Four’s iconic reality series Big Fat Gypsy Weddings Sadie arrived in an elaborate strapless and
exceptionally puffy white dress adorned with embellishments
adding an extra Gypsy Weddings touch Sadie and her bridal party
Arrived to the reality star studded nuptials in a horse and cart
Security guards flanked the Beauty while holding large white umbrellas in order to shield her from
Passers-by as she made her way to her big day
Elliot slipped into a dazzling blue suit with groomsmen and fellow Towey star James Arg argent wearing a matching
Elliott’s cousin and fellow reality star Jessica Wright was in attendance wildly Wright was a bridesmaid
Mark Wright was nowhere to be seen opting instead to remain in Los Angeles where he works as a TV presenter
Although he has expressed his
Distress at being unable to attend while Elliott and Sadie tied the knot back in England they live in Marbella Spain

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