Emma Watson Reveals A Dark Secret About Playing Hermione

It turns out that becoming an instant icon
isn’t always the greatest thing for a child’s psyche. Emma Watson, who was cast as Hermione Granger
in the Harry Potter film series at the tender age of nine, recently opened up to British
Vogue about her years-long struggle with guilt over having landed the plum role. Watson was famously plucked from a crowd of
would-be Hermiones during open auditions at her school, and as soon as Potter fans were
introduced to her in 2001’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – or Philosopher’s
Stone in the UK, they knew that the role had been perfectly cast. Her droll delivery and adult mannerisms suited
Hermione perfectly, and as the series’ cast grew into young adults over the course of
eight films, it became clear that Watson’s formidable talent was growing as well. “Boys, I think it’s time we teach Weasely
how to respect his superiors.” “Hope you don’t mean yourself.” But immediate worldwide fame can obviously
be tough for any kid to handle, and Watson was no different. In her conversation with Vogue, the actress
said that she experienced a great deal of guilt over feeling burdened by said fame when
the role could have gone to any number of other young actresses perhaps one who would
have handled the exposure better. The star said: “I’ve sat in therapy and felt really guilty
about, to be honest.” “Like, why me? Somebody else would have enjoyed and wanted
it more than I did.” The actress went on to say that, as a child,
it was truly impossible to know exactly what she was signing up for when producers picked
her to play Hermione. “I was nine years old, and I got literally
picked out of a lineup in my school gym. It wasn’t even an acting school.” The star related how, as Pottermania swept
the globe, she had to make a conscious effort to reorient herself mentally in the face of
massive worldwide fame. Watson explained: “And part of, I think, my sense of peace within
myself has been in remembering my identity.” “I belong to a family, I come from a place,
I have roots. There’s a whole really big existence and identity
that I have” Watson’s is a struggle that has been faced
by child actors for generations, but even among their ranks, a few have experienced
being part of a global phenomenon like Harry Potter. Adapted from the wildly popular young adult
novels by J.K. Rowling, the eight films in the main series
combined to gross nearly $8 billion dollars at the worldwide box office. When the Fantastic Beasts spin-off films,
in which Watson did not appear, are factored in, Harry Potter is the third-highest grossing
film franchise in history behind only the juggernauts that are the Marvel Cinematic
Universe and Star Wars. On top of that, the main Potter cast literally
grew up in front of the camera playing the same characters, a situation even fewer child
actors have had to contend with. It was a prolonged and intense level of attention
that would have been enough to make just about any ordinary kid flame out. But thankfully, Watson and her co-stars Daniel
Radcliffe and Rupert Grint managed to come away from the experience as well-adjusted,
successful adults. Watson in particular has continued working
steadily since the main Potter series ended, appearing in such films as The Bling Ring
and Noah before scoring another mega-hit with Disney’s 2017 live-action adaptation of Beauty
and the Beast, which took home well over a billion dollars globally. This Christmas Day, she can be seen in the
latest adaptation of Louisa May Alcott’s classic novel Little Women Despite stiff competition
from the likes of Jumanji: The Next Level and Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker,
the flick is expected to do respectable box office thanks to its blinding star power and
the sure guiding hand of writer/director Greta Gerwig, the creative mind behind 2017’s widely
acclaimed coming-of-age dramedy Lady Bird. Of course, Watson’s present success largely
came at the cost of anything resembling a normal childhood, but the actress seems to
have come to terms with her experience and the struggles that came with it. Even if she had never made another film after
the Harry Potter series, she would have been fondly remembered by fans around the world,
but her boatload of talent ensures that she’ll be gracing the silver screen for years to
come something she no longer feels quite so bad about. “It took me a long time, but I’m very happy.” Check out one of our newest videos right here! Plus, even more Looper videos about your favorite
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  1. Oh poor thing! Lol the shame of being successful! That's the new political structure now to be guilty of success. Sickening!

