Imra SECRET REVEALED!? Reign Locked Up ENDING? Mon El LEAVING AGAIN? – Supergirl Season 3 NEWS

my feelings but I felt like you needed
to know what she did and why she did it cuz it directly affects you the legion
didn’t land here by accident wait I thought you hit him disruption yeah we
did but brainian Imre hit it intentionally
and they hit the real mission for me because they didn’t trust that I’d want
to come back to this time what’s the mission well the third world Killer the
one even found yet pestilence in a thousand years she evolved into blight Wow yeah so if we can find her now and
this time and we can save everyone today and in the future and look we have a
common enemy now so we can work together but our common enemy has been your enemy
for years so I got a lot to learn from you like like wait a sec what what was
that back there with the t-rex cape tricks don’t cape tricks weld Legion
uniform at once oh well I’ve been fighting with a cape for three years and
all it seems to do is get in the way I can help with them if you want James I’m so sorry been trying to reach
you for a couple of days now I know it’s just I didn’t realize how massive the
work would would be back at El Corp Sam and I have been swamped you guys have
been at work this entire time holed up in a conference room pulling
all-nighters like it’s a start-up it’s okay though the work is important just
time got away from us I’ve been worried about them has nothing
to worry about everything’s fine what is good YouTube Warstu here now if
you’re into super girls season 3 this is the channel for you I know I haven’t
done a Supergirl video for a while that’s because Supergirl was off air for
months and now super go it’s back we’re gonna start doing super girl videos as I
was getting a good response for Matt super go and so far it has been a very
good season so this episode was mainly a filler and now I know some people will
argue with that and say it wasn’t a fella it was a filler in a sense that we
were only getting small carrot developments with obviously win and the
wins mother and other stuff like that so I’m mainly not going to talk about that
I’m mainly going to talk about the ending scene with Monell and Cara
because after we left on the massive cliffhanger when Imre said mono I need
to tell you the truth I need to tell you why we really came back so it’s
interesting one so emmerich came back on purpose to stop a pestilence who is the
third world killer from it turning in to blight in the future who obviously is
wrecking in the kind of timeline that kind of the place in time we’re actually
in was from and the place in time where mono ended up so that’s kind of
interesting because on the flash if you mess around with the future that
path everything messes up so surely if they come back in time and kill
pestilence to stop the blight from crane surely it will create some variation of
flashpoint inside Supergirl because let’s remember legends of tomorrow they
messed up at the time and that crazy thing that happened on the current
season of Legends tomorrow so surely if pestilence the third world killer does
get killed it will create some issue and obviously the spoiler count did actually
say that the other reason why she’s come back is to stop maybe stop her sister
from being killed from Preston’s so supposedly pestilence kills in resister
and that is another reason i mean there’s no reason not to believe the
said spoil account because they have been true
they’ve been on point with a lot of things they’re saying so obviously we
knew that lena Luther knew who Samantha was and it looks like to me on
the end and seeing the clip like play before guys that Samantha is being held
prisoner held hostage James causer says you’ve not been around
for a few days she says he’s been working but it pans out and it’s
literally a prison cell so obviously we know that Lena is trying to help her
friend Samantha because he it’s like a split personality Samantha doesn’t know
about rain and rain what rain knows about Samantha so it’s like she’s trying
to get rid of the rain from her but obviously as we know rain is the main
villain this season although there are two other world killers rain is going to
be the one that comes down in the big fight in the big finale although this
episode did have a lot of filler material it was a pretty cool episode
now I know I go hard on shows when I don’t like more don’t like things but
I’m gonna give the fillory stuff a pass now what i’m going to talk about next
guys let me know do actually like the reasoning for why they came back now i
know it’s kind of confusing because people got fans like hang on a minute
they crashed by mistake but apparently according to that conversation they
crashed on purpose to get back to this timeline because obviously mono it would
be hard from 1l to get back to this time and obviously Emma’s clearly in love
with one else so it must have been hard for Imre to make decision to come back
but obviously stopping by in the future is important but sure that’s gonna
create a tighter temporal rupture in the natural timeline or something like that
and I guys let me know come back down below obviously it’s gonna use different
logic to ledges tomorrow flash but it’s gonna create something so what I’m gonna
talk about now is possibly major spoilers for the season finale because I
don’t know guys you like things like this I mean I don’t really think it’s
spidery stuff but we’ve speakin we spoke about stuff like this before
