Happy Tax Industry Strategy Session 8 – How to Use Breaking News for Great Press

>>Announcer: Happy Tax
Franchising presents the weekly industry strategy session. Here’s CEO Mario Constanz. (upbeat music)>>Hi, I’m Mario Costanz, also known as the problem solver. I’m the CEO of Happy Tax Franchising. Thank you for joining us. What a great week we’ve had. Our Memorial Day announcement for lowering our franchise fee for all veterans and waiving it completely
for those who have served in a war zone has had a
great response so far. If you missed that, you can
see and hear the details of that program at
gethappytax.com/veterans. On this week’s session,
I’m gonna talk about the breach of the IRS “Get
Transcript” application last week that allowed over 104,000
transcripts to be downloaded by identity thieves. Let’s talk about it, but not so much about what happened or the ramifications of that. I was interviewed five times last week on my thoughts on what happened and why and how it could be stopped. We’ll have some of those
interviews up very soon at youtube.com/happytax. What I do wanna talk about, however, is how we at Happy Tax handled this news and how you can be handling
breaking news items that affect your business. Clearly, our press guy jumped into action and helped us get those interviews. We immediately prepared
our own press release for syndication, as well as
being posted on our website. Both releases were up within
24 hours of the story breaking. Part of that release talked about our plan that the IRS could
utilize to stop over 80% of the identity theft
tax fraud in this country with just some common sense solutions. The plan has only four major points, and is only three pages long, and yet the content is
powerful and realistic. Our COO, Kermit Uregar, also sent a letter to the IRS Commissioner
alerting him of our plan and asking for action. Identity theft tax fraud is
a five billion dollar problem for this country, and it’s projected to hit
twenty billion dollars by 2016. And it can be fixed. Hopefully they’ll listen. You can access a copy of the report at gethappytax.com/solvefraud. Once all that was done, we posted links to the press release on
our social media pages and across Facebook,
LinkedIn, and Twitter, and as a result we had
shares, likes, new followers, and dozens more people
interested in becoming a Happy Tax franchisee. All this just by being nimble and on-point with reacting in a timely
manner to this news. The same concept can be applied to any business and any news. When the time is right,
you need to strike. How have you used news to get the word out about your business? Keep your questions coming, and we’ll continue to respond
to all questions directly, and we’ll feature some of the best ones here on our weekly session. If you’re already in the tax business and need help in growing your company, ask away, we’re here to help. Or, if you’re determined and committed to starting your own business and to make money and
have positive changes in your life, inquire
with us and we’ll help show you the way. We still have franchises
available in most areas, but that won’t last for long. If you’re not ready, would you refer us to ten of your friends? If that’s too many, please share this with at least one of your friends who has an entrepreneurial streak. Thanks so much. Have a great evening and a
productive rest of the week. Let me know if I can help you in any way. For more information on Happy Tax, go to gethappytax.com or email me at [email protected] Happy Tax. Smile. It’s time to file. (upbeat music)

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