Inside the Secret Network Helping Protesters Flee Hong Kong | The Dispatch

We’re on our way to the
airport in Taipei, Taiwan. We got a tip that some
protesters, who are fleeing Hong Kong, just landed here. “You O.K.? How do you feel? O.K.?” When we find the group, they’re exhausted
and afraid to talk. “So everyone was arrested
last night?” But they didn’t plan
the journey alone. We learned that a secret
pipeline, including donors and smugglers, has helped more
than 200 protesters escape. We wanted to trace
this covert network from one end to the other
because right now, hundreds more are facing
serious charges and must make a choice: risk spending
years in prison or leave home,
possibly forever. Taiwan is a self-ruled
and democratic island that Beijing considers
to be part of China. Hong Kong also has a
degree of sovereignty that Beijing could strip away. So, many in Taiwan share
a similar perspective with protesting Hong Kongers. They view China’s
Communist Party as a threat to their autonomy. For Hong Kongers
fleeing here, it’s a friendly destination
and a stark departure from the unrest back home. Unrest that has roiled
Hong Kong for months. Thousands have been arrested. Nearly one-third of them
are younger than 18. If convicted, they could
spend years in prison. But the tension here goes
beyond riots and clashes. Protesters tell us they have
the eerie sense that they’re being watched and followed. “How are you?” At the start of the summer,
Ali was a senior in college, about to begin her career
as a school teacher. Then she joined the movement. “There was an incident
with the police. Can you tell me about that?” “What is the penalty
for rioting?” Ali is out on bail, awaiting
further legal proceedings. But police confiscated
her passport. “Without a passport, how would
you be able to get to Taiwan?” If she decides to flee,
she would need to travel illegally
and pay a hefty price. Some fishermen charge
as much as $10,000 per person, which
is why a big part of the underground network
is made up of volunteers who raise money, like this woman. She may never meet the
protesters she’s helping, but she’s an important
link in the chain. She coordinates through
face-to-face meetings and encrypted messages. “So this says —” That’s code for:
‘I want to contribute money to the cause.’ And a lot of them
are strangers? Like, they’ll just —” She says she has raised
over $60,000, which has helped 11 people
flee to Taiwan by plane. Back in Taiwan,
we’re following the group of protesters who
just arrived at the airport. Their first stop
is this church. Pastor Huang is a key player
in this network that’s sympathetic to the
movement in Hong Kong. He’s saying that
people in Taiwan can relate to the plight
of Hong Kongers who feel targeted by China, like Daniel. Daniel was part
of a group that stormed Hong Kong’s
Legislative Council building on July 1. He heard police were
identifying participants in the surveillance
footage, so he fled. But they’re in a legal
no man’s land. The Taiwanese government
is treading carefully, presumably to avoid
provoking Beijing. It’s allowing protesters
to stay on visitors’ visas, but has not offered
them a path to asylum. “Could you ever have
imagined that you would be living in the way
that you are right now?”

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  1. Our government failed to stand up to China except USA(One thing I like about Trump)…anyway, we should all support the protestors in Hong Kong who all are trying to defend the democracy.

  2. I'm sure the Chinese government is watching every move. If the Chinese government says you have no right, you have no right. Get out now. Good luck.

  3. Be careful. Remember that China has a history of killing people for speaking to reporters. Any person or system you reveal, will most likely be eliminated in short order.

  4. the wumao will quick to point out the Taiwan and other western countries will not take these "rioters" in their country , but many countries are willing to take in anti communist warriors from Vietnam to Rhodesia.

  5. Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world…would do this, it would change the earth.

  6. 5:19 I see a cross drawn on the pillar.
    This reminds me of the revolution in Romania, in which many Christians were involved. They were singing hymns as they gathered, just like in Hong Kong.

  7. If the NYT supports a protest you can be sure that the protest movement is a part of America's hybrid war against, in this case, China.

  8. Destructive unthinking results of unplanned civil protest and other actions with consequences happily administered by an evil despotic party of miscreants known as #CommunistChina. Did you think freedom was without price.?..

  9. As a report, yes, it is very interesting and well produced. But what about the repercussions for protesters? Is not China more likely to invest on clamping down on these practices if she has the means to after this information is made public? What are the ethics of this? Or am I approaching this the wrong way?


  11. Come on New York times. Do we have to know this? Now the communist will be on hunt. Far out. And you know what happens if they get caught? Consequences are harsh. We don't need this story. Delete it this video.

  12. Operation Mockingbird was a large-scale program of the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) that began in the early 1950s and attempted to manipulate news media for propaganda purposes. It funded student and cultural organizations and magazines as front organizations.

    Wikipedia › wiki › Operation_Moc…

    Operation Mockingbird – Wikipedia

    Protesters/traitors in Hong Kong waving the American flag and singing the American National anthem as they advocate for democracy. Wow!

  13. Peking is killing Hong Kong, much like how Peking killed those kids in Tiananmen. If not for the underground network of the US in China back then in 1989, those students could not have escaped to the US and Europe. This time around, the HK people are also counting on the US for help. To the US lawmakers, please grant the kids political asylum.

  14. GOOD!! Those who don;t considered themselves as Chinese…Then YOU SHOULD ALL LEAVE!! WHY?? HONG KONG IS PART OF CHINA. ….You could work and live as foreigners there ….but You don't have the legal rights to intervene in Hong Kong's politics…. If you are residents in Hong Kong and NOT a citizen of China, then tickets to get out ….Airport is still Open!!!

    That goes the same for those residents with foreign citizenship!!