I try not to put too much in the title about it so the spoiler account that has
been right about obviously everything so far has said this and I quote I was
hoping it would wait but whatever Gyan when Chris I presume they’re all
about mono Sam and Ruby are all written out at the end of season 3 this does not
mean we won’t see them again in the future as I haven’t heard anything about
for exits for sure and then ago – c’est Mon out and Cara have a really
sweet moment together but ultimately they ultimately say they are
star-crossed and won’t be together Lena and James are still going strong James
tells everyone he’s the Guardian like all NASA shitty Elora returns goes back
home because obviously she comes back to earth she she returns back to Argo
brainy stays in the present no hints a relationship between him and Cara this
wraps up the sport is for this season are drops and teasers for some of the
episodes closer so it’s kind of interesting because obviously let’s be
honest guys this show does perform better when mano and Cara are around in
the same universe in the same timeline in the same place so for this spoiler
account to say that my nails leaving again does this mean that we are going
to be going to the future next season so I wouldn’t freak out it doesn’t actually
say Chris is leaving it says he leaves at the end of his season implying maybe
he goes towards the few goes back to the future it’s kind of interesting because
they are like Melissa – and Chris would are dating in real life so I presume
he’s not leaving the show it’s just building up to some future timeline
maybe if pestilence like does get killed which is kind of obvious maybe it
creates another problem in the future and maybe that’s why maybe we are going
to be getting some future storylines in the future now it would be pretty
awesome but it’s interesting because it says obviously John Mike John Jones
dad’s I visit like John Jones Father I presume it’s fair in to win Chris Sam
and Ruby now it says Chris it doesn’t say it more now I can’t think of anyone
else on the program who it would be other than mono so guys are you freaking
out that mono is gonna be leaving I mean it’s kind of odd I don’t know whether to
fully believe it but I like to put content out it’s controversy that causes
debate because they are hinting towards mono and Caro coming back Carmela coming
back caramel come back they are hinting towards that I mean I’m not the massive
I’m not the biggest fan of a Carmel but to be honest guys is better when he’s
around he seems like a much better grounding
character and he’s gonna teach car at that cape trick which I know I said in
sweat obviously one I was teaching the main
star thing but it’s not really a fighting move it’s a cape trick so I’m
not gonna go too hard on it guys actually I’m really loving this season I
really do like Samantha and rain so as this says it says Sam ruby leaves
I thought they were building up to a storyline where one out
sorry we’re Cara’s sister kind of adopt Ruby so you can never take these leaks I
mean it’s not really a leak it’s kind of more of a rumor so anyway guys what I
want to do is something I never do there’s a channel called the DC TV show
and to be honest he’s a really good super go youtuber I don’t cover super go
that often he is mainly a flash as Supergirl youtuber he covers a lot of
Supergirl so I know there are a lot of Supergirl fans out there because their
ratings are consistently good so I’m gonna put his link in the description
down below he doesn’t need to shout out as he is quote he’s got 63 thousand
subscribers he doesn’t need a shout-out but I really do feel that he does need
to be getting more traction based on his subscriber count for his videos so if
you do go to his channel from my channel say that wast you sent over I really do
like his Supergirl videos he does cover a lot of things he’s very consistent and
passionate about Supergirl so that’s something that’s pretty cool so if you
want to go check him out guys that would be cool setting you over so guys let me
know what you think about this video are you annoyed about the mono reveal it’s
not really a reveal I mean Monell did go on to say that he kind of he was sorry
because he now understand what it’s like to be lied to so it’s kind of
interesting rain is like in prison I guess you could say I can’t wait to rain
gets back out and let me know what you think about episode 14 although I didn’t
really go over it because most of it was fitting stuff I’m not really a fan of
storylines about like side characters although winners main cast he kind of
hasn’t really had a major storyline in such a long time so anyway guys let me
know do you think one able to leave in are you annoyed I mean the other things
on the spoiler account are obvious that Sam Ruby
I mean win-win is a bit of shock because win is like the equivalent of Cisco and
the equivalent of Felicity’s song I’m up in are just let me know do you think
it’s real I’m not going to say it’s 100 because we don’t know guides but I like
to report stuff on this and I’ve had to cram a lot of coverage into soup into
into one super girl video so anyway guys please like scrub and comment will be
awesome as YouTube still has a notification problem and like I said go
over to the DC TV show YouTube channel I will link it all down below guys anyway
I will catch you in another video good bye guys anyway it’s a pretty cool
weather in the UK so if you’re in the UK have an awesome weekend anyway guys I
will catch you later

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