Here’s why I stopped watching the news

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  1. I used to think I was rather alone in this regard. I realized years ago that mainstream news was not good for my mental and physical well being. I lost track of how long it has been since I watched mainstream news. Much happier these days.

  2. I’ve had it with the news and including the local news and my state legislature is so corrupt that’s it’s actually nauseating to listen to and I’m sick of CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, all of it and I will only watch it during the couple weeks for the elections and that’s it and I will only get my updates from Twitter because I’m an activist and I love what I do as an activist but I decided I can do it with less news.

  3. I mostly pay attention to sports or video game news. I never pay attention to political, astronomy, and "the end of the world" related articles or news stories

  4. Yes but if everyone like you, (the right people, those who think twice and have good intentions) stopped being interested in politics, the wrong people will have power and will make the things you fear even worse.

  5. 3:35 "The worlds not ending, not yet." Nice insidious skies image insert of the new atmospheric "normal" – Chemtrails. Yes Chemtrails. It's subliminally depicted everywhere just like this…why? Conditioning? May be it's ignorance here, maybe not. May be all ending sooner than you imagine "Nathaniel". And in the same breath, a climate change advocate…not surprising narrative. No news is good news but be informed.

  6. I stopped seeing the news because I have a great interest in propaganda. And the more I read about propaganda the more I could see how much it was used in the news to get people to react in a certain way or to get people to vote in a particular direction. BUT also how the news agencies set up to create a bad debate so that this could create more news. The news agencies created problems to have more to write about.

  7. I am not your age – I am 64 but today I seriously, really and truly had to just STOP looking at the news. Thanks for producing this video.

  8. I quit facebook years ago, and ever since i was a little kid I hated when my grandparents sat with me to watch the news, It made me feel the angst, powerless, desensitized with whatever happens and keeps happening on my country, and tired of the world. And ever since I just try to avoid the news (specially on TV and newspapers) and hey I dont feel I live under a rock.

  9. I never had social media and I stopped watching the news a month after Charlottesville. I grew tired of black, white, left, right. I woke up one morning and listened to music, old school R&B and 80’s pop. I then went for a motorcycle ride. Later purchased a paper and went to Dunkin Doughnuts for coffee. While reading this old guy and I had a civil discussion about everything from news to cars and motorcycles. I tell you what I feel so much better after erasing all that bullshit from my daily routine.

  10. You’re so right! I Quit watching years ago and I become happy…then stopped hanging around with those who repeated the news and now…for some reason I’m content as well. Of course life could be better, but believe me it was worse when I watched the news..STOP WATCHING THE NEWS, it’s all propaganda anyway

  11. Oh and all you need to know about the news is:
    1. The agenda currently is to encourage a race war, (NO ONE IS GOING TO MAKE ME HATE SOMEONE WHO HAS A DIFFERENT COLOUR OF SKIN TO ME…PERIOD!)!
    2.the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. So look after yourself and ignore those tv owners who don’t!
    3. “A man who stops watching the news and reading newspapers is more informed than the man who doesn’t”. I guess because we do our own research from true primary and secondary sources.
    Thanks for this vid, you’re not alone

  12. I have lived like this for many many years. Just found your channel. Subscibed. Many blessings!

  13. When ever I see a tv at the gym with a news show playing I get this pain in my head. Like a mini headache. When I'm at home and a news story comes on, I just flip to a relaxing cooking channel:)

  14. I agreed with you about almost any other video, but this is just sounds stupid. It's really important to be aware to what happens in your country, in it's leadership, in the world, etc. Being ignorant and living in your own happy and unhealthy bubble dosen't reflect the real world. And yes, i believe we need a little bit cynical in the world we are living in, it's much better than being naive and not aware to what happening around you. Stuff that happens in the politics (for example), even if you don't notice it, does affect you.

