Hours Before Public Impeachment Hearings, Trump White House Has No Strategy | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. All they have to do to rid the country of this orange traitorous POS is force him to take the stand under oath " Not That He Wont Lie " but it will force HIM to answer questions without a team of damage control handlers to say " what he really meant was " . The orange clown will hang himself if you allow /force him to testify .

  2. The best case is Trump was acting in his own interest to undermine Biden. I actually think the real deal is he was trying to HELP RUSSIA. The man is a traitor !!!!! That is what I believe.l

  3. Trump will be worse than Hitler. He's the mofo responsible for all the escalating global disorder. We had a number of great republican presidents in the past until the big poop (Trumpo) took office.

  4. Watching a clown car try to drive is funny enough. Watching the clowns drive their own car off the edge of a cliff is popcorn material.

  5. The “strategy” of the GOP in the hearings will be to yammer and yell, knowing good well that it’s just a show they’re putting on for trump in order to stay out of his cross hairs. trump is a corrupting influence on a profession (politics) that is especially susceptible to corrupting influences.

  6. Would love to see Democrat’s fight the MAGA hats by having whistles made in blue with “is it me?” Where’s Waldo or Where’s the Whistleblower

  7. The GOP eventually are going to have to face the voters. And if the voters perceive corruption, it will be ugly I suppose. All you have to do is present the overwhelming evidence against Trump. He’s not going to escape the legal system. Tax payers who pay their taxes and who obey the law will not support a crook who doesn’t. That is only the tip of the iceberg that is coming.

  8. How is it that the "accuser" whistleblower ID is protected, while Christine Margaret Blasey Ford i was dragged to Congress, after she asked to be unID?
    Oh, its just more Democrat Double Standards and Hypocrisy.

  9. If this Ukraine call is impeachment worthy then what happens to Obama for sending Brennan over to Ukraine with fake passport to dig up dirt on trump? Ukraine has been know for being highly corrupt in past and the connections between democrats and Ukraine is startling. You’re going to have to put in some work to dig it up cause there’s quite an effort to cover up. Highly likely this impeachment is motivated to stall or stop the investigations into Ukraine and connections to some of these never trumpers.

  10. The actual DNC and Clinton campaign COLLUDED AND PAID Ukrainians and Russians to dig up dirt on trump that they KNEW was false. All I’m saying is you can’t ignore that and then go after trump for some or less. Level playing field please

  11. Supreme Court better not be taken our guns away or we the people will fight those guns that we the people have are to be used for hunting and to protect our families that we have had for years until we got all these illegals and cartels in this country now look what supreme Court is taken away from we the people president trump you have to fight them and hard we love our country.

  12. You think the dems have one?
    Oh, yeah, that's right. I think it's called try to win the election for a democrat and by knocking down the opponent because dems can't win otherwise..

    Not working. Could have worked if the media and LNTV didn't keep talking about Trump for three years like they have, in a bitter sore losing way,
    ……but they made it so,….so obvious !!
    MAGA 2020

    The strategy is there already, but the dems can't see it.

  13. "It's going to be very interesting to see what he does."
    He'll find some way to ignorantly undermine his own front people's public statements during one of his rallies or "chopper talk" sessions. That's what he usually does.

  14. Article II, Section 4. US Constitution
    The President, Vice President and all civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from office on Impeachment for, and Convicted of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  15. Mulvaney was concerned about Russian reaction?? Clearly the White House was working to help Russia. Too bad that the people working in the White House were all dedicated to Russia and not the USA!!

  16. Ahhhh,
    The Commander in Choad surrounds himself in another cocoon of delusion.
    PUBLIC hearings…gotta love CSPAN.

  17. Shut down and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I will become your father and I

  18. The BEST defense for the CASTRATI Party (The new name for the Republicans):
    How can our esteemed, smart, high IQ, two year stint at an Ivy League, President be responsible for all this Ukraine debacle. He is absolutely not guilty… in fact he doesnt even know where Ukraine is…. and that's an absolute truth.

  19. Shifty Adam Schiff, in not allowing the requested people to be subpoenaed by the Republicans in the House Intelligence Committee, just doesn't want to search for the truth in this Trump-Zelensky phone call. This farcical inquisition of Pres. Trump is just another way of the Democrats' evil intention to nullify the votes of the American people who voted for Pres. Trump as their Commander-In-Chief in the 2016 presidential election. This SHAM INVESTIGATION, concocted by Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Jerry Nadler and the rest of the Democrats who voted for this inquisition of Pres. Trump, is to bring down his presidency by any means necessary, which tantamount to a COUP D'ETAT.

