Fires Ravage the Amazon | The Daily Show

Climate change.
It’s once again the top issue
for many people in America,
partly because of the
devastation of Hurricane Dorian,
which is such a crazy storm
that it somehow hit the Bahamas,
the Carolinas and then,
thanks to President Trump’s
Sharpie pen,
also Alabama.
Yeah. Trump basically thinks
his Sharpie can bend reality
to be whatever
he wants it to be,
which I guess is why all his
family photos look like this.
But the conversation
about climate change
is happening all over the world
more than ever, right now.
And the focus
is on another major disaster
unfolding in Brazil.
Brazil’s Amazon rainforest,
the world’s largest,
is burning at a record rate.
There have been more
than 74,000 fires this year,
up 84% from last year.
WOMAN: For weeks now,
the Amazon rainforest,
one of earth’s
most valuable resources,
has been ravaged by fires.
MAN: The collection of tens
of thousands of blazes
engulfing an area
two-thirds the size
of the continental
United States.
The fire is burning
from the equivalent
of Detroit to Los Angeles.
MAN 2: Brazil has deployed
44,000 troops, but
most fires go unfought here.
On the front lines at one fire
twice the size of New Jersey,
only 30 men are fighting
the flames with no hoses,
just kicking the fire.
Just kicking the fire?
They’re dealing
with a forest fire
the same way I deal with an
ice cube that fell on the floor?
Just like, “Aah! Go away!
Go under the fridge! Aah!”
I mean, I guess
it sort of makes sense
because Brazil is
the soccer capital of the world,
so they probably try
to solve everything
through kicking, you know?
I bet instead of CPR,
they just kick the person
in the chest
until he breathes again.
Just like,
“Granddad, stay with me!
Come on, Granddad! Come on!”
So this is a big problem
for Brazil,
but their real problem,
the real problem is
that it’s the world’s issue,
right, because the Amazon
isn’t just some random forest
nobody cares about,
like Forest Whitaker.
No, the rainforest is critical
to keeping carbon dioxide
out of the atmosphere.
It mitigates climate change,
and it’s the world’s
most diverse ecosystem,
which is why,
all around the world,
people are demanding
something be done.
-MAN: The political heat…
-(people chanting)
getting hotter at home
and around the world.
Protests in Canada,
France, Germany, England.
I’m just really scared
that when I’m older,
the world
I’m living in isn’t gonna be
as nice as it is now.
MAN 2: The outcry
on social media has been huge,
with the hashtag
#prayfortheamazon trending.
Oscar winner
and environmental activist
Leonardo DiCaprio speaking out
in a series
of posts on Instagram.
“The lungs of the earth
are in flames.”
Yes, from young people
in Europe
all the way to Hollywood stars
like Leonardo DiCaprio,
everyone has come together to
raise awareness for the Amazon.
And can I just say
how impressed I am
that Leonardo DiCaprio is
so dedicated
to fighting climate change?
I mean, the guy raised, like,
five million dollars for this.
He’s out there every day.
And don’t forget, he died
because of an iceberg, right?
But he’s still out there
fighting to protect them.
That is dedication, my friends.
Now, look,
as part of nature’s cycle,
the Amazon rainforest
experiences fires
every single year,
but the reason
these fires have gotten
so much attention is
because it looks
like Brazil’s new president,
Jair Bolsonaro, is quite
literally fanning the flames.
WOMAN: Brazil’s president
didn’t strike the match
that lit these flames,
but many say,
given his policies
and his response to the crisis,
he might as well have.
MAN: It is believed that many
of the fires were started
by farmers
trying to clear land.
MAN 2: Bolsonaro’s seeming
