How Trump makes extreme things look normal

I can’t believe that’s a real sentence. Okay. Focus. Oh my god, I’m trapped in a nightmare. All right. Last one. How do you feel watching this? Same reaction? No? You feel numb, don’t you? If you’ve been watching the news for the past
12 months, your reaction to that last clip was probably,
“meh.” There’s a term for what you’re experiencing. It’s called the Overton Window. It’s a concept in political science that says
there is this window of ideas the public is willing to accept. Everything inside the window is normal and
expected. Everything outside the window is radical,
ridiculous, or unthinkable. And the theory goes that if you want to move
the window, if you want to change what people think of
as acceptable, you shouldn’t start here. You should start here, at the extreme. Because forcing people to consider an unthinkable
idea, even if they reject it, makes all less-radical
ideas seem more acceptable by comparison. It shifts the window in that direction. So if you want to make people more accepting
of gay relationships, you should start by arguing for gay marriage. You’ll lose at first, but you’ll start to
make things like domestic partnerships seem more plausible. Then civil unions start to seem normal too. Pretty soon, what started off as an unthinkable
idea seems very thinkable. Even boring. The point of the Overton Window is that people don’t have to accept a ridiculous idea, they
just have to get used to it, have to hear enough to start comparing other
ideas to it. And that might be the scariest part of Trump’s
first year in office. Not how abnormal he is, but how normal he makes everything else look
by comparison. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. This is not normal. But it keeps happening. In just the past six months, we’ve had to
talk about the president sympathizing with white supremacists, retweeting anti-Muslim propaganda from a hate
group, calling a world leader short and fat while threatening nuclear war on Twitter. I’m not! Any of these stories would have been unthinkable under Obama or even Bush. But now they’re things we have to seriously
talk about. That means getting used to a lot of new realities
over here, in Trumpland. And that’s shifted the Overton Window in some really terrifying ways. Sounds so ominous. The Overton Window. The Overton Window. The most obvious is that we now just expect to be bullshitted. At the start of Trump’s term, we were shocked at the White House lying about the size of Trump’s inauguration crowd. It undermines the credibility of the entire White House Press Office on day one. Don’t be so overly dramatic. But now? The president in no way has ever encouraged
violence. I don’t think it’s appropriate to lie from
the podium or any other place. I wouldn’t say it was a lie. That’s a pretty bold accusation. Yeah, she’s a liar. What else is new? That’s especially true for news coverage. There’s Kellyanne Conway, Will the president do anything? What do you mean, “Will he do anything?” CNN’s army of Trump parrots, Breitbart trolls, Alex Jones getting a major interview on national
television. Do you think of yourself as a journalist? I have some journalists that work for me. Normally these people would be relegated to the dark corners of the internet. But thanks to Trump, news networks feel compelled to put them on TV, to put them in the mainstream. Alex Jones isn’t going away. He has millions of listeners and the ear of
our current president. God damn it, Megyn Kelly. But what’s scarier is what’s happening over
here — the stuff that feels kind of boring under
Trump. One of the weird side effects of this presidency is that big Trump debates are rarely just between Democrats and Republicans. They’re often between Trump supporters and anti-Trump conservatives — conservatives who think Trump has gone too
far. I will note this is a two-Republican panel. These debates are really attractive to news
outlets. It’s interesting when somebody bucks their
party. And so you’ve seen anti-Trump conservatives
take up more and more space in political debates. You can see that trend really clearly in the
makeup of CNN’s panels, which now almost always feature anti-Trump conservatives. People like Iraq War architect Bill Kristol, who represented the far right in the Obama
years, You supported Sarah Palin. She’s not a big business, big corporation
type. But now plays the part of the middle ground. He’s a jackass. I’m just going to say it. The middle ground! No, no. You can find examples of middle-grounding
everywhere. After years of race baiting and toeing the
conservative line on Fox, Megan Kelly now has her own show on NBC. Bear with me, please. MSNBC, which normally leans left, has added two conservative hosts in Trump’s
first year, both who made names for themselves by being critical of Trump during the campaign. The New York Times hired conservative columnist
Bret Stephens, a guy who’s called anti-Semitism a “disease of the Arab mind” and who doubts the reality of climate change. When announcing their decision to hire Stephens, The New York Times explicitly cited his opposition to Trump during the campaign. The problem isn’t that these are conservative
voices. Because we’re comparing them to Trump trolls, they end up representing the middle or even the left of public debates. Your side, the left wing of America, lost
this election. The Overton Window has moved. The Overton Window. I regret making this joke already. The result is news coverage with dramatically lowered expectations, where success for Republicans doesn’t mean
governing well, it just means not being Trump. Trump delivers a normal-sounding speech and suddenly he’s presidential. I thought the tone was spot on. He owned that room. Trump nominates Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme
Court and Washington breathes a sigh of relief. The nomination and confirmation of Neil Gorsuch remains an enormously significant win. The bar is so low that there’s no real room to have a serious policy debate about anything. It was nice to be sitting in that chamber
again. And going, “Oh, okay. Republicans like this. Democrats hate this.” It was almost normal last night. And you can see it especially in the coverage of the Republican tax reform bill. By any measure, the bill in the Senate was a disaster for
democracy. Republicans agreed to pass the bill before
it was even written. It was covered in sloppy handwritten amendments. They’re sending around their edits as we speak. Can you tell me what that word is? And it passed in the dead of night on a party-line
vote, including a $250 billion error. That should be a nightmare that haunts Republicans into the midterms. But the next morning, Trump was tweeting about
Michael Flynn. And what should have been a stain on the GOP was reframed as a big accomplishment that Trump’s tweeting was distracting from. Despite the big win, Russian election meddling shadows the Trump administration. What should be a celebratory weekend here
at the White House, instead all the attention is focused on Mike
Flynn. Stuff like the tax reform bill seems small
when Trump is making conspiracy theories and threatening
nuclear war. But at some point, Trump won’t be president
anymore. And when that happens, we’re going to have to reckon with a media
environment that’s been trained to view traditional conservatives
as a huge relief. As the new middle ground.

