It’s 2019, and the U.S. President Still Thinks a Cold Snap Disproves Global Warming | The Daily Show

This week there have been
a ton of stories developing every day. Congress is trying to avert
another shutdown, Britain is still on the brink
of a disastrous Brexit, and Venezuela is inching closer
to civil war. But nobody cares
about any of that today, because it’s too damn cold. Cities across the Midwest
are scrambling to protect people
from this deadly polar vortex that is blasting the region with what is called
the “coldest air in decades.” Plunging to as low
as 70 degrees below zero in some cities. It’s so cold outside,
the U.S. Postal Service, which almost never
stops delivering, suspending service
in 11 Midwestern states because of safety concerns. We can’t say it enough.
Before it’s all said and done, the windchill here
will feel like it’s 50 to 60 degrees below. So if you can stay inside,
please do so. It’s important. Yeah, we’re all inside
because we’re not idiots. Why are you outside, newsman? You know, seriously,
I never get why reporters have to go into the bad weather
to warn us about it. Like, just tell us
from the studio. We believe you. Like, if you’re sitting at the
desk and you tell me it’s cold, I’m not sitting at home like,
“Is it, though? -Let me see your nipples.”
-(laughter) They don’t do this
for any other type of story. They’re never like,
“Earlier today, a man was shot in the leg,
and it looked like this.” Bam! “Aaah!” But the point is,
it is incredibly cold in America right now.
Like, super cold. It’s so cold that I looked
in the mirror this morning and told myself
to go back to Africa. We’re talking minus 70. Anytime you’re
in negative numbers, you know the thing’s
out of hand. ‘Cause you realize
when they made zero, they thought that
would be the lowest. That’s why it’s zero. If they
thought there was gonna be anything lower, then they
would have made that zero. But somehow
we are way below zero. In fact, right now America might
be the coldest place on Earth and beyond. NEWSMAN: People in the Dakotas
and Northern Minnesota saw windchills plummet
to minus 50. That’s colder
than the top of Mount Everest. NEWSWOMAN:
Colder than Antarctica, Siberia and Mount Everest. It will be colder in Chicago
than it is in Antarctica -or Alaska or the North Pole.
-NEWSMAN: Combined. Believe it or not,
at times it’s actually colder in some parts of the country
than the surface of Mars. Goddamn. Colder than Mars? I guess… I guess
that means it’s really cold? ‘Cause I-I got to be honest,
I have no idea -what the weather is on Mars.
-(laughter) If I had to guess,
I would be like, “It’s sandy? Is that a weather?
Is that a thing?” I don’t understand
why they do this on the news. Why are you using Mars
as a reference point? None of us have been there.
“It’s colder than Mars.” “Oh, yeah, I spent summer
on Mars. It was really cold.” I don’t know what’s happening
on other planets. I barely know about anything
on Earth, and I live here. You could tell me Mars
was named after Bruno Mars, and I’ll be like,
“Yeah, makes sense. Yeah, he’s a popular guy.” Like, the news is
always explaining things with the most random
comparisons. “An asteroid is headed
towards the Earth, and it weighs
as much as 5,000 elephants.” That’s not helpful
to anyone, okay? No one knows
how heavy an elephant is. Like, well, I mean,
Americans don’t. ‘Cause in Africa, we measure
everything in elephants. It works for us. Like… Yeah, we’ll be just be like,
“As you can see, “this is a very spacious
property, 40 elephants big, ah? “And it has
a baby hippo Jacuzzi. “And I know
what you’re thinking– “this probably costs
three tigers. No. There’s no tigers
in Africa, you racist.” Yeah, and, uh,
if you don’t understand what “colder than Mars” means,
don’t worry, because maybe a few scientific
demonstrations will help. This is a clear piece of glass. As you can,
got some water in my hand. I’m gonna pour it on here.
You see that? Look– it’s gonna freeze
instantly. You see it crystalizing
right there. This cold is absolutely no joke. I’m gonna pour a little water
on Barbie’s hair. We’ll give it a few seconds… and you’ll see how fast her hair
is going to freeze out here. One man actually turned
this super-frozen banana into a makeshift hammer. -(laughter)
-Okay, this… this, um, this didn’t
teach me how cold it is, but it did teach me
how weird this guy is. His wife is probably like, “Honey, can you shovel
the driveway?” And he’s like, “I can’t.
I’m testing different fruits “to see if they can be hammers. And after that I’m building
a birdhouse out of kiwis.” Now, it goes without saying, most of us are miserable
when it’s this cold. But, apparently,
there’s one group that is having a blast
right now: the police. TV REPORTER: A sheriff’s
department in Minnesota using the cold to freeze
a uniform in place so it stands on its own. MALE TV REPORTER: Yeah,
meanwhile some police officers in Central Illinois
say they’ve caught -the criminal responsible
-♪ Let it go ♪ -for this brutal weather.
-♪ Let it go ♪ FEMALE TV REPORTER: And they’re
not letting her go. MALE TV REPORTER: Elsa,
the snow queen from Frozen -was taken into custody.
-♪ Let it go. ♪ TV REPORTER: Police in Missouri
asking criminals to take a break because
it’s too cold to fight crime. That’s right. It’s so cold that the police
are sending out tweets just asking criminals to please
not commit any crimes, yeah. They’re basically
just asking the criminals to stop the crime for them,
which is ridiculous. What’s next? Are they just gonna
ask people to arrest themselves? just gonna be like,
“Yeah, we’re gonna mail you “a self-arrest kit,
it’s got a Miranda rights, “uh, handcuffs, some drugs
to plant on your yourself, “and a bodycam, but whatever
you do, don’t turn it on, okay? “(laughs) It causes more trouble
than it’s worth. Just keep it off, trust me.” But look,
it is dangerous outside. It’s super cold,
so stay home if you can. Stay warm if you go out and if you see someone in need
please help them out. This is one of the most
vulnerable periods for anybody who does not
have a place to stay. Because right now,
there are millions of people in harm’s way. And yet even with that many
people effected, President Trump has found a way
to steal the spotlight. TV REPORTER:
The president sees this and it prompts him to tweet
the following: (TV reporter reading): Ah, some brilliant analysis from French Fry the Science Guy. Yeah, according
to the president, a cold snap is proof that global “waming”
isn’t real. Like, I’m just like,
Trump never stops. Even the coldest day
of the year, the rest of us are having
a brain freeze and he’s like, (mimics Trump):
“Nothing to freeze here. Firing on all cylinders.”