support for the development
of the Amazon may have
emboldened farmers
to burn land.
He campaigned on the idea
that economic development
was being stifled
because of unnecessary
affection for the Amazon.
MAN 3: He’s delighted
his supporters by saying
too much of the forest
is protected.
Since he’s come into power,
he’s been stripping protections
from the Amazon
and other forests in Brazil
and encouraging farmers
to set fire to land
and clear it.
Okay, that is insane, man.
Running for president
on a promise
of destroying the Amazon forest?
It doesn’t sound like real life.
It sounds like something
the Joker would say.
And then even when he gets
to office, he’d be like,
“Burn down the Amazon? Come on,
that was just something I said.
“I was joking. I’m the Joker.
“It’s not funny when you have
to explain the joke.
Come on, guys.”
But yes, it turns out Brazil’s
president is more interested
in the commercial potential
of the Amazon rainforest
than the life it protects.
Which might explain
why he’s so resistant
to accepting help
from the rest of the world.
NEWSMAN: Brazilian president
Jair Bolsonaro is refusing
$20 million in emergency aid
from G7 countries
to fight those fires,
calling it part
of a “colonial mentality.”
Bolsonaro adding
he didn’t trust the motivation
behind the money, telling
reporters early this week…
“What do they want there?”
They want the Amazon
to not burn down.
Just because you want to exploit
the Amazon rainforest
doesn’t mean everyone else does.
Can you imagine living
next-door to this guy?
His house would be on fire,
and then when you come
with a bucket of water to help,
he’d be like, “Whoa, whoa, whoa.
“Why are you trying
to save my house?
Are you trying
to sleep with my wife?”
And you’d be like, “No, uh,
it’s just your house is on fire,
so it might come to me.”
“Like my wife?”
-“No! Hey!”
Now, many leaders, many leaders
of the world’s biggest nations
have criticized the Brazilian
president for his inaction,
but no one has been more vocal
than French president
Emmanuel Macron.
Which is why Bolsonaro
and his government have decided
to light his ass up.
NEWSWOMAN: The rhetoric
between France and Brazil
really heating up as these
fires continue to burn.
Bolsonaro’s chief of staff
brought the recent
Notre Dame fire into the fight,
saying, “Macron cannot even
avoid a predictable fire
“in a church that is part
of world heritage,
and wants to give lessons
to our country.”
NEWSMAN: On Monday, Bolsonaro
endorsed a Facebook post
mocking the appearance
of Macron’s wife.
Bolsonaro joined in
on a meme on Facebook
about the French first lady
Brigitte Macron’s appearance
compared to his own wife,
and he said,
“Don’t humiliate the guy.”
-(audience groans)
That’s one of the most petty
things I’ve ever seen.
Macron said the world needs
to save the Amazon,
and in response,
Bolsonaro came for Notre Dame
and Macron’s wife.
Yeah. This is gonna make the
next U.N. meeting so awkward.
Yeah. They’re gonna have to put
Israel and Palestine
between Brazil and France
just to ease the tension.
They’ll be like, “All right,
you guys just calm them down.”
So as it stands,
the situation seems pretty bad.
The world’s most precious forest
is on fire,
Brazil’s leaders
aren’t doing enough to stop it,
and its president
might even want this to happen.
So I’m gonna be honest, folks.
It seems like there’s
only one man who can stop this.
-Donald J. Trump.
You see, what we need to do is,
we need to get the president
to pull out that Magic Mark…
that magic sharpie of his,
and we need to get him to send
that hurricane down from Alabama
all the way to Brazil
to fan out the flames.
Come on, Mr. Trump,
use your power for good!
Do it now, Donald!
Do it now!

