How Michael Bloomberg Is Going After Trump On Social Media | Morning Joe | MSNBC

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  1. Mike – being a billionaire – how about using some of your wealth to encourage and facilitate African Americans to enter into the political field; to empower them to act for themselves?

  2. I love billionaires!! It’s would be great to have them control our country. They made a lot of money so they’ll make our country money. I’ll get money. #Bloombarg2021

  3. Strange hearing a former Republican apologizing for something he did. Instead of dozens of racists pushing a black woman out of a klan rally and an old man sucker punching a black kid who was leaving the klan rally. I'm the least racist person there is…unless you're black, Hispanic or Muslim.

  4. The background people. I love watching politicians talk and the reactions of the background people.

    Trump's stare straight ahead like a group of serial killers.

    Bloomberg's appear to be watching falcons eat pigeons mid flight.

  5. “The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.” George Orwell. Blah, blah blah fixes nothing. I am tired of hearing sorry and the laws hitting us harder than ever. “A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”

  6. Mike Bloomberg apology gave me chills and hope. We all make mistakes, taking ownership of it is what separates us from animals.

  7. What makes you think that a white man that had no problem abusing black and brown people for years. He can't make up for that. All those who lost life, money, jobs, health. Every day leaving school only to be jack up against the wall while everyone can see and nothing could stop them. Be late to work more than a few times while the boss blames you and cuts your paycheck or lose your job. Trump and Bloomberg are the same as a two9 headed snake. The devil you know and the devil you know. same same.

  8. Reverend, Mr. Bloomberg did not initiate the Stop and frisk police policy, it was Mr Guiluani who initiated the policy. Mayor Bloomberg inherited the policy. With that said, Mayor Bloomberg was not on top of how the policy was being carried out and affecting the black communities, as he should have been To his credit, it was during his time as mayor that the incidence of crime drastically decreased, and he did take the steps to reduce the number of incidents of stop and frisk significantly in the black communities where crime was hurting good law hiding citizens who lived there.

  9. Whare is Mike Bloomberg's wife? I want to see her. We've seen Laura Bush, Barbara Bush, Tipper Gore, Michelle and Melania, Crooked Hillary, Ann Romney, Cindy McCain.

  10. Bloomberg should tell Trump that height is from the neck up, alright, but should also ask Trump in the debate: “What country borders Portugal?” Or some other basic questions to expose his ignorance….

  11. Of course they mentioned Amy , Biden , yang and Pete with no mention of Bernie . Msnbc SUCKS they are just a corperatly owned establishment tool !!!!

  12. Why is this panel surprised by Michael Bloomberg's dealings with memers? He started a cable news network… Bloomberg Television? Hello?

  13. Everyone looking to defeat trump needs to send the Kelly message that Fox Propaganda News is a major contributor to the support of this Demigod !
    We need to challenge trump supporters to watch
    Any other station for a couple of news cycles to see what’s really going on !
    That’s if they aren’t too brain washed to do it !!!

  14. While Michael Bloomberg apologizes for his stop and frisk donald Trump is unapologetic about anything he does, I'll vote for Michael Bloomberg he made a mistake and he's addressing it,, Trump is a dangerous person with no remorse for any of his actions and a person like that is heartless, soulless, and and all around bully!!

  15. I wish the panel had allowed Dr. Rev Barber the opportunity to publicize his upcoming Moral Monday March on Washington coming in the next few months.

  16. Bloomberg is getting together with Stacy Abrams about voter suppression in Georgia. He donated money to fund her initutive. FYI..I do think we need to OPEN OUR MIND and see WHO has the where with all to go up against the dictator tRump….before it is too late and we loose the USA as we know it. I agree with Rev. Barber that we do need to check and hear deeper on Bloomberg's stance now…as he apologetes for stop n frisk .

  17. President Trump will win at least a third of the black vote. If Bloomberg buys the nomination, he will lose the majority of the black vote that actually goes out to vote.

  18. Listen to Rev. Barber! Bloomberg has also had almost 40 sexual harassment cases against him. No reason he should get a pass, no pun intended. He has bought his way into this race.
    Donnie Deustch is just an ex-big wig from the advertising industry, of all places! Look at Mike's, "heart."? Not when his conduct is heartless and un-American. Donnie is out for himself and the Establishment. His program on MSNBC tanked, no wondering why.

  19. And now we know what the selling price for the Democratic party and MSNBC is, 55 billion. Should have held out, Bezos or Gates or even a Walton might offer more.

