EU ambassador blocked from testifying in impeachment inquiry: report

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  1. Blocked because they haven't had time to prepare? Prepare for what? just go in there and tell the American people the truth you dont need to prepare for that if there is nothing to hide.

  2. Former President 'FaceTime warrior' Obama and former Secretary of State 'Benghazi' Hillary destroyed the Dems. Now President 'Everything I touch turns to ?' Trump is destroying the Republicans.

  3. Republicans! Get your heads out of your asses and pull support for this criminal! Trump has made a mockery of the presidential office and America in general. HE NEEDS TO GO!!!!!

  4. This administration is destroying the "Rule of Law". Trump is setting a bad precedence by not obeying the law of the land. Ignoring subpoena and opening his mouth daily will be recorded as an act of crimes and misdemeanors! He will pay the price. The USA will recover from his acts.

  5. wow, that was really weird, couldn't make any comments for a number of days.
    Seems something was wrong with you tube not allowing access to comments. Hmmmmmmm?

  6. Can someone please help me I see some comments from people that do not like Fox and I just can't understand why they don't go in the Communist News Network I mean CNN and get their information from there

  7. " impeachment is not about punishment. Impeachment is about cleansing the office. Impeachment is about restoring honor and integrity to the office.” "You don’t have to say ‘let’s obstruct justice’ for it to be a crime. You judge people on their conduct, not magic phrases” Senator Lindsey Graham

  8. I dont care what side you are on, when you block a witness from explaining what they know then it shows more that you have something to hide.

  9. this is the 2nd quote I put in & for some reason it was deleted–don't like truth fox?
    George Orwell: During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.

  10. Hmmm… I wonder why the media isn't telling the American voters WHY TRUMP BLOCKED the EU ambassador from speaking? Do not buy into the lie! There is more to this than the American voters are being told and this president is being punked by criminals!

  11. Hmmm… I wonder why the media isn't telling the American voters WHY TRUMP BLOCKED the EU ambassador from speaking? Do not buy into the lie! There is more to this than the American voters are being told and this president is being punked by criminals!

  12. Hmmm… I wonder why the media isn't telling the American voters WHY TRUMP BLOCKED the EU ambassador from speaking? Do not buy into the lie! There is more to this than the American voters are being told and this president is being punked by criminals!

  13. Call for a vote on the floor of the house, make it a legal and fair impeachment hearing! Allow due process, allow the accused the opportunity to call witnesses.

  14. How is this okay to contribute $$1M to a campaign and miraculously become an EU ambassador. If anything needs to be investigated in regards to political kickbacks, this would be one to look at.

  15. No vote no letters to appear. You vote, you can subpoena. Then all parts can subpoena. Not just a fake impeachment or coup by democrats.

  16. Support for impeachment inquiry & voting to remove Trump in Post-Schar School poll

    U.S. adults 58% inquiry/49% removal

    Reg voters 57%/49%

    Democrats 85%/78%

    Independents 57%/49%

    Republicans 28%/18%

  17. Quid Pro Quo time to Go: Kurt Volker to Ukrainian diplomat just before Trump phone call July 25:

    [7/25/ 19, 8:36:45 Kurt Volker: Good lunch – thanks. Heard from White House?assuming President convinces trump he will investigate ?get to the bottom of what happened? in 2016, we will nail down date for Visit to Washington. Good luck! See you tomorrow- kurt

  18. It's NOT an "impeachment" inquiry ; it is an ILLEGAL CRIMINAL COUP against a duly elected President. the DemonRats have ZERO evidence and the phone transcript of the conversation their FAKE "whistleblower" allegeds was "concerning" , was immediately realeased by President Trump and the DemonRats haven't cited ANYTHING that was an "impeachable" offense ; they are just making LIES and false accusations with ZERO evidence and with the help of their propaganda leftwing FAKE NEWS MSM they are DELIVERATELY LYING to their stupid leftwing NPCs?? audience who blindly believe everything THEY tell them. We the people need to demand the DemonRats have a vote before they continue with their treasonous COUP attempt disguised as an "impeachment inquiry" or be arrested by the military .

  19. I wish we could just get all the Liberals and put them all in California. Then they could seperate from the USA and then we can give Puerto Rico Californias 50th state spot.

  20. Where did these many. brain dead leftwinger dumb DemonRat voting NPCs?? came from all of a sudden ? looks like they are George Soros's "moveon. org" paid trolls to me . THEY are so desperate it's obvious ?