  15. Im from canada, yeah we’re considered some innocent conflict free peaceful first world country like Switzerland or new Zealand, but the news is still the news, i noticed that all news channels have the same agenda, to control how you think and keep you in fear including our canadian media, my mom listens to cbc every day even back when she was driving us to school when we were kids and shes the most stressed out paranoid person i know, but a typical canadian behaviour is to compare ourselves to how less crazy we are to the states, she thinks that its only the american media thats crazy and that our media is reasonable but its not, but our media is heavily influenced by the american media anyways because we still get bombarded with cnn, fox, nbc news stories all the time just as often as cbc, cbc is our main news broadcaster its like the canadian version of cnn and i definitely notice they advertise themselves as an unbiased real news type channel but lowkey is liberal biased race baiting type shit, and nowadays there is no such thing as unbiased news its always politically driven like democrats vs republicans might aswell rename themselves to the cnn party and the fox party, all news channels have a political bias even if theyre one of those “lowkey” channels theyre still biased

  16. I did the exact same thing about 6 months ago and slowly started removing garbage television as well. Now I only watch things on History, Nature and people pursuing spirituality and minimalism. It’s hard sometimes because when you talk about consuming less today at lest to the people I have access to no one wants to have that conversation. Makes me feel like a buzz kill but I wish I could give them this gift. Since I blocked these things out I feel more present, happier and more fulfilled, and just overall more connected with the world around me. I wish I could meet more people on this journey. It would be so refreshing to be able to have conversations like this and not feel like people are just ready for the subject to change. Thanks for sharing.

  17. It's awesome to hear someone that has the same views about this. I totally understand if people want to be informed but it's not for me. Anytime people ask me why I don't watch the news and I explain why, they think it's immature of me to ignore the information. That as an American citizen I have a right to know. But I think as an American citizen I also have the freedom of choice and the right to not know. I think the news is concerned about matters that aren't important. We get wrapped up and waste our lives on exactly the opposite of what living's supposed to be like. I just recently discovered your content and it's extremely inspirational, helpful, and vulnerable. Thank you for sharing what you know. The biggest reason I decide to not support people is when they have all this knowledge and choose to not share it. If you found something that's helped you, share it. And that's exactly what I've seen from your channel so thank you!

  18. I stopped watching news after being deployed to Iraq 3 times. I don’t trust our so called authority. Everyone are just puppets and they have no idea they are walking into the slaughter. Somewhere in my life, I will have to choose to conform or die. Hopefully I make the right decision….whatever that may be.

  19. I quit watching the news on TV and gave up television for good almost 8 years ago and have no regrets. It's not like I've totally cut myself off from it and when it comes to regular television don't miss it at all. It's mostly garbage to me and the public media has much to do with it when it comes to why many people and many have,given up on the news and other similar outlets. Since I gave it up,not letting it consume me I've noticed a huge change for the better. After a while you learn how to tune it out with no problem. Good video. Recently joined your channel. Really enjoy your content. Much of what you post on it is the truth and is very helpful. Keep up the good work. Have a great day and awesome weekend.

  20. I haven't watched/read mainstream news for the last 20 years, and I am so better now. Even if a piece of news shows up to me in a different way, I ALWAYS go to see the other side of story. So if the narrative is against Iran, I then go to see in iranian the what they have to talk about . If it is against Russia, I the go to the russian embassy website and see their notes. Like this I can have a balanced view and 90% the western news proves to be biased, wrong, deceptive.

  21. I see the news as allowing someone to influence what you think is important. For sure most of it is Fake news. Gave it up right after the 2016 election because that was a circus with 2 Jekyll as candidates. Done with the news and the US Presidential election debacle

  22. I haven't had a tv for 6-7 years stopped watching msm and ever since then… it feels so fake, the half truths (meaning lies) its such a blessing not to be hypnotized by it and frustrating to see so many people still caught in it though, I suppose these are the msm last twitches and jerkings before its lights out.

