GOP Struggles With Impeachment Strategy To Defend President Donald Trump | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. Let's see if I've got this straight. The Drumph is being impeached for attempting to rig the 2020 election among other things and he is already guilty of participating in the rigging of the 2016 election with the help of the Russians. Most of the Democrats think that the Senate will not vote to convict so they are perfectly willing to allow the coming rigged election to decide if Drumph has a second term or not… is that about it? I don't know which is worse, the criminality of Drumph and the Republican party or the abject cowardice of the Democratic party leadership?

  2. The republicans are cowards and they love that taxpayers money and Cadillac healthcare. They are not to be respected, they are to be despised.

  3. 'wimps' say things like 'we would vote him out behind the scenes in a secret vote' but not if they-(GOP)-are held in the 'light'… wimps…all of them…

  4. I'm afraid that the republicans don't have to scramble for any defense. The democrats have already done it for them. Whether or not you agree with President Trump, he is a professional at what he does. He has goaded his opponents in Congress to the point that they forget everything else and show their true selves. They have thrown out the established procedures for conducting impeachment procedings. They have unilaterally rewritten the rules to stack the odds in their favor denying equal justice under the law. By calling out their lies and deceptions he has enraged dems to the point that they completely threw the point of law right out of the window. And to top things off, they denied the President the right to due process by not allowing his counsel to be present to cross examine the accusers and wittnesses against him which is a violation of the Constitution that congress took an oath to uphold. What it all boils down to is that members of congress have gone rogue and commited Treason. And by selective partisan leaking of lies and half-truths to their media cohorts they have also commited Sedition. The whistleblowers lawyer Zaid, has already implicated CNN in this treasonous coup. It will be interesting to find out how many other mainstream media outlets are acessories to Sedition and Treason. I could name a few but I don't want to spoil it for you. All I will say is buy plenty of popcorn. The Treason trials and executions will be the best entertainment we've had in years. And our country will be a better place.

  5. …I've been wondering what word or term I would eventually use to 'fit' or describe these GOP fools… wimps… wimps it is…

  6. signage at the impeachment hearings need to state GOP are wimps… ca'mon America… lets hear ya now… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps… wimps

  7. The Republicans will go down with the ship….how pathetic that they're 'scared' of a criminal lowlife like Spanky Mc Bonespurs. Grow a pair, boys and girls!!!

  8. Conservatives already have a political home in the Democrat party. It's okay, we'll forgive and welcome you back to humanity.

  9. Watching from the other side of the world. Call me naive if you will. But I never thought the US was THAT corrupt and politicians were THAT shameless. Hard now to call yourselves the leader of the free world and democracy.

  10. Rubin, a conservative, made clear and direct statements about the GOPpers which are impressive and soaking with integrity – I salute you Maam!

  11. It is quite obvious that Trump is a Dictator and talks and acts like one.He
    has taken his cue directly from Putin s playbook and we can only hope that Trump does not start poisoning his opponents like Putin does to his opponents

  12. THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA is a CORPORATION since the " act of 1871 " . The citizens are the collateral for the national debt , borrowed at interest from the bankstas that own the global CORPORATIONS . your 733 billion dollars for war to fortify the global corporations was borrowed at interest from your grand children . Masquerading as protecting and serving you , they are robbing you of your money and integrity . Your silence is your consent and the infighting continues the repitition of YOU BEING DIVIDED and CONQUERED . Keep infighting between both wings of the same turkey vulture you have created or allowed to be created by infighting distraction and religious , zionist support wars of aggression with no end in sight . Shame on any one using Jesus' name in the genocide and concentration camp called Palestine .

  13. Why would anyone be afraid of Donald Trump? It's more than likely they getting paid by Trump.
    Dummy dump can't put fear in anyone or thing.
    I would fear an 🐜 more than dump 😂

  14. We need new parties, these criminal "parties" have commited crimes against The People of the United States of America, their donors, organiziations, "parties" need to be investigated and pay restitutions for their crimes and harm, and pay for the debt deficit.

  15. So, who are using Trump and his blind party? Who got this Ukraine idea into his head? Who benefits from crumbled American democracy and bipartisan confusion? Please wake up, Americans!

  16. Republicans are NOT scrambling to assemble their witnesses,its just their star witness ADAM SCHIFF is reluctant to TESTIFY. Why, because his WHISTLE BLOWER Friend is too close to SCHIFF and his involvement will blow this Hearing wide apart.