  21. Freedom to all and to all freedom can come. Niether side is right in defending their ways. The one and only truth can be used and that is that each side can benefit America. Idiots are those who utterly believe their side is true. America, the honored way.

  22. Dema want a "trial" where the accused can't mount a defense, call thier own witnesses or have access to evidence to establish its BS-ness… This is what an impartial Justice system looks like (insert sarcasm emoji)

  23. Trump must be guilty since he blocked testimony. An innocent President would want testimony to clear his name. Guilty, corrupt Trump should be impeached along with AG Barr and Mike Pence. Impeach and remove. LOCK THEM UP! !

  24. Why should anyone go to an inquisition by the Democrats behind closed doors. They may be waterboarding or using rubber hoses to gain the truth they seek.

  25. Trump is a frightening petty oligarch, who so happens to be the most powerful person in the world, while pretenditng to be persecuted.

  26. If I was Adam Schiff i'd be ashamed to show my face on any news network after all the lies he's been telling .. I got news for you people who can't seem to figure it out on your own.. Adam Schiff is a repeated liar & democrat criminal who should be behind bars for treason …

  27. United Nations is a joke. There's no United Nations just a corrupt bunch of jerk-offs. Probably going to testify that Democrats are the most corrupt people in the world.

  28. Nobody has to respond to these illegal supenonas unless Congress formally files an impeachment letter after voting on it

  29. "If Trump responds to Democrats each time they pursue with another hunt, it will only start them on the next one. Don’t respond and let them use the courts every step of the way from here on. Buying time will expose more of their game, witnesses and strategy.

    Don’t expend a calorie of energy until absolutely necessary."

  30. Catherine Herridge is a gem, I love how she's an actual journalist and finds things that no other TV station will report. Keep up the great work.

  31. The White House Council sent a letter saying that the target of an investigation (Trump) can determine on his own if the investigation is legitimate or not (guess what – he determined it to be illegitimate), and can then excuse any witnesses from their legal obligation to respond to congressional subpoenas.

    Hey, I got a speeding ticket yesterday. Can you write a letter saying that it was illegitimate, and that I don't have to appear at the court date, and also forbid the police officer from testifying against me? Thanks.

  32. Sondland is a hack who bought the position by giving $1,000,000 to Trump's inaguration, had no diplomatic experience, qualifications, for the ambassadorship, got involved in Ukraine wheeling-dealing though country was NOT in his area of responsibility–Ukraine NOT in EU, no doubt to impress Trump, move up to bigger job.. Trump knew that clown would have been a DISASTER if he testified.

  33. I am mortified by the posts here. Would think there would be more level-headed, relatively intelligent folks who understand the legal process granted to ALL Americans – including the president. I have read many vague, partisan comments here, but can find no post that cites the law that has been broken. Also – where is the outrage regarding what Biden did in regards to his son? This is a “Hail Mary” because the dems have been dead set on getting Trump out of office before he was even sworn in. Nothing came if Russia investigation, so they’re grasping at straws for anything on which to impeach him. When this doesn’t work (bc even if House finally initiated proceedings but Senate tries the case – and senate has majority republicans), they’ll look for something else. Nothing but a bunch of sore losers. Bottom line!

  34. All you haters need to read the letter sent to the lying traitors Pelosi & Shiff by the White House Council Mr. Cipollone.
    In part it reads:
    "For these reasons, President Trump and his Administration reject your baseless,
    unconstitutional efforts to overturn the democratic process. Your unprecedented actions have
    left the President with no choice. In order to fulfill his duties to the American people, the
    Constitution, the Executive Branch, and all future occupants of the Office of the Presidency,
    President Trump and his Administration cannot participate in your partisan and unconstitutional
    inquiry under these circumstances"


  35. WH is right!! This whole impeachment talking is a hoax. Democrats are lost in their madness. It is crazy what's happing. The Dems are doing nothing of good to America for almost two years but creating chaos and instability. The left radicals took over.

  36. New Rule: White Shame | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) Bill Maher is even getting fed up with the liberals. Watch it…he demonstrates the ridiculousness of them.

  37. DRASTIC TIMES CALL FOR DRASTIC MEASURES……..Where members of the Trump Administration are ignoring subpoenas, Congress must rapidly start using its INHERENT CONTEMPT POWERS to enforce their subpoenas…….1) Individual Defendants who are not wealthy can be hit with fines of $20K, $30K, $50K or more PER WEEK until they comply with the subpoena. 2) Individual Defendants who are wealthy should be arrested by the Congress Sargent in Arms and JAILED until they comply with the subpoena!

