Ivanka Trump’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Nipples Show Through White Top — See Pics – Daily News

Yikes! Ivanka Trump suffered a wardrobe malfunction on June 21, when her nipples were viewable to everyone in the Oval Office, as her father Donald signed an executive order to bring separated immigrant families back together    It looks like Ivanka Trump, 36, should have worn a thicker padded bra on June 20, because unfortunately for her, her nipples were on full display for everyone in the Oval Office as she watched her dad, Donald, sign an executive order to reunite separated immigrant families And yes, he was the one responsible for separating them in the first place. But back to her nipples — Ivanka didn’t seem to know about the awkward wardrobe malfunction because she didn’t do anything to cover up the mishap Instead, she stood there proudly as she watched her dad — the POTUS — do his thing See the pic below and in our gallery above! To see more, click here.    And speaking of Ivanka’s breasts — did you know that her dad allegedly wanted her to get breast implants? A new book, which claims to be packed with gossip about the Trump family — Born Trump: Inside America’s First Family — was released on June 14 Inside the book, it says that Donald allegedly wanted Ivanka, who was trying to make it as a model in her younger years, to get fake boobs because it would help her land more work This is according to excerpts obtained by PEOPLE. “Donald wanted it for her, bad, to the point where he suggested to friends that breast implants might help her along,” the author writes in the book    Awkward, right? But even so, we think Ivanka can be forgiven for her wardrobe malfunction as she had more serious matters to worry about She supposedly pushed Donald to safely reunite the immigrant families that had been separated by his zero tolerance police at the border And thank heavens she did. We still can’t believe these families were separated to begin with Shame on Donald for that.

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  1. Ivanka is smart, gorgeous and working to help women do better in business. Why do some people bash her? Jealous a bit?

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