  23. I totally agree with you. I became aware of how toxic it was for me.years ago. I relate to all of your experiences. I mainly use social media for my business. My business? Awareness. I'm a Shamanic Practitioner. Your perspective will help so many others. ♡♡♡

  24. For everybody who is trying to detox from the news but who's not ready to fully let it go on a daily basis.. try to get your daily information from here: – it's basically the same, just less exciting and therefore way less engaging and therefore you can think more clearly about it and come to your own conclusions.. 🙂
    thanks so much for putting out great content and keep enjoying every moment 🙂

  25. I find anything major that I do need to know about I’ll find out anyways. Before hurricane Harvey I found out easily just by interacting with people.

  26. I wanted to do this too since 2016. I deleted Facebook six months ago but I still watch news media and I gotta stop that. I knew that it is toxic. I wrote a detailed paper, years before the era of Trump, on the negative effect of the news. It was for my employer to read, hoping they would allow us to watch something else besides Fox news in the break room. They agreed and now we can watch other stuff mostly TV game shows. Sometimes though the Trump lovers need their world view validation fix so it gets back on Fox news every now and then and while no one is watching I flip it to MSNBC just for kicks 😁

  27. I see you have good intentions and its probably the best idea for our mental health to stay out of the loop. But I think it's inherently privileged to say you don't need news in the same way that it's inherently privileged to say you don't need politics. Please correct me if I'm over-summarizing your opinion in this video but I think its worth considering that its important to maintain a balance in all things. If there weren't certain people on top of current events some of our liberties probably wouldn't be in place today. Some of our safety relies on being in the now also. I understand your point on sensationalization though, the media is driven by profit so they will play a mass shooting over and over again until they've fully managed to run the issue dry and traumatized you in the process. All things require balance and all things are subjective to each individual but I appreciate your point of view in this issue also.

  28. I've never watched the news frequentely. I'm 15 years old.
    My school already pushed me to watch the news because they consider that as an important thing. I tried to read the summary of news for a time. So, every morning, I would eat as I read the news. After a few days, I realized I was getting more stressed and shifting to a negative view of the world, as you, too. Then, I quit.
    It lasted one week after I realize it was a complete waste of time.

  29. I quit news a year ago. Now it's hard for me to relate to the majority of people. They're cynical. Instead I'm making friends with people that are creative, positive and abundance minded. The process feels automatic.

    News don't control how you think, but they control what you think about.

  30. Thank you for this video. It is really nice to see someone who shares the same idea. I have always chose not to watch the news. I fond my mood would be a lot worse and I would become more cynical about the world. I also see what news has affected the people around me. So I chose to learn about what is happening with the world through podcasts. When people find out I do not watch the news I would get judged severely as being naiive or ignorant. So I really appreciate sharing your video thank you.

  31. Me and you really think alike. I also don't really want to go to college and I'm interested in film and photography and I hate watching the news cause it's always depressing!

  32. Great video. I have been thinking about this question for some time. Now I have a news app, read the newspaper and watch tv news. And I'm thinking about just reading the newspaper. It is like there is never any positive news. I'm sure there is, but they never show it.

  33. A very worthwhile experiment, I certainly know some people who would be better off without watching so much news, and even I could probably stand to step away from the News app. It reminds me of this amazing graphic novel I read, "Eartha" by Cathy Malkasian. With being fed the horror and stress of the news all the time, we have so very little chance to dream…

  34. I thought I was the only one. I stopped around December of 2016. Completely!!! Yes, Trump was the main reason. When people talk about Trump and racism. I just turn my head or talk about something else.

  35. I gave up watching news because of my anxiety, I feel like I was made to constantly feel stressed about things I have no impact on.

  36. today I deleted news apps, and now I'm watching your video. It's interesting that people who think the same thing is also behind the earth.

  37. I stopped watching news I was 17 because I felt like there was space only for bad news, never good news and last year, 10 years later, when I moved in with my now fiancé I banned it from our house. Only news we watch from time to time is the sport news and that's it.
    I totally feel your speech and decision

  38. Man, what's that for an effect at 3:45? It looks a bit like the muramasa but longer, is it may shot at a low shutter speed? Idk it's not like I'm good at that xD But it looks really cool

  39. I stopped watching the news in 2016- don’t get me wrong, I see the corruption but my life doesn’t have to suffer because of it and I will use my time and energy to find a solution instead of focusing on the issue.