100 Replies to “It’s 2019, and the U.S. President Still Thinks a Cold Snap Disproves Global Warming | The Daily Show”

  1. Has it occurred to anyone (I'm sure it has but I have yet to read it anywhere) that Global Warming has become intentional? The Rich White People have discovered that they can get even richer and kill off global populations of brown people at the same time. Why would they not go for it? The RWPs will be safe in their gated luxury castles well stocked for a hundred years. Seriously. More money + exterminate brown people. Why would they not jump on that action? It's right up their alley.

  2. News Reporter: Hey, we need a field reporter to go outside to tell everyone about the fallout, from the nuclear bomb

    Field Reporter: Uhh, nope!!

  3. A summer day on Mars may get up to 70 degrees F (20 degrees C) near the equator, but at night the temperature can plummet to about minus 100 degrees F (minus 73 C).
    BLEH!!!! so much for mars eh XD -73*C

  4. So it is a NORMAL Wyoming winter? Kids go to school, adults go to work and the mail gets delivered there. News makes everything a big deal. Obviously, global warming is real, TRAINED PROFESSIONALS have been telling us for YEARS to protect the environment, we didn't listen and make changes. So why is it any surprise tRump doesn't? Congress and the House can act WITHOUT him, talk about the real idiots impeding progress!!!

  5. Trevor please please explain what is going on across America and why police are so mean and nasty and they are killing , shooting and raping and harressing the very people that love America and it's laws.

  6. "When they made 0 because they thought that would be the lowest. That's why it's 0. If they thought there would be anything lower they would've made that 0."

    William Thomson bursts in through a wall "Did somebody say 0?!"

  7. Lol OMG my husband and I have this thing about people using elephants as a weight measurement it kills me everytime lol that and how they use school buses for length

  8. Lol its not colder than the north pole. In the us its 20 celcius but in norway this winter it was 26 – and has been 50-

  9. And the President is right about something. We are entering the grand solar minimum. Sun is going to sleep for a while. Its about to get real cold all over. Do your research. Mainstream media will not report on this because it will hurt the false global warming scare that makes lots of money for some powerful people. If you don’t believe in this just wait and watch you will find out in ext few years.

