Introducing The Daily Show Podcast Universe: A Miniseries Feat. Trevor Noah & Special Guests

– Quick question. What’s the number one
problem facing America? That’s right, not enough podcasts. Well, good news. We just launched “The Daily
Show Podcast Universe,” a new five-episode miniseries that parodies some of
your favorite podcasts. These podcasts feature me, the
correspondents on the show, and special guests. They’re all original, and best of all, they’re all super short. So to listen search for “The
Daily Show Podcast Universe” on Apple Podcast, the iHeartRadio app, Spotify, and anywhere else
you listen to podcasts. (energetic music)

98 Replies to “Introducing The Daily Show Podcast Universe: A Miniseries Feat. Trevor Noah & Special Guests”

  1. Trevor Noah💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪✨🔥

  2. Trevor Noah: Whats the number one problem facing America?
    Me: World war 3?
    Trevor Noah: Not enough podcasts

    Same thing

  3. Just listened to one: seems like a bad, drawn-out 14 minute bad joke. Sorry, Trevor, I would rather listen to you talk genuinely about things.

  4. You are literally just gonna talk about Trump and how bad he is. Don’t act like there is gonna be anything new 😂😂

  5. Hello Trevor 🙂 I clicked on this, the first video that came up on my feed, just to test if the comments I leave show my email address anywhere.

  6. If your are true and honest fun of this great show.
    hit the like button for true funs.

  7. Trevor is obvious you’re not looking at the camera to pretend that feels more personal to “us”.. you’re eyes are all the way to the left man.
    I feel like a stranger, if I speak for all of us “you don’t love us anymore” (Hollywood crying) you’re just ignoring us..
    😅😅 just playing/but seriously tho look at the camera 😇

  8. 麻薬後,有分组研,另一种,So,须问教父组期,,,So??。

  9. Liberals are so pathetic that they need constant propaganda from Hillary's puppet:

  10. Liberals are so pathetic that they obsess about human rights and women rights….but they vote for a woman married to a pedophile, who also defended a pedophile in court.

  11. Trevor came from Apartheid and voted for a woman who's husband gave us mass incarceration via the 1994 Crime Bill.

    Call me crazy…but I think Trevor is a sell out bitch

  12. Bill Clinton is a pedophile and Trevor Noah told you dumb fucks to vote for his drunk wife….and you dumb fucks actually did it???


  13. So Hillary is married to a pedophile, she was mentored by a KKK Grand Cyclops…..and apparently she owns Trevor Noah too?

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