Israel exposes Iran’s lies about its nuclear ambitions – TV7 Israel News 08.11.19

Shalom and good evening, this is TV7 Israel
news broadcast to you from Jerusalem;
And in today’s top stories;
The Islamic Republic of Iran refuses to cooperate
with the International Atomic Energy Agency,
IAEA, vis-à-vis a warehouse that is situated
on the outskirts of Tehran, which according
to Israeli allegations, stored nuclear materials
related to the Mullah’s aspiration to develop
nuclear weapons.
Senior Israeli officials reinforced a statement
made by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,
and warned that Iran would be able to reach
a nuclear bomb within less than a year if
it decided to take swift action in this direction.
Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated
her countries concerns over the latest nuclear-related
developments in Iran, yet noted that Berlin
has not made its final decision about how
to confront Tehran’s latest activities.
The Islamic Republic of Iran refuses to cooperate
with the International Atomic Energy Agency,
IAEA, vis-à-vis a warehouse that is situated
on the outskirts of Tehran, which according
to Israeli allegations, stored nuclear materials
related to the Mullah’s aspiration to develop
nuclear weapons.
The Iranian refusal to cooperate with the
U.N. Nuclear Agency, as well as its latest
breaches of the 2015 multilateral nuclear
agreement, were extensively discussed yesterday
in Vienna – during an extraordinary meeting
of the IAEA’s Board of Governors.
Information from the closed-door meeting was
later leaked to the press.
The head of the IAEA inspection team to the
Islamic Republic had reportedly said that
Iran refuses to cooperate with an investigation
dealing with the nuclear materials’ warehouse
that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu
revealed, in remarks he made to the United
Nations General Assembly about a year ago.
Responding to the leaked report in a filmed
statement, Prime Minister Netanyahu insisted
that Tehran’s refusal to cooperate clearly
indicates its continued efforts to deceive
the international community.
“A year ago, speaking at the UN, I exposed
Iran’s secret nuclear warehouse in Turquzabad,
located in the outskirts of Tehran.
I called the International Atomic Energy Agency
to inspect Turquzabad.
The agency did in fact send inspectors to
the scene.
And this morning, the agency convened a special
meeting, in which it stated that Iran lied
about its nuclear program.
And I tell you, Iran keeps lying.
Iran continues to hide its nuclear program.
Iran is even continuing and renewing its forbidden
uranium enrichment – the whole purpose of
which is solely the production of nuclear
The Israeli leader also seized the opportunity
to once again call on the international community
to join the United States and Israel in efforts
to ratchet up pressure on the Islamic Republic
– and also reiterated Jerusalem’s resolve
to thwart Tehran’s ambition to develop nuclear
weapons “under any circumstances.”
“I call on the international community to
wake up.
I urge the nations to join the United States
and Israel, and further increase the pressure
on Iran.
Iran is not only dangerous to Israel and the
Middle East; it is a danger to the entire
And I applaud that, at least today, the International
Atomic Energy Agency understood this well.
” / “In any case, I reiterate, Israel will
not allow Iran to develop nuclear weapons
under any circumstances.”
In response to TV7’s request for comment,
the IAEA said in a written statement: “Acting
Director General Cornel Feruta on 7 November
delivered an oral report to the IAEA Board
of Governors on safeguards matters in Iran.
The Acting Director General informed the Board
about the Agency’s ongoing efforts to clarify
questions related to the completeness of Iran’s
safeguards declarations.
He said Iran should provide full and timely
cooperation and promptly respond to the Agency’s
questions in order to resolve the matter.
He also reiterated that the IAEA is ready
to continue interactions with Iran with a
view to resolving the matter as soon as possible.”
TV7 also contacted the Iranian Foreign Ministry
for comment, yet the latter failed to immediately
In related News;
The International Atomic Energy Agency confirmed
that “an Agency inspector was last week
temporarily prevented from leaving Iran”
in an incident referred to by several European
diplomats as an “outrageous provocation”
of an inspector for the U.N. nuclear watchdog
carrying out her mandated duty.
Referring to the incident on the sidelines
of yesterday’s Board of Governors meeting,
the U.S. envoy to the IAEA Jackie Wolcott
noted that the inspector is now safe, but
underscored that the incident is viewed by
Washington as “an outrageous and unwarranted
act of intimidation.”
“Last week Iran detained an inspector in Iran
on IAEA business.
The inspector is now safe but Iran’s detention
of this inspector was without question an
outrageous and unwarranted act of intimidation.”
The Iranian envoy to the IAEA responded to
the allegations, claiming that despite serious
security concern regarding the inspector,
Tehran permitted the lady in question to depart
in a smooth and quick manner – rejecting
allegations of the inspector’s reported
“During the routine checking procedure, the
detectors around went off and it was signaling
towards this specific person.
They have repeated this procedure again and
again and unfortunately the results were the
same all the way for only that specific inspector.”
/ “While the procedure for finding the reason
behind the incident was going on in a smooth
manner, the hasty summoning of the inspector
has made the investigation team to follow
this issue without her presence, which is
still ongoing.
Additionally, despite the serious security
concern about the issue, her departure was
facilitated in a smooth and quick manner.
She was not detained.”
The IAEA released a statement pertaining to
the matter on its twitter page, in which it
confirmed the incident of one of its inspectors
temporary detention.
It underscored that while it does not go into
details in public about such matters, the
Acting Director General told the Board of
Governors that “Preventing an inspector
from leaving a country, particularly when
instructed to do so by the IAEA, is not acceptable
and should not occur.”
Meanwhile in Jerusalem;
Senior Israeli officials reinforced a statement
made by U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo,
and warned that Iran would be able to reach
a nuclear bomb within less than a year if
it decided to take swift action in this direction.
The officials referred to a statement by the
top American diplomat on his twitter account,
in which he warned that “Iran’s plans
to increase its nuclear activity at Fordow
raise concerns that Iran is positioning itself
for a rapid nuclear breakout.”
Pompeo, who is currently visiting Germany,
underscored the urgent need to confront this
He wrote: “It is now time for all nations
to reject (Iran’s) nuclear extortion and
increase pressure.”
Meanwhile in Berlin;
Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel reiterated
her countries concerns over the latest nuclear-related
developments in Iran, echoing her Foreign
Minister’s earlier statements, in which
Germany views Iran’s actions as “steps
going in the wrong direction.”
Speaking alongside NATO Secretary General
Jens Stoltenberg, the German Chancellor noted
that while Berlin has not made its final decision
about how to confront Tehran’s latest activities,
she confessed that “with each step Iran
takes the situation naturally gets more difficult.”
“We are still in continuing talks with Iran.
The German foreign minister pointed out that
these are steps going in
the wrong direction.
We have not yet taken a final decision.
But with each step Iran takes the situation
naturally gets more difficult.”
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  1. Mankind has only made a damn mess,with all the Bombs…What about earthquakes ? //and Nuclear plants,what about water Run type ?Their can only be Disaster expected in the Future……How Sad ……

