Fox News Is Inspiring Violence Against Democratic Politicians

Recently in court filings just released. A man from Arizona had threatened to murder
democratic representative Adam Schiff. Now the man was actually arrested back in
October, but it was just last week that these court filings were released. And we got to see the extent of not only what
this man had said to Adam Schiff, because he did call his office and leave a voicemail
for him saying he was going to kill him, but also why this man wanted to murder Adam Schiff
from the court filing. This is the, a voicemail phone call message
that he left with Adam shifts office and for, uh, you know, ratings reasons here on YouTube. I’m going to have to censor some of the words. I’m going to effing blow your brains out. You effing piece of poop mother effer is the
message this man left. Of course you can, you know, fill in the words
and figure out what he actually said. And this is in the court filing and then the
court filing goes on. The man’s name is, by the way, Jan, Peter
Meister. So the court filing continues, uh, from the
FBI. Meister responded that he watches Fox News
and likely was upset at something that he saw on the news. He stated that he strongly disliked the Democrats
and feels they’re to blame for the country’s political issues. So we have yet another homegrown terrorist
here in the United States who was radicalized by Fox News. That’s what this man is also pie. The way, totally forgot to mention this. The guy’s a registered sex offender who served
time for his sexual crimes. So he was forbidden by law from owning any
firearms. But when the FBI looked in his house, they
found a weapons cache. They called it tons and tons of firearms that
this convicted felon was legally not allowed to have, and he was threatening to murder
a sitting representative in the United States house of representatives. And he admitted in interviews with the FBI
that I watch Fox News and I got mad at what they said. Not that they said it, but they said something
that made me feel the need to go and murder somebody. Fox News is dangerous. There is no question about that because this
is not the first moron who’s been radicalized by that network. We have seen people with their death threats
against other media outlets, not Fox News. People busted with kill lists of democratic
representatives. You, the staff of representatives Ocasio-Cortez
and Ilhan Omar, uh, and several others have had to go through extensive training because
they’re getting so many death threats. And Fox News is right there along the way,
pushing these people to these extreme ends. It’s not an accident. It’s by design with this network because the
people at Fox News, the executives, the on air talent, they would love nothing more than
to see one of their crazed followers go out and fulfill these promises that they’re making
that would make Fox News happy. That’s why they are the way they are because
they know there’s plenty of crazy people out there and all it takes is one little segment
to flip that switch and cause something terrible to happen.

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