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  1. You take your sources from CNN????? No wonder your view is skewed… the most detested News channel available to Americans and that's your source??/…as if Maddow is any better.. YOU'RE THE ONE WITH THE SKEWED VIEW!! you mate need to get off the meds..

  2. Accused. Accused. Accused. If they have so many accusations why can't they nail him for a thing. Oh yeah right they are just accusations created by political rivals.

  3. Oh so when Democrats talk about abortion up until the baby is crowning it’s really just to normalize abortion in general… makes sense to me now

  4. For me, the Overton Window has not moved to the right; the Trump administration is just outside of the Overton Window.

  5. I wish vox wasn’t left leaning it would be such a good channel some of these things vox days are absurd I’m a centrist not a Republican but there is so many things wrong with some of the things they say

  6. Obama deported more people and he bombed more people but the media wasn't covering it or they were to busy praising him for other things.

  7. This model is used by mainstream media and Governments 24/7. Using Trump as an example is pretty lame. Look around, they all do it because they all live in lala land.

  8. In the west politicians have usually refused to answer a question or just not answer correctly but Trump has taken western politics to third world country politics level where you tell blatant lies.

  9. Listen Vox I'd have to tell you something.Trump isn't the Prime Minister USA doesn't have one.USA has a senate I meant when you make videos on what he says.Why don't you talk about first President who would succeed in making the North Korea not a threat.What if this Iranian brutal regime falls cause of his sanctions.P.S To be honest the US-Iran Deal was one sided just for Iran as Iran never used the money on its people which they got after the sanctions were lifted rather funding terrorism and backing Syrian and Iraqi corrupt Government,funding houtis in Yemen and Hizbullah in Lebonan.

  10. Technically, Sanders has done the same thing. Before him, no politician has really talked about implementing universal healthcare since Truman.

  11. This video was frighteningly eye opening. The main thing it brought to mind is how Dubya now looks like a decent person, because he's being compared to Trump, even though he was essentially a war criminal.

  12. For those whom realize the very unsettling feelings – of this time:

    It is the intent of MS News Media to make you feel this way.

