100 Replies to “House releases more documents relating to Lev Parnas”

  1. lol bringing up Avenatti in their “long list of people who spoke out against trump”, he just represented an individual against trump. He’s not part of a list of first hand witnesses.

  2. The only reason the feds got john Gotti is because, they got sammy the bull to flip on him. Democrats are using the same tactics as the feds do. Get someone in the inside to flip and then the mob calls them a rat!!!

  3. Lev Blasey-Ford is the Demonrats latest star witness, lol. They have an endless supply of these clowns for their clown show.

  4. why is fox letting this political hack patilo even have air time ? hes obviously bias and a democrat plant. stop it fox the dems already have the big 3 networks continuously assaulting trump. and the question should be if the democrat kangaroo court impeachment wanted these witnesses why didnt they have an open fair process ? answer because they dont have a case for impeachment and they somehow want the senate to do their dirty work for them. disgusting fox and people are getting tired of your cutting off real guests when they are in the middle of statements on every show. hannity for one fox and friends ingram and even judge piro i saw cutting off guliani while he was making important statements about trumps strategy to present his own defence. it makes no sense to try to present a view to your viewers then cut it off mid statement because of time …really ? STOP IT

  5. Let's not forget how the Democrats started all this?
    They accused the President of "QUID PRO QUO". The President immediately produced the script. That should have settled the matter. But these Democrats have been shifting the charges since then and the Republicans are foolishly playing along.
    That was how they allowed the Democrats to hysterically get them to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate their President on the false accusation of " using the Russians to win the election"
    When that turned up nothing, they changed the charge to 'Obstruction Of Justice'.
    Democrats are applying the same tactics again this time ! How long will the Republican law makers continue to allow these Democrats to manipulate them ?
    What they alleged, that started this farse was 'QUID PRO QUO'.
    If it's not in the Articles of Impeachment they brought to the Senate, then shut this charade down by throwing the sham impeachment out NOW.
    Republicans, wake up from your slumber !
    Enough is enough!

  6. This Impeachment has shown that America and its Socialist justice system is an embarrassment for all of the 🌎to see.

  7. You forget the biggest witness of all: Trump himself. Who before cameras admit He solicited the help of a foreign power to investigate a political rival on internal elections; but maybe He doesn't has any credibility also.

  8. I think these guys are missing an important point that these things should or must have been done in the House side. I think the constitution directs the House to do this.

  9. democrats are so somber about impeaching the president that they couldn't wait to give each other high-fives and hand out souvenirs at the signing…best part of this entire farce is that when the dems lose the house (the party responsible for impeachment always looses seats, especially now when most of the country is against impeachment) and trump wins re-election they'll have no-one to blame but themselves and they can stick to the "you're impeached" title all the want becuase the american public has seen through this charade and wants no part in it

  10. Sadly by the time this gets started at the senate the media will have already started convicting the president . This needs to be tried in the senate not the the media

  11. Democrats only want to turn the Senate into a Barnum & Baily spectacle to distract while they try to rig another election.

  12. the fake confidant who was never a confidant….. all this mean is that the impeachment had no grounds to begin with ….

  13. stop entertaining the trial side of impeachment for non crimes the senate side of the impeachment the trial should be summarily dismissed for lack of a crime for 1. if this were a trial before a judge the case would have been thrown for lack of merit and the judge would probably charge the prosecutor with crimes of prosecutorial misconduct, and thats in a sense what should happen here. the corrupt house democrats that rushed to impeach are incompetent they did a hack job by not presenting all the witnesses and now want the senate to do their dirty work.the dems are counting on the still left over never trumpers to betray republicans to stab trump in the back at the first given chance like lisa murkowski whos been a rino for years and foams at the mouth every time she hears trumps name she may as well have a d in front of her name and would do anything to remove trump and susan collins is another back stabbing two faced weasel that would cheap shot trump if she had a chance and even rand paul whos a spinless rino would piddle his pants given an opportunity to sucker punch trump first chance he could and with supposed partisan allies like this trump would stand a better chance at the salem witch trials. the deep state is alive and well and when trump won the presidency he crashed their plans to keep the corrupt grip of funneling stolen monies from the american tax payers into their own pockets and thats why the continuous attacks have never quit since before trumps inauguration. DEMS AND SOME REPUBLICANS WOULD RATHER COLLAPSE THIS NATION UNDER ITS OWN WEIGHT AND ALLOW IT TO BE ATTACKED KILLING MILLIONS OF AMERICANS THAN TO ALLOW TRUMP TO CONTINUE TO BE THE RIGHTFULLY ELECTED PRESIDENT.

