First Responders Stress Concerns About Running Out Of Protective Equipment | NBC News NOW

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  1. Sad to see America health system so bad….you would think after seeing Italy and their death toll they would be more prepared…

  2. PROPAGANDA! Flu kills more people and we don't make such a big deal out of it! Bring the economy back and whoever wants to stay home can still do it!

  3. Here in South Africa hospitals/ healthdepartment have called on help for masks from owners of 3D printers to print the frames for then according to their specifications. 3 of my family members are helping printing them and after each 10 made, they are collected.

  4. Lets spread more panic, we know things are bad but how about every now and then put an uplifting story. It may inspire others to do something that actually helps.

  5. ?SHAME‼‼‼‼‼‼
    Trump has destroyed the Republiclown party, rendered Congress useless, destroyed the reputation of the Senate, and turned the Justice Dept into a judicial circus.
    Senators Collins, Murkowski, and Alexander are you happy now you spineless cowards?

  6. We need our first responders to have access to this protective equipment and hand sanitizer, masks etc…not people who are safe at home.

  7. Why don't they use something like a 3M 6000 series respirator 1/2 mask? They're reusable, just change filters. I used them all the time to spray paint or stain. Maybe it doesn't work, but they definitely block out a lot more that the standard disposable masks. Why not use those?


    CBS Caught Faking Coronavirus NYC Ventilator Shortage

  9. Sadly masks are being thrown away after ONE use!!!!!!
    When in FACT they can be sterilized and re-used a dozen times!!!!!!
    And if they simply used respirators with changeable cartridges they could use the same mask indefinitely!!!!

  10. Is there a way to stop the idiots who have NO symptoms from getting checked. If you dont have symptoms then stay home. Stop being stupid

  11. Help these people who life is in danger,come on ministers of health,it so sad to hear their cry .

  12. I admire all of the medical workers and soilders that are helping out. I'm not comparing myself to them by any means, but I work at a grocery store(Winn Dixie) in Orange County Florida. Majority of our customers are elderly, who wear masks, gloves etc. I work about 40 hours a week, while doing my 4 online college classes when I'm only a part time workers who is used to only working below 20 hours a week. Many of my co-workers are in self quarantine with their families. Just next time u go to your local grocery store say thank you, to a clerk/associate.

  13. The healthcare system hasn't been good to black men in the U.S.A. The curses are now upon the healthcare system and they don't know why. Many believe the blacks in the U.S.A. are of the lost tribes of Israel. Do the basic math and imagine how bad this situation is going to be in just 2 months.

  14. The US has the whole 2 months and even a solid month since stuffs are really severe in Wuhan and they didn’t prepare. I am sure with the resources and production capacity the US has, if they spend a month preparing they will has more than enough supplies for now and even enough to export to other countries.
    Ignorance, arrogance has cost us lives.

  15. If you're at home all day, every day why do you need hand sanitizer? People can't possibly think hand sanitizer is a substitute for handwashing. Don't be lazy. Wash your hands.

  16. When the medical workers are crippled; even with millions of the best equipments will just be useless!

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