How A DNA Test Led One Woman To Discover Her Secret Family History | Megyn Kelly TODAY

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  1. Why an individual would feel the need to forge a relationship with a nasty person when out of all the moments, the years, that make up an individual, this nasty person put in maybe 5 minutes of time at the very beginning. The guy may not say it out loud but he feels a certain type of way about your husband AND your biracial daughter.

  2. Someone in the family of an older generation racist as h*ll? Yep, join the club. However… that man was a product of his environment just as she was of hers. And he was better than his own father. Maybe this experience will be good for him and help him to grow in some way.
    My mom told me that her dad was racist-and she never knew until she was in her 30s. I was pretty shocked, too.
    My mom and her siblings were brought up about as colorblind as any white kids raised in the 50s and 60s could be.
    He actually told her he was raised in a racist and hated it, but he wanted his kids to be better than him and to have the advantage of being able to relate to everyone, so he taught them to treat everyone with respect and never, ever made a racist comment around his kids.

  3. Okay, how does one get one of these DNA tests? Does anyone recommend a specific company? The most famous one is “23 and me”, But I thought they only gave you your continent of ancestry? I’ve always been curious, Especially since I have some Sicilian blood. Does anyone recommend a specific company?

  4. “Meeting my daughter is the best thing ever happened to me!”Off course you are old and you need help. If it was earlier in your life when you had to pay support and school that wouldn’t be the case.

  5. i had an uncle living all his life in canada . and he was very successful . when his mum my auntie nellie passed on he decided to emigrate to scotland . on this application they replied to him saying you dont have to emigrate because you are british born ?. he obviously was confused thinking he was born in sault ste marie ontario . then he discovered the truth . my auntie nellie adopted him after his mother in birkenhead merseyside died in childbirth . he was her nephew. his father ( nellies brother ) already had 3 children and couldnt support another one . so nellie sugested she would get john taken to canada and she would bring him up herself . but promised to tell john when he was old enough to understand . as you can guess she never got the courage to tell john . the crazy thing about the whole situation was all our family in britain knew about the truth . but john never . he sadly passed on himself , never knowing about his lost family . very sad . the problem them days we where romany and had massive families . my grandfather was 1 of 21 children . nellie , johns father and my grandfather where siblings .

  6. In life three things are certain….. Taxes, death, and having a family member that is sun-kissed ( from the past, present, or future)….LOL

  7. NPE means non paternity event and deals with male line only which is Y-DNA or male line only when studying the autosomal DNA. I noticed recently that new definitions has popped up for this but there is a real definition for this Acronym and it's being usurped by other folks. They need to come up with their own moniker for not parent expected. Here is a link to the definition per the association that deals with DNA and genealogy

  8. First of all their daughter is so beautiful ❤️ Second it's a good thing that the dad that raised her was the dad that raised her because she would have turned out like him too since they learn it from their fathers and mothers, it's good that she didn't grow up with him.

  9. I sure hope things are improving with time. I feel personally they are knowing I've heard older members of my family say unkind things and I don't condone them or teach them to my child.

  10. My son born in 1990 has NONE (though we share blood type) of my DNA the testing facility sent me extra records stating that they have never seen anything like that happen in their facility. Also, that they dont reach out to anyone they have tested but in this case sent proof of their findings. A couple page report showing my DNA, dads and my sons in comparison also more proof. Thank God I wasnt accused like Lydia Fairchild.
    I have no extra body parts all female.

  11. If (god forbid) I found out my dad was not biologically my father, I'd rip the paper in half and keep on living like nothing happened. My dad raised me since day 1, so hes the real father, period.

  12. If everyone watched were all of use came from…. we are from the African side of earth,scientists have discovered that the human race came across the land bridge with the animals and then we are now here,I am native and just heard that I may have African blood in me as well as others. War made men and woman travel and breed .

