First Look at Zelda’s Breath of the Wild Sequel Is Hiding Secret Details! (Nerdist News)

– The first look at
Zelda’s Breath of the Wild sequel is hiding secret details. It’s been all video games, all the time this week as E3 has dominated
the pop culture world. And now that the Electronic
Entertainment Expo is in full swing, we are being overwhelmed with all sorts of exclusive announcements, celebrity cameos, first
looks, hands on game demos, and adorable puppy dogs on stage all in an attempt for game developers to win the convention and basically
try to break the internet. While it’s safe to say that Keanu Reeves easily earned that honor
with his appearance at the Cyberpunk 2077 announcement. – Is really going to be breathtaking. – [Man In Crowd] You’re breathtaking! (crowd screams) – You’re breathtaking. – There’s been one other E3 reveal that has also sent fans into a frenzy. That there is a sequel
in the works to 2017’s fantastic Legend of
Zelda Breath of the Wild. A quick trailer teased
the upcoming chapter in the popular action adventure series, and while no gameplay
was shown in the trailer, that doesn’t mean fans
have been left empty handed when it comes
to info about the game. Turns out there were plenty
of hidden details laid out within the first
look that now have Zelda fans sharpening their master sword. So, let’s break ’em down. First up, Zelda got her hair done! While the rest of us
only chop off our hair in such a dramatic way to prove that we’ve moved on after a break
up, there’s some evidence that Zelda’s new do actually points to her being a playable character. Fans took to social media
to congratulate Zelda on her new coif, while
getting into the weeds theorizing that her new hairstyle has a practical reason beyond showing that time has passed between games. There point basically boils down to this, Zelda’s shorter style means her hair is now easier to create
animations for, which is important on a console like the Switch, which isn’t as beefy
compared to the processing power as it’s Xbox and
PlayStation brethren. While you might say
having Zelda be a playable character in this could
add a breath of the fresh air to the franchise,
the games are usually always from Link’s
perspective, so if this were true, this would be a huge
departure for the series. Another thing that sticks out
in the trailer was the music. On the surface it’s definitely
creepy and sets the mood for what is shaping up to be
a pretty dark and scary game. However, the music also seems to be reversed in the trailer as well. While this might be to
just set the spooky tone, it could represent something more. Already lots of fans have been reversing the trailers audio to pick it apart and see just what it could mean. (music playing in reverse) Some seem to thing it’s drawing musical cues from previous Legend of Zelda games, others think that there are messages revealed when playing
the trailer in reverse, with some hearing
something along the lines of a voice pleading for
help while others claim to hear, “Please find the body.” We’re not sure what to
think ourselves yet, but we’re on board nonetheless. Next up, we have to
give a shout out to the folks over at Polygon for sniffing out some Breath of the Wild concept art from a Nintendo GDC panel, which showed off early
ideas of link losing his arm and having a piece of technology that allows him to morph it into anything he wants like a hammer,
or a bow for his arrows. Could this lost concept come into play for the upcoming sequel? Well, we do see Link’s arm get grabbed and start to glow as if it
is being charged with power. And later in the trailer
we see that same glowing hand appear to pull
power from the mummified corpse that Zelda and Link find. Every Zelda game has a plethora of gadgets for Link to use like
graveling hooks, metal boots, hammers, et cetera, we’re
thinking that the hook or conceit of this sequel is that Link could be getting some sort of mystical arm that can absorb different
gadgets or abilities. Having his arm morph into
a bow or hammer would be a cool way to pay homage to the past while going in a new
direction for the series. This leads us to our next big question, who is going to be the
big bad in this game? In the trailer we see the aforementioned mummified creature most likely a Gerudo on account of the accessories and red hair. Now many fans are speculating that this is Link’s old nemesis Ganondorf and in Breath of the Wild it
is revealed that this version of Ganon, Calamity
Ganon, was in fact a Gerudo. So, the theory seems to be spot on, however, early on in
the trailer and through some other hieroglyphs in the game, we see a warrior with red hair
fighting the evils of the world before Link
and Zelda were around. This is leading many fans
to hypothesis that the original hero in the world of Hyrule was (makes drum roll noise) Ganon! The prevailing theory
is that back in the day, Ganon was actually a hero and that he was somehow corrupted by this new magic and now it looks like that same magic may have gotten it’s hooks into Link. Is this why Link’s arm is
cut off in the concept art? Because Zelda had to chop it off to prevent a mystical
infection from spreading? Is this why we might get
her as a playable character? Who knows! With no word yet on when
the game will come out, we only know that it is in development, we only have this trailer to tide us over until our next update, which knowing Nintendo, could be 10 years from now. But what do you folks think? Is there something hidden
in that music track? Could Nintendo go so dark
as to cut off Link’s arm? And which is you favorite
Zelda game of all time? Ocarina of Time, Breath of the Wild, A Link to the Past, Majora’s Mask? Let’s discuss. Thanks for watching, be sure to like, subscribe, and mash that little bell to get notified every time we drop a video or go live with a show, and if this isn’t enough video game
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Reeves in Cyberpunk 2077. (techno music)

