Geraldo reacts as the ‘post-impeachment apocalypse phase’ begins in DC

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  1. Pelosi fails once again ! Will the people of California never learn ? Or are they simply being over run by the Democrat political machine ?

  2. One thing has come out of the impeachment . Mitt Romney has declared himself as a R.I.N.O. !! He and two other Republicans have declared that they are Democrats disguised as Republicans. Consider this . Romney as a Republican was the governor of a state that is totally controlled by the Democrats ! Mass. is a state where a Republican can't even get elected as a dog catcher. That should tell you something about Romney .

  3. Dirado you need to shut the hell up he did not say she was embodiment evil you need to get it quit getting up here in lying

  4. Nancy etc and other Democrats ie Hillary say such awful things.. if you put them side by side .. Democrats make President Trump look like a Sunday School teacher.. so I’m sick and tired of Geraldo he needs to speak to Democrats.. and he said Nancy is fisety and independent he likes that.. really..No she is a monster.. and the Democrats are shameful etc etc. recently I also saw Bernie on TV and he said the most disgusting things about President Trump.. if I thought anything good about Bernie .. his hate and vile words made me lose that! Maybe President Trump called them out by saying they are liars and leakers, but that was the truth… Did you notice the ugly look and ugly voice when Nancy said Trump won’t get rid of that scar.. she hates him and she needs to step down.. it’s a fake impeachment FAKE Impeachment.. it will follow her .

  5. Somebody with any kind of sense, PLEASE GET RID OF PELOSI. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! She is tearing everyone apart INCLUDING OUR COUNTRY!!! PLEASE?

  6. Nice try Nancy, but it hard to ignore facts most of us remember struggling or lost our jobs / homes because YOU and Obama Forced threw the bailout which sent us in to the 2nd depression not rescission. When their is 30% unemployment that's a depression those are the real numbers because Bush and Obama stopped counting humans as unemployed after a month so the 13% unemployment was only monthly #'s it may have been as high as 40% by the poll I took back then.

  7. Based on how Pelosi is handling her self, why she still been a speaker? She has mental issues, just look how she takls. What is so fascinating about this crazy will man that Congress still allowing this crazy woman be in the position she is now? Of course half of Congress are as crazy as she is, but still we all the American people who own this country, should fired a false public server as Pelosi and other members of the Democratic party immediately, based on the Constitution of the United States. Geraldo is wrong, if Pelosi was truly smart she would not be screwing up so much the American people's money, by keep going waisting time, and putting her own party in shame, a smart person is not about how much college or things had achieve, but what is it doing now in this kind of circumstances.

  8. The issue is simple… Trump is not afraid to fight for what is right. Past Presidents were too gutless. Pelosi is pissed that Trump will not back down.

  9. Defend the Constitution??? What does Nancy even know about it? The Constitution is full of checks on power but every time it gets in the way of the left, they trample it!

  10. She is demented and so low in the political scenario that it begs for her removal or retirement. Why the American political scene allows half-wits like Pelosi to continue to operate and making a fool of herself and America absolutely defies all sensibilities and common sense.

  11. Please DON'T even try to INSULT the intelligence of SANE , RATIONAL people with COMMON SENSE M .Cohn warned you people about trump & you STILL are heeding his warning 👁

  12. The fact that Pelosi is in the position she is in says a lot about the state of our country. That caricature creature should not be on the airwaves, she is offensive to two of my senses. Our President is plenty grown up and completely entitled to lash our after what he has put up with for the last three years. Shame on the left.

  13. oh and Nancy Pelosi when she standing in the Capitol Hill those flags have gold Fringe around at folks that means it's owned by the Queen of England

  14. Wall Street only helps millionaires or billionaires are trillionaires and more people working just means there's more people enslaved in 2020 then there was back in the day we're Jim Crow had the so-called slavery days so you're telling me he helped his family which is the 1% which Donald Trump is a part of and he put more slaves in America in slavery that's all I hear nothing else folks like I said we've had Democrats and Republicans both in our office then they've done nothing for the American people I'm like Back to the Future hello McFly

  15. hot Nancy Pelosi being independent is like saying Donald Trump's not a pedophile and he's never cheated on any of his wives

  16. oh and just to let you know Catholics don't worship Jesus Christ they worship false gods and graven images and do what thou wilt

  17. RE: NANCY P. OUR PRESIDENT WAS ACQUITTED AND EXONERATED. Didn't she get to memo? Someone send her the memo with those facts please so we can move forward with the good he and our party are doing for our country.

  18. You want both nancy and trump to grow up???? Excuse you!! It's actually the father whooping the little brats behinds. Trump's not acting like nancy, or any of the other swamp rats. He's cleaning house! Draining the swamp!!
    Actions speak louder then words.
    And Trump's actions are speaking volumes. The demirats are fighting a loosing battle with trump!! And we the people are helping him. You need to stop talking bad about your president.

  19. Or forgot Nancy you are best at spinning anything and everything against Trump because you hate presidents Trump and remember and don’t forget he is the president. Respect is in order

  20. Nancy Pelosi Committed a Crime In front of the Whole Country and she is STILL running free !! She Tore Up Government Property !! PUT HER IN JAIL where she BELONGS !! And OBAMA was a Joke !! A puppet for Soros !!

