100 Replies to “Impulse – Ep 1 “Pilot””

  1. i havent watched this show yet but its nice to see a little rookie blue Reunion going on nash and shaw to together again

  2. this series is a shame, support the drugs and disrespect the authority of the teachers. The typical stupid tv show that explode the teenagers insecurities. At the same time US is losing time with stupid ideas, China is totally focused in build a powerful country. It is bad for west countries, it is really bad for the democracy future.

  3. I just realized I watched this episode a while ago. Now I know why I stopped watching it and completely forgot about it, it is absolutely terrible.

  4. So I had that same year Mustang that he locked her in the trunk of. The back seats fold down into the car for easy trunk access. Impossible to actually lock anyone in that trunk. Even if she didn't know that, with all the kicking and pushing she was doing, she would have popped them forward, opening them into the front part of the car.

  5. one thing i like is that if it was based in the real world… the teacher would have gotten fired just for touching the girl in this video, just a thought.

  6. Yang dari Indonesia trus pemahaman bahasa Inggrisnya pas2 an mana nih 😂 kadang gatau artinya, jadi kurang nikmat deh 😔

  7. So folks….we are nearing the end of 2019. Grunge/Brit pop/East & West coast hip hop took over my generations music in the 90's.

    What's going to be the "Big thing" in 2020's?

  8. Convenu, simpliste. En un mot -> Mauvais. Je vais malgré tout regarder le second épisode en espérant que ça s'améliore…

  9. I dislike the new vogue dark cinematography. Open up the lens about 2 f-stops so the image appears normal brightness. Why does everything need to look dark?

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  12. This show is awesome, I've always wanted more Jumper universe shows and movies.
    But the fact that this show is streaming, and made by dictator YouTube, where they can only show content breaking the terms of service ONLY BY THEM, THEMSELVES makes me disgusted this contradiction exists.
    Make up your mind YouTube, do you, or do you not want this type of content on this site. You can't use it in your gain, and not say the same for others when they gain from the same content.

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