[ENG Sub] Secret Zoo – Korean Movie Review

This polar bear is a superstar in the zoo because he likes to dring coke. What is the secret of this bear? The movie “secret zoo” is directed by
Son Jae-gon and stars Ahn Jae-hong, Kang So-ra, Park Yeong-gyu, Kim Sung-oh, and Jeon Yeo-been. Tae-soo is a probation lawyer who always feels
a sense of inferiority due to his second-class educational background and unstable social position. One day, he gets a once in a lifetime opportunity
suggested by the president of the law firm, which is to do what it takes to get a sinking
zoo back on track. As the new director of the zoo, he arrives
at the park with passion. However, he finds out that there are no more
animals, thus suggests the employees an insane idea. Fortunately, they find a specialist who can
find a solution. The answer is. And then they start practicing movements before
reopening the park. When they wear costumes Their crazy undercover mission just takes off One hot day, Tae-soo accidently makes a terrible
mistake in the polar bear costume. But it makes the bear superstar on the SNS. Of course, the zoo receives a lot of guests
and it begins being moved on track as Tae-soo expected. But the happiness does not last as long as
they hope. The terrible news is told to the park crews. How will Tae-soo solve the problem to save
the zoo and the employees at the same time? If you are a big fan of Korean movies, you
may notice that you have already watched this kind of movie last year. The answer is the film “Extreme job” which
is a workplace comedy and uses the undercover concept. The same production company brings the same
concept movie in which the place is changed to the zoo, and the people work undercover
as animals. The director, Son Jae-gon has returned with
this movie for ten years. He was well known for his unique black comedy
style with the first two movies. This time, it looks like that he chooses a
heartwarming story rather than his specialty. That is why the bulk of the story is laughing
and healing By the way, this movie is made based on the
webtoon “I am not gonna hurt you” written by Hun. In South Korea, recently many webtoon-based
dramas and films are made for the Korean audience. It helps provide more various and interesting
stories to the film industry and also contributes to success because the viewers are already
familiar with it. After watching the movie, I have the impression
that the situation Tae-soo encounters is quite ironic. As he gets closer to his goal to be a permanent
employee, he does not feel good because it requires him to betray the park crews. However, when his fraud works out well, he
does not feel guilty for the reason that it actually helps the employees and animals. Through this ironic situation, Tae-soo hesitates
to stand for which side and finally the time for a decision comes. Now, let me talk about the characters in the
movie. Ahn Jae-hong plays three roles in the movie. In the beginning, as the probation lawyer,
he is highly sensitive and nervous because of his unstable situation. Working as the park director, he tries to
find ways to reboot the zoo by hook or by crook. While acting the polar bear, Tae-soo provides
the cause for the big hit and better understands the displayed animals’ stand. Kang So-ra has a role as the vet and the lion. Her character is cool and feisty. She is totally against Tae-soo’s idea in
the beginning but turns her mind to save the animals and the zoo. Park Yeong-gyu plays the ex-director and partial
giraffe. He loves so animals and the park he founded;
thus, he agrees first Tae-soo’s idea to rescue the park. He is the master of comedy movies in South
Korea. When he shows up on the screen, please be
ready to laugh! Kim Sung-oh performs an unrequited zookeeper
and becomes a romantic gorilla. His excellent performance as the gorilla adds
more reality to the film. In my opinion, he is one of the talented actors
who can act in both comedy and thriller Jeon Yeo-been acts as a sloth. In her role, she is naive and suffers from
her bad boyfriend. Yet, concerning the animals in the zoo, she
is ready for doing everything to rescue them. She vaulted into prominence after her remarkable
performance in the film “After my death” and is considered one of the most promising
actors in South Korea. Thank you for watching my video and hope you
enjoy it. Please, subscribe and like if you enjoyed

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