  17. Trump? Kick, cry and scream it should be open to the public, then he finds out that people are actually telling the truth, he flips and says it shouldn't be? If that's NOT the attitude of a guilty person that has absolutely no way to defend themself, what is it?

  18. admission of guilt? the guy asked china to investigate the bidens at press conference standing on the wh lawn. the guy is guilty, the question is does anyone care

  19. Romney is not up for re-election till 2024, at this point, I honestly think he'll flip on Trump and vote to remove him to protect his own future.

  20. The Senate Republicans are accessories to Trumps crime's and like Trump are Unfit to serve in the American Government. They shouldn't be voted out, they should be fired for not doing their job., Even I know that's not how government works! Too much at stake.

  21. NARCISSIST EPIDEMIC in the GOP! Educate yourself!

  22. What Rep. principles ? Those in power these days don't know how to think for themselves anymore. They are so used getting told what to say, do or vote by their sponsors , that when their sponsors don't know (or care) , they are stuck,

  23. you only have 1 party. join the dems to the republicans,same,same. Let the progressives in the dem ocratic party be the 2nd party. you guys have a lot to learn about the political spectrum

  24. This Ukrainian situation is a step too far for Mr. Rooney? Separating children from their parents and locking them up didn’t do it for him? He was able to look his family in the face when that was going on? Calling neo Nazis good people was just fine? Where do the republicans get these people?

    🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤗🤗🤗🇺🇸🤗NEVER BACK DOWN. FREEDOM OF SPEECH AND TRANSPARENCY👍❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🥇🥇❤️❤️🇺🇸🥇🇺🇸🥇🥇❤️❤️🇺🇸🥇🥇🥇❤️❤️🇺🇸🥇🥇❤️❤️❤️❤️FIGHT BACK. NO TO THE COMMUNIST DEMO-RATS.

  26. Please see our position in the UK on Whistleblowers, I am a Trump supporter & we are looking for help & support in the UK against corruption:

  27. It looks to me like the GOP is hopelessly corrupt. The creepiest part of this equation is that they're completely shameless about their total lack of ethics. Each and every one of these individuals should be investigated. It sickens me to see some of them questioning the ethics of those who actually are decent people acting in the best interest of our country.

  28. My Goodness.! What a bunch of babies.! This current set of Republicans reminds me of a bunch of infants refusing to eat solid foods at first. Without a woman's clear sighted vision, these infants would never get weaned off of mother's milk. So sorry, as elected officials, they are expected to make decisions that impact the future of this country. They should give up their seats if they are not ready to play with adults.

  29. Rubin is correct. What remains of the Republican Party has done a pretty good job of self-destruction. The intellectual financial conservatives have fled. The current party is being financed by and for the super-rich. This billionaire class is giving an occasional short-term nod to the masses that they still require in order to maintain power. It's all been smoke and mirrors. Once the wealthy, middle and poor classes all finally "get it" that they have been used and betrayed, they will leave the "old" Republican Party. So far they have simply broadened the scope of the Democratic Party. Enough voters could start a new fiscally conservative party.

  30. The libertarians ran a goofball for president in 2016, he got 6 million votes. Imagine a big name going Independent, Mitt Romney or whoever. There's a hunger in both parties for a healer, a moderate. Someone to say enough is enough.

  31. The real tragedy is that millions of Americans are indeed backing Trump and that they are endorsing his insane behavior. People are actually enjoying the Trump performance as if it were a reality show. These supporters are brainless on top of lacking a moral compass. Impeachment or not, elections or not, even if Trump somehow is made to leave the office of the presidency, these millions of Americans will stiil be there and they will be even more frustrated. That is a real and very concerning problem for America and the world. Brace, brace, brace …

  32. What a sick, enthusiastic anti Trump bunch of "journalists" They slander Republicans in mass with glee ! … perverted behavior by these political assassin," news people" ugh !

  33. they want to lose so then the screwed up economy will fall on the backs of the winners and the winners will be fully blamed for the crash.

  34. Dem's own 95% of the media, omit 80% of the facts, twist the last 20% facts into pretzels trying to make it fit their scams for 3 years and America still ain't buying it. The obviously shameless corrupt, scandalous and down right treason's committed on this Country is going to have severe and harsh repercussion for decades to come…. but of course the colluding media will blame it on Republicans until they go bankrupt.

  35. Put it this way: Trump could spend a week tweeting how he's a Russian sockpuppet out to destroy America from within, and Republicans would still stand behind him and claim he can't be impeached. That's the level of nuttery on their side of the aisle.