  2. Why is it OK for Israel to have nuclear and not anyone else. Israel involving in others is looking for trouble. Israel has only become a country to 5 minutes Iran has a long history.


  4. give Iran more time to build a missile that you hit anywhere and you know it’s going to be nuclear but we keep waiting and waiting and waiting then is going to be too late I’m for Israel don’t trust them just like China

  5. Peace be unto you…
    Yet, IEAE Inspectors are allowed to bring in explosive Nitrates into a nuclear facility?

    Of course not…

    Propagandists rhetoric and sabotage have become the norm lately when attacking Iranian Government with false flag operations and now this most recent frame-up with the Inspector…

    Now Israeli Government can provide circumstantial evidence based upon actual lies which are almost completely proven to be allegations of inaccuracies and non-factual crimes or violations of some sort or another…

    With Peace Sakinah

  6. iran uses islamicTaqiyya: stands for Deception and Lying – – – the World needs to wake up: and blast their warehouse and nuclear ambitions from the planet

  7. DRAMATIC SITUATION for the world IRAN = REAL DANGER 👍thanks Jonathan & TV7❤️ISRAËL : the best webChannel for informing us about all the important facts

  8. If Iran had nuclear weapons 10 years ago there would not be the Middle East today.
    They are crazy insane, not the but the dictatorship regime

  9. All these French (that supplies nuclear facilities to anyone that wants them) sissies along with the other left globalist that ever believed anything Iran said are ignorant and stupid. Iran had hidden facilities from day one. They blocked locations from day one. Why does a country with plenty of oil need vast amounts of nuclear power? They dont and never will. The reactors and equipment for science, education, and medical is much different than what Iran built and the size of their facilities. The world must stand together if the Earth is to survive because Iran is getting ready to start the last world war. After the middle east is irradiated opposite sides will continue with nuclear weapons. It is clear the left globalist would be happy if Israel were wiped off the earth. Countries like rapist Prince Andrew's UK, Germany, France, and many others. Its time for 100% embargo of Iran. No travel to or from. Its time the U.S. leases B2 Bombers to Israel.

  10. Europe is weak. As long as Trump is in office (5 more years) Iran will be denied a nuclear weapon. Trump will not stand for it. Iran's clerics are arrogant and will be brought down low, one way or another. I love the people of Iran. They have been oppressed long enough. 40 years ago they trusted their Islamic leaders. Big mistake. Sadly, Islam is always a mistake.. ISRAEL forever

  11. Lord, you have seen this; do not be silent. Do not be far from me, Lord. Awake and rise to my defense! Contend for me, my God and Lord.
    Psalm 35:22-23
    May the Lord of the Heaven's Armies bless and protect Israel

  12. Do isreal have nuclear weapons so why other countries can't and why the USA England France Russia China and many more countries have so Iran can have too distroying countries by the usa must stop this is the reason countries need these weapons to fend them off

  13. Iran wants to make a deal, by making Money this money will be use for nukes!
    Iran leaders make nations like a fool of every one.
    Iran is very sneaky like a SNAKE!

