Get Rid Of The Pennies Holding You Back From Success

– I don’t want you to just
watch and learn from me and not take any action. – Who is Dan Lok? – Dan Lok. (techno music) (dark orchestral music) – Hello my name is Aliona – Hi Aliona – Hi everyone, hi Sifu. So my question is when
you were talking about all this metaphor, the a-ha moment what I had very deep is how can we get
rid of pennies in the world and make sure that they
are not made anymore? – You can’t. – I’ll think how I can do it. – How you would get rid
of them in your life so they don’t come in your life anymore? – Knowing that they will come, the minute you think they won’t come? That’s when you lose the battle. It’s knowing that they’re always there. And knowing that someone
is stacking pennies in front of you all the time. Then it’s our job, example: with an intense
experience like CIB? We move stacks of pennies. (clicks tongue) like that. HTC, stacks of pennies. You can think every week
is like one penny, right? Everything that helps you stay plugged in, hold yourself accountable,
seeing other role models beliefs, relearning, it’s constantly. I came back from the castle, right just came back from the castle seminar. In a few months, December, I’m going back to the castle again, why? I need to? – [Aliona] Remove stacks of pennies. – Sifu has pennies too. Because there are certain
things in front of me that I don’t see. Sometimes it could be a story. sometimes it could be a quote. Sometimes it could be a speech. Sometimes it could be a lesson. Only when you know and you could remove pennies for yourself, then yes, maybe you could help others. Only if they deserve it. Round of applause (round of applause) – [Aliona] Thank you. – Sifu doesn’t save people, I don’t save people. I only help people who swim towards me. And they better be swimming
pretty fucking fast. Because I don’t wait, life is too short. Life is too short. There are enough people on the planet who want, need, get it,
who deserve my help? I can spend my lifetime helping those. I don’t give a shit about
people who don’t give a shit. I don’t give a shit about people who don’t give a shit about themselves, who don’t give a shit about me, who don’t give a shit about us. Life is too short. Why spend my time, my life
convincing these people? I don’t need anything from them. They don’t want my help,
they don’t want my help. And not saying, “Oh
yeah, I need your help.” It’s not that. Actions. Because desperate people, write it down Desperate people do desperate things. Hurt people hurt people. Hurt people hurt people. Life is too short. The great thing about planet is there are a lot of people. Stop spending time giving a shit to people who don’t give a shit. If you care about their dreams more than they care about their
dreams something is wrong. Something is fundamentally wrong. And you know what? These people, they don’t
appreciate it anyways. It’s a waste of fucking time. You get pissed off because you are not happy you can’t help them. They get pissed off because
you are trying to help them and they don’t want any help. They like things the way things are. That’s them, that’s their life to live, not my life. It’s very black and white for me. It’s very black and white for me.

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  1. Dan,you are awesome. You have inspired me. Am doing what am doing because of you. Am looking up to you. I know I will get there

  2. How I wish I get views like you get in just a minute .huhu Me: one year still the same. You are So aspiring. Inspire millions of people . God bless u

  3. Pennys hold me back? Bro I find pennys and enter them into Dogecoin, that does not hold me back. I've made 1,000 on doge i vesting penny's. ???

  4. One of the things that has always stuck with me from when I first started watching you to when I started learning in HTC is life is too fucking short. So that sticks with me when handling people who do or don’t want my help. Thanks you

  5. I cannot thank sifu enough for the tough way he talks in his videos. 1,5 years ago his confrontational style made me see it was my fault that I got into debt. I paid it off little by little, then started putting some money aside each month. Now on top of that I can give a bit to charity each month as well! And now I am learning a higher-income skill. Much love from Belgium!

  6. Does making money means we are getting successful??? should we focus on improving skills or making money??please need advice

  7. I've wasted lot of time trying to help my friends grow that were not interested in self development or growing.
    I had to sadly move on from them and make new friends that had similar goals and interest. It's part of growing. ??

