Jaboukie Young-White Makes the Case for Climate Change “Preparations” | The Daily Show

How can young people
convince the rest of the country to get serious
on climate change? Trevor, why do young people have
to fix everything, you know? I’ve got enough problems.
I’ve got student loans. I’m trying break up
with my therapist. And I need to get unverified
on Twitter. If Wolf Blitzer’s got
a blue check, that’s just not cool anymore.
(laughs) Plus, like, why do we
have to fix climate change if we didn’t create it? Old people
got us into this mess. They should be able
to get us out of it. You know, I understand
where you’re coming from, but it may be too late
for only old people to solve climate change
by themselves. Okay. Well, then,
the least they can do is pay us. You know, young people deserve
compensation for the wrongs that the previous generation
has inflicted on us. You mean, like, reparations. No, reparations are for things
that happened in the past. Y’all are (bleep) us over
in the future. (laughter) (cheering and applause) So, like, technically, this is, like,
pre-reparations, you know. Like, preparation. Wow, I just made up a word. (laughter) “Preparations” is a word. Yeah, because I just made it up. Here-Here’s how it will work. You know, you pay young people
in proportion to how much you contributed
to climate change. If you drove a Hummer,
you owe, like, a thousand bucks. But if you ran a coal mine,
that’s ten million. And if you drove a Hummer
to the coal mine you own, give us all your passwords.
We’re taking all your shit. -This is happening.
-Okay. Okay. So the old people pay you, but then what do the
young people use the money for? Well, we’d do all the things
that we won’t be able to do once climate change
ruins everything. You know, like visit a glacier
or pet an elephant or, like, buy Beyoncé tickets. Well, I feel like now
you’re just using climate change to scam