100 Replies to “Epstein’s guards charged, impeachment hearings enter their second week”

  1. Vindman should be removed from anything that concerns the president because he is and has been a Hillary paid spy since Trump won the presidency the same as Yovanovitch

  2. This is not a something that can be pulled off by 2 BOP guards. This is higher pay grades that had this pre planned for the BOP guards taking the fall. If the BOP COs were smart, they have their back up plan for CYA. A lil knock out juice, couple tech guys come in…Do the deed in less then 5 min..head down the stairwell into the parking garage..and out the gate.

  3. today was a great day for Trump & the Republicans. Trump did nothing wrong. heres what will happen in the next few months.– the demon,crats in the house will continue to lie and make up stories no matter how much TRUTH the Republicans put in front of them. then the demon,crats in the house will impeach Trump on lies and send it to the Senate where it will be shut down and thrown out and Trump will remain President. then in December Barr and Durham will bring charges on top demon,crats like schiff and Biden for 2016 Ukriane election tampering. then Trump will be re elected for 4 more years and life goes on. This has all ben a well choreographed hoax by both partys on the American people to insure Trump stays President. and thats all right by me. i wish Trump could stay President Forever ! TRUMP 2020 <:Q:>

  4. The rcmp killed my brother in a holding cell. Erased the tapes of that night sent all other captives to another city for holding. The other captives heard the ruckus of the cell my brother was in by himself. Walls prevent view for other captives. But they knew what was going on.

  5. There seems to be 3 versions of DEMOCRAT.

  6. Trump & Barr had Epstein killed to hide the orgy video of naked Trump, Epstein, Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Clinton, 12yo girl & a pony.

  7. Maybe Epstein was sprung from jail and is still alive? How do we know that was Epstein's body? Was there a DNA or dental records test? If Epstein was scared for his life, he would have been pleading for more secure custody and also singing about any other people who were involved in his child porn ring.

  8. Imagine that, political elite and their news outlets getting away with crimes that would land common folk in jail for the rest of their lives. Fox news is no better, Stop voting for the 2 party system!

  9. It's going to be interesting if those guards oh I don't know, go missing or end up swimming with the fishes or some acute terminal illness… Or flat out executed.

  10. Republicans today chose to defend the draft Dodger instead of a purple heart recipient. Party for military veterans amiright?

  11. Connections to Clinton's, Podesta, Biden, Obama, Trudeau, Hollywood…all these leaders were there and blackmailed with pedophilic crimes. They are vampires, it's all coming out.

  12. Interesting how they are so invested into this perve, but then a blind eye to Trump. “I respect women more than anyone else”. Trumps exact words

  13. If these people admit to bribes, they can get in more trouble. If you admit what happened, then their families could be killed depending on who is involved. It’s very scary.

  14. So interesting… If these two were sleeping, then who killed Epstein? His injuries were not consistent with hanging. Somebody did it…

  15. The Congressman’s comments on that testimony had zero substance. This is not like children telling on each other. Our national security has been put at risk under Trump’s administration and something is being done about it in order to defend the U.S. Constitution. The only reason it seems like a “witchhunt by the Democrats” is because politicians these days would rather remain loyal to their party rather than their country.

  16. Lt. Col. Vindman did not say "I didn't like what the president did". He didn't even come close to making such a first person objection statement.
    I agree about the EPSTEIN case. It has been swept under wraps and ALL THE PERSONS associated with Epstein's "suicide" and trafficking syndicate must be examined and truths be told.

  17. Putting the FBI in charge means there will be a Comey style continual cover up
    for all bureaucrats, all the way to British Royalty.

  18. Guards are guilty asf on all counts. And they rejected the plea bargain 🤔 Do they really think whoever paid them off is going to come and save them?

  19. Vindman has NO basis for having an opinion regarding President Trump's conversation. Vindman should be cashiered, period. His conduct is blatantly unbecoming an officer in the US military.

  20. They better still investigate who were related to that bastard, check the bank accounts of ALL the people who were inside the jail and their families for some mysterious "bonus".

  21. Leaders from UK, Canada, Italy, Vatican, France are compromised by blackmail by Epstein, probably also Clinton/Obama too.

  22. Epstein is alive and well living in luxury under a new identity in a country with nice beaches … Im sure the corrupt officials got paid

  23. Yeah cause the guards plant the hole thing….. Right ….cause the guards wanted to keep him""quite" not powerful rich millionaires or governmental officials or royalty pedophiles …… No some guards.


  25. Do you really want to go down that road Fox?? I mean, trump was clearly a client of his, had same taste in women and went to several of his “parties”. Doesn’t take an Einstein to see trump with Epstein.

  26. So why didn't this dude Lt Col didn't say anything in July. In my opinion nothing is happening with getting President Trump out of office.

  27. I knew ONLY the peons would suffer. Let's go after the friends and buddies of Epstein, you know the ones that are PAEDOPHILES. They are the ones that need eliminated.

  28. If the average joe smoe allegedly commits suicide in prison no one cares! But if he is jewish and rich than we suddenly have to investigate how someone in police custody dies.

  29. Donald Trump is at the head of all of this!! Why else has nobody else been indicted like they want to swept under the rug! No I think trump is in the middle of this!

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