  36. The GOP is a failed, dying party. When Texas goes blue the GOP is finished as a national level party. The question is what the Democratic Party will do. And just running down the tracks of neoliberalism won't cut it in a post-prosperity economy. They either get with it or they'll be next.

  37. Being a NY/NJ person, none of this Trump corruption surprises me, but the magnitude and cooperation of so many GOPers is astounding! Did Trump projectile vomit these undesirables?


  39. WAKE-UP … this is NOT a Republican party anymore !!! This is a fine tune machine sponsored by putin to destroy our country with benedict trump leading the charge!! Benedict trump's trumpublicans are the pawns for the fruition of this madness!!! Republicans voters this is NOT an attack on trump and supporters but a intervention on the health of OUR country and OUR political system!! THE BEST EVER!!!!! Fair and free elections. True REPUBLICAN voters save your party … "just say no!" IMPEACH!!!!!!!

  40. Jennifer Rubin states, "We need a center-right party in this country." Is she attempting to describe the GOP, because it is not a center-right party. Not to worry, though, Jennifer, as we DO have a center right party; it's called the Democratic Party. What we need is a genuine leftist party. What we need to do is send the GOP packing, toss them on the trash heap of history, then the Democrats will execute their split between the center-right corporatists and the genuine left progressives. That is the way forward in this nation.

  41. Joe creepy Biden and his crackpipe smoking son.
    Kicked out of the Navy making deals with the Ukranian's and China
    Like the Ukranian's want a Disgraced drug addict sitting on their energy board with no.experience.
    What drugs are being brought into the US and top secrets did you two creepy pervs give to China and the Ukranian's for Million's
    Does his dead brother's kids call Hunter the drugged up loser Uncle are Daddy?
    There is our Defense!

  42. If they will not forsake The Cheeto for "The Constitution", then they should be voted out!! It's not about the party, it's about the Country!!

  43. These people are nothing short of traitors!
    They are not American!
    They are power driven yet choose to be complicit in a criminal administration

  44. There will be no impeachment.

    Do any of you moonbats know how many democrats have been expelled from Congress for being traitors?

  45. We need to make mandatory drug screening as well as breath analyzers for alcohol.Half of these Republicans have DU'sI on there record.This needs to be public record.It should be obvious they are not of sound mind.

  46. I agree nothing will come out of this, they have sold their souls to the devil and there is no going back. I have never felt so ASHAMED….I know this, not 1 republican will ever get my vote, not even for dog catcher!! my goal is to educate those still asleep and it may not be much but I have managed to wake 5 republicans up who will not be voting republican for the first time in their lives….I hope they are truly paying attention because if there are enough that think like me you will be gone within 5 years!

  47. I'm a democrat and I think impeachment is BS.


    Bc 90% of everyone in Congress is a crook. Nancy is worth 100 million dollars and has her children lobbying (changing laws to benefit the most powerful) in Congress. Same as Chuck. Same as Biden and Republicans.

    Although Trump is a crook, in his own way he's honest about his crookedness. Everyone knows who and what he is.

    Democrats get into trouble when acting as through they are upholding some high minded principles when in reality are crooks themselves. They've been robbing for decades in cohort of media conglomerates hiding these facts.

    So spear the American people of empty high sounding rhetoric.

    Shout out to Hunter Biden! I sincerely hope every reformed crackhead gets a 50k a month.

  48. Tom Hanks Bridge of Spies.

    “My name's Donovan. Irish, both sides. Mother and father. I'm Irish and you're German. But what makes us both Americans? Just one thing. One. Only one. The rule book. We call it the Constitution, and we agree to the rules, and that's what makes us Americans.”

  49. Remember when we all assumed Susan Collins would do the right thing? Vote against Kavanaugh because he was evidently lying about eroding the right to abortion until it crumbles? If you think Susan Collins will find it in her heart to do what is right even if it is politically expensive for her, personally, I have a few bridges I would like to offer to you.

