[ENG] The secret to EXID HANI’s 145 IQ!

MC: This person seems to be intelligent since birth MC: It’s nice to see Kara after a long time (Kara- Honey) (Which Idol comes to you mind?) (Hani) (Hani) (Hani) (In my heart) (Hani) (Hani) (Hani) MC: Correct (Perfect Fraud Character! Sexy Brain Female Idols Top7)
(EXID HANI) (Sexy Brain Idol from DNA) (t/n: Fraud Character=Smarter than she looks) MC: Third place is EXID HANI! actor: So pretty, Hani has come! (PRETTY VISUAL)
(Even if look here or there) (No.1 Sexy Diva below the stage: HANI) MC: She’s pretty even with short hair (shaking) HN: My stomach hurts too much (No.1 Easy Going Goddess: Ahn Bro)
(outside the stage) (Hani who has completely different charms has another different hidden charm?!) (HANI got 900 points in TOEIC?) (In just TWO months of studying?) (Sexy Brain Girl achieved 900 points in TOEIC in just two months) (Extraordinary Lead with IQ 145) (Genuine Sexy Brain EXID HANI, IQ is no less than 145?) (She is able to talk freely in english with no problems) (HANI learnt english by herself) (Hani is good at english?) MC: Hani learnt excellent chinese during her short 6 month China Exchange Program (Ranked 1st in her during her exchange period!)(crowned brainiac) MC: It’s not over yet (Calculus that made the majority of the population give up on maths) (correct!) (HANI’s ability doesn’t rust even after time passes) (natural sciences X liberal arts)
(ICON of a great combination) AOA Jimin: genius genius! she’s good at everything~ (Outstanding passion for education than others) (Diligent HANI is always learning something) MC2: I heard that she solves math problems even when she is resting? (She solves workbooks during her resting time) HN: So I studied hard and came! MC: She just doesn’t go for vacations (HANI studies dictionaries before going for vacation) (HANI studied hard even in the airplane leaving for her pictorial shoot) (HANI studying the pamphlet even in a fashion show) MC: She doesnt just watch fashion shows, she examines the pamphlets too (Is there a reason for her passion for education?) MC: It’s HANI’s parents! (Her mother is from Yonsei University and father is from Sungkyunkwan University) (t/n: both are from korea’s most prestigious universities!) (HANI’s parents who are from prestigious universities named her “Ahn Heeyeon”) HN: My dad chased after my mom after the first met in Yonsei university, HN: So, combining the ‘Hee’ of happiness and ‘Yeon’ of Yonsei Uni (the meaning of Heeyeon)
HN: “I am glad that I met you in Yonsei University” HN: That’s the meaning of my name. (amazed) (Even her name is a symbol of her intelligence) (If she gets casted into a detective show)
(She reads Detective Comics) (If she gets casted into a Jungle show)
(she reads Jungle Comics) MC: Hani is always developing skills (HANI is making effort to develop without any end) HN: Do you want to see this? (because of that)
(Hani’s charms shine even brighter) (HANI is cute even when she’s like this) (Perfect Fraud Character! Sexy Brain Female Idols Top7)
(EXID HANI) (Sexy Brain Idol from DNA) MC: Hani is third place! [Translations&Subtitles by EXIDISTIC]

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  1. Watch this made me remember when they went to "Weekly Idol" and she had to discover the letters by their half.

    Heeyeon is so much more than everyone think she is… I'm always impressed by how she always change in a better way, and always is herself; it's impossible not to love her.

    Thanks for the sub!

  2. I love it… since all these media exposure only show men that are perfect at everything, finally a woman can breakthrough the stereotype :')

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