Hannity: Whistleblower attorney has been plotting ‘coup’ since day one

100 Replies to “Hannity: Whistleblower attorney has been plotting ‘coup’ since day one”

  1. the whistle blower doesn't matter anymore. everything they blew the whistle about has been confirmed by other people who were in on the call.

  2. Psalms 37. Fret not thyself because of evildoers neither be thou envious against the workers of iniquity.For they shall soon be cut down like the grass and wither as the green herb.
    Trust in the Lord and do good; so shalt thou dwell in the land and verily thou shalt be fed.
    Delight thyself in the Lord and he shall give the the desires of thine heart.Commit they way unto the Lord Trust also in him and he shall bring it to pass .And he shall bring that righteousness as the light and the judgement as the noon day.

  3. Hannity what did trump promise you for you to lie for him against the United State Constitution. You can be sure that whatever he promised you, he cannot and will not and no longer has the power keep the promise. I cant wait until you are going to have to defend yourself on fox news for the crimes you yourself did while try to protect trump. You will be subpoenaed to testify.

  4. Look at the facts not the distractions of the lawyer for a whistleblower having an old Post where he criticizes the president. Think for yourself and read all the available documents. Switch the name trump with Obama and tell me you wouldn't be upset with what has happened. What does the whistleblowers attorney and his opinions matter when the details coming out are corroborated by the witnesses. If it was no big deal why all the major push to hide everything?

  5. Hannity why don't you talk about the G S M AND THE FACT THAT CHINA IS NOT GOING TO SELL BACK ANY PIGS they will feed there own people, while it gives us less FOOD don't you know about the FOOD shortage
    going on around the world WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU, you say you love the USA but you go along with the GLOBALIST and help keep the people IGNORANT, and I really do like you I watch you every day, please don't keep this up inform the PEOPLE

  6. Ukraine is the whistleblower. Biden tried to cover it up. He was at a Staples with Hillary buying a paper shredder. It’s all gonna come out. We got Biden this time!!!!

  7. 30. Jan 2017 there was no crime. Except Trump's election win, (in communist worldview it's a crime)
    Therefore it was/is a coup d'état, … overthrow of an existing government by non-democratic means.

  8. The best part is it doesn’t matter the slightest because there’s over a dozen people who witnessed the bribery and extortion. It’s transparent as hell the only reason to let out the name is to slander him because republicans don’t argue facts they use tactics and strategy. Lemme know how that works out for ya. Besides the whistleblower is ukraine. It was an aid to Zelensky. The dems don’t want it released. Bc you all will say Ukraine made it up because Ukraine is a never trumper

  9. This president is creating lots of problems to Republicans and to the country, nothing but problems in the White house , very difficult when the Republicans have to work with someone so insecure and behave like a 6 yr old child, always conflict and he is never wrong . This president is a person that is never happy because his life is a mass loosing billion on bad investments and being a failure with his personal life.

  10. IMO Trump is self impeaching by openly extorting a bribe form a foreign government to un ermine our election! Its like watching suicide by congress play out on a city street!

  11. Pelosi has outsmarted President Sharpie again. After all the crying for open hearings, Pelosi calls the bluff and we have them. Now Sharpie cries about open hearings. TFF!

    Face it MAGA maggots, like it or no Nancy is smarter than Sharpie.


  13. Using a sharpie to create a fake map, was clearly an act of insanity, And the only person to which it made sense, was the ditweed who calls himself Hannity. But with the brain of a squid, that's what our president did, not showing much hope for humanity.

  14. If we don’t arrest these criminals we live in a banana republic. If they aren’t brought to justice within our system they will be dealt with in ours

  15. What I don’t like at all is the way these nobody threatening President Trump I have to tell Sir Hannity I have to get away from twitter and utube because I’m loosing my cool so much corruption so much treason action so much learning really upset me. ✊🇺🇸😎undermining our President Trump undermine The American people undermining respectful people like urselfs make me sick👍👍👍👍👍👍✊🇺🇸😎

  16. The focus should be on the whistle blower, the enemy from the opposition party, a Democrat who is the sleazy snake in the house, bent to swallow the President alive. He is not credible, bias and a Trump hater. It is unfair to impeach President from anonymous person based on the wrong perception of gossips and rumors, not from first hand experience. What kind of law in this?

