Good women gone bad: WWE Top 10, Sept. 7, 2019

[MUSIC]>>Edge has used that briefcase
in every match he’s won, and now he’s briefcaseless.>>[NOISE]
>>[APPLAUSE] Wait a minute.>>Lita dropped the briefcase.>>Did she just.>>Kane trying to get to the top. He’s! That got Kane! Wait a minute.>>What in the hell is going on here.?>>No no no don’t do this. Not with Kane watching. [MUSIC]>>My God, that’s the man’s wife,
that’s the man’s wife! What the hell are you
people thinking here?!>>[NOISE]
>>AJ, look at, she’s skipping. I don’t know even what to say about this.>>Cena deserves this [INAUDIBLE].>>Whoa whoa whoa, what the hell?>>[APPLAUSE]
>>Had to know this was going to happen.>>[NOISE]
>>Not walk out here.>>You can’t plan for
true emotion, though, it’s gotta be tough on this grand stage.>>Becky! [APPLAUSE]
>>Becky what? That’s your best friend.>>Come on Becky.>>Was, was the best friend.>>[APPLAUSE]
>>I get the frustration but. [SOUND]
>>What?>>[APPLAUSE] Man, man, no!>>Boo!>>[NOISE]
>>Trish trying to restrain Jericho.>>[NOISE] What?>>Good lord, what the hell is?>>[LAUGH]
>>Did you see that?>>What the hell?>>My God!>>For God’s sakes.>>The two-tongue tango, look, JR. [LAUGH]
[MUSIC] Look at that!>>I am no longer here to entertain you! Not anymore! Damn your fantasies! Damn the man! Screw the woo and
no more Mrs. Nice [BLEEP].>>And Ronda Rousey goes right
after Charlotte and Becky. And now Ronda Rousey attacking Becky.>>It’s about time Ronda Rousey
remembered just who the hell she is, taking it to the man. Bet you AJ might not make it to Cleveland,
let alone Wrestlemania.>>Arm bar.>>And now Becky Lynch who
was hurt coming in tonight, as Ronda Rousey is beating
the hell out of Becky Lynch. [SOUND] [NOISE]>>Mickie’s a little overzealous sometimes with her passion.>>The Chick Kick, Mickie James just
Chick Kicked Trish Stratus’ head off.>>You don’t like me? Do you like me now,>>You know what they say, hell hath no wrath like a woman scorned.>>[NOISE]
>>And, ooh, the Stratusfaction by Mickie James.>>[NOISE] [MUSIC]>>My God!>>What the hell?>>Surprise.>>Sasha Banks attacking Natalya.>>I’ve been telling everybody all along,
new blue hair, same true colors.>>Uh-oh, twin magic.>>This is two on one,
Stephanie’s got nowhere to go. Bullseye!>>What? [APPLAUSE]
Nicki just knocked out her sister. [APPLAUSE]
My god, what?>>[SOUND]
>>Sasha not gonna wait for Clash of Champions,
unloading here on Lynch. And now Bayley coming in to
put an end to this things. No, why? Bayley!
Bayley’s unloading on Becky. Bayley unloading on Lynch.>>What the hell is happening?>>[APPLAUSE]

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