  38. …… even your beloved Fox News can’t stomach the lies and is turning on Dumb Donald and his band of pig ignorant Trumptards.

    Just watch Chris, Shep and even Tucker is starting to see the writing on the wall……note this your Beloved Fox.

    Watch this space……much more to come.

  39. All of the comments I've seen here totally miss the point: Dems in Congress are holding SECRET testimony, ONLY from Dems and anti-Trumpers (they hope), PREVENTING GOP from rebuttal witnesses, etc. In other words, KANGAROO COURT. Trump refuses to comply with unfair Dem tactics and is trying to force a VOTE so Dems have to go ON RECORD if in favor of impeachment inquiry. What Dems are doing now is ILLEGITIMATE. As usual, DemonRats choose to cheat, lie, break the rules, and "invent" crimes where NONE exist in statutes (like "collusion," a PHONY attempt to criminalize something that Mueller admitted NEVER EVEN HAPPENED). Some day, the worm will turn and Dems will BURN.

  40. Trump would like to help with their inquiry into his conversations with Ukraine, but tragically he developed PHONE-SPURS!

  41. Sorry Scott Lewis, but I can't find your original post but I wasn't trying to lump you in with anyone. I was just stating a fact

  42. Can y’all get some of your reporters and other real reporters and ask Schiff questions during these alleged news conference and grill Schiff openly and live?! And tell him he’s under oath, because he is when he’s working for Congress he took an oath to protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic(that would be himself) and he’s is currently in that office which qualifies him to breech of oath of office, which is a crime. And now that he says his lies openly, have him permanently removed from any and all governmental office positions.

  43. First Trump scrambled to hide the details of the transcripts, then threatened the whistle-blower, now he does not want witnesses to comply with the subpoena??? He is also fighting tooth and nail to prevent the release of his taxes???? What's he got to hide and what is he afraid of??????

  44. Noooo you wouldn't want the truth block the truth don't get ALL the facts to make an informed and fare decision cause you already decided he's guilty

  45. Trump keeps on hysterically blocking all facts and testimony, making himself look incredibly guilty…. to everyone…

  46. Your headline should read, "
     EU ambassador blocked from testifying in unprecedented/unlawful impeachment inquiry". An official impeachment inquiry, prior to Trump, required the House to have a vote on the floor, not make up the rules/guidelines as they go.

  47. Democrats will soon vote for impeachment in the house and the orange mofo just added an obstruction charge. What a dumbass ?

  48. Any request to testify at this point in front of congress is invalid. They are REQUIRED to put it to vote whether or not an impeachment inquiry is needed. This has NOT been done.

    Queen Pelosi ordered it without doing so, therefore, refusing to appear is lawful and just.

  49. EVERYONE. needs to read the ENTIRE. Transcript !!! Put the Entire thing on the news, on TV on the radio's, let everyone read the Entire thing Entire thing ,not just clips !!!! Nothing is hidden…no quick pro quo …..
    Then try to argue about it if you like…but there is No justification 4 impeachment!!
    Stop the lunacy time and money being wasted we taxpayers hate this of Congress!!!!???
    & no other transcripts should be released or No government will ever talk to President again….these are to be CONFIDENTIAL conversation…and are kept in a private server for security…Trump really shouldnt have released the one he did..

  50. Sad day in our country when the people spoke loud and clear in the 2016 election. Let the President get on with his duties as President. Put this impeachment process on the table for all to see who is corrupt. then it can hopefully be put to bed once and for all. Our freedoms and future as a strong nation is at stake.. Lets pray for our leaders fervently..

  51. Why would the deep state department block his testimony? What happened to transparency? Adam Schiff is such an honest, open, upfront guy…….!!!

  52. this man is a traitor and a criminal. the people who work for him hide his dirty deeds and are just as guilt. a boycott will hit them where it hurts.

  53. Well folks that's out the door because he's now going to testify . More whistleblowers now stepping forward as well and jumping off the Trumptanic. They realize that he's so greasy that he slips and slides when he walks

  54. Sorry you don't take a Small group of Democrats with Schiff to secret…without rebuttals..without Transparancy…and call it an inquired.. No I wouldn't respect a Sapenia

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