Headley Bell Gives First Virtual Tour at Mill Ridge

So I want to welcome everybody to our
Mill Ridge virtual tour where- this isn’t what we do all the time, as you all
likely know, but we love to be able to share with you. Naturally all of our
thoughts are with everyone and the coronavirus. None of us know what this is
going to be but we’re going to take one day at a time and do things like
this to share and allow you to get out. This is the view that
you get often when you drive into Mill Ridge. So the yearling colts, that’s the
oldest group of colts there on our right. We’re now driving up to the office
and this is the first building that those that have been on tours will have
seen it’s right to the left. And this plaque is what greets us now
into the office. This is a Lifetime Contribution Award of our mother, Alice
Headly Chandler, that was given to her by the KTOB two years ago. This is a scarf of Sir Ivor
and the reason I’m showing this to you is because Sir Ivor really is
the foundation of Mill Ridge. So Sir Ivor then cemented just the idea that
really a great horse could be raised here in central Kentucky and it really
started the entire commercial market. If you come here as a result of Sir Ivor
and many things, I don’t know if you can see that but that’s a photo of Her
Majesty the Queen, we had her mares here. That says Elizabeth 1984 and we had
her mares here along with Lane’s End had mares here for Her Majesty the Queen
and it was truly a tremendous honor and privileged to associate with with
somebody like the Queen who is equally passionate about the horse. We run about 600 acres and
of that there are about 80 mares. So I want to share with
you a couple of yearlings here as we drive by. These are yearling fillies. She has gone on to just be sound and she
might actually be able to race. You remember Terry? You do? This is where Sir Ivor was born,
right here in this stall May 5th, 1965. We’re driving now down to the stallion portion of the farm and we’re
fortunate here to have Oscar Performance. Won the Breeders’ Cup Juvenile at two, he
won the two grade ones the Secretariat and the Belmont Derby at three, he won
the grade one Woodbine Mile at four, and broke Elusive Quality’s record in the
Poker and equaled the world record for a mile. He had 118 mares last year
and we anticipate so far that he’s gonna actually surpass his number this year which is really unusual in their second year in a commercial market. This is a mare that just foaled last night,
and that is an Oscar Performance filly. This is the mare’s
first foal. This is a Maryland by Alpha Delta and her Union Rags colt. So you do like carrots don’t you. Spoiled rotten. You want a carrot? Look, that’s the yearling fillies on
the top of the hill way over yonder, that might just be a
speck to you guys. So I think that’ll do us for the day, it’s been a pleasure. Tune
back in on Wednesday. Hope that this provided you
a little bit of a break, a little distraction. So best wishes to
all and we love to share. Thank you so much.

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  1. It was good to see the farm again. Price took my family around 2 summers ago. At the time, we were hopeful Oscar Performance would be able to run in the Arlington Million. I'm so glad he is doing so well at stud.

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