100 Replies to “Fires Ravage the Amazon | The Daily Show”

  1. well if they had oil in the amazon the USA would have over thrown brazils gov. oh the good old days when we could just kill scumbags

  2. It never ceases to amaze me that this is who they chose to replace jon stewart. The map part at the end was pretty humorous but other than that it is 7 minutes of just the worst "comedy".

  3. This is a complete hoax. First of all, while the amazon is an important ecosystem, it is far from the lungs of the earth. Simple google search reveals that 71% of the earth is covered in water, and of the remaining 29%, only 31% of that is forest, and of that 31% only about 1/7th is the amazon. (550 million hectares out of just about 4 billion hectares of global forest). The amazon is about 1% of the surface area of the earth. 70-80% of all oxygen we breath, was made by algae. Information being spewed in tweets about losing 20% of the oxygen in the atmosphere is complete baseless garbage, even if literally the entire amazon forest burned down to nothing but ashes, that would not be remotely close to accurate. Spreading disinformation, even if you have good intentions, is wrong.

    Most of the photos being shared on social media are of fires from previous years or not even of the amazon. Satellite imagery clearly shows that the fires are isolated to certain areas, not just all on fire, and there are a ton of fires in the amazon are in peru, bolivia, and paraguay, despite only having a small portion of the amazon in their countries, and yet brazil is getting all the attention. Plus they are reporting on numbers of fires, rather than the actual amount of fire, like how much actual land is on fire or has burned. Subsequent analysis of satellite imagery has resulted in reports claiming anywhere from barely more fires this year to actually less than many recent years. Nasa report said the worst year since 2010. Someone mentioned that several of the newest latest and greatest fire detection systems on satellites, were only deployed just recently meaning this could just be an increase in reporting. If the fires are just as bad every year or better(at least for sure than 2000-2010 time frame), then why the anti brazil and anti bolsonaro rhetoric? Gee i wonder if it could have anything to do with the fact that Brazil is seeing it's first conservative administration in decades? It has also been mentioned that most of the area on fire was land that is already farm land.

  4. Anyone try to send clothes or food for relief? I tried to send 60 pounds of clothes and shoes…$1000…ppl please see what's going on

  5. I don't know much about this topic… but im angry. That fucker doesn't care cuz he knows he'll be dead when our future kids and grandchildren have to live with the consequences

  6. The Brazilian president is getting his dirty work done by the farmers by brainwashing them with stupid ideas…this planet is going to die…

  7. Macron: strongly supports the opening of a gigantic polluting goldmine in French Guiana.
    Bolsonaro: doesn’t give a shit about the Amazon burning.
    Macron: remembers five minutes before the G7 that the UN crowned him “Champion Of The Earth” last year and decides to go for a publicity stunt because Bolsonaro is an easy target.

    Yeah, it’s really about whose wife is hotter. No one is coming to save us.

  8. Yet the snout-nosed, Traitor-In-Chief offered Putin help with the fires in Russia. He's happy to see the major oxygen-producing source for the WORLD go up in flames!

  9. FAKE NEWS. This is just more leftist environmental hysteria scare tactics at work again, and of course Trevor is right there at the front supporting these dishonest efforts. The truth is the fires in the Amazon are just a little over average. Some sources even say they are BELOW average. The media is spinning this into propaganda.

  10. So how much of every countries taxes go to Brazil. Everyone gets all upset when it's on fire but we're we really supporting the biggest forest on Earth before it started to burn? We have countries that charge green house taxes but I doubt any went to Brazil. I know it probably went to more local efforts but climate change is a world wide issue and we need to keep what we have and improve world wide. This fire has damaged the world biggest filter of green house gasses and it's because the country was in such sure straights to allow it to happen. So before people in the comments start jumping to blame capitalism. We ALL should have been more preemptive about these things.

  11. People are so stupid the whole equator is burning. Africa and Malaysia have huge fires and no one is talking about that. Western Societies just want Brasil's resources. In fact, Africa fires are bigger than those of Brails.

  12. You do understand that this is a direct result of the US trade war with China. China needs soybeans, Brazil plans to provide them. So now we have the US paying farmers for soybeans they can't do anything with….Brazil burning the Amazon so they can grow soy beans to sell to China. And Trump sitting in the Whitehouse going, what? What Did I do?

  13. Bolsonaro is a prick. A ridiculous person. A sad excuse for a human being. I despise him deeply. I didn't vote for him. He's a son of a bitch. A bizarre mix of Hitler and Bozo, monster and clown. My country is full of stupid voters. People who can't tell the difference between their heads and their asses. Sorry for the meltdown, but it is very hard to be a Brazilian right now.

