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”Try to imagine all life as you know it stopping instantaneously, and every molecule in your body exploding at the speed of light.” ”Right, that’s bad. Okay.” ‘Ghostbusters’ are making a return to the big screen once more, this time under the guidance of Jason Reitman who is the son of original ‘Ghostbusters’ helmer Ivan Reitman. ”It’s right here, Ray. It’s looking at me.” ”He’s an ugly little spud, isn’t he?” ”I think he can hear you, Ray.” The film, which has been the works in secret, so far has a script co-written by Reitman and Gil Kenan – who directed the animated movie ‘Monster House.’ The latest iteration of the beloved family film is set to go into production this summer with an eye on a 2020 release. Fun fact: due to the secrecy of the of the project, it has been operating under the name “Rust City.” According to Sony, the new feature will be “the next chapter in the original story,” and will continue the narrative of the 1980s classic. It has also been described as a passing of the torch, “both inside and out.” ”What happened, are you okay?” ”He slimed me.” ”That stuff went everywhere, by the way. In every crack.” So far, it is unknown if any of the original cast members will return to the new version of the classic. Sources say that Reitman is on the lookout to cast four teens in the movie, two boys and two girls. For Sony, the ‘Ghostbusters’ title is an important one for the studio who lacks a stable of franchises that can rival the ones that continue to kick goals for Disney and Warner Bros. Having said that, the company did find a surprise franchise when it resurrected ‘Jumanji’ with Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart in 2017, and it is also relaunching ‘Men in Black’ this summer. Sony had plans for a multi-platform reboot of ‘Ghostbusters’ when it introduced an all-female team in 2016, but the pic, directed by Paul Feig, failed to catch on, even though it grossed $229 million worldwide. Some observers were speculating that the property had gone back into hibernation until this latest development. “Let’s go. Oh, did you wanna-” For his part, Reitman has been nominated for two best director Oscars, once for 2007’s ‘Juno’ and again for 2009’s ‘Up in the Air.’ Last year the helmer was responsible for two releases: ‘Tully,’ a drama starring Charlize Theron, and ‘The Frontrunner,’ a political drama which told the story of former Sen. Gary Hart and starred Hugh Jackman. To read more on this story, head to THR.com. For The Hollywood Reporter News, I’m Lyndsey Rodrigues.

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