  40. I stopped the news too. I also unfollow anything and everything on social media that posts political related stuff. As much as I love Mark Hamill, he posts lots of political,and news related stuff. I can’t handle it, it all puts me in a irritable mood. So I unfollowed him. Sorry, Mark. It’s just so draining reading and hearing about this stuff constantly.

  41. wow I can't believe i'm just now finding this. and the only reason I did is because I've just come to the same conclusion that I wanna quit watching the news (commentaries, talk shows, etc), albeit for different reasons. For me, it's mainly about time management and productivity, I spend so much of my time making sure I fit in watching The View, Morning Joe, TYT, CNN, some Fox show, etc etc ETC and then I wonder why I don't have any of my priorities complete or why the day "went by so fast". aND THEN ON TOP OF THAT, a lot of times my mood will start out great but then turn bad after hearing everything on those opinion shows so its a lose lose. I don't even feel good after watching. Listening to your video, there's other benefits I'm perhaps missing out on as well with my over-consumption so as of now writing this comment.. i AM DONE. no more news. at all. for me. If its super important, I will hear about it one way or another, but I will no longer go actively seeking it. I will still watch big events like presidential debates and I will still vote when the time comes in 2020 BUT I am checking OUT of the 24/7 news cycle. It's exhausting and wholly unproductive for me to spend the majority of my day pressed over shit that I can't do anything about and that doesn't add to my life in any meaningful way. Life is too short not to make each moment count. I see this as an extension of the general minimalist philosophy. I am glad to have found your channel and I just subscribed!

  42. I have eliminated media beside NPR every now and again. It has detached me from the rat race of political parties. I am independent. It has made me look at alternatives such as volunteering and wanting to be apart of environmental movements and the like. You know the problems that really matter and the people who are doing something about them.

  43. Nathaniel, I think you did a GREAT job with this video! I personally have stopped watching the news and scrolling through Facebook for about a 2 years now. My life has drastically changed, physically, mentally, and spiritually. Its helped me grow and really put some perspective into my life. Its made me appreciate the little things, feel better about life, have more hope, and so much more. I highly suggest doing what you can to market this video. Get it out to as many media outlets as possible because I feel people could truly benefit from these ideas. Thank you for the effort you put into making this!

  44. No Facebook here ever. I quit the ‘news’ and TV about 5 years ago. I still watch podcasts and try to decipher the truth of things though, along with all kinds of other podcasts. Thank you for this post.

  45. Thanks for this video. I stopped watching the news channel too. You should watch the Indian news channels! god they are so negative and toxic.

  46. Hi Nathaniel, this video summarizes my life in the last months. I felt terrible reading the news and scrolling through Facebook. I, then, decided to get rid of all my social networks and I can say that I feel much better. Not 100% yet, but I am doing ok. Of course, I still have my political views and opinions, but, just like you mentioned in your video, there is no point in trying to chance what you are unable to. I just vote and hope for the best. Great video and keep up the good work.

  47. I stopped watching news and TV in general about 10 years ago. I remember clearly as the media in my country used a kidnaped child, who was later killed by his own father; as the big news. It was a circus so-rounding one of the many tragic stories you see every day on tv. that day I said "fuck this shit I don't want to keep doing this".
    Now I hate to see all this people that the only thing they do is attack others on the internet based on political views that they only apply behind a keyboard and not in real life.
    Great videos BTW I'm subscribing.

  48. I stopped watching news when I saw how wrong the msm treated our great President trump in 2016 and after. They insisted he would lose and when he won, they went all in on the lies to attack him. They are nothing but political hacks. Especially CNN ABC MSNBC , all dishonest media. Been way better off ever since.