  14. Idiots become President because they're put there, by US! 😂

    Don't blame the politicians lol they're just doing what they do!

    It's our education system that's failing. It's supposed to inoculate us against people who would try to pull one over, take advantage, and BULLSHIT us.

    That's what, "informed Democracy," means.

    If we end up with a complete narcissistic xenophobic misogynistic disrespectful hateful bigoted MORON in the White House, it's nobody else's fault but OURS.

  15. To be honest, US has no morality to ask developing countries like Brazil to worry about climate change. Its just like a serial killer is expecting the guy next door not to kill his cat.

  16. Brazil didn't look like the "Capitol of Soccer" when Germany suprise blitzkrieged their @$$H0L3$ 8=======D :'0 at the world cup.

  17. the fires in the Amazon are done on a yearly and its nothing new.. farmers are clearing the fields to farm and using the ashes as fertilizer. Un-informed people like Trevor are using their global warming propaganda to get you to donate and get you upset.. if you look at the chart on this site you will see amazon fire was worse in 2005!fMonth-9!fDay-2!tYear-2019!tMonth-9!tDay-9
    Please report better Trevor and stop with the climate change propaganda.. Thanks 😀

  18. How to people not understand that life and biodiversity are intrinsically valuable and don't need to offer utility to justify saving them?

  19. in malaysia and indonesia the gvmt has already destroyed almost all of their forests to replace them with palm oil. now they are brainwashing the public to love their palm oil plantations because it has made their countries rich. gettit??? no one gets rich preserving rainforest.

  20. I was talking shit. But I didn’t expect what I said to be true. 🤦🏽‍♂️ there’s a reason the movie interstellar was created. Cause earth is fucked

  21. You should make a video about who is the worst president in the world, and yest we have a bunch in South America, bolsonaro from Brazil, maduro from Venezuela, macri in Argentina, duque in Colombia. From the center the one from Mexico and I bet there are more.

  22. This is the worst president in the History of my country, I am counting the military dictatorship that lasted 25 years. And the people believed he was the right choice because there was a massive campaign to destroy our democracy and put our government under the boots of America. Well, mission accomplished. Enjoy the ashes.

  23. People are focusing too much on Amazon fires, but we ignore the fires burning in Africa in RDC which is the second biggest forest after the Amazon. No one has spoken out!!!!

  24. Our modern lifestyle worldwide has made and will continue to make this tragedy possible. If animals have feelings, they are crying for they dead relatives in this fire. Today is here, tomorrow there and we don't act, because acting means giving up part of our lifestyle. Sorry for all of them!

  25. The Amazon is where the UN needs to send troops, including the US. Rather than wasting money on regime change wars, we need to send some of our troops to the Amazon. The world needs to seeze the Amazon from the destruction caused by Bolsonaro. He is an enemy of mankind and a criminal of the highest level, just like Donald Trump. Two Peas in a pod.

  26. that's cute. the Notre dame burns and before the fire is out, millions and millions of dollars sent to rebuild. Amazon is more important and has been burning forever and we are "raising awareness." celebrities raising awareness are bullshitting and trying to gain favor for supporting but not really caring about a cause.

  27. Trevor Noah is a ridiculous dark and liar scoundrel, know that Bolsonaro is considered the best president in the history of Brazil

    and the President Trump is a great


  28. 2 Peter 3:7

    But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist are stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of the ungodly

  29. Who negotiates something that affects the entire world based on their ego? How can we the people all over the world be selecting "leaders" like this. Most of these leaders are not demonstrating true love for people and the space we occupy. quite a few leaders across the globe are behaving like this! and the petty social media behavior is just terrible. gosh.