    Time for President Trump stop being defensive. Be offensive. Why does he want to provide more transcripts to his enemies to prove his innocence ? The enemies will use them to assault him endlessly. Americans know the President is serving the American citizens day in day out tirelessly without any pay. His heart and soul is with the Americans.The Republicans from the House or Senate must be strong and united, fight for the American citizens and the President. Focus on subpoena the whistle blower, Joe and Hunter Biden.Go get them.They are the source of this Ukraine impeachment debacle. Do we want to let them get away, easy and free? No way!

  17. Hey gender confused, infanticide loving, Joo hating, socialism loving liberals; why won’t liar Adam Schiff call fake whistle blower Eric Ciaramella (who falsely said on his whistle blower firm that he had first hand knowledge) to testify? Could it be that democrats don’t want to concede or the public to know that liberal soy boy/beta male Ciaramella is democrat hack who has ties to Schiff’s staff and Joe Biden? Oops!

  18. Bring out the FEMA guillotines this Sedition and Treason against America, the Constitution and We the People / President Trump is Treason!

  19. Hannity and Trump want you to keep talking about the whistleblower because multiple witness transcripts are being released everyday and public depositions are starting all of which paint a clear picture of Trump's extortion or bribery of Ukraine for personal political gain by withholding Congress-appropriated funds .


  21. AHEM. By the way, what happened to smart conservatism around here? Someone killed it dead. Nowhere to be found. Just clowns and more clowns.

  22. Get over the whistleblowers, GOP talking hosts. The hole into Presiden Trump Government is already done. Can't undo it by blaming the messanger. White House now constantly pleading the fifth which screams 'I'm guilty!' loud and clear. Probably the smart way to go–stop the self incrimination by telling the truth and tell nothing at all.

  23. Luke 20:20

    And they watched him, and sent forth spies, which should feign (pretended) themselves just men that they might take hold of his words, that so they might deliver him unto the power and authority of the governor.


  25. this is bs.. the jig is not up.. if Schiff and these clowns are so bad – and I believe they are – then take the legal system and run them down. Tired of hearing how bad they are and seeing them continue to do it. Either put up or shut up. Go after Schiff and the others or stop reporting this crap.

  26. @SeanHannity: Why not interview Sen. Mitch McConnell?! Ask him what the Republican majority senate is doing to DEFEND our POTUS besides signing a useless, meaningless resolution in the senate to condemn the House impeachment procedure? I want toi know why his Republican senate is not taking proactive measures to open an investigation into the Biden corruption scheme? Why aren't Republican senate committees NOT commencing PUBLIC hearings in the Senate of the impeachment witnesses being questioned in the House basement/bunker? It's a known fact that we cannot expect to get unredacted/unedited transcripts from Schiff. These are all Constitutional remedies available to the U.S. Senate if they wanted to take proactive measures to DEFEND the POTUS, defend our democracy, and the right of the people to know, and they could do soi much more!

  27. Hannity needs to come clean with his actions in the Impeachment Scandal. You lied to the American People Shawn, You lied and then you lied again….

  28. hannity, everything is politically motivated. trump goes after biden, the dems go after trump, it’s how it goes. YOU’RE politically motivated. regardless, even if the whistleblower was politically motivated, his report appears to be truthful, as it has been corroborated by both the transcript and all witnesses thus far. perhaps the whitehouse should stop illegally ignoring subpoenas and defend themselves and trump – it’s telling that they don’t.

  29. @Hannity don’t you get they thought Hillary would win by lying with the Dossier and Russia
    and now with Biden they think he can win by lying about the Ukraine call same lie different actors
    None will work

  30. Hannity please go deeper and find out everything about this coup against our President.All these criminals must be brought to justice and prosecuted.Thank you!


    Truth is left to the dream,




    painted up like new.

    Fantisies proped as lilly white,



    raffled off,

    consumed like super vitamins.