  8. I like your generosity by giving people knowledge what is real truth, I am so amazed by your mindfulness ….big thank you

  9. That should be the ultimate goal, getting your face on a fucking penny and the text ''in (enter your name here) we trust'' XD.

  10. I always love the way you teach and you explain, it helps a lot, I wish I could follow your step.

  11. That's very true, some people around you that you try to get thinking different but you shouldn't care if they don't care

  12. You remind me of Bruce Lee he had the story there there was a traveler who went to Hong Kong to learn front-end about more about martial arts Bruce Lee asked the Traveller tell me what you study and he said he learned from that teacher and he learn from all teachers all over he was like a resume but Bruce Lee being a teacher he was remain calm and he got to glass of water he said this class is you and this class is me but you come for me for more knowledge but therefore you are FULL

  13. Respected Dan,
    Greetings this is Manoj from India, I've started following you and learning your teachings from 20 days and i wanna become entrepreneur and I'm starting with this wealth triangle strategy.
    I've 1 year of sales experience and now joined new organisation in Tata AIA life insurance, I've noted all your guidance on HTC and want to implement in my current organisation after this covid lockdown ends….
    My concern here is – I want to develop high income skills continuing this current job… What do you suggest for me….

    Waiting to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  14. I am already experiencing some success , thanks to Sifu and others who help me. Although I just got little success,I am on the path to greater things.

  15. Sir I read I read your biography you are so motivation person ever seen on my life and your life so struggle full thanks for more on lockdown

  16. Hey Dan can you please make a video
    Regarding how to overcome the obstacles made by family between our dreams, parents are asking to join a job . Or to optimise a career like a( at age of 16 after completing 10th grade to go for medical entrance or engineering entrance study's) doctor or an engineer and get stuck in a same place of work and don't see growth in yourself as an individual . If the person wants to go in business field and ready to work hard for their dreams and ready to take the risk and readiness to face failure and learn from those instead of getting a job security.
    I am from ??India and Indian parents today are teaching their children how not to lose instead of how to win and take risk and grow up in life mentally and financially.
    I hope you understand my point and help Indian students by making a video advice.
    Thanks you ???

  17. Hi Dan! As we do know about world situation now, which is confront to Covid-19. And my question is " What do Management Marketing should do after this outbreak gone? "

  18. Can anybody explain what are the 'pennies' Dan mentions here!?
    Does pennies imply the negatives in one's life that are holding him back or is it something else?

  19. I'm really glad Dan found a way to suck pennies out of greedy, egoistic and desperate people who want to become millionaires and billionaires by hearing empty instagram motivation posts at a venue and feel "enlighted" afterwards.

  20. Hey everyone! I am currently trying to find out how one could make the lives of busy professionals such as yourselves a lot easier 😉

    Which is why I have two very simple questions:

    1. As an entrepreneur, I’m wondering if you are having trouble staying in shape? And if so what are the 2 biggest issues that are preventing you from staying in shape?

    2. Regarding staying in shape, what would you wish for more than anything else to be able to get into shape or back into it?

    Thanks so much in advance. You can also directly message me as well if you are not comfortable putting it in the comments section – looking forward to reading your answers!

  21. Anyone who has not thought of investing in Gold stocks now is the best time to do so.Why should one do this?although things appear like a landslide the upside is the increase in value that will only double by this time next year because of oil exports a huge increase of the value will be part of a much bigger picture see far ahead take advantage now.

  22. mindset is everything, love this! For me, I've been doubling down on my focus and my ebay sales have been insane, ebay has literally been printing me money the past few weeks.. probably cause so many people are stuck at home nowadays, never been a better time to start an online business guys, lets build our empires!!! ????

  23. Sifu Dan is always speaking truth, and that's why I'm excited to take a break from being an observer trying to take in all the valuable things I've learned from his videos – its time to implement and take action. He even says it the new intro to his videos – he's encouraging us not just to learn passively, but to take action. So thankful for the direction as to where and how to start ?

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