  14. The vest looks nice, along with the whole ensemble! Have a most pleasant weekend Jonathan!! ✝️🇺🇸✡️🇮🇱

  15. The only pressure Iran would knows is the pressure wave off a couple dozen MOABs. We was so quick to go in on Iraq for weapons of mass destruction that they didn't even have. Why are we dragging are ass now. It's got to be done. Iran can't be allowed to have nuclear weapons. They are radical enough to use them. I know after war with Iraq and the last decade in Afghanistan. The last thing we need is a another war but it's got to be done bad as we don't want to. Just don't let them play us and try to suckers us in Urban combat. Take out the air defense grid then hit their nuclear research facilities with a couple dozen MOABs and precision weapons to soften of them up. After that drop in highly mobile forces and special forces. It's only way to out the harden facilities. Then get the hell out. That's all I got to say about that.

  16. I don't know it true or not I heard that the MOABs have a shelf life and it's running out. They need to be use before they do. I help pay for them , the American taxpayers. It should be a crater size of the one that killed the dinosaurs where there nuclear facilities are.

  17. Man this is a rough decision. Some old dictator wants to achieve his lunatic dreams before kicking the bucket. The US is faking the whole economy and a war will almost surely crash the B neg bond market/mortgages. If one just shores up northern Saudi Arabia and Israel defensively then lets Iran make a move it can't back off from and then let's Turkey go for spoils that's a mess now and in the future. It will be so wonderful when Christ rules all of this.

  18. Well no kidding Iran has lied, the US and Israel have been saying this for years. Macron is running around bad mouthing the US about Nato they (Europe) can't decide what to do. Did anyone doubt Iran would get a nuclear weapon out of this.

  19. christians are liars like your bible is totally wrong and lies and you followers are also liars there is a time when you all will repent and you will never defeat the muslims

  20. Diplomacy clearly is not working with these tyrants nor will it, it's time for the F-35's to fly
    Talk is over its time to act before it's too late

  21. Revelation 8:7
    The first sounded, and there came hail and fire, mixed with blood, and they were thrown to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.

  22. If Iran did not like to cooperate international atomic energy agency,The world must not be bothered with Iran for such avery long time.Iran also is the bigest sponsorer of terrorism net work.Iran mustbe destroyed directly without hesitation.

  23. Praying always for the peace of Jerusalem and the peace of Israel and the salvation of Israel. Have a wonderful weekend TV7

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  25. even through the Obama era, year after year Iran will have nukes in a year. I'm starting to think differently. At the same time Israel needs to keep bombing those who try to surround them.


  27. כמובן שאיראן תמיד שיקרה ועדיין משקרת לגבי התכנית הגרעינית שלה.

  28. IAEA should also visit isrel and do inspection. is israel a signatory to the body itself? israel should stop the hypocrisy.

  29. Satan thinks he can destroy Israel using his illegitimate proxy Iranian Rogue Regime,
    But satan you and your proxies WILL BE DEFEATED AND DESTROYED ONCE FOREVER.!
    Above response is the answer to my relentless prayers and supplication before the GOD OF ISRAEL, THE GOD OF HEAVEN AND EARTH.!
    God bless you Israel💚.
    Prayers and blessings from India.!! Shalom/Peace.


  31. It's looking more and more like the Iranian government lied about it's nuclear program. If that proves to be the case, and if Iran is developing a nuclear weapons capability, I wouldn't fault the Israeli government from undertaking a first strike that not only cripples the program but wrecks Iran'smikitary ability, such as it may be. I'd hope that the US and European nations would fully support Israel in this. There can be only one purpose for an Iranian nuclear weaponm and regretably it isn't defensive.

  32. Some will have Nuclear have nuclear weapons and some Won't this is unfair. If Iran or other countries can't have nuclear weapons then none you should have it.

  33. Revelation 3:9

    There is only one GOD that's Yahwe and HIS son was Jesus. Israel is not my GOD israel is not my Jesus. They are county where Norway is a country.

    If you breake a deal the deal is out. WE left the Iran nuclear deal before Iran started to react! IN THE DEAL is stated that if others start to act against the deal, you are allowed to act against it also! Let's not lie. I will not throw my honesty out because the county that houses. Don't ne the whore of Babylon! Whom said to be preaching God's word! But was speaking with Devils mouth!