100 Replies to “First Look at Zelda’s Breath of the Wild Sequel Is Hiding Secret Details! (Nerdist News)”

  1. To me the magic and the strange backwards music seemed like a throwback to Twilight Princess. The royal Twili also have red hair. It could be the return of the Twili possibly infecting Link one more time.

  2. Why u say majoras mask like that? Ur a zora and a goron. auto win. Not metion the whole mystery of majora and said mask. They def need to go back there

  3. My guess: Zelda won't be playable, but she will have a much more active role in the game, possibly as a recurring follower/companion. The hair change is so she can be more easily animated, but as an NPC, not a player.

  4. Zelda probably should be the protagonist. So we can see how she became a legend in the first place !!!

  5. The Zelda reversed theme mystery has finally been solved…
    The message translates as, "Turn me on, dead man."
    (this is not the same sweet Zelda I once knew all those many years ago…)
    <a lonely tear lets go from cheek>

  6. I think they will introduce a new antagonist and it is absorbing the power of the ganondorf corpse and it will break the cycle, that will be interesting to see

  7. Sharpening their master swords…

    knowing the community around this game, that's going to be taken way out of context

  8. oof…. all this theorizing just made me 300% more excited for this sequel.. the arm theory and the ganon hero theory…. my mind? blown

  9. So if you actually go frame by frame its pretty clear that the trailer is one big cut scene thats been jumbled out of order. If you use some logic to fill in the blanks of what isnt shown and fix the scene order you get essentially this.

    1.Zelda and Link are exploring a massive labyrinth of ancient tunnels below Hyrule Castle.

    2. They come across Ganondorf's corpse being held down and sealed by the magic hand.

    3. Link and Zelda accidentally reactivate the triforce of power within Ganondorf and resurrect him.

    4. Ganondorf floats back to his feet zombie style straining against the golwing hand but eventually explodes with power knocking Zelda, Link and the Hand back. You can tell because his body is never shown with his knees at quite the same angle twice, even though we get multiple looks at the body, indicating that he's getting up.

    5. Ganondorf uses the Malice to lift Hyrule Castle, causing part of the cavern they are in to collapse under Zelda. Link grabs her but then the floor gives way under him. Glowing Hand saves Link.

    6. Glowing Hand replaces Links hand giving him magic hand powers. This is our new big mechanic for this game. Think ninja prosthetic from Sekiro.

    The only thing I can't figure out is if Zelda gets kidnapped by Ganondorf or if this is simply about stopping Ganon for the sake of stopping him rather than it being personal for Link.

  10. Gannon turned evil because he took the triforce of power . I don't mind Zelda's short haircut hopefully Nintendo doesn't turn her into a trans tho

  11. I hope Zelda be a playable character I hope it has a connection to Twilight Princess and I hope you can keep all your save data from the first game and bigger dungeons. A Link to the past is my favorite Zelda game

  12. The hand that grabs link looks like it's a left hand and the hand holding the mummy is a right hand. Maybe an extension of the same entity?

  13. Humanizing Ganondorf would be the best move the series could have made. If that comes at the cost of Link’s arm then so be it

  14. It clearly says: "For Hyrule, oh, Link, please, find the body".
    English isn't even my first language and I was able to hear that. Godsake…

  15. Let's look at this. If arm does get possessed and he has to cut it off before being fully controlled by it. Then replaces it with a mechanical substitute. Before too long. "Listen up. See this. This is my sharp stick. It's a hyrulean master sword. Double edged with a molded hilt. Sells for 999 rupees." Please no.