  15. China has to stop the genocide of innocents in Hong Kong, Xinjiang and Tibet… The whole world is watching you China 🔴🔴🔴

  16. Never play nice with ugly communists. Time to hunt down and punish every member of the communist chinese party. To a person.

  17. Sad truth, the brave youngsters, priest and those who give their hands to protesters are respectful, this is something to do with humanity. These youngsters can not be forgotten, every Hongkonger should assist them because they fought not for themselves but for the future of Hong Kong and the kids. HK police and govt officials are those who should go to jail

  18. Freedom is not free. You all will be remembered by the future generation just like we remember our freedom fighters. Stay strong Hong Kong. Indians are with you.

  19. Fleeing Hong Kong? Hong Kong has NO restrictions on transport. NO ONE FLEES HONG KONG. Stop acting like this is some military state. It is easier to leave Hong Kong than it is to leave the USA. The ONLY protesters that are in trouble are the ones who killed, burned or otherwise injured civilians or police. Oh….there is one more group of protesters that is being hunted. Those who accepted CIA money to start this whole thing! Its so hard watching this stuff because of the ignorance of the protesters and the ignorance of the press covering it.

  20. Stupid Taiwanese….if they were speaking mandarin in HK during the protests, the HK rioters would be beating them up since theyd suspect the taiwanese were mainlanders. LOL

  21. You reap what you sow, no country will accept illegal immigrants, let alone criminals, bunch of brainwashed idiots, soon or later, the taiwanese govt will dispose you lots like toilet papers.

  22. you should have kept the church/priest anonymous as well! wtf you are endangering their whole plan and that priest

  23. This again goes to show how dead brain journalism has done more harm than good. Thanks NYT for another dead brain piece of journalism exposing innocent people to china.

  24. Oh great, more protest over here I guess as if we don’t have enough. Good stuff for Hong Kong though,they leave, housing price goes down.they also get ride of some unproductive members of society.

  25. Peaceful protesters flee for the reason below:

    Slamming some people on the head with solid manhole covers seems to be a good way to get opponents muted. Cheer for the freedom of speech exclusive for protesters.

  26. NYT i think you should take care when you use algorithm based program to hide their eyes. China may be able to undo it by another program. you know, cos it follows an algorithm, then you can potentially reverse it. Better to completely cover with another image, or use black strip.

  27. burns down shops and buildings and destroying the city and being srockholmsyndromed to want to be colonized by western countries agaim "buuhuu i'm the victim please show sympathy for me"

  28. They fled dialect Cantonese-speaking HK where they hate anyone who speaks world language, Mandarin. Now, they have to stoop so low in Taiwan to speak Mandarin! Or worse, another dialect Hokkien spoken by illiterate Taiwanese. This is freedom they want!

  29. They have destroyed half of the city ,,,their tax money just went down the drain,,,,,,,so what u want the government to do???say thank you come again?????You dont know what u got until u lose,,,,,More democracy????whats that all about???So many bored people in HK… sure the mafia of HK started it all ,,,being afraid they might be sent to china countries of europe extradite crimnals and so does usa,,,,,and if its a criminal ,,,then whats the problem ,,,,stupid people ,,,Now look what you've done

  30. And if they dont like china ,,,why not protest in 1997,,,,, and never be part of china ,,not that being part of a british colony is any better,,,,,,the british ''stole'' HK from china thru the ''opium war'' it was blackmail,,,,so there's british demoracy for u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. James and Janes Bond in Hong Kong helping these boys and girls escape from the police. They are so in love with themselves and their they thought about their own importance. Please do not return to Hong Kong.

  32. Really thankful NYT wasn't around during the days of the Underground Railroad. Videos like this are not helpful to people trying to flee for their lives.

  33. China should change its defence policy of no-first use of nuclear weapon to that of pre-emptive strike against countries that interfere into its domestic politics with the intention to destabilise China's peace, stability and prosperity. In this way, countries which have the intention to destabilise China are actually subjecting their own citizens to nuclear retaliation should their leaders' schemes are successful.

  34. They were waving the American flags and the Union Jacks. Why don't they escape to the United States or The United Kingdom? Don't they want them ? Haven't the two greatest Democracy in the world vowed to support them? Or, these pro Democracy protesters are just pawns for their ulterior motives.

  35. you do the crime, you do the time. you just blew up your life for an extraition bill that was completely benign and reasonable.
    you fools.

  36. Only for Hong Kong would Western media portray violence as peaceful & right! I swear Western Government is trying to destroy Hong Kong and bring in a puppet Government as its leader! Funny thing is that HK people think its all for freedom!! Guess I now know why the British didn't give Freedom or Democracy to HK because they knew the people would go insane! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  37. GOOD ! If you don't like HONG KONG and CHINA as what they are then LEAVE ! Do not destroy the city and attack those who want to remain and be happy of what they have.
    CHINA and HK immigration should outlaw dual citizenship in HK also. Those who have other passports must choose, CHINESE or NON CHINESE, NON CHINESE with HK ID cards will be subjected to ASAP DEPORTATION if they get involved in riot and permanent ban to come to any CHINESE soil and their PR status will be revoked as well.
    HK SAR Passport holders with CHINESE citizenship who got involved in the riots will have their travel rights to be revoked and their HOMELAND VISIT CARD to Mainland revoked as well.

    THESE RIOTERS should be punished severely, so they must think many times before breaking any laws.

  38. Taiwan is democratic but Taiwanese are very raciat. Actually, they dont like foreigners there are many restrictions for foreigners.

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