[ENG SUB] Swing Step & Fadeaway | [원주 DB 두경민 / 고려대 박무빈] – Training highlight!

The first drill is ‘piston & double pounding’. After hearing the whistle, Twice the two hand pounding dribbles and then maintain the piston dribble again. Ready.. go! The second warm-up drill is ‘one-low & one-high pounding’. Dribble with this rhythm, and when you hear the whistle, change the dribble. [ Number of balls bound to the floor ]=2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1…
You need to maintain your dribble rhythm that is repeated in two and one. Ready! Go! That’s right. The second training is ‘dribble & pass – 2 player drills’. After the dribble, don’t pass like this. You have to dribble and quickly connect the pass. Then dribble in the side direction and pass quickly. That’s right. The next drill is a two-dribble, double cross & step, leg-thru and pass. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. The direction of between the legs step is not the front but the side. 2 more! The third is ‘swing step’ drill. You need to catch the ball below the defender’s hand. And after dribbling, you should catch the ball as soon as possible. 1, 2.. that’s right. Okey! After the ball catch, it is important to cross the outside foot from side to side. That’s right! Change the direction the steps move more! And pay attention to how my shoulders move during swing step. After punch dribbling + leg-thru When performing swing steps, you need to rotate the upper body and quickly cover the ball. Hands-only rip motion (X) Rip motion with ball protection (O) [Swing step]: A step that crosses from side to side + movement of ball protection [Low-rip]: Rip motion under the defender’s hand as soon as the ball is caught The last move is ‘swing step + shot fake & fadeaway’. Please take a closer look at the footwork after the swing step. Balance is important here. After a large swing step, shot fake, and back step to connect the fadeaway. And to prevent the ball from being exposed, it must be able to be connected directly from the ball cover motion to the fadeaway. Swing step with the outside foot facing backward in advance (X) Swing step with outside foot forward towards rim (O) Good! [Swing step]: After swing step, outside foot towards the rim + eye fake + shot motion [Back step]: After creating space through the step, and then fadeaway

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  1. 기존 영상에 오타가 있어, 수정하고 다시 업로드합니다! 먼저 영상을 보신 분들께 재업로드 양해 부탁드립니다.

  2. Question? Isnt it a travel? The swing step, fake then fadeaway? U lifted ur pivot? Since the pivot will be established bc u will take a back step for the fadeaway? Can someone explain?

  3. 무빈 선수는 해외나 얼리가면 좋았을껀데 ㅠㅠㅠ 솔직히 대학은….암튼 본인선택이니 응원할게요!

  4. Is that not a travel on the swing step because the players grabbed the ball with both hands way too early with 1 foot on the floor then takes another 1-2 step? Gather step/zero step only works when you don't grab or carry the ball.

  5. My playlist for guard moves!!! The BEST basketball training channel. I don't understand Korean but I love the passion for basketball these brilliant players show!

  6. 6:09 that movement is really harmful for the knee.When u crossing your foot too low with a big angle. The ligament must be strength enough to counter the impact. But that great video

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