  16. It would be cool if the final boss was a corrupted Link and you had to fight him as either Zelda or a good guy Ganondorf

  17. Majora's Mask is my all time favorite game period. Thats why I'm massively hyped for Botw 2, I can totally see Nintendo making it the Majora's Mask to Botw's Ocarina. Going much darker and having a more emotionally impacting story.

    Also I think Botw 2 is closer than we think since they will probably use the same engine and assets holiday 2020 is my bet, maybe even sooner who knows.

  18. Vorpahl's favorite Zelda game is Majora's Mask because she likes stories about children chasing a creature, falling down a hole, & walking thru a door into another land… where they meet strange characters, get a magic sword, & fight a big beast.

  19. It's Midna or Zant the blue light arm trying to hold back Ganondorf's revival from Twilight Princess!!!

    Awesome I can't wait for the release!!!

  20. I could very well be wrong, but the corpse reminds me of the guy who trains the hidden abilities in twilight princess

  21. My top favorite Zelda game would have to be A Link To The Past. Which reminds me. I still need to play A Link Between worlds. Since we are on the topic of sequels and all.

  22. If you listen to the reversed audio it sounds like nobis…I cannot hear the full Latin but it sounds like a reverse of some prayer which we tend to find in music. So maybe an hommage to some version of an anti prayer!

  23. I seriously doubt you would play as Zelda. Her powers would just not make for interesting gameplay, it creates a pretty big story problem as Link is really just a blank fill-in for the player whereas Zelda is a proper character that needs to be kept out of the player’s control. Also, they have never tried moving in this direction for like 30 years. Besides there being zero guarantee or evidence that they would do this, they should not do this for the sake of “reinventing” the series. Her hair being shorter could be because it’s more practical for adventuring, to sell more amiibos or just because they thought it looked nice. Or you could be even cutesier with it and say it’s symbolic of her coming into her own like her story in Breath of the Wild was about. We’re not playing as Zelda and if we are and it somehow works, that’d be a gigantic surprise.

  24. Someone else pointed out that the music is similar to the Continue/Save screen from the first LoZ. As far as Gannondorf as a hero goes, Skyward Sword implies Groose is the person that Demise will choose to inhabit himself in.

  25. Check out a video NWR put out recently breaking the trailer down. It theorizes that the Ganondorf we saw here is the one killed at the end of Twilight Princess.

  26. Hey, thank you for featuring my art and keeping my Twitter name there! It means a lot, some people found me because of this. 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

  27. Link losing his arm and getting a new one that can morph into different items…. sounds like full metal alchemist kinda things going on here.

  28. wnated tp say BOTW but I haven't played it; omong the games i have played, Corinna of Time and Twilit Princess are tied for first

  29. Twilight Princess was my first Zelda game and still remains one of my favorites to this day. I’ve been dreaming of another dark T rated Zelda, and absolutely can’t wait for this game to come out

  30. Pretty sure the hand that's on the mummified corpse's chest is more of a seal/prison that's "leaking" for lack of a better term. If you're studied enough you'd recognize that the patterns formed in the glowing green energy correct actually translate to "seal", "Ganon" and a few other warnings in multiple languages (Gerudo and many iterations of Hylian included).
    Meaning if Link does indeed lose his hand it would likely not be so much "stop the magic infection" so much as it would be "redoing this version of the seal comes at a HEFTY price".

  31. I believe the voice in the reversed trailer is saying something along the lines of,
    “Poor Hyrule, for Link has found the body”

  32. Don’t make Zelda playable. Give her her own game. Don’t trash 30 years of tradition for some virtue signaling gimmick. Just give her a stand alone game. How are you going to make Zelda playable without being forced to make link talk in a form of communication with her?! Link is the link to the player.

    For the third time, just give Zelda a stand alone game and preserve the tradition of this particular storyline.

  33. Xbox and Playstation "brothern?" How dare you. LOL It's been revealed in Ocarina of Time that Ganondorf is a Gerudo. That's old news. (No pun and, sincerely, no offense intended.)

  34. Honestly it would be badass if you just played as a one armed link. With a razor sharp master sword on your right.

  35. I think that Zelda's hair is short because now she is actually mainly in the game, instead of just memories and more. And the graphics are a little more detailed, so its harder to animate the longer hair.

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