  34. Sgetem Ben! God bless isreal and america, and may God protect isreal and us using his mighty hand and his miracles.
    And did anyone else catch at the end there, the German chancellor talking about a final decision? Ironic.

  35. President Trump and PM.Netanyahu were RIGHT from beginning when WORLD thought that Iran would NEVER build Nuclear weapons and was giving Iran , a benefit of doubt.

  36. Shabbath Shalom, Say to those who have a fearful heart, "Be strong, and do not fear. Your Elohim will come with vengeance, with divine revenge. He will come and rescue/save you." (Isaiah 35:4)
    Trust in Him at all times, you people, pour out your heart before Him. Elohim/God is our refuge. Selah. (Psalm 62:8)
    Yahuwah Elohim bless Yisrael I 💖🇮🇱 long live 🇮🇱🌹 and all Spiritual Messianic believers families and assembly in the world and keep them safe I pray in the name of Yahshua Ha'Maschiach Amen HalleluYah.
    Wish you Happy Shabbath day. With 💖🌻💙🌸💜 from INDIA 🇮🇳💞🌹💜🌸💚🌺💛🌼💙🌷💕💐💖🌻💓🏵💟

  37. All this teran is planning will fail in Jesus mighty name the bible say I bless who bless israel and will curse who curse israel curse are the nation of the world that raise against israel peace on Jerusalem and Israel shalon

  38. Time to end the Islamic regime of Iran and return of the Shah!

    Deport Shia Muslim Iranian men to Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE to create Twelver Shia children with Arabout women!

    While Iran return to it's Hindu roots!

  39. Brigitte Gabriel explains Taqiyya (at 10:50) and in the whole talk she UnMasks things people do NOT know about islam and the shocking truth about why islam teaches antisemitism! :….

  40. Iran wants a Nuclear bomb , let's give them some . Right on top of their heads. Do it now !!! Before it's too late.☝️😕

  41. This video just gets funnier & funnier after reading about this & checking what actually happened. First of all; the agreement that is in place is not uphold by other parties so why should iran even allow inspections? Second of all, the inspector was going through some regular lab tests before entry & she tested positive for explosives. (About 30 tests was taken). Thirdly, USA talking about this in IAEA meeting and twisting facts is extra special since they pulled out of the agreement, so its really none of their business whats happening under the current JCPOA acts. Its funny how you all are after peace but root for the aggressor.

  42. Peace for Israel and Jerusalem might involve undertaking a swift Massive Assured Destructive (MAD) military strike at the heart of Iran (The Ayatollahs ruling party, the IRGC and its oil) 🔯💯

  43. The book of Zechariah, chapter 5 addresses these (near) future events. The "Woman" in an ephah is incorrect (Woman is Strong's Hebrew #802 whereas the correct yet identically spelled #801 is translated "Fire Offering".) This gives us a more accurate description, "A fire offering in a lead-lined spherical container which is evil," causes fire that consumes buildings and even stones (a nuclear bomb). Two separate delivery systems are described, the "Flying Roll" or 35 foot long cylinder (missile) and the object with "wings like a stork" that has a fire offering (jet engine pod) under each wing which describes the B-1 Lancer bomber. The last 3 verses state the B-1 will carry the nuke to "Shinar" where the bomb will reside in a "dungeon or prison" (more accurate meaning than "house"). Most nukes are exploded as air bursts for maximum radius, surface damage, but this implies it will be of a type that does not explode until it burrows into the ground, destroying underground structures (nuclear fuel refinement taking place underground?). God's words always come true.

  44. Partially Fake news. USA was the first one moving away from the nuclear deal… And more important than that: Why Israel has about 80 nuclear weapons without ANY inspection or agreement with the international nuclear pacts? Wake Up….. There is a BIG DIFFERENCE between The Jewish Cristian Religion, The Nation of Israel and the Citiz

  45. make sure that iran's nuke facilities are fully operational then bomb them to smithereens. you have our approval. i will enjoy watching these ayatollahs cry.

  46. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is soon soon coming to take away His Holy people precious daughters and brothers. Kindly follow, or

  47. 1) Iran does not "owe you' an explanation for anything they do…. who the fuck do YOU think you are??

    2) Let's talk about YOUR nuclear weapons.

    3) Why does Israel refuse to admit it has nukes?

    4) Why does Israel refuse to submit to UN inspections, while demanding Iran do so?

    5) Why does Israel refuse to join the IAEA, and adhere to it's rules??

    Because Israel is a terrorist state that wishes to keep the nuclear option on the table at all times, as a threat to it's Arab neighbors.

    Israel is the worst kind of fascist state, with undeclared weapons of mass destruction and colonial desires to subjugate all it's neighbors.

  48. Lying Bibi… Iran is only a threat to YOU and your fascism, genocide and theft of sovereign lands.

    Israel will cease to exist… because it must. It is an abomination, an insult to Judaism.

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