Hoda Kotb Announces Return To TODAY After Maternity Leave | TODAY

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  1. 👣💔👣 She earns between $15 million and $20 million for her program, according to several media outlets. The former Fox News anchor now hosts Megyn Kelly Today in the mornings. Kotb's net worth is currently around $12 million, according to an Oct. 2016 report from GoBankingRates.com.Jan 3, 2018

    Program: Today (U.S. TV program); Dateline NBC

    Award Nominee: Matt Lauer; Savannah Guthrie

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    7 She has lived in luxury and pleasure—match it now with torments and with sorrows. She boasts, ‘I am queen upon my throne. I am no helpless widow. I will not experience sorrow.’ 8 Therefore the sorrows of ….” Revelation 18:7-8 (TLB)
    🎯 https://youtu.be/jVnwyEFvycs 🎯 WHAT'S THE USE IN WAITING for this ridiculous https://youtu.be/CC5hzJNWIrY protocol for when the Queen dies?

  3. I am excited for her return! I have been wondering when she's going to come back every day that I watched the Today Show

  4. So excited to see Hoda come back in another 2 weeks! She is why I watch NBC News.💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕💕

  5. It’s so wonderful that Hoda has those beautiful children and a happy life! I was wondering where her dog Blake is… Maybe she doesn’t have him anymore but I have just been so curious about it.

  6. I cannot wait to watch Hoda when she returns to the Today show. 😘😘😍😀😀😀❤️❤️😀😍😘😘

  7. Nothing against Hoda, but I probably will be tuning out again. The show has been half way decent lately. It will be nothing but gushing about her kids. A little is fine but she is way overboard. We get it, everyone loves their kids but she's like the first day of school photos on FB non stop.

  8. How beautiful😍 Do you notice the outfits of the animator in TODAY? We can find them on: spotern.com/en/search/TODAY

  9. Hoda Kotb Just Announced Her Return to 'Today' in an Exciting Instagram Video^^

  10. So glad you are returning soon! I want to see a Hoda-Craig anchor team. Savannah can do the ten o'clock show with Jenna!

  11. Can't wait for her and Jenna back together. Jenna has been Great! She has the mix of being "real" and showing class at the same time. The others seem fake to me.

  12. It`s so funny to me that maternity leave is such a rare thing in America. In Austria you are allowed to stay away from work up to three years. And it`s a paid maternity leave.

  13. “I’ve loved it all.” Please. She can’t wait to get away from the stress and responsibility of caring for young children. Can you imagine if she had been pregnant and given birth? Her boyfriend didn’t look too thrilled, either. Parenthood is not for the self-centered. Children are not trophies or achievements to check off in life. They are human beings who require and deserve nurturing and committed parental involvement and guidance. Does she know how many women would love or would have loved to stay home with their children at that age but can’t/couldn’t because they need to work a dead end job to for pay rent and groceries? What an overpaid, talking head trollop. I am so fed up with the celebrity elite. These pseudo news talk shows are nothing more than extended commercials. No one promoting a product is ever “asked” to be on the show. They pay for the airtime to promote their business.

    No wonder this country is in crisis. This is the bs we have been told is normal for decades. Newsflash!! It’s NOT normal. Geesh, the woman couldn’t even manage a five hour road trip without her mom? Wth was she taking a five hour road trip with a young infant anyway? How about just a trip to the park or zoo? How about a play date with other moms? Smh. The children aren’t going to be young and completely dependent forever. If you don’t want to make the sacrifice and invest the time, then let someone who does have them. The more I hear from these Today show women, the more I realize how immature and narcissistic they are. No wonder I quit watching the fake MSM.

  14. 2019: “So we’re in it for the long haul.”

    2020: Hoda Kotb and partner, Joel Schiffman, split up citing irreconcilable differences.

  15. Cannot see the youngest little New Edition hold his family. But that oldest daughter looks like a living doll baby she is gorgeous

  16. Hoda. Please dnt adopt no mre babies! U n joel will b in yur 70s when they graduate frm hi school. U have thought about this rt? Gd luck raising them. It will b a challenge. Bt yur super rich. So that does help. Stay healthy. N happy

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