  20. Talk about a staged photo opp! It's a little to late for your lame as apology after all those years of civil violations for your stop and frisk policy Michael Doomberg…🤔

  21. Michael Bloomberg stated he'd devote his online resources and capabilities to backing whoever the eventual Democratic nominee for president is (even if it isn't him). Personally, I don't think this is about him wanting to buy an election for ego's sake. Like many Americans, he's simply genuinely concerned about the profound damage that a second Trump term could do to our country (its institutions, the rule of law, etc). Unlike many Americans, however, he can single-handedly do something about it.

  22. You have to be born under a mushroom to believe anything this man says or the other global puppet demon crates say. How many politicians in the past promised things or said things then once in office forgot promises and changed their views. They are taught to lie that's what they do best in their politically correct way of talking and pretending they care. The super rich globalist banksters want all the power and more money. They will use every resource and give people what they think they want to bring this nation down. And here's mr money bags trying to buy his way in.

  23. He would have came out better had he told the truth. That he grew up in a time were BLACKS were Demonized by the establishment. Then assure us that has learned from those past lessons.

  24. We are wasting our time analyzing presidential opponents. That is a lose cause, the writing is on the wall–he will win again. Not by the will of the people, but by the same corruption that gave him the first victory. The only tactic now is to vote the enabler out of office–All Republicans in the House and in the Senate. We are in it too deep and this will be the only way to stop him getting away with anything else. As soon as we all understand this, the better we will be. There is no stopping him now, let's focus on the possible solution. We are waiting time being shocked by what he does and over analyzing his action or personality.

  25. Bloomie is an old racist. Now he's repentant? Who's to say he'll not return to his old ways when he's pres.
    We know Bernie is exactly who he has been forever. Bernie will fight for everyone, fight for clean air and water, help minimum wage increase, etc etc!!!

  26. Mike Bloomberg did NOT build 60 BILLION dollars in wealth 'by himself'. This is a myth of ALL centrist, moderates, and conservatives. Bloomberg RELIED on skilled labour (subsidized by tax dollars he doesnt want to pay), a integrated power/water system, transportation system for employees, and regulators/police to protect his investment. ALL which require LOTS of tax money he is reluctant to part with.

  27. I am SO for Mike right now I can hardly contain myself! We need to know this one ting……donald trump is shown to be the proven racist, NOT Mike Bloomburg!!!! He has made some mistakes, but he is apologizing for it, while trump presses, and even doubling down on with his racist behaviors!!!!!!

  28. Mike is going to be our next president. He is a sweet, sincere man who is literally giving away his own money to defeat Trump whether he is the nominee or not. We need to fight fire with fire. No one comes close to him on this. we can't blow this. otherwise, 4 more years of the monster.

  29. The choice for american voters, especially African americans, Latino americans, Asian americans and all other Americans, even white americans is whether you cast a vote for a proven racist, Trump, or whether you cast a vote for someone who may have supported a policy which was wrong but apologized for it, Bloomberg or Buttigieg. People make errors and can admit too them. Trump's actions are all infused with hate, racism, bigotry and corruption. He has never apologized for anything and never will. His agenda in life has always been to lie, to steal, to be loathsome, to reject any emotional feelings other than an anger driven by visceral hate. Decent people in America must choose between Trump, a proven liar in whom truth does not exist, a failed bankrupt " businessman " who has been in bed with criminals his entire life, and who openly commits abuses of power and corruptions every hour of every single day, or a candidate who has committed non of these sins, a candidate who, God willing, will do right. It is a choice between continuance of the chaos, incompetence, and corruption of the now or the promise of an America which stands as a beacon upon the world.

  30. AOC said only 11 more years on earth, So, Bloomberg has billions to spend on 2 more elections. then everyone is broke, or rich, but dead………
    P.S. I'm a Troll paid by Bloomberg

  31. Some American Black women and men come accross as always striving to be the American Middle class whites . Why is this ? The Black Community have an amazing culture to draw and build on . The White Political Parties are working for the RICH WHITE business community who have their own agenda . I am looking at the Sanders corner and for the first time I see a movement who doe's not see colour it see's everybody as equal giving the black community for the first time equality for all . It shows you are not defind by your skin colour . The Latinos are getting this message faster then the older Black community . You have been used for to long by the rich American Politicians , to keep them in power and the only pay back is a token person here and their to spread their message and keep the communities in Line

  32. Tell that to all the Black & Brown men that's been traumatized. One point 5 million stop & Frisk. one young man 60 to 70 times. "When people show you who they are?……believe them the first time. too many issues, not just Stop & Frisk. Racial meanest. This was a policy by "design" (listen to Trevor Noah on the Daily Show…he nails it).

  33. Did he pay all those people to stand behind him? Or are they the ones who where thrown against the wall and frisked and he is apologizing to them in person.

