‘It’s Time For President Donald Trump To Throw Rudy From The Train’ | All In | MSNBC

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  1. What charge against Trump has ever been proven false? What lawyer conspires with the Secretary of Energy, the ambassador the EU, and a special envoy to the Ukraine to extort public proclamations of bogus investigations in exchange for US national security?

  2. Rudy was being paid by Parnas and Fruman who are being funded by Dmitry Firtash. So essentially the Russian organised crime was financing Rudy Colludy's work on behalf of the President in extorting and compromising our ally Ukraine.


  4. Oh, please. Saying Trump should dump Guliani is like saying that the pile of cow manure should find a way to get rid of the horse flies.

  5. I bet all this was news to Giuliani until you guys brought it all up. Last time I check baring false witness was a sin, no none of you care about any of that? PoliticalSpectra.com

  6. Lol Amy Robach was fired after she revealed significant information about how untrustworthy the media is and here you all are, continuing to soak it up because orange man bad

  7. This isn’t news it’s speculation. It’s more the View with suit and ties. If this, if that, ……blah, blah, blah.
    So when are going to be hearing before the full House of Representatives so the public will know what’s going on?

  8. Just like liberals. No loyalty. Throw your friends and brethren under the bus. Make since. All Democrats are doing this to 62 million of us that voted Trump. You are throwing us under a bus.

  9. I'll be so fing happy when we can all get off this crazy train. Hey everybody! Do something positive today, look up, make eye contact and smile at someone.

  10. Sorry but Rudy finding crimes committed during the 2016 campaign. Should be upheld by our fake Media. What MSNBC CBS ABC CNN and all other media are covering up with the crime's committed by the OBOMA Joe white house is in American. why are these media's so concerned about not finding out oboden and Joe didn't do anything LEGAL or were doing anything ILLEGAL. MSNBC is a CIA Democrat state underground media that is all PROPAGANDA LIES deception and should be sued by the Masses as I'm fixing to file once I hit my number of 20,000 people to follow me on truth and honesty suit aginst these media companies. 6,743 people to go. Then we'll see what happens to PROPAGANDA PUSHING media networks here in America pushing false deceptive news aginst the people of the republic of America

  11. If Rudy doesn't get paid to be Trump's lawyer, doesn't that mean that there is no attorney/client privilege? Rudy can be forced to testify or face perjury charges.

  12. Trump will dump Rudy… unless he needs the (ACP) Attorney/Client Privilege card to play. Rudy's biggest nightmare is his divorce. He's saying that he's "working for Trump for free," however; this is a ploy/gaffe to avoid paying alimony in his divorce negotiations. If that "butt-dialed phone call" (that was left as a Voice message on a reporter's phone) is any indication of low financial liquidity… they will need to throw a lot of money around to "Manafort" for Rudy. "Trump will Dump" Rudy if Barr cannot stop this Ukrainian Bribery train wreck (that a 6th Grader, or; a 90 year old… could be a juror on, and; Convict). The real drama will come down to this: When the Senators try to free Trump on the Impeachment (and fail to convict Trump to save themselves and the GOP), you will hear a query from the press to U.S. Supreme Court Justice John Roberts. All he has to be asked is the following: "Justice Roberts, if this were a Bench Trial… what would your verdict be?" If the American Public gets a straight answer to this question… Trump will not be re-elected in 2020.

  13. Rudy is a great American. He cleaned up New York . How about some information about Hunter Biden crashing a Hertz rental car and leaving his crack pipe behind when he fled the scene. What about that lawsuit .

  14. Trump is still using BARR BEHIND THE scenes. TRUMP IS being VERY CAUTIOUS with Barr because he needs him where he is

  15. Besides throwing Rudy from the Train, odds are he's going to be throwing Billy from the train too. As soon as someone won't commit political or career suicide for this President, which he invariably asks them to do, he throws them under the bus FROM the Train !!

  16. Notice how everyone is now avoiding Donnie like the plague not wanting to be associated with him in any manner thereby not risking being named in his conspiracy! Even many of his staffers are about to make a mass exodus from the WH.

  17. But, but, Rudy, I thought this was all done because of the president’s concern about corruption in Ukraine? 🤣🤣 Way to go, Rudy, you just admitted it had everything to do with Trump himself, not some altrustic concern about corruption.

  18. taking the 'sting' out? more like taking the 'stink' out. at least a swamp is natural… it's now been replaced by a cesspit. a pool of human fecal matter.

  19. When Barr finally "comes out" he will be armed with a trumped up counter-investigation into the Mueller report and "Ukraine corruption and meddling into the 2016 election" and the Biden's. Mark my words, soon come. Barr's not scared, he's working on exonerating the whole rotten lot of them ahead of 2020

  20. MSNBC with a negative story about Trump or Giuliani…or anyone else in the administration. What a surprise! I bet they think someone did something criminal.

    Everyone, go get your news from anywhere else and try and not have a strong confirmation bias. Try.

  21. Melania the First Lady is my daughter. Trump has refused to allow her to
    help me in any way. I want him impeached. I will testify against him.
    He has refuse to reply to my emails an lawsuits through the US Supreme
    Court. For one thing Trump s harboring the murderer of the six million
    Jews, John Gunnell (birth name John Carey Merrick) — VA

  22. Melania the First Lady is my daughter. Trump has refused to allow her to
    help me in any way. I want him impeached. I will testify against him.
    He has refuse to reply to my emails an lawsuits through the US Supreme
    Court. For one thing Trump s harboring the murderer of the six million
    Jews, John Gunnell (birth name John Carey Merrick) — VA

  23. Any day now Giuliani's indictment will come out, and Republicans will pretend not to recognize "Individual Number One" appearing on every page. "Oh, who's that? –maybe the whistleblower?"

