Impeachment Raises Questions About Secret Stash Of Trump Records | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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  1. It is very simple you dumb witch, he is trying to get ideas to keep WWIII from starting, think about it, that is what Presidents do, talk to other world leaders to get their ideas to keep from blowing your ugly butt away so now go back to your safe room and cry because I called you ugly, you know just like your words.

  2. Viola! This is what many of us long suspected Trump has been doing with Putin. He would seek Putin's approval or advice as to how to act towards certain entities that most Americans and their foreign Allies expected US to deal with. Such might have been the bombing of the Syrian broken-down Planes that Trump carried out, ostensibly to prove to his critics that he was tough with Russia. I bet he had discussed with Putin as to how to direct that action so as not to harm Putin's troops and interests in Syria. That bombing was carried out to deceive Americans that Trump, unlike Obama, was tougher on Syria and Russia.

    He might have also discussed with Putin the US withdrawal from Syria and the subsequent Turkish incursion into the Kurdish homeland, as Putin had shortly before that incident gone to hold talks with Erdogan of Turkey. The visit of the Turkish leader to the White House shortly after the Turkish entry into Syria further suggests a certain scenario where Erdogan could have personally thanked Trump for allowing Turkey to go into the Kurdish territory. We should not forget that Trump had already shared vital classified American secret with the Russians at the White House. Why can't the GOP acknowledge the latent danger of this man's Presidency?

  3. Dear Mr Maddow,
    you too will be held accountable! Lol how does it FEEL to be in George Sorro pocket? Does it FEEL good to be a traitor of America?
    Well Mr. Maddow, I'm asking you, but as the COWARD you are, you will never answer! The Nazi propaganda does Not work anymore and YOU will be held accountable!
    Lol good bye! Mr. Maddow, you will NOT be missed…. at all.
    AT ALL.
    the blubbering you do when you dont get what you want, the temper tantrums you and the TDS people you conspire with have on a constant basis.. its disgusting and you should be ashamed to even go in public..
    I promise you one thing, if I ever see you in public, I will do EXACTLY what Maxine Watters told me to do…. keep THAT in mind!

  4. LMFAO Still following the lie? Hate is a powerful tool. No proof but that Biden and Nancy's son made money off Ukraine, but that's nothing, orange man bad asked em if they did do wrong so lets get em for that. You are part of the problem and you know it now. Most of your sheep have left the flock Maddow, now what more lie's from the hate factory?? Look's like you better be looking for a different job once this lie gets all out too….. Or another lie maybe coming soon?? This is fake news at it's best and costly to people that follow. Research for your self and stop letting theses haters run your life! STOP following this lie

  5. I stopped here for a moment and heard The Washington Post. Double up with Maddow there is nothing intelligent going on here.

  6. I'm not concerned with Russia meddling. $100,000 grand on some videos who cares. Hillary spent 3 billion dollars lying to people. Where is the whistle blower maddow? No where. Even Schiff won't call out the fake whistleblower. Maddow spreading fake news like she spreads ellen d s vagina lips.

  7. It's been said that Putin despises traitors wherever they come from. When he finds he has milked the present situation and then comes to the conclusion there's nothing further to be gained from it – he may just spill the beans – that may be the direction the Parnas story is going.

  8. Most YouTube channels with this many views have at least 10X the comments and likes. Very fishy business going on at YouTube and msnbc.

  9. This is the only time I agree with Trump, and that's to bring back waterboarding to interrogate people, and we use it on him. Karma would be so justified then.

  10. Oh look, a professional conspiracy creator…. writers, producers, lights, camera…. Action!

     What is the easiest thing to sell to get the biggest instant reactions ($$$) on the planet? FEAR………………

  11. Why don't you fools go look up all of your old comments and the stories that go with them, and then say…… wow, they were just reporting made up stuff and emotionally selling it, as truth… but it's all proven to just be propaganda…. Trump was telling you this years ago, he was right all along, as were many others.

  12. There's nothing but opinion differences to any of this, no proof of wrong doing. If people can't see through this farce then they have truly been brainwashed.

  13. To the REPUBLICANS: BYE FELECIA. The war is over, you lost. It was done by converting the colleges into liberalism breeding grounds. Once, we get rid of the electoral college the major democratic populations in the big cities with run the country. Once that happens you will never see another conservative or republican politician elected. It's only a matter of time. The civil war you republicans think is happening, already happened. It happended at college campuses, through online forums and SNL/comedy central's platforms. It was a war of ideology and it too late to change back the clock. We will have a one party system sooner than you think.

  14. One day all this secret calls will find its way to public and the sane half of america will not have enough hands to facepalm.

  15. Impeachment is to weak Nancy Pelosi will not turn it over to the Senate . The reason is Adam Schiff will be investigated. The kangaroo court was not a successful. It is a waste of time and money. And guess what President Donald Trump will still be in office

  16. You think the world trade center just fell on on its own you will not say was dynamited just more fake news out of your mouth and people listened to you and believe you listen to mad cow you're you're one stupid Nazi

  17. We obviously have to get rid of Trump. Is Putin getting consultation fees? I'm assuming this advice isn't free 😉😉😉

  18. what i don't understand is: what is the real reason that his base clings so tightly to him? since using facts don't sway them, there must be something else going on that acts like glue that keeps the base stuck on him. what are they really afraid of when facts, testimonies, evidence are right there in front of them? when republicans resorted to their last resort of banging on the table/pontificating all over us when they had no credible defense? what is the base's argument for the evidence/facts/testimony? ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE ME OR YOUR LYING EYES?

  19. The Washington Post called Rachel Maddow out for her atrocity to journalism concerning Russia and the Steele Dossier. Maddow spews pure BS to Americans on a daily basis and is never held accountable for her insidious bias and unrelenting coercion of facts to fit her narrative. You’re day of reckoning is coming Rachel. Trump will be re-elected and you’ll be forced to scour the earth for a new boogie-man to fit your victimhood narrative and why the Dems didn’t win the election…..again.

  20. Madcow Madcow..hahahahahahaha, I can't wait to see another Madcow snow flake meltdown when this sham gets thrown out of the senate.

  21. Rachel….get a job at Fox before you completely destroy your career. So sad. Grow some hair and cook a meal for a man. You will feel better.

  22. Absolute Republic' made America great! All the refugees from such policy inter nationally fleeing to its shores… they impeach but cannot impeach what now they themselves have become… Natural law has a funny way of ketchin ' up with ya I guess.God Rest America… We shall mid y'alll.

  23. Wait there’s more “fake news.” What a joke this freak is. Good luck with your $30 million law suit shitbag.

  24. Here's what the WAPO folks just shared about Rachael Maddow….
    The operative word? "Fell Apart" Like those with working minds didn't already know. LMAO!

  25. Rachel Maddow is not a very good reporter. All she does is lie. When the Dems go down MSNBC will lose all sponsors and your network will fade away. Good riddance Liers

  26. So what, Rachel?? Of course world leaders talk with each other about how they are handling things! You are making soup with a nail.

  27. …
    Why has The Rachel Maddow Show and The Last Word stopped informing me of their broadcasts?? Now, i only get MSNBC.

  28. All evil lies! You look just like a man you ugly Frankenstein face take your lies in your propaganda and gold blow!Her set is $1.99,She has 14 viewers😃😃😃😃I can’t stop laughing liberals are nuts how much money did Obama keep when he gave money to Iran

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