  34. The reverend needs to learn to forgive as Jesus called up to do. Why don't you help the man do all the things you are complaining about. At least he is trying.

  35. Blablabla… I'm a black woman and I'd rather give my vote for someone who marched for civil rights before it was cool. #Bernie2020


    What is the criminal description of being in receipt of illegal political funds. Oh yea… Money Laundering!

    Recently Indicted Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman face several felonies over their roles in various conspiracies and efforts to defraud the U.S. Federal Election Commission (FEC) by allegedly misrepresenting the source of funds and for unlawfully soliciting foreign campaign contributions.

    Parnas made 20 identical contributions of $661.90 to the:

    North Carolina Republican Party
    New Jersey Republican State Committee
    South Carolina Republican Party
    Tennessee Republican Party
    Connecticut Republican Party
    Wyoming Republican Party
    Republican Federal Committee of Pennsylvania
    California Republican Party
    Republican Party of Wisconsin
    New York Republican Federal Campaign Committee
    Republican Party of Virginia
    North Dakota Republican Party
    Mississippi Republican Party
    West Republican Party of Louisiana
    Illinois Republican Party
    Kansas Republican Party

    Parnas made a donation of $2,700 to:

    Candidate Trump
    House GOP Minority Leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif)
    Pete Sessions (R-Texas)

    Parnas also showered cash on various electoral organizations.
    Vice President Mike Pence‘s Great America Committee received $5,000
    The GOP’s “Protect the House” joint fundraising committee received $11,000 The National Republican Congressional Committee received $3,800
    The Republican National Committee received $33,400
    The Trump Victory PAC received $50,000

    Fruman has been slightly less active in his exploits as a donor for the GOP but doubly maxed-out to then-governor and eventual Sen. Rick Scott (R-Fla.) in May 2018. On the same day, Fruman donated $15,000 to the Rick Scott Victory Fund PAC. He later made two separate $2,700 contributions to Rep. Joseph Wilson (R-S.C.) in June 2018–one for the primary election; one for the general election.

  37. One must consider if Trump is a malignant cancer with no known cure. Everything has a vulnerability – even malignant cancer. Bloomberg should use his money to drive Trump org out of business. Trump money is his weakness.

  38. Not sure that I'm going to vote for him. BUT, I delight in the fact that he's got enough "loot" to run The Orange Rectum up one wall and down the other. I hope he'll do to "Chump" and the Repugnant-cons what Reagan did to the Soviet Union: BANKRUPT THEM!!! Out-spend them MERCILESSLY!!!

  39. No one wants a Bloomburger because little Mike is afraid of 16 ounce drinks, and tried to outlaw your drink order. He was probably afraid of drowning in the cup. Look for him he may try to stop and frisk you for no legal reason like he did to the citizens in New York.

  40. Stop and frisk should have had been used in the white neighborhoods around schools maybe we wouldn't have too many mass shootings in schools say black people are so dangerous but they're not going into schools and shooting up everybody that they seehe's doing with Donald Trump is doing right now or let me get a whole lot of black folks behind me so I can seem like I'm so sincere and sorry

  41. @Edward Haglin, unfortunately Moscow Mitch will not entertain the Democrats bill to protect our elections. This weasle coward from Kentucky, welcomes foreign interference so that Adoph Trump can get re-elected.

  42. The Democratic establishment wants to solve America's problems by replacing a rich old white racist republican oligarch with a rich old white racist Democrat ( DINO) oligarch.
    Why do they back Bloomberg … because Bernie is unelectable. Tells you a lot about the type of people the establishment wants running the country doesn't it.

  43. Must be a coincidence that he is apologizing as his campaign is starting.. It's really sweet how this network justifies it. Is this a joke? This station is getting as bad as Fox.

  44. Why are we even considering putting another one of these wealthy jerks in office⁉️ This man only apologized to black people when he made a decision to run for President. I’m not buying it‼️👎🏽 He is only running to protect his wealth. THAT’S IT‼️

  45. Guys don't let Bernies little comrades and Trumps bot distract you from the fact that: TRUMP MUST GO! And only Bloomberg will be able to defeat him. #Mike2020

  46. Hey msnbc, do the maths: you can push Amy, Pete , Joe and Liz as a viabel option for the general but not bloomberg…..Why should any progressive vote for kind of a reasonable Trump? At least the real donald Trump is more fun…..

  47. I wonder how many of the black people behind him had to be paid to stand there and wear those shirts. Not being a hater, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to pay the bills I suppose, I just question how many black people really support him after hearing the way he talked about all non-whites in the relatively recent past.

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