  49. News shows you what to what they what you to see and guess who pays these channels .. government 9/11 aliens they wanted you to see that much going on around the world and no one is saying anything about it it’s garbage straight hot garbage

  50. @Nathaniel Drew
    First, please don't go political on us. The minute you do, you automatically lose half your audience.
    Second, and while I agree with your sentiment about we need to focus on ourselves more and less on the media, let me ask you this…if, and yes if, there is some group of people that are systematically doing things behind the scenes that could possibly bring our country to it's knees via an economy crash, or mass power outage, or WWII, etc…don't you think it's important to understand that, and why it's happening, and who is behind it, and then maybe do a little planning to make sure you're not caught off guard? Let's take your life for instance…you are living in another country, working on essentialism and mental clarity, focusing on your project and the good in the world…and then bam. Shit hits the fan, economy collapses, money is cut off, food shortages, disease is spreading, robbing and looting going on, etc. Then what? You've been so focus on your mission and not enough on the coming signs of something big happening, and now not know why or who, and you are in a spot where you don't have much support around you and not sure what and where to go. To me, it's almost like you've put yourself in a bad situation by not being away of what is going on, why it's going on, and who is behind it. You may be really productive for the time being, and put out great content like you always do…but now things have changed, and you're behind the curve. Of course I'm asking you this, because I'm on the brink of taking off to a similar journey myself…living in another country, learning the language, and spending time watching your videos and getting my shit together. I could stay here, keep the focus on what is going on, see the signs of something coming sooner than later, learn who is behind it and spread the word, start preparing in some way that ensures I'm not caught off guard or one of the first to go, etc. But that's not a fun way to live, although in this time in history, might be the only way to think because we've let things get so bad, that it's part of everyday life now. I'd rather go to another country, learn the language, engulf myself into their culture, create some good habits, embrace what you're seeking as well, and do it in a way where I'm alone so I can stay the course and get some space and clarity. Are you picking up what I'm laying down?

  51. I did the same a year ago. 

    The news only makes people full of fear. Normally I tell people around me, that humans will get what they digest. If a man or woman eat unhealthy food, they will get unhealthy. If they digest negative news, which the majority of news are, they will get negative emotions/personality. I remember once I was envious on other people's success and I quickly realized it came from all the bragging on social media – man I was tired looking at people's never ending hunt for social proof. I immediately cut off Facebook and Instagram even Tinder was cut off. The only social media that still remain in my life is Youtube, which I only use for educational purposes. This was probably the best decisions I've made in years. 

    At the same time I had some thoughts, that I would find out what life really was about, and I began attending Sunday mass in a nearby church. It just made my life even better. I met so many wonderful and happy people I have never thought existed. When you first start reading the Bible, you will be a very wise person. It tells you everything that you need to do have a great life, and you will start realize what life is all about. The Bible warns us about many things that creates the storms in our lives. A life in faith is not terrible and dangerous. It is far more dangerous forming a life out of it. The saddest part of it is that the majority of people just have a wrong perception of the Bible, simply because they don't know the content of the book.

    I really wish that the world would do the same. Try it and see what will happen in your life. The best part of it is that it doesn't require any subscriptions – it is 100 % free!

  52. I need to do this. I noticed lately that I’ve just been getting frustrated with the news- and I only really get my news from Phillip DeFranco! It’s been nothing but outraged people and people offended at this or that.

    I need to limit/quit Facebook too. Blah.

  53. Once you stop watching news, you will start losing friends. Anyone who has done this for years very likely experienced open mindedness and started removing people from your life.

  54. Ciao! Mi piacciono molto i tuoi video! Anche io ho deciso di non guardare più i notiziari per avere più lucidità e una visione più personale…ho due figli e a loro fa bene non guardare la tv…hanno più tempo per giocare e fantasticare, e io mi sento più felice senza notiziari! Buon proseguimento! Francesca

  55. N – Nonsensical
    E – Exaggerated
    W – Wasteful
    S – Shit

    I quit the news 7 years ago. It’s like I finally got rid of a drug addiction. It’s so wonderful.

