Guitar Hero Live News Singing Added, Rivals Mode Revaled & Interpol Song!

hey everybody what is up and welcome to rock
gamer and we got some new guitar hero live news just ahead of gamescom and we learned
a little bit more about guitar hero live as well as guitar hero tv. So let’s get started
with guitar hero live news we learned that there is going to be 10 bands you can play
as across two festivals the first one is called the Soundial festival it’s a european festival
that takes place in the UK and it embodies a lot of the UK festivals like we have like
Glastonbury and some other one’s and then the US festival is called Rock The Block it’s
got the US kind of rock festival feel to it and the crowds at both festivals are supposed
to be a lot different from one another. You know activision said that they worked closely
with a lot people who design the stages for these festivals in order to get the look right
and that’s really cool and something i am looking forward to when i am playing Guitar
Hero Live this fall.We also learned that a little bit more about Guitar Hero TV. We learned
that the rewards you accumulate in Guitar Hero Live is much different than the rewards
you in earn in Guitar Hero TV service so we also learned that hitting level 10 in Guitar
Hero TV unlocks rivals mode which lets you play competitively side by side against other
players around the world. It’s nice that they have finally confirmed this and shed some
light as to why we’ve been seeing two tracks in Guitar Hero TV in some of the trailers
they’ve released so it looks like we’ve been shown rivals mode in those trailers we also
learned that there will be vocals in guitar hero live that will be scored so you can now
sing in the game in addition to playing guitars and they also showed what looks like an Interpol
song that was also revealed called All The Rage Back Home. My feeling is that they added
the vocals in as a last minute change to the game in response to what harmonix is doing
in rock band 4 i think a lot of the reaction to guitar hero live has been mixed and i think
this was something that was added to the game’s development to sort of appease some of the
disappointed people that basically does it for the guitar hero live news today i am sure
that there is more that is going to come out at gamescom so make sure you guys stay tuned
to my channel for that and i’d like ot know what is your reaction to today’s news announcement.
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