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 Two days after Valentine’s Day, shocked her Instagram followers by announcing that she’d met “the love of my life … And we got hitched!”  Her new husband is New York City police officer , whom the 35-year-old country star met in November on the set of Good Morning America — just three days before the Staten Island native, 27, welcomed his first child with another woman  Like her fans, Lambert’s ex-husband (they split in 2015) was surprised by the news of her nuptials After the 42-year-old and his girlfriend of four years, , met with a priest February 9 for marriage counseling, “Blake commented to Gwen [that] the timing of Miranda’s announcement of the marriage was certainly curious,” a source tells Us  But his ex-wife’s whirlwind marriage won’t make Shelton and Stefani, 49, head down the aisle any faster “Gwen has three children to consider and Blake has been extremely aware of this at every step,” says another source in the new issue of Us Weekly of the No Doubt singer’s sons with ex-husband “The timing of Gwen and Blake’s wedding date is a work in progress. … Just because Miranda got married in a quickie random situation doesn’t change anything for Gwen and Blake ”  For more on the “Tin Man” singer’s new marriage, check out the video above.    And for even more, pick up the new issue of Us Weekly, on stands now

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  1. IMO: I hold Miranda Lambert in high esteem, and hate like crazy that she and Blake didn't work out. However, the whole story of all parties involved is just nasty. First; Blake AND Gwen disrespected Miranda by jumping out in public with their courtship, with the ink barely dry on the divorce papers. And now, my heroine, Miranda, is seemingly taking the first real opportunity to strike out at Blake by remarrying first and making a stooge out of one of NYC's finest, and, no disrespect, vulnerable and star-struck in this eight yrs her junior young man. However much I wish them well and a lifetime of marital bliss and happiness, hey, let's face it, its not gonna last. 🙁

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