Growing Questions And Division Over Secret Memo | NBC Nightly News

10 Replies to “Growing Questions And Division Over Secret Memo | NBC Nightly News”

  1. Maybe The Post would have the nerve and resolve to release the documents to the American people. Both memos. Isn't risking some damage worth it to let the people see what their public servants are doing?

  2. The Republican memo is not just put together, it is a compendium of information provided by FBI, DOJ and the IG, and can easily be fact checked.

  3. Watching the Democrats scrambling after the release of the FISA MEMO is fun to watch. Democrats are embarrassed and have been exposed as frauds perpetrating a bogus Trump/Russia collusion narrative which was a sham from the get-go. Democrats just had a political MOAB explode in their faces and are left in shambles.

  4. . it's the Democrats they're all in it all of them everyone that did not realize that this actually happened is either a liar or part of the deep swamp

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