  13. Finally we get a real representation of what a black man is on a talk show instead of them going to the hood and finding a drama filled stereotype

  14. So I’m i the only one that picked on what the daughter said…I don’t believe our ancestors shape who we are. Not necessarily true. Our ancestors leave imprints on our DNA which is scientifically proven. We have free will / choices but for sure they leave impressions

  15. Didn't realize I had the captions turned on and just thought it was a part of the video…. turn the captions on, it says some crazy things.

  16. He took a DNA test because he was always afraid he was part black. How sad that you would be tested to learn you hate part of who you are.

  17. This is exactly what's going on today in 2020 just imagine if you sat some of these people down and read their DNA and let them tell their story they will be so proud of their racist heritage

  18. Who stepped up to the plate and raised you is your parents if they love,care, and treated you as they're own. This man is nothing to her, and wtf he had a hand in killing MLK JR. hold the f up??

  19. They are a beautiful family, hope the granddad will be able to convert to christian values and enjoy this beautiful family. There's always time for change…

  20. This is an example of the fact that some of us have hideous ancestors and we are still good people. That is why we can never accept the expression,. "The sins of the fathers are visited upon the children"…..If there is sin visited upon such children it is done by ignorant people.

  21. Very interesting. I applaud this woman and her family are for how they handled the grandfather's vile prejudices. That couldn't have been easy. When I was a young woman, I would've had the same opinion that this daughter expressed regarding how our lives are not determined by our ancestors' but feel differently as I've gotten older. Although as adults, I think we can pick and choose what characteristics we're going to take on but making major behavioral changes takes a lot of self awareness and internal work.

  22. I think people need to lighten up on the poor old guy. Clearly he is the way he is because he was raised from birth to be that way! The fact that he can embrace and love and feel pride in his part Jewish daughter and part black grandaughter proves that his hatred and bigotry was a learner thing and did not extend to his true core. He should be allowed to grow as a person and feel remorse for his words in his own time without being shamed. I wonder what he would go on to say if left to his own devices and given love and patience.

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  24. Why did they go public with this info? It sure does no help in the relationship with the father. It looks as if they want to get people to feel sorry for them and to stand there as the good guys. If you are genuinely good you do not need the public to praise you.

  25. I don't know why this is a big old deal when everybody knows including the scientists know that all people came from African people so-called black people and the jeans changed after they left Africa and they mixed with the Netherlands so what do you think this is a fact for all race🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂 have a show about that lol

  26. This old man is so racist and his father was KKK, but the irony is, his daughter married to black man and have daughter. God's Plan.

  27. Being bi racial i can say. Without a doubt blacks people r wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more racist than white people. And ive always said that black people r being hypocrites. How can u cry about wanting to b treated as an equal when ur worse as a racist

  28. William is a product of the times (50's) and hes locked into it, his upbringing would of be thick of racism, I see him as a victim, at least he makes an effort to have a relationship with his daughter and her family I don't blame him. people label others by race all the time.

  29. In "Dark Martierals" book series, Lyra was raised by Lord Asriel whom she thought was her uncle but was, in fact, her father.

  30. Why is this story on the news? A white woman who has a racist father and is in a relationship with a black man (this guys only half black) and has multiracial kids….. thats every other relationship now a days. Why is she smiling when she says he wanted to make sure he didnt have any black in him and again when she said he was a part of the kkk… I'm surprised she went on national tv with this info…. her kids could be in danger if the wrong person sees this. Smh.

  31. Cosette is such an attractive mixed race girl, which just proves that even a racist's DNA can result in a good result. She is so much more attractive then Bill Miller.

  32. good words of a young woman, the chain of hate must to stop someplace in future generations, so peace can be return….in both sides

  33. I saw that coming, but the reasons we have moved forward in this country, is that we have grown become better humans!!!

  34. Meeting your bio parents isn’t always rainbows 🌈 and ☀️. Good thing she wasn’t raised by him!! Dear god

  35. Sperm donor are not parents. People who choose you, take care of you, finance you ,choose you are your real parents.

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