    The problem is that its just a sham. Its only got this far because of the Democratic Star chamber thank you Mr. Shifty.

  15. Its a shame that the most BLESSED country in the word is being tore apart by the do nothing Democrats and the far left, I dont understand how people dont see it, the proof is in the pudding the USA is in the best state ever , it goesto see how much Hatred they have for this man, its shameful to say the least.

  16. I don't want to hear it from Republicans when trump lied about not knowing who lev Parnes was untill the video and photos came out.

  17. All these rgt wing fascist fucks that say this isn't true are just dumb and blind as the #45.. Convict these treasonous pathological dictator 💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸💪🇺🇸

  18. Trump is not under indaitment yet we have to question his every statement, because he lied and lies and he will lie, he has no shame at all

  19. Just like Avenati, Lev Parnas is willing to lie cheat & steal to get what they want just like the corrupt Bidens & the democrat party.

  20. The only issue with "get witnesses on the stand" is….just how often and how many "witnesses"s is this ongoing charade of "get Trump" going to go on? It's become pretty obvious this is grand scale lawfare waged by Democrats against a Republican president, and to maintain a semblance of "decorum" only adds to this crazytown atmosphere.

  21. Spoiler Alert, Donald J Trump laugh's at the fake impeachment has a diet coke and goes on to Win his second term by the Biggest margin in history. He then drain's the swamp dry and make's America Greater than ever before. Nancy Pelosi end's up selling bullet pen's and Plasma. God Bless America!

  22. Here's why they need to shine this guy on……The Democrats will be introducing impeachment evidence until 2025. How's this any difference than the 2016 election which is still going on in the demented minds of Democrats?

  23. Wait. Knowing someone. Even in passing. Is a measure of overall performance.? This makes me nauseated and white knuckle angry.

  24. The Minister of foreign affairs looked over those documents that lying clown claims that Trump, Pence, and Barr supposedly was involved in and he debunked that liar plus he said he said his name wasn't even mentioned! And he's the one who checks these things out!

  25. As predicted, the dems will leak a little more "Bombshell" news each day. Just another steaming pile of dog crap to the rest of Americans.

  26. Welcome to the new American justice system. Accusations are proof. You are guilty until you prove your innocents.

  27. The dude says, "why not supoena him? why handle it on twitter?" He's on tv chatting about it! I'm so sick of these people.

  28. The very reporters that you are speaking of, Maddow or Cooper and others, do the research before bringing him on tv to discuss his evidence.
    And without listening, just look at the photographs of trump and family taken with Parnas and tell me you believe the pig in chief. Yes Avenatti turned out to be a scum bag but trump is the bag full of scum.

  29. @2:03 Where do you find these clown Lawyers?CNN? Trump is innocent till proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Lev Parnas has never met the president or even spoken to him. Guilliani has a right to investigate corruption especially when it involves all the same characters associated with the Atlantic Council which seems to have all the same people involved or connected to The Russian Collusion Hoax, The Dosier, Crowdstrike owned by Demetri Darapaska Cohens childhood friend and an informant for Robert Mueller ..Crowdstrike has the servers the DNC never gave to the FBI to determine who was responsible for the so-called hack..The same people involved in the Trump Towers server Hoax..Also, the latest allegation that Burisma was hacked around the same time questions about Hunter Biden being on the Burisma Board and getting paid a month what qualified people in that position make in a year. The Biden /Burisma issue is a hot button issue in the press the hack could have been from anyone…and hackers are not stupid enough to leave their address and phone number …all this is BS only a child or someone with a very low IQ would believe!

  30. If Trump was innocent, think about how easy it would be to submit witnesses to refute all of this testimony from the House impeachment from his own administration and the testimony Parnas is prepared to give under oath. If you are clean get your witnesses to provide the level of documentation under oath and clear yourself. If you don't, it leads objective observers to the highest probably conclusion which is that Trump did exactly what is being alleged. Here's this thing. His supporters don't care. They are not Patriots that care about the good of the country. They only care about owning liberals. Seeing a black President for 8 years sent them over the deep end.