  30. what I can not understand is Ok we are all aware of the fire in the amazon and in Africa. why is it that none of these countries have sent help to fight the fire? that 5million dollars could have been used for equipment to send of pay fire fighters around the world to help, or am I missing something?

  31. How did the man with a campaign that belongs on an episode of captain planet win and become president

  32. Hey ever one chill out that amazon is just one small step to our already doomed fate we are fucked so chill we are to late we are here for a good time not a long time

  33. I get it brazil doesn’t owe the world, and that he feels that the other countries should do more and not stifle the country’s economic and to be honest he is correct why should they be the one who protect the earth from global warming when other countries contribute little and contribute co2 emissions at a larger rate examples is china which is one of the most polluted country yet they enjoy riches. Why dont you guys close the factories that add pollution first and not drive your cars and instead commute to your job? You dont pay them to protect the amazon. Instead it cost them. Though i want him to stop it but i dont really have a right to, cause im not entitled to amazons protection when i dont do nothing for it, my family owns a organic farm and we plant trees by the side of the mountain, but it costs us and we cant even cut the trees and replace it by planting more because of the tax, instead people who dont plant anything takes profit of it . What im saying you should do your part rather than ask others to do theirs, cause it’s painful when people take you for granted, hell no one tells me thank you when i tell them i planted a coconut tree or mahogany instead they are gonna ask me my profit or how much do they sell for. My grandfather planted, my father planted and I planted but we don’t receive thanks for that, and we stopped expecting any. Start by buying a pot and some seeds, and water it everyday, start commuting buy a bike, stay at home instead of traveling, stop taking cruises its cheap cause it cuts corner by polluting thats the real cost. Thank you for reading till the end

  34. By the way we should done something for phytoplankton because they product 60-80% of oxygen in the air soooo I think you should talk about it a little bit, most of people aren't aware of that but they disappearing, phytoplankton is actually regularly decreasing

  35. Climate change?? Lolol, fu*k no. The forest is being BURNED INTENTIONALLY to create more grazing land in order to raise more cattle to feed MURICA's and CHINA's insatiable beef appetites! So, you know, capitalism and the ''free markets'' and all that crap…

  36. Why, for once that the USA has a real reason to assassinate a South american dictator/president, they do Nothing.? They use to kill so much of the elected governement in South America that it  seems a bit of a miss, or is it the shut down?

  37. You sure do twist things around don't you Trevor. You are even more of a trouble maker than CNN and MSNBC combined. You put a lot of words I people's mouths.

  38. Bolsonaro thinks oxygen is just another national resource, so his Nazi ass doesn’t understand how Amazon could possibly be “planet’s lungs”.
    He will leave the chunk that will be enough for Brazilian people, burn the rest, and let big business to farm cattle there, because it’s much more “efficient” that way. Amazon isn’t burning, it’s being burned.

  39. It's sad to hear this is happening in our world, I cant being this guy is President of Brazil. So.eone needs to step in and stop this fire.and the fire in Alaska..

  40. Trevor I’d normally agree with you, but honestly you can’t blame the guy for not trusting the motivations of foreign aid. I mean you’re African, you should know that with foreign aid comes bad apples with ulterior motives.

  41. Evaporation is NON-LINEAR, .a smalll increase in energy = a large increase in escape velocity (Evaporation)Energy is SPEED, water is MASS . SPEED + MASS = DEVASTATION (deserts there and floods here.)

  42. Dicaprio also flies his private jet all over the place, even in situations he could drive or literally anything else less hypocritical.

  43. people are outraged all the while eating a burger and talking on their cell phone. why do you think it is burning?? to graze cattle and to mine for minerals for technology. mostly the cattle tho. we are paying for it with our collective choices.

  44. Brazilian here. Yes, Bolsonaro is a shame as a president but I wish Daily Show also showed that people in Brazil protested against his "policies" and that his approval rating is sinking.

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  46. “The only man who can stop this is Donald J. Trump”

    Nope, Trump tweeted that he respects the Brazilian president and thinks he’s doing a great job.

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