  24. The whole of US apart from the blind followers of this president, are so ashamed by the never-before actions of their president not only at home but around the whole wide world. One after another he talks and does things which any other past president would not even give it a thought. But this person is so uninhinged that he keeps on defending his actions claiming that he is only next to God. And that's when some people even question his mental ability but the most frustrating is that Republicans keep on supporting knowing everything he is doing to this great country and due to which he is getting more defiant and bolder. So it is not fair to blame him alone, the whole Republican Party should own it, in the plundering of this country.

  25. Barr & Pompeo plus some bag men did a tour of Europe. Italy, Greece, UK and Poland to smear Mueller. They were promotimg the fake idea that the hacking was not Russia but the Ukraine.
    How dump are they really?

  26. Traitor Ghouliani has made it clear that Traitor Trump has not been paying him – which is a corrupt making thing, whose paying him then? So, there's NO Attorney / Client privilege, and doesn't count either when crimes are committed.

  27. This palace intrigue is a lot like a comic farce and it is starting to get really dicey.
    I can't think of another President who provided so much entertainment while totally trashing the reputation of the nation and the Republican Party.

  28. Rudy should be considered a flight risk. Time for an ankle bracelet for him. Maybe it will match the nose ring Trump has on him.

  29. The DOJ and Bill Barr are not required to make the statements that MSNBC said they want to hear. To the woman from the Southern District of NY why aren't you investigating the Jeffrey Epstein's murder. Rudy must be onto something they are trashing. He has a nose for corruption.

  30. —- > I don't give Barr any credit for not holding a press conference to declare Trump's innocence.. He already dismissed referrals for criminal charges and didn't even order an investigation of Trump's phone summary. Trump might have said it to make Barr look legit.
    … The CIA's top lawyer (Courtney Simmons Elwood) , the Acting Director of National Intelligence (Joseph Maguire), and the Intelligence Community Inspector General (Michael Atkinsson) all made criminal referrals on complaint about Trump Ukraine call.

     CIA sent criminal referral on whistleblower's complaint to DOJ: NBC

  31. Barr is crooked, so good luck with him telling the truth. He did that with the Mueller report so more than likely he is waiting until things calm to betray the country. Barr should be impeached.

  32. Does Durham investigate into Ukraine goings on? Is he connecting all the dots into the illegality of Russiagate or just only into the FBI?

  33. Rudy was still trying to make him happy,thought that if Trump won 20/20….He would get a cabinet position 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  34. What i don't get is how everybody around trump goes down, yet these morons continue to ally themselves to this mental dwarf. Even rats flee a sinking ship. Jeez!!!

  35. EVERYBODY KNOWS – Parody of Everybody Knows by Leonard Cohen | Don Caron
    Verse 235:
    Everybody knows his cadre is shrinking
    Everybody knows he has no real defense
    Everybody knows he asked Barr to clear him
    Bribery is an impeachable offense
    Everybody knows Rudy's campaign of lies
    America's turning its back on NATO allies
    Macron says so
    Now everybody knows

    The Boy Who Cried No Quid Pro Quo
    Read The Transcript
    Grifter Strikes Again
    State Department official describes Giuliani's 'campaign of lies' in Ukraine
    No Defense Of Trump From Republicans In Released Impeachment Depositions | The Last Word | MSNBC
    Macron criticised by US and Germany over Nato 'brain death’ claims
    Trump denies report that he wanted Barr to publicly clear him on Ukraine

    Exclusive: Anonymous Author Depicts Deep Trump Admin Dysfunction | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
    Book: Trump Recklessness Sparked W.H. 'Five-Alarm Fire Drills' | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
    Author's 'Warning' Raises Question Of Trump Staff Responsibility | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
    Day 1022: A Book by ‘Anonymous’ describes Trump as a danger to the nation

  36. When the public testimonies starts, they should haul this fat neckless, spineless, hypocrite, hippo Barr.. and then send him behind one– While there, they should just feed him once a day… and then throw away the keys…

  37. Rudy has just hired 3 criminal defense attorneys, and now Trump is ignoring him on Twitter. Hmm, I wonder what's going on?

  38. YES ‘It's Time For President Donald Trump To Throw Rudy From The Train ? To Under the Bus LOL Its coming just wait and see LOL

  39. Trump may throw Rudy from the train but Rudy could throw Trump under the bus. After all is there anyone who knows more about Trump's dirty deeds then Rudy. And he already know that Trump will not give him a pardon having just thrown him off the train. That means that the only way Rudy can make sure he does not do prison time is by giving them Trump.

  40. Throwing Rudy under the bus might be the best move in a grab-bag of terrible moves, but it won't save tRump. He's a politically dead man walking.

  41. It's time for MSNBC to attempt to explain what the President actually did that was wrong and stop protecting criminals like Biden and his troubled son Hunter – investigate them and Clintons and Obama for their Ukraine activities. I'm sure they will be investigated and when the results come out MSNBC will be shown up as nothing but a toe rag . US Attorney Durham is currently investigating Obama. Obama will be doing some serious time for that I'm sure. The FISA abuses and spying are traitorous God bless the elected President, US Constitution and Democracy

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