  2. Must be hard becoming rich beyond your dreams for barely acting, poor girl who doesn't identify as a girl but is married to herself, I miss the 80's

  3. Oh, I Love Emma but C'mon girl… you have nothing to complain about… suck it up and enjoy your success… You can always give away all your money…

  4. Was it about her getting mad after getting bullied during a college class after she answered a question right and someone shouted “ten points for Griffindore.” Causing her to storm out!

  5. Honestly I see where she’s coming from. You’re 9 years old not realizing just how much it would impact you. Suddenly it’s 10 years later you’re one of the biggest household names in the world. I would feel guilty too

  6. So her dark secret is that she just feels kinda bad about getting chosen over what was probably dozens upon dozens of other girls?

  7. First off she WASN'T 9 when the first movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone came out in 2001. She was 11. 2001-1990=11. Rubert Grint was 13. Daniel Radcliff was 12. Tom Felton was 14.
    July 23 1989 is Radcliff's birthday
    September 22, 1987 is Felton's birthday
    August 24, 1988 is Grint's Birthday
    April 15, 1990 is Watson's Birthday
    November 14, 2001 is the movie Harry Potter and the Socerer's Stone's birthday or anniversary however you wanna put it.
    Rubert Grint was thirteen when the 1st movie of Harry Potter came out, Daniel Radcliff was 12 when the 1st movie of Harry Potter came out, Tom Felton was 14 when the first Harry Potter movie came out and Emma Watson was eleven when the 1st movie of Harry Potter came out.

  8. So we don't have to watch this video, we can just go watch the Vogue interview because you're pretty much just reiterating a pre-existing video without adding any additional commentary?
    OK then.
    I'll go watch that.

  9. Hmp! What a dark secret it is 🙄 and here I am who lost my father at the age of 4 due to cancer, at 5 was raped by my own cousin, at 7 our business bankrupt and our mansion burned down, at 9 caught an illness of Bronchitis Pneumonia that almost killed me since I'm already begging for mercy killing due to the extreme torture. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

    I hate it when people who had the opportunity, chose to see the negativity of their privileged situations and wallowing in self pity instead of focusing on further equipping themself while at the same time helping those who shows potential. What a Sheep, and a waste of privilege who doesn't even appreciate what they've got.

  10. I thought she would reveal that she stole the part from Harmione that was intented for a black transgender gay ant/ and felt guilty because that was how Rowling envisioned Hermione…

  11. Wtf she got a start up in life any one would die for this is just seeking attention… Come on.. Her entire career started there this is bs

  12. Lol she cant act! And shes a feminist! 😝 hahahahahahahaha the only good actors in that film were the ones that played the first Dumbledore,Mad Eye,Snape,Prof M and of course the guy who played H.Potters God Father! Probably passed around like a cheap joint in Hollyweird for years!

  13. hardly a surprise things like this leaving a deep imprint in someone psyche, especially at young age when someone don't know how to handle the impulses of the world, and distinguish good from bad. Not really for a child if it's up to me, i don't allow anything like this or worse.

    It's in many aspects just like an alcoholic father, continuous yelling shouting and quarrel, pressure. Crushes you or makes you stronger. but usually? Both! Such scars and changes lasting for a lifetime. And sometimes not for the better.

  14. Channels like these are toxic. Overreacting situations and painting famous human beings' life like their delicate objects that we should know everything about. Just stop.

  15. Forgive me but "Dark" secret?? Really, could you get any more sensationalized? And don't answer that Looper. Please.

  16. Harry Potter is just simply the best series out there. I’m a huge potter head and have read each of the books at least like 5 times and same w the movies. Nothing will ever replace the spot hp has earned in my heart 🤩🤩🤩

  17. 👎😣😒…had to stop this video at 0:52 GOD AWFUL 😐 👎
    Learn to pronounce
    very bad or unpleasant.
    "the place smelled awful"
    very unpleasant
    from hell
    very bad
    a load of pants
    vulgar slangcrap
    used to emphasize the extent of something, especially something unpleasant or negative.
    "I've made an awful fool of myself"

  18. Is that her DARK secret??
    Looper why do you even exist as a news channel? So far 100% of your news I watched are not news at all

  19. did… did they really say 'or philosophers stone in the uk'… as if the UK changed it from sorcerers…
    probably didn't mean it like that but definitely sounds like it

  20. Doesnt matter what she says about it now, she needs to not have a guilty conscience about it because she was good at her job, she got it and earned it and made money to give her an opportunity to do whatever she wants, she probably doesnt like all the guys trying to hit her up all the time. I wonder how bad the posh are in the u.k.; wonder if theyre anything like, or worse than that of hollywood.

