‘Four-generations’ challenge from China takes the internet by storm – Daily News

A viral meme dubbed the ‘four generations’ challenge has been melting hearts all over the world. Originated from China, the heart-warming challenge features a child entering a room, followed by a parent, then a grandparent and, finally, a great-grandparent. . Share this article Share After going viral in China, families in countries including Peru, Norway, Denmark, India, and the US have joined in on the fun on Twitter. In one typical ‘four generations’ video, a little girl begins the challenge by calling out ‘Mum!’ Her mother, emerging into the frame, then calls out ‘Mum!’ The grandmother then says ‘Mum!’ and the challenge is completed as the oldest member of the family comes out with a big smile and shares a good laugh with the rest. ‘Such a blessed family! This brought me to tears,’ one user commented on Chinese microblogging site Weib. . ‘This has to be one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen,’ one Twitter user commented. ‘The best thing is seeing all the grandmas and grandpas, LOVING that they’re the finale!’ another said. ‘This is the purest thing on the Internet right now,’ one comment read.

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