  56. I've quit Facebook about 2 years ago. Your video inspired me to stop my other newsfeeds as well!

    Thank you and good luck my fellow human being. ✌

  57. It's emotional manipulation plain and simple. They want you to watch so you can be afraid. People are far easier to control when in a state of fear. It's the narrative that is constantly being displayed. Be afraid! Stop watching the news media. Don't play their game.

  58. I try to avoid news but somehow I start from watching score of some match and after one or two click I end up reading about traffic accidents or some war etc

  59. I hold 2 masters degrees in the field of psychology and I have never watched the news in my life. I mean I have seen it on when a family member or friend is watching it in the same room but, I have always shut it out or as I like to say close my eyes to the screaming. I do read New England Journal of Medicine and any new publications related to psychology. I knew from an early age of 10 years old that news was what the very few privileged people in the very unreal world of politics wanted the media to relay to the masses and I am not fond of being one of the mindless sheeple.

  60. I don´t really know the situation in the U.S. but think it's very irresponsible to be not informed. In Germany fake news won't be a big problem if read the local newspaper. Additional I watch some satire-shows. With these mediums I stay informed in politics and stuf like that. So I'm able to do the right decisions and influence the world the right way. If you don't this things the world will be out of control!!!

  61. My family have quit watching tv years ago, and I’ve followed the habit. You have your laptop and phone, why would you even need television? Personally, I’ve never paid attention to the news much, unless something big has happened, I’ll get a note of it and just treat it as a fact. Though seeing this video made me think: I’m from Hong Kong living in the UK and I’m sure you know about the protests that’s been happening, and a few weeks back it absolutely drained away my life reading about what people are doing. Honestly, now that I’ve stopped paying attention to it, I’m much happier. It still breaks my heart to think about it, but at least I’m 100% sure I can’t do anything about it. Thanks for making these videos, I’ve been really enjoying them 🙂

  62. I stopped watching TV all together because as you mentioned, it's full of hand-picked content that at least for me, it is not important yet useful for my daily living. Most of the content is either to alarm people or to entertain, however, entertainment doesn't not mean that your also watching any useful content. It's just crap that makes you laugh maybe but once it's over, you may still looking for a distraction. I think, and this is my personal opinion, that every thing that you watch/buy/consume should be something that you can benefit from, learn from, enrich the mind, calm the mind. Knowledge is power for sure.

  63. I stoped TV in 2016. I Started reading the new testament of the bible more consistently and in community with Christians. 4 people in my life died swiftly and unexpectedly and nothing else consoled me but the bible.

  64. I don’t really watch news that much. I always thought I should, but I don’t like the arguing that I constantly hear whenever someone else in my house is watching it. I feel better when I’m not watching it, but I keep having friends that tell me I need to know what’s going on and I need to watch the news, but i think I’ll just stick with local news at the very least because it’s not always political and it impacts me almost directly since it’s about my community

  65. I've actually had the opposite experience. For most of my life, I've rarely watched or read much news. Then, a couple of months ago, I started the habit of watching the news while I eat my breakfast (for about 20 minutes). I've actually found that, although the news really is just like an endless stream of negativity, watching/reading more news has actually led me to learn a lot of news things about the world, which I find really fulfilling. Hearing about the protests in Spain prompted me to learn about the Catalan speaking community in Spain and a bit more about the history of Spain. Hearing about the protests in Hong Kong lead me to learn about extradition. Hearing about the wife of an American diplomat in the UK who killed a young British man taught me about the concept of diplomatic immunity. None of these stories were happy, but they prompted me to think and learn more about life and I think it makes my life better.

    After a month or two of watching the news every morning, I decided that watching it only 2 or 3 times a week was enough for me. But, as someone who never used to watch or read the news, I feel it teaches me a lot (not only about the here and now) and don't think I will ever go back to never watching/reading it like I did before.
    That being said, I'm not trying to denounce your decision to stop watching/reading the news. I just wanted to give a perspective from the other side of things, in case anybody finds it interesting.

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