    "The drugs they say
    To make us feel so hollow
    We love in vain
    Narcissistic and so shallow
    The cops and queers
    To swim you have to swallow
    Hate today
    There's no love for tomorrow

    The drugs they say
    Are made in California
    We love your face
    We'd really like to sell you
    The cops and queers
    Make good-looking models
    I hate today
    Who will I wake up with tomorrow?

    They love you when you're on all the covers
    When you're not, then they love another

    There's lots of pretty, pretty ones
    That want to get you high
    But all the pretty, pretty ones
    Will leave you low
    And blow your mind"

  21. She changes her version of things everytime she speaks purely based on what will make her look better. I don't buy any of this bullshit.

  22. Sad Ron’s career failed after this and the dude who played Malfoy a lot of them didn’t go anywhere after this

  23. Everyone saying "i thought she killed someone for the role" -.- she was 9 like what? How do you put the two together like that 😂 i was expecting something a bit more intense to but thats just dumb. Even if its just to be funny

  24. Man, I thought she had been haunted by demons, saw mysterious shadows in her bedroom, was forced to join an occult community behind the scenes. And what do I get: "Why me?" 🙂

  25. Ah yes poor Watson I feel so sorry for her. Poor millionaire celebrity that is so caught up in their own world that they think they have struggles. Honestly, I think the reason she is talking about it is to create headlines like this.

  26. Without Harry Potter you would be getting me my fish and chips. You did great and should just appreciate it. First world problems!

  27. Her wanting to partner herself is not new. Mary Tyler Moore was another and Marlene Dietrich "U won't to be alone" is a famous recluse. Then there are all the actors not hooked up. Lots.

  28. The question is would Harry Potter be as popular as it is today if someone else played Hermione or even Harry. Ron and any other character.

  29. y’all aren’t famous. y’all don’t know how stressful it is and how much of a burden it is to bare. stop saying it’s a first world problem, because you don’t fcking know.

  30. I would not have chosen any other girl to be Hermione. I'm glad that it was Emma Watson.
    I wouldn't feel bad for that either because I wouldn't want to gamble the chance of having some other young girl play and ruin the character of Hermione.

  31. Well, if she feel so guilty, how about she donates her royalty income from the Harry Potter franchise to support burgeoning actors? I understand being humble, but not virtue signalling. It's like liberal "elites" promoting quotas and wealth distribution, as long as it doesn't affect their families -> their kids get to go to Ivy League universities and fast-tracked into lucrative careers while living in gated neighbourhoods.

  32. I read psychology about actor actress problem. They say, when actor is playing roles that make audiences believe the role is that actor, that actor is struggling to make role image out of audiences mind, so they could play another roles.
    I guess emma Watson can't still make hermione image out of audiences minds.

  33. So i dont understand… is she not hapoy because out of all the children she was chosen? Sorry i dont understand 😅 can someone explain??

  34. It’s the philosophers stone not sorcerer okay stop changing it to suite your stupid Americans JK Rowling said its philosophers so just deal with it and stop with your shitty adaptations

  35. Not really a secret..she spoke pretty candidly around movie 5 I believe about deeply considering not reprising the role because she wanted to go to college.

  36. So they just show up to some random school have all the students line up in the gym and they pick the face they like the best Weird.

  37. Dealing w/ this fame that she didn't know she was signing up for also came w/ stuff like the tabloids counting down the days until her 16th birthday (age of consent in UK) and American paparazzi laying down in front of her trying to get upskirt photos on her 18th birthday.

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