  21. Take nancy sht for brains and drop her and off in poop city. When its cleaned up and stays clean then she can be fed to the sharks

  22. Nancy has clearly gotten away with this because no one wants to to face the fact that something is wrong with her medically. Clearly she is a alcoholic and until she gets sober and seeks sobriety she will continue on this path. She cannot think clearly and will use religion as her excuse for very poor manners. She acted like a spoiled child ripping up the speech and then wanted it permanently removed from Social Media. Ahem, we all saw it! She is pathetic and 3rd in control of our Country. She is scary to watch, listen to and it's scary being in her aftermath!

  23. Hey geraldo quit lumping President Trump in with evil Nancy pelosi the Democrats started this war and President Trump is going to end it. Trump 20/20

  24. It was a mess where is her fu. Ink brain “oh yea she hasn’t got one.!” Pelosi needs to go to jail for the in fractions that she has Committed . How dear she lie as she has over the past 3 years on the President.

  25. Dictionary definition of Nancy Pelosi " moron , idiot , joke , laughable " you get the idea she's not the sharpest 🔧 in the shed.

  26. That just goes to show that the democrats did not care if the impeachment stuck or not .Just as long as it blemished the president ,most people can see through this and will vote for him .

  27. shouldn"t a prerequisit of being speaker of the house be that, you know, you can"SPEAK".? ditzy pelosi bumbles through everything when she talks.

  28. Pelosi says protect the constitution what a joke she cares nothing about this country and Americans put her in prison

  29. Only thing that happened is that they wasted more of our money while we the people have to actually produce something when we go to work. Do this bickering on your own time & stop wasting our hard earned money.

  30. Trump Cult continues…… " He is my leader" i don't care about anyone else… if your now with us your against us…… Remember when he said he didn't agree with the words of Jesus a prayer breakfast.. where will you be when God Judges you? Ephesians 6:12.

  31. I´m a Canadian who stationed to Germany during the Cold War 1978. The Germans are disgusted with Merkel and even more disgusted over Pelosi.

  32. @Jannette Juneau It's not lies as there is clearly something fundamentally wrong with the woman! Just look at her erratic disorientated movements and speech! Certainly, she should seek professional medical help as it could be early Parkinsons or Alzheimer's disease. The only embarrassment is Nancy and the extreme left wing trash she is being manipulated by now due to her now obvious feeble mind! Never mind it's due to this and the fake impeachment we will have FOUR MORE YEARS of PRESIDENT TRUMP TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

  33. Can ANYBODY out there please tell me why a sitting American President takes the constant abuse of common sedition / treason to the effect that DJT has and continues to take? Me?, I'm just a normal REAL-GUY in that if somebody constantly berated me with hate, falsehoods and outright lies, I'd be more than likely to correct this by having said person appear in court under slanderous charges and sue the pants off this individual, (etc.) But such is not the case with Trump. He has EVERY opportunity in the world to do this beginning with plosive and seemingly doesn't give a "flip". I'm completely "flabbergasted" as to why he takes this constant s**t and doesn't retaliate. Per the above first line of this post…if you know something I don't, I'd GREATLY appreciate you clicking on the reply button and let me know what's going on here…THANKS!

  34. The impeachment was a complete FARCE!! There was ZERO bipartisanship in the House on the impeachment. Just because the Democrats hold the majority is the only reason the vote went to vote to impeach Trump. Disgusting on the part of the Democratic Party!!

  35. Mitt Romney using his Mormon faith as a reason to impeach Trump is VILE and disgraceful to the LDS church as a whole. By the way I really feel that America and the world need to wake up and seriously look into who and what the LDS church are, cause knowing the facts myself the Mormons DO NOT believe in the same God that Christians do. In fact the Mormons used to say they were not Christians AT ALL decades ago, but now they are just trying to be accepted by America. Most Mormons don't even know what their past "Prophet" Mormon Presidents have even said since they firmly believe that their President is a voice of God this is no SH$%!! The Mormon President is a Prophet of God and gets his orders directly from God who is currently on the planet Kolob where he was once a man and became a God through doing good WORKS. Mormons "God" had many sons two being Satan and Jesus. So the two are brothers! I could go on, but the fact is that Mitt Romneys faith is based on a CULT!!!! Plain and Simple!! Many of the Mormons temple rituals are based on the Masons since the founder of the LDS church Joseph Smith was indeed a mason himself! Don't be blinded by Mitt Romneys "faith" based impeachment decision cause all he's done is appeal to the Democrats as a hero to run for President again!! Mark my words!

  36. Obama was the biggest loser we have ever had in office! Nancy Pelosi is a very sick person I've ever seen…she is a serious lunatic and has serious mental problems! How did she ever get to where she is I don't understand!! Get real and get her out!!

  37. From the other side of the pond, it looks like the liberal meltdown just goes on and on, we could do a lot more in the world if these guys would just accept democracy and get on with life. So much energy spent on hating.. surely the dems know this? We have the same in the UK with the Neo liberals and the liberal press/media, we could do so much more if they would just stop bitching and attacking every single thing the (democratically elected) Government does.

  38. "Nothing's going to change."
    Because there is NO END to Trump's penchant for malfeasance. We can't be expected to just sit and watch Trump trample on the Constitution and the Rule of Law on a daily basis.

  39. This horrid little woman is not long for the political, nor any other, world. Wow, she has no idea how much like an evil cartoon character she looks…. horrible little thing.

  40. Pelosi; " i dont hate him , i hate no one , i'm a christian" .. how does not EVERYONE recognize the lying and hypocrisy out of this crazy persons mouth !!??


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