  50. Abandoning Trumpism should be very easy for True Republicans.
    Trump's Alien ways to govern America w/Lies is unreal. The way
    he has accelerated more employment w/less unemployed while
    causing National Debt to rise in Trillions' US dollars is un-noticed,
    & unbelievable. Wake up America we are in deep trouble because
    of Trumpism. America is a Nation of Pride for all Americans. This
    President looks at Greed that helps the "Rich get Richer" while the
    "Poor get Poorer". That's not a good balance or the right foundation
    for America to Stand On…

  51. Even when it's dead wrong the Republican party will not do the right thing regardless and that's will be the end of everyone in the Republican party of yesterday. And at this point they crossed lines that can never be allowed or forgiven. But what we have learned from this all is we can never let our politicians ever become career unless they are always moving up to a different position because the voters want to keep them in not because money and corporations bought their positions

  52. I don't understand why the Democrats are not saying that whatever Biden's son did or did not do in the Ukraine is beside the point. If you think your neighbour stole your laptop and your response is to kidnap the neighbour's child and make an extortion attempt, no one is going to be too concerned about that laptop during your trial.

  53. Anyhow, I m sorry that the Republican party has become the really stupid party attracting people who usually don t give a crap about children s lives but no abortion. I see them as thoughtless morons who never had an original thought in their lives. Also this bible thing is blaitnly wrong. I as a devoted Catholic understand th as t

  54. Most people who read the HOLY BIBests do and they were LE don t know how to interrupt it. Not that it educated for 13 years, studying the BIBLE
    matters but I don t read it but my pri

  55. My opinion, There is no such thing as justice . Thank God for whistleblowers. In telling the truth the American government does not like those that tell the truth, even to its own people. Do your search for the truth. You will be amazed.

  56. Just because the congress impeached trump. It doesnt mean oversite or investigations will stop in congressional hearings.

  57. The Racepublican Party killed so many people in South African aparthied now the chickens are coming home to roost…People are dying all over the world due to this cowardice policies being pursued by this administration

  58. She brought up the question that keeps boggling me, why on earth are you in politics if you're not going to stand for what are supposed to be America's core value, Democracy. Being a senator is not an especially high paying job, most senators could make more money in the private sector, so why on earth are they unable to even say "If Trump crossed X line, I could not support him". Are they as stupid as that Trump supporter who said that she would indeed vote for him if Trump shot someone on fifth avenue.

  59. None of these people will be poor if they retire.   They can get other jobs and do good in the world.   Why do they so desperately want to stay in a corrupt Senate?   why is survival more important than pride and principles?  Look at the former Ambassador to the Ukraine – look at her courage, the way she risks death to stand up to him – I meant that literally.   I bet she is receiving death threats already, and there she is, putting her integrity and ideals and indeed love of country ahead of any other consideration.    She has received oblique threats from the President and his thugs and she still perseveres. She was loved by her colleagues, loved her job, was trying to help Ukraine –  but she – now in her 60s – needs to rebuild her life again.   She has lost friends.  My guess is that this has deeply hurt her, at a personal level.     But there she is, a small figure, a woman no longer young, showing reserves of steel that put the whole Senate to shame.   And 'Masha's' strength comes from her unbreakable principles.   I often reflect that the only thing which is under our control in life is the integrity of our word.   Can we rely on our own word?   can we keep faith with our promises?   Is our integrity indeed a rock?   Because if it is, then we don't have to question, all the time, what is the most expedient course of action.    We should make promises sparingly, and let them hold us.   A promise is such a powerful thing.   These Senators should bow out, perhaps to return when America regains its senses.

  60. Lololol and Hilary still thinks she’s on the hill .she wants wants to go back in time.
    Are you sure you want democrats to run the country. You don’t even know what she was up to with private server. how quickly o e forgets what that party was up to. Personally thé the nightly bombings was too much

  61. I know eventually Trump going to wish he never ran for president. He could have continued living his crime life under the radar. When you're the president you are under microscope and open to scrutiny.

    So you're telling me the Republicans drafted most of these new rules two depositions and other inquiry investigating tools. And now they have trouble with it now that it's being used the hypocrisy is smells really fishy. What's good for the goose isn't always good for the gander.

  62. The major Trump cheerleaders know they took Russian campaign money. They don't want to go to prison and think supporting Trump will keep him from turning on all them including the whole republican party.

  63. “I believe we need a 2 party system”

    NO! No we do NOT!

    Our Founding Fathers did NOT want a Political Party System! Because they wanted the American People to be educated and to stay current with the politics going on. They wanted the American People to inform our Government how they felt through Voting.

    But thanks to Greed setting in, our Votes almost don’t matter due to the Gerrymandering that has run rampant throughout our Country!

    Our Voting System has been analyzed from the outside and in some States, the Gerrymandering was so bad! That they were ruled to be worse than 3rd World Dictatorships!

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