  10. Ok! So I guess I would stick to chinese made than US made after seeing their representative's intellectual well being.

  11. Get used to the cold and look into some real science. The grand solar minimum is coming and it doesn't give a f%ck about your belief in AGW junk science.

  12. I think that somebody really smart should look at Trumps tweets before he actually shares them seriously someone…anyone…anything! ?

  13. America be like:
    Russia be like:
    puts down drink I’m about to ruin this mans whole career

  14. Why would President Obama and his wife spend millions on a beach front property when the oceans are suppose to be rising and will eventually cover that very property? Could it be that he really doesn't believe it will happen? Just saying!!

  15. Trevor Noah hates his White Half and loves his half Black part most! You're all a bunch of lunatics stuck on loving a half Black guy pretending his White Half… the part being destroyed back in South Africa by his BLACK HALF for only being Half Black. If your White STAY the FUCK OUT of his Black Half! Remember Blacks were here first so all Whites need to leave the planet NOW! ….or find some good black face and GO BLACK NOW! ….oh sorry…. we just don't know where the whites are disappearing to, but Whites shouldn't be alive now. But…. But… what about Trevor's White Half? What… Oh he gave his White Half up at birth! ;-P ….during a 'Polar Vortex' before knowing how COLD and RACIST a White Polar Vortex was!!!

  16. What the hell is wrong with libtards? No, Trump doesn't think one cold snap disproves global warming, a whole bunch of them for thirty years, the fact that the Earth is no warmer than it was in the thirties and forties and that climate alarmists have been caught several times manipulating temperature data, and the fact that Michael Mann's hockey stick is fake science, is why Trump and anyone else with ounce of common sense doesn't believe the science that is so popular in the media. You wouldn't know it by the media or this guy but there are thousands of very respectable scientists that agree with President Trump. Whatever happened to Jon Stewart? This guy is a punk.

  17. Oh Trevor, it s simple !! 500 éléphants is equal to 250 Donald. In pounds I mean, elephant is a very smart animal and there is no orange one.
    Vote Dumbo in 2020, so America could be great again !!

  18. we made such a huge mistake by calling it "global warming" in the beginning…of course conservatives would contort and distort it…and the mouth breathing lemmings would go right along with it…i cringe so hard every time i see some toothless sister fucking JACKASS thumping that old "if theres global warming how do you explain the cold" bullshit…

  19. Switch to metric guys. This minus 70 shit, no one else knows what that means. Is it cold cold, or just normal for Russia and Canada?

  20. Did you realize that 2019 had no autum. The leave had no time to shed. Snow covers everything. How long can the media keep telling you that the world is burning up when the exact opposite is happening.

  21. Probably why we stopped saying global warming, because climate change is more about extremes of hot and cold rather than just hot temps…

  22. Honestly, I blame the newsmedia and scientists in the 50s and 60s for spreading the term 'global warming' how did you NOT see this coming? I mean, scientists use it, because scientists aren't stupid…but don;t half ass read an article on scientific american and report on it like you know what's going on.


  24. Okay, I think I get it. Just because its cold in some parts doesnt disprove global warming. Thats logical I accept that…. if you also accept that just because it got hot in some parts doesnt prove global warming.

  25. Really?I mean really? Alaskan here,-120 degrees below zero out on the Yukon,1984.I was there and I was outside doing what I needed to do. Stay inside? Whimps,…………………..hey this is the planet you live on.There is NO GLOBAL WAMMING Right ?Wrong ,ha,ha,ha.

  26. "if you I can stay inside please do so" he was so cold he forgot the and, and he forgot that he wasn't supposed to say I. news men have it ruff wow

  27. ( – The most correct definition i ever seen on the urban dictionary…and hilarious too!

  28. It's interesting how the crime rate in Chicago during the vortex dropped by double digits… "The do it yourself at home arrest kit really came in handy when it was -50°f out" ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  29. It’s not even called ‘Global Warming’ anymore. Now it’s just called ‘Climate Change’, because only certain countries are being affected. And they’re all countries that already had hot climate to begin with.

  30. i live in Chicago and during the polar vortex I still had to go to school and they make us go to school during that but when they want to protest we get a month for no school. Now tell me CPS what the hell happened?

    edit: it was colder in Chicago than Antarctica, Alaska and the North pole combined.

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