    Witless minds, so hungry while devouring the grail,

    quite filling,



    baked full of lies and iced like cake.

    Swallowed fast in time to please,




    no cost or pain just hollow gain.

    Thin duplicity sculped for the day parade,

    take it,

    hold it,

    adore it,

    carry it to bed and keep it tight.

    Think nothing resembling real tonight,

    only fine delusions,

    boiling hate,

    obvious self loathing,

    such is the trumpets immoral faith.

  32. You gullible crackpots live in Narnia. Your New Orange God is a corrupt criminal and no amount of deflection will change that.

  33. He needs to be disbarred and jailed with others for participating in an attempted coup to overthrow the President. What a pervert, it’s not normal for a grown man to pursue young girls! Had he ever flown on the Lolita Express?

  34. The more this Hannity fool continues to defend Trump fanatically, the more credibility he’ll lose given all the evidence being collected. The listed today from Bolton is that he’s confessing his knowing about the Ukraine meeting and other ones. What will remain of Hannity is that he’s no reporter, but a blind Trump propagandist.

  35. Hannity, why aren't you reporting on the Uranium One Trial going on right now? The Roger Stone trial, which is a circus, a Clinton judge, one juror a long time Clinton associate, and you report nothing? Peter Schweitzer's Clinton Cash's courageous expose on Clinton's Uranium One Deal $148 million AND THE REAL STORY OF RUSSIAN COLLUSION AND YOU GUYS AREN'T COVERING IT? And yes, the illegal criminal attempt to frame and impeach an innocent, duly elected president so the Deep State won't go to prison? that's news, but you need to cover the Uranium One [email protected]

  36. Hammy Hannity, you have become a laughing stock of America. Supporting a loser with lies only makes you look like a loser too🤣😂🤣😂

  37. With Barr and Durham sitting on their asses it's all for nothing anyway. Guess a lot of books being sold though. Anyway no question Horowitz is useless. Their running out the clock Sean. Also, next time Grahamnesty is on tell him to wipe that excrement eating grin off his face and do something besides lip service.

  38. A judge ordered President Trump to pay $2 million to a group of charities on Thursday, ruling that the president had broken the law by directing the proceeds from an event advertised as benefiting veterans to his presidential campaign instead.

  39. I do wish Hannity would reference the source of his claim on the whistleblower more often – specifically when it comes to the whistleblower's name.

  40. Trump admitted to using veterans fundraiser money to buy a portrait of himself for his hotel.
    What sort of man does that? Trump admitted they used charity funds to promote his presidential bid, pay off business debts and purchase a portrait of himself to display in one of his hotels.The portrait of Trump was bought by the charity for $10,000 and it allegedly hangs in one of his Florida hotels.The money included $2.8 million the Trump Foundation got from a fund-raiser for veterans in Iowa in January 2016.Trump admitted his charity gave his campaign complete control over that money. On Thursday, a state judge ordered President Trump to pay $2 million in damages to nonprofit groups after he admitted to misusing money raised by the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

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  42. Sean ”Insanity” Hannity is on a sliding slope. He needs a reality check.

    Still yapping about the whistle blower. Everything the whistle blower reported has been proven true by credible witnesses.

    It’s a good thing that the democrats are impeaching the confused old man in the White House.

  43. Whistle blowers identity should not be released to the public for protection but I believe that republicans and democrats senators should be told who it is since they represent their constituents I think trump will not be impeached though there is a lot of evidence against him the problem to clear it, to end the democrats release the full phone call not a edited version clearly it was a perfect phone conversation one of beauty so let’s hear it in it’s entirety

  44. The whistleblower must be a criminal mastermind to somehow get Trump and Rudy to extort the president of Ukraine!!! How did he/she do it??? LOL

  45. How do you orange morons feel having the people you look up to on Fox Media and in the Putin/Trump Administration constantly take advantage of your intelligence with Non-Stop lies?

  46. Looks like the Whistleblower is about to be Epsteined , At present he is and asset to the Trump camp and nothing but a liability to the Dems and company. So of course the Left needs to prefix this outcome by trying to make it look like it is a result of something Trump did.

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