  20. Trump did not like to give weapons to Ukraine. They are in war with Russia and Trump does not want to offend his big “friend” Putin. Trump has more than a million reasons (dollars) to stay with his friend.

  21. How's come you democraps never mention Rachel Mancow's big expose' of Trump's tax return 2 years ago? Why, it's almost like you never heard of it!!!……..lol

  22. I'm a Democrat and I'm tired of this process it's useless. Makes me want to switch sides it's getting so ridiculous. I have a feeling that nothing's going to come of this just like Russia collusion.

  23. Republicans want transparency but yet hide testimony necessary to come to a fair conclusion.they are making thus political by refusing to take part in any rules making .they are even crying about their OWN RULES .what crybabies .preschoolers act more mature than these clowns but when you have clowns defending a clown you get a circus. A bunch of misfit freaks .

  24. Ole Donnie Spankster is pulling a Tony Montana on the Adderall right about now. His tolerance level has increased rapidly. He needs more so he connect the little pieces of his scattered brain matter.

  25. When you cant defend evidence you act like children and throw temper tantrums and cry about how its so unfair you can't have a cookie .grow up .

  26. Just because Republicans refuse to participate doesnt make it partisan .its their fault they arent participating and being professional in their approach not Democrats. Dont cry because you lost because you didnt try .you cant always get your way.

  27. I hope people realize when this amounts to nothing, Trump is just going to be running victory laps crying "Fake News!" and "The witch hunt is real!" that would put NASCAR drivers to shame.

  28. This election has made one thing VERY clear, to anybody who can tie their shoes. With democraps, it's THEIR way or the highway!!…Word!

  29. Trump strategy is the Democrats will hang themselves will lies, deflecting corruption away from them , and when trump is reelected in 2020 most Democrats should resign and found guilty of treason

  30. Long drug abuse destroyed Trump's ability to sleep and think. He can only cope with the immediate thing that is in front of him. That's it. (Ref. book "Predicting Donald Trump, Understanding a Stable Genius".)

  31. Ever notice how Trump totally ignores basic common courtesy when he's in public with Melania? What man goes ahead of his wife up stairs?

  32. Seems to me a waist of time and taxpayer money. And yes I did read the transcript and found nothing there that could possibly warrant impeachment.

  33. The whistleblower has a GoFundMe, up to over 200,000 already.


  34. Do Republicans understand the Constitution?

    How our elected leaders behave in a crisis tells us more about them than any canned floor speech or coddled "Fox and Friends" interview. Faced with the crucible of Trump's vast and admitted corruption, Republicans have proven willing to jettison nearly every value they claim to represent. If recent comments from Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) are any indication, they've also lost the ability to read.

    "The Sixth Amendment is pretty clear," Paul ranted to Fox Business host Stuart Varney. "It's part of the Constitution. It says you get to confront your accusers, so I think it's very clear the only constitutional mandate here."

    Paul, a self-styled constitutional expert, seems to believe the whistleblower at the heart of Trump's impeachment has a legal obligation to reveal himself or herself and face questioning from Trump administration attorneys. After all, it's right there in the Constitution!

    👉 There's just one problem: The Sixth Amendment applies only to defendants in criminal proceedings. Impeachment is many things, but a criminal proceeding it is not. Had Paul given his argument a moment of good-faith consideration before launching it into the Fox News spin sphere, he might have realized his argument was at best foolish and at worst intentionally misleading.


    Gaetz makes no claim to constitutional expertise – or even constitutional literacy. Gaetz's campaign to please Trump at all costs is unhindered by respect for national security or concern for preserving legislative norms. Proudly unconcerned with legislating, Gaetz spends most of his time boosting Trump's talking points on Fox News. In January, Gaetz made the bond between Trump's Republican Party and Fox News official by guest-hosting the Fox News afternoon chat show "Outnumbered."

    Gaetz is also a leading voice in the movement to undermine Trump's impeachment by alleging specious "due process" claims. In a willful misreading of the Constitution and basic law, Gaetz argued that the initial impeachment hearings overseen by Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) and the House Intelligence Committee represented a sweeping violation of Trump's due process rights.

    "Democrats are sacrificing due process on the altar of their hatred of President Trump," Gaetz tweeted without any elaboration. The core of Gaetz's argument is simple enough: In a fair process, Trump administration attorneys would have the right to cross-examine Schiff's witnesses, establish reasonable doubt and defend Trump's claimed innocence. What's wrong with that?

    👉 There's just one fundamental problem: The House isn't conducting Trump's impeachment trial. That duty falls to the Senate. Just like a federal or state grand jury, the House merely determines whether evidence exists to merit filing charges of impeachment against the president. And just like a grand jury, the accused has no legal right to mount a defense or even have a lawyer present.


    👉 No one is depriving Trump of his due process rights. In fact, the formal impeachment rules agreed upon by the House of Representatives are sweeping in their deference to Trump's legal team. Trump's attorneys will be able to object to evidence, attend all hearings, cross-examine witnesses and even offer a concluding presentation. 👉By comparison, Presidents Bill Clinton and Richard Nixon received none of these courtesies.👈

    The processes Paul and Gaetz regard as so dangerous to the Constitution are, in fact, motivated by a desire to follow constitutional protocols as closely as possible. It isn't the fault of congressional Democrats that so many Republican legal "experts" lack a fundamental knowledge of how impeachment works.


    👉👉Perhaps Sen. Paul and Rep. Gaetz could lead a Republican field trip to the National Archives, just down the road from their Capitol Hill offices. It's never too late to get acquainted with America's exceptional Constitution👈👈

  35. Hunter Biden is at the centre of this corruption case and he is not allowed as witness? Are we really only going to hear the Democrats’ ‘witnesses’? Sad bunch of traitors. The Americans now know what Democrats are really like. Soviet- and Banana-republic-style…

  36. Meanwhile

    McConnell told senators in closed door meeting to come up with their own Trump defense

    Republican lawmakers, left without guidance by the White House on how to push back at the House impeachment hearings being conducted by the Democratic-led House, are being forced to come up with their own defense of embattled Donald Trump.

    With reports that the White House is the scene of a pitched battle over a which plan to use to fight the Democrats, Senate Republicans are floundering when confronted by the press on how they feel about impeachment hearings that could lead to them to have to vote on whether to force Trump from office.

    According to the report, “Republicans have no unified argument in the impeachment inquiry of Donald Trump, in large part because they can’t agree on how best to defend trump — or for some, if they should.”

    According to the report, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) recently convened a closed-door meeting, complete with a PowerPoint presentation, to explain how impeachment works, but left it to his GOP colleagues to fashion their own Trump defenses.

  37. Disgusting. Republicans won't do what's right. They'll only do what they think is best for themselves according to what the polls say. Even if some were to finally come around and admit that what our dirtbag in chief did is bribery and impeachable, it won't be for the right reason. No Republican congressperson will ever be able to convince me after this that they put country, the people, and law first.

  38. Trump has the best impeachment hearings. Perfect impeachment hearings. Impeachment hearings like nobody's ever seen before, and believe me, nobody knows more about impeachment hearings than Trump. That I can tell you…

  39. When Trump offered help, liberal socialist Obrador said this, "The cartel needs HUGS not bullets!!" That's the whacked mindset we're dealing with, folks.

  40. What no plan, well increase the tweets, more drugs, flap your hands around and stand closer to the helicopter for quick get away.
    Oh, and more smoke and mirrors. Melania as going to start sewing her jewelry into the hem of her coat, old trick.

  41. WTF ! The crime being investigated is everything ,the witness is simply pointing out the crime .
    When an anonymous call tells the police where a murder victim is buried would the GOP refuse to investigate and verify the crime in order to prosecute or just refuse to acknowledge it .

  42. If the Republicans are smart they'll just shut this whole mess down in the Senate tomorrow….. The Democrats know trump did nothing wrong…. I used to be a Democrat thank God I changed…. They have become the party of disgust and lies and unsportsmanlike conduct…. Just huge piles of human excrement….. Long live the GOP!!!!!!

  43. 03:26 Huh? Did you say the leftists who want to put America $100 Trillion in the hole, then form a North American Union because of it vs. Trump. Oh, okay. Got it.

  44. Trump, " A plan? Well, here's a page from the old Dictators Handbook. Tell a lie, make it sound good, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it."

  45. Why does the criminally corrupt orange clown need a strategy when everyone knows that the co-conspirators in the GOP will never vote to remove the orange turd and the fact that the orange turd has stacked all positions in government with equally minded criminals who will protect the orange pos.

  46. do people actually think republicans are going to admit trump broke the law, then admit that they themselves broke the law by supporting his high crimes? dream on America. dream on.

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