  31. Whenever a loyalist to trump – someone who is a compulsive liar who tells ~15 lies a day – turns against trump they are immediately labelled a discredited liar. Interesting.

  32. The Democratic Party is like an evil force which gains power from division and chaos. All the do is divide the American people. It is all they have.

  33. Don't forget that the house subpoenas had no consequences attached in the documents during the inquiry. They didn't go to court either.

  34. He’s got receipts people. Wake up! You elected a mafia boss. No one is saying Lev is a good guy. No one. He’s got receipts. Lev worked for Donnie’s daddy all the way back in the 80s, there are pics, video, yet Donnie says he doesn’t know him? I thought he has the best brain and is a stable genius, but has known this guy since the 80s. Uh huh.

  35. And he’s talking and giving over all this evidence because he’s trying to save his own life, not out of the goodness of his heart because he’s such a good guy. He doesn’t want to get “Epsteined”. Is he a criminal,liar, cheater? YUP! Does he have receipts.. YUP!

  36. Another Bombshell Witness like Avanatti, now in Jail. Lev under inditements, close to Jail. This is a Hail Mary Pass.

  37. Trump doesn't have to prove he's innocent! The Dems have to prove he's guilty of something. Stop bringing in these people that keep saying, if Trump want to clear himself he should hear they guy testify! That's not the way if works! Trump doesn't have to clear himself as he has not been charged with any crime! First the witness needs to show his fact evidence to the FBI. They check it to make sure it checks out, then he can be called as a witness, and only then!

  38. The real story is that this Lev guy is just another attempted distraction by the House Democrats to try and keep focus of the Biden's corruption's……………….. They do distraction to try and protect their sides dishonesty and straight up Treason's and their side's High crimes…………. Been that way for a very long time! MR. President Donald J. Trump please drain that swamp!

  39. If Trump was using Lev Parnas for some nefarious reasons, WHY WOULD HE TAKE A PHOTO WITH HIM? Makes no logical sense whatsoever.

  40. Schiff promised Parnus a minimum sentence in exchange for helping Schiff create more fiction to read to conhress lol. Hey.. I could write lies in a notebook to get out of kail by saying pelosi killed Epstein. Doesnt mean its true..

  41. Robert Patillo lets not forget Trump doesnt have to prove innocence…Levs testimony has to prove guilt..

  42. so this black guy is talking about putting lev on the stand and allowing him to say things that may or not be true and it's the lawyer's job to prove it untrue? that's kind of backwards isn't it? doesn't lev have to prove that what he is saying is true? I mean, he IS accusing someone of something criminal right? are we to now let anyone just go ahead and accuse people of things and we, the accused, must now defend ourselves by disproving/contradicting the accusations? has this black dude ever heard of innocent until proven guilty? is he really a lawyer? from the words spoken from his mouth, he sounds like a clown

  43. Parnas is telling the Truth.. Criminal trump/GHOULIANI tried to Shake Down Ukraine.
    Y'all trumpTards are just angry theyve gotten Caught Red Handed.

  44. LEV PARNAS could not be taken seriously as he has credibility issues.He is on bail, indited and is a crazy Shady guy, who is well known liar,He has no evidence only his 2nd or 3rd.hand hearsay !!! how much was he paid, to Brainwash him, to exaggerate and lie ,No one would believe this guy, in their right mind, He has no right to slander President Trump, and involved the Media ,seems he may have been told exactly what to do!. President trump has heaps of friends and fans, all over the world , photos people love to have their picture taken with President Trump at do's or dinners etc.there is some thing really wrong about this guy Lev ..He is connected and probably couched by the Dems . Another false witness a traitor .any one can pop into photos of Trump, He obviously is not ,a real close friend of TRUMPS just another acquaintance ,who could have made some sort of deal ,to say and do someone else's Bidding.!! just saying!

  45. Robert Patillo – must think we are all idiots. The house did the investigation and tuned it over to the senate. This idiot would have you think that when trial lawyers conclude arguments in a trial and put the judgement in the hands of the jury the prosecution can just reopen the case and start the trial all over again. He can't really be that dumb but he thinks we are but if he is really that dumb he should be disbarred!

  46. The Senate is trying to be manipulated to continue congress's impeachment trial..the Senate is supposed to make a judgment on the evidence Congress found him guilty on.

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