House Intel Member: New Parnas Documents ‘Require Another Investigation’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

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  1. I have a question, if more and continuous shenanigans comes out about the White House and staff, can the House bring new charges? I'm very worried about what seems to be an assassination plot from someone inside the US against one of our own, why not just let her go or fire her? It's like a husband/wife killing there spouse in place of divorce. Doesn't make sense!

  2. If Senate dismisses current Impeachment, then the Dems need to Impeach him on Conspiracy to commit murder! No wonder Trump thinks blackmailing Ukraine is a “nothing burger.” Compared to attempted murder he’s right !!!

  3. What are our youth seeing? The privileged can do and get whatever they want. Shame on y'all.

    We brought our son up with a work ethic, morals, values. He knows right from wrong. He isn't perfect, however, he knows there are consequences for his behaviors.

    The most important task we have on this Earth is to raise our children. The examples they see on the big screen, and in the media sends them contradictory messages. Y'all know right from wrong. Start being the adult.


  5. The hard evidence to prove what all astute people informed about Trump’s activities knew is now tumbling out – the leak, turned to a trickle will become a stream and ultimately a raging river of evidence of Trump’s corruption, deceit and blatant criminal abuse of his office. The flood gates are opening. His apologists and conspirators will be caught up in the torrent, protesting their innocence and naivety in the struggle to distance themselves from Trump. How sweet to see them all bleat and squirm to avoid being drowned in the vortex… May they’ll all drown… The GOP will be crippled.They brought it on themselves by embracing Trump and conspiring with Russia, America’s enemy, in their unprincipled pursuit of their self-serving interests.

  6. Modern America is just another corrupt republic of bananas.
    The only difference is that it has power and money but it is as dirty as any other corrupt country.

  7. It's very clear that she needed to be removed because she was a threat to Giuliani's shadow Government. Since Rudy wasn't able to become Secretary of State.

  8. OK we have 17 procedural errors with one FISA warrant for a man with deep ties to Russia, who had been subject to two previous FISA warrants over the previous three years.. Now we have a totally warrant-less, totally off-the-books totally illegal surveillance of a US ambassador on assignment abroad. One is less than professional. The other is a crime spree.

  9. Trump supporters don't understand why this country is so decided that this has turned really ugly! When it looks to me like if they would listen to Marie Yavonovitch's testimony and honourably Vindman and now how a hit on her was this close to reality that how can they keep supporting him?

  10. Please no more investigation the getting another foreign country to help with the election is enough!! It’s like an abusive husband or wife just beating the crap on their partner and getting away with it. Just lock them ALL UP! If the Senate doesn’t give a fair trial the American people should protest WH and get them out of office.

  11. William "Fred Flintstone (look alike) Barr has proven to be more dangerous than even the god father in mafia movies would be in real life. Who would think this of a living cartoon character ?

  12. Maybe the House should've finish their investigation instead of rushing it through. Dont cry about fairness when they did it to themselves.

  13. So NOW surveilling an American citizen becomes " disturbing " and the shocked outrageand righteous indignation is so hilarious given the spying , surveillance and intrusion that took place during the 2016 election campaign and afterwards. The hypocrisy is SO staggering as to be way beyond loathsome. And NOW they want those responsible held accountable .And remember there was NO such outrage from Hillary Clinton when her ambassador to Libya and his staff were murdered – as she said " at this stage what difference does it make ? "

  14. It is so unfair to the poeple in USA to keep this pig and his family and crooked friends running the USA..Stop this maddness!!!!!!

  15. It was Ukrainians who warned her because they were concerned about what may happen to her, only one republican warned her. Speaks volumes doesn’t it?

  16. Democrats should make Donald Trump a rotting albatross tied to every Republican politician and voter, school board through President

  17. You guys are a joke, grow a backbone you Dems and stop with this witch hunt lynching of the president. Not a crime.

  18. it is pretty obvious that the WHOLE American administration from both sides of politics is totally out of control. I wonder when their citizens are going to wake up that they are been scammed by a bunch of conmen and women? US foreign policy consists of six techniques – disruption, invasion, sanction, occupation, assassination and war. History will be very harsh on those from both parties that have led this once great nation to the precipice of destruction.

  19. Trump – has to take a lie detector test … Question – " in your private discussion with Putin did he tell you to get rid of Marie Yovanovitch"

  20. Again I ask

  21. Trump administration are the worse liars any human being has in countered
    Liars don't protect a country, liars produce cover ups ,scandals, backstabbing
    Liars confuse,distract, and destroy anyone who stands in their way

  22. The Senate don't want witnesses because it'll be the political end of every republican backing trump… And they all are. The official end of the GOP. Cause they're no longer the "Republican" party.

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  24. Sounds like amateur spy business but seriously disturbing that Americans working for Mega Crook POTUS45 are declaring a shadow war against their own representatives. Problem is, Ukraine after Soviet Union, now Russian Federation under Vladimir Putin, is full of dangerous, ruthless, get rich quick characters that will destroy without scruples. These people are not our friends, anymore than a scorpion.