    When the 1% of the 1% owns all MS News Medias, We don't have a Free Press

    Google Search:

    Owner(s) of:
    – Fox News
    – the Associated Press "AP"
    – the Federal Reserve Bank Corporation
    – our Birth Certificates
    – the IRS – Management
    (Other "important need to knows') – Balfour Declaration
    What do all President Assassinations have in common? (US Currency)
    Who established the CIA?
    Prescott Bush
    What was George Bush, Sr's job just before he became VP – later POTUS?
    Who was Edward Bernays?
    Recommended Watch:
    "The Century of the Self" – It defines how and why Media manipulates the masses.

    If you are interested in understanding the what, why, and how's – these will truly give you the facts.

    I understand you response – the fears associated with this "Twilight Zone" experience – let me offer you a most comforting subject of absolute facts – this truly is the subject my mind Consciously goes to when I have those moments of – "that feeling in the middle of my stomach" when I trip over the "Narcissist-in-Charge" baiting the US Public for one of his "Daily Feeds" (this is why the Narcissists are referred to as "Energy Vamps")

    The subject that is "absolute – truth – empowering"

    Quantum Physics "Universal Law of Attraction", discovered in the 20th Century – (and it happens to be the very foundation off the Teachings of Jesus, some 2000 years prior: "Faith the size of a 'Mustard Seed'; "the body is a Temple of God"; "Ask and ye shall Receive")

    We manifest into reality, those subjects we place: "thoughts/feelings/energies -actions" upon.

    Peace truly does begin within.

    Avoid having negative thoughts about him – apply Thoughts toward "Your Desired State of Reality" – for yourself, those whom you love/care for – Community/State/Country/World/Universe – and do so with an Imagined State that it already exists – and your having Gratitude for the "Having it"

    We do affect our own, others, and the entire Collective's reality experiences. – thus, be Conscious of your state of Thoughts, use the Higher-Mind over Ego-Mind, and know there are a growing number of People whom are doing this for the evolving of humanity to a Higher and Greater Level of Experiencing of Life – with Harmony and Wellbeing

    Peace and Positive Energy Blessings, be Y O U R S ❤


  13. Americans silently thinking: "The Overton Window."
    Americans speaking out: "This is not normal."
    Americans resolution to themselves: "We won't let this be normal."

  14. Dems do the same tho, with advocating for nature conservation and social progressivism shifts the window left, and now that the republicans are doing the same its a crisis

  15. The irony is how you guys tell the world what you’re doing, but blame the other for it. (Btw- Trump was clear in calling out white supremacy as “having NO PLACE in our country!” In the very same press conf you all edit out; and has then stated it countless times after!

  16. From my recent foray into figuring out my political ideals, and remembering this video, I’ve found I would probably be a centrist in my own country, but in America, I would be considered a left wing, even before Trump. The overton window has already moved from various other nation’s ideas of democracy and Trump’s made it worse. The cold war already made you very anti-left. From my perspective, the modern U.S. is equal to the U.S.S.R, not in military power, but from how I see the two countries, oppressive hellholes. There is a meme somewhere that fits this. A Star Wars: Episode III one. “You became the very thing you swore to destroy.” I feel it fits.

  17. Um the rich have more stuff and have to pay more taxes not to mention the poor in some states get money and also every single political leader does this to us and Obama wanted a wall too

  18. I will sum this 7 minute video in 3 sentences.
    You know when people low-ball or high-ball you on price negotiations?
    That's how extreme things seem normal.

  19. The bar has always been “so low” for politicians. Trump hasn’t changed anything: politicians have always been a joke.

  20. I'm so sick of the current Republican party and state of politics. I can't wait for Trump to be impeached or at least smeared to the point we don't have to consider him anymore politically.

  21. In my opinion, this is good. More people (including conservatives) will be viewed as "the left", and this is democracy; more left voters means more left officials.

  22. My lesson is: liberal media tries to let Trump fall because he is so succesful in achieving his goals, and intolerant liberalist do not like that. Liberals are mostly without principles, so they lie and frame people, trying letting them fall, like in the recent impeachment trials. Mueller has not workes, and now they try this one. Greetings from Europe

  23. This is why Bernie Sanders calling himself a Socialist is the best thing to happen to politics. M4A happened because he first shocked everyone with that S label.

  24. when Obama and other like-minded used to shift the overtone window – all is OK this how things should run, when Trump does this – apocalypses. Smells like double standards to me … so "main stream media"

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