100 Replies to “Fox News asks voters what they think of impeachment”

  1. You know what's funny? The comment's section is absolutely teeming with Trump supporters because that seems to be the kind of news they rely on. Anyone with half a brain knows you can't trust a news channel as biased and inaccurate as Fox or CNN, or other mainstream channel. It's one thing to listen to them for general information on what's going on (if even that), and a whole other to believe literally every word they say and fall head over heels for a president so ridiculous. FIY, Americans: the world laughs at you.

  2. How can these people think Trump should be impeached? Did no one read the transcript or watch the Schiff scham. They make America look crooked and dumb!

  3. Very funny the people who believe he is guilty all appear to be very stupid. Don’t they realize they started planning this before he was even elected. It has been completely invented. The real criminal is Biden.

  4. So nice to see a lot of people are awakened. Tired of the old political style. Vote for a president that get things done And thats President Trump for 2020! Landslide.

  5. Anyone have the proof of some criminal activity done felony or misdemeanor done by the President Trump? Oh there is no evidence and the people spouting off here he is guilty have watched to much CNN? You mean there is nothing that Trump actually did but because your mental state is so snowflakey fragile that you have to have him impeached like your insane deomcraps believe? Good to know. When it kicks off keeps spouting your retardism… Need to know who hates America and who still wants to keep America free…

  6. the democrat scum that get their education from MSNBC AND CNN ,just pathetic the amount of stupid people we have in this country, thats why the whole world laughs at America

  7. Impeach Pelosi, she's brain dead. Along with most dems..TRUMP 2020, 2024🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🗽🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Shitty shiff. Mr trump will win. Shitty shiff. U got a place in american history
    It's called the american toilet. Stay there.

  9. Funny how Dems always want to hold conservatives, including President Trump, to the "letter of the law" while excusing Biden, Hillary and corrupt government (Dem) officials. Their coup attempt is pathetic. I didn't vote for President Trump last time, but I sure will be this year and I hope many others will join me.

  10. someone who acts as a victim and denying everything about what he says when obviously there is prove doesnt deserve to be the chief … and innocent until proven guilty sounds like a way of saying if i dont get caught than nothing happen..

  11. Based on their behaviors the major broadcasting networks estimate the IQ of their viewers on a scale of 1 to 10 (highest) at a 4. The IQ of a 9yr. old. That is why FOX viewers are such wonderful repeaters and confirmers. They are all “9”!

  12. Anybody who does think he broke the the is a moron. And they need to look in the mirror, we will take care of those who did break the law. Southern boy is a complete idiot

  13. The people interviewed that don't like Trump are all unemployed and on Government assistance and have no retirement plan.
    The others who like Trump work hard for their money and have growing 401k's and retirement plans thanks to Trumps great policies.

  14. We the people want the truth make all governments workers to take a lier test to prove what they say and do on there reports all of these satan workers in are government

  15. I will vote Trump 2020..Keep your circus up… News medias that push one sided arguments… that seem to serve for Democrats/libras mainly.. will fall

  16. Imagine how any one of these people would feel if they stood guilty in a court of law. With zero evidence proving so. That is truly a nightmare I would not want to go through.

  17. Hey I wasn't ask i iknow he is Innocent and that the DEMONIC DEMOCRATIC party should stop the Harrassmènt of the President there should be a law called the interference of the PRESIDENT and people goes to JAIL
    for life and the do nothingers kicked out of OFFICES

  18. If Trump wins next election we should celebrate. Give our friends and families a hug, even an air hug to all over the world. For those against him, still a hug. But give the glory to God who stands beside Trump..

  19. If Democrats can remove the President from office they will make the Bill Barr ,John Durham investigations go away. They are shaking in their boots at what this will uncover. Many Democrats will go to prison.

  20. I didn’t vote for him the first time. Just to be clear, I didn’t vote for Hellery either. I didn’t want either of them. I’ll tell you one thing…..I’ll vote for him this time just to keep that Cortez idiot out! I’ll vote a straight republican ticket!

  21. I love the ones that question peoples inteligence that disagree with this no crimes impeachment fiasco , clearly they watch too much fake news and are not very intelligent themselves. Wonder how they would feel if they were accused of some crime they did not commit . That big ole dude with the bank hat on and that Southern draw ,well he must simply be in love with Rachael Maddow . Are they going to feel dumber when this all finally washes out and Trump is re-elected? Probably not .

  22. Innocent people do not hide information. Innocent people want to provide information.
    Innocent people do not tell others to remain silent..

  23. It’s cuz Nancy n dems are abusing taxpayer money. Like using military n using taxpayer money to travel to places their demobrats. She got busted for the very thing she’s trying to impeach trump for. Now impeach demobrats for abuse to the American people.

  24. Quit please, hatefull idiots, I really wish we would have another civil war, seriously these idiots will not stop until they change America, Godless creepy people, Trump forever…


  26. ask them what should happen to all the treasonous creepers and what should be their punishment? those who committed true crimes!

  27. Trump will be exonerated and win 2020 in a landslide election. You’ll then see an abandoning of the Democratic Party ship, as moderate supporters will see them as a bunch of habitual losers.

  28. You can sure tell which one watch CNN Fake News and MSNBC Faker News..they're the Bobbleheads saying that President Trump did wrong and abused his power (which he didn't) and should beremoved from office.

  29. Awe how sad that there are still people in this country that are so in denial and ignorant they think he broke a law, think he was impeached because they don’t know how it works and still watch and believe everything CNN says. Trump has gained even more followers and will be re-elected for those who are in denial.

  30. “It was a perfect call. No quid pro quo.”
    “Yes there was a quid pro quo, but it was about preventing corruption in Ukraine.”
    “But we didn’t withhold aid”
    “AND…You can tell how innocent I am because I withheld all documents and told everyone who knows anything not to speak.”
    “Ok… it was not really about corruption in Ukraine, but I did not withhold aid against will of congress.”
    “Ok I did withhold aid against will of congress, but they got the money, So no obstruction.”
    “Ok, I didn’t release the funds until two days after the whistleblower made this public, but it was not obstruction.”
    “Ok it was obstruction, but Ukraine didn’t even notice.”
    “Ok… Ukraine did notice, but it I did not do it for my campaign”
    “Ok. It was obstruction and I did do it for my own campaign,, but it was not a crime because I can do what I want.”

  31. Is it just me or did all but 1 of the people who said he needs impeached sound like complete moronic hicks. He broke the law? Which one? Your tax dollars possibly going to a corrupt country for aid and you want him out for taking steps to make sure they dont? Please go back to screwing your sister and cattle and let everyone else do the thinking…. same thing you've done all your life

  32. FOX is Trumpism Communism for Kim Jong Trump supporters. Oh how easy it is to use Communistic tactics on supporters. North Korea and China would be so proud to see America adapting their methods. Stay loyal and never stray. For Kim Jong Trump and his COMMUNIST GOP party will punish and attack you and call you enemies like good communists do. North Korea, China and Russia is applauding you all

  33. The Dems have helped him BIG TIME. People that make comments should have the facts, but sadly, that's not the way people are. Hillary & the DNC (utilizing her stolen funds) commissioned the "Russia" report – get your facts straight.

  34. Many people are SO gullible. Can't think for themselves, refuse to see the facts and only repeat what the leftist media tells them!!!

  35. Isn't it funny how all the polls and and interviews are in large, liberal cities. Why don't you people get out and talk to the conservatives in Small Town, USA


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