  25. Corrupt puppet dictator dumpy is a disgrace to everyone’s future !!how dare they try to control people! Disgusting !warmongers

  26. Witnesses needs to come foward! They block witnesses to testify first of all how can the supeona people not to testify against him. That tells you more that it's more to hide. They act like he is above the law. I wonder when they have a murderer on trial that someone seen him do it. Can the murderer lawyer supeona the witness not to testif NO! They need to get him out of there.

  27. The Dems are so stupid for pushing forward an impeachment vote instead of continuing investigations while continuing to get their subpoenas through the courts. Organizing protests against cover-ups would also put more pressure to get the witnesses and documents that they need.

  28. Then he goes and airstrike the from Iran for clout etc. When the guy been dangerous since the bushes thru obama. Name one of them touched them because it may have started a war. But he does for election hype like he done something man please..

  29. William Barr redacted the Mueller Report, and he withheld the Grand Jury documents to cover up Spanky McBoneSpurs' crimes. William Barr is the most dangerous man in the US.
    William Barr and his sons need to be investigated.

  30. This is just a small tip of the iceberg. When everything will come to light, many will be disgusted by what they will hear.

  31. Since inauguration day and as of January 10, 2020 President Trump has made 15,413 false or misleading claims.

    That total does not include:
    > the facts he has intentionally ignored and/or misunderstood;
    > the false or misleading statements made on his behalf by his children, staff, and Rupublican enablers and other employees.
    > his multiple infidelities;
    > his oath of office.

    Trump: "When I can, I tell the truth"
    –Devan Cole, CNN, Nov 1/18


  33. What the actual #@$& is going on, America?
    Before this video started I got an ad showing Lindsey "JohnMcCain Repudiatesyou" Graham, with a pasty overexposed face and crooked frown, asking me to sign his petition to "stop this sham impeachment",
    – First of all, does it concern you at all that Lindsay asked *ME*, a Japanese citizen who hasnt even VISITED the US since the 1900s, to sign his petition? This is how your democratic process works?
    – Second, HEY LINDSEY! Impeachment has already happened. Are you really as Constitutionally illiterate as your Puppenfurher? After the House votes in a majority to impeach, then The President Has. Been. Impeached. What happens next is a trial in the Senate. And GUESS WHAT LINDSEY . . . . . the Constitution states that the Senate MUST conduct a fair and impartial trial. There is. No. Way. To stop. The process. Well, unless of course you want to just tear up that silly piece of paper. I mean, what the actual f___ is so wrong with your logical infrastructure that you need a foreigner to explain this to you ?!?!?!?!
    – Third — and this is to ALL OF YOU Americans — on behalf of everyone else out here in TheRestoftheWorld™, would you please get this utter buffoon out of your White House before he does any more damage to our planet! Much appreciated. Thanks.

    Oh . . . . and dont forget to flush ten times.

  34. M (More) S (Sinnister) N(National) B(Broadcating) N(Network). More investigations? Creating a constant smoke screen to the real problems facing our nation. I search for real journalism with Epoc Times, unbiased, no agendas , just facts for me to discern. Have a great day. Independent voter. David

  35. So trump and pompeo ochrastrated a hit scheme with Ukrainian slash Russian mobsters after trump says she's going to go through some things".treason.

  36. Oh wow, like this evidence didn't exist 2 months ago during the investigation and testimony? Seems like dems are colluding with Russians to impeach Trump.

  37. Wow! So so many investigations and they all conclude to one answer, Trump you are guilty. So now what? Get him out the white 🏠 now already. It doesn't get better with Trump, it's gets worse with each and every day. Begone Trump!

  38. What say you now, Trumpsters? Is this how America becomes great again? Is this the country you want? Are you willing to trade your soul for a little coin? What happened to your moral self?

  39. trump is the face of america; he is simple acting out who america was and is-We need to change america or install trump as its official dictator -officially declaring us under communist rule. The only difference would be that it now includes ALL citizens and not just.the melanated …. LoveLove

  40. This whole admin and all Republicans in on it ir any one else involved the slick circle tasbg dress g nowhere stories and corrupt Russian power all need to g ub a firing line up. Nd et the games begin 1 at a time !! Then duòche the hand sage it!

  41. Sickening! The thought of taking out a US Ambassador, because she was in the way!…Donald, and his minions have done nothing to protect the US but they will go all out to save the money lining their pockets!!….This all leads to INDIVIDUAL 1

  42. #TRUMPattemptsKILLINGAMBASSADOR i'm just sayin', "people are saying,
    #CRIMINALwilliamBARR #DAMNwilliamBARRtrumpINC

  43. If Bolton's documents are as good as this the senate republicans will have to stand before America and not be seen as co defendants in this impeachment. Thank you Nancy Pelosi

  44. In light of this new evidence, Trump has got to step down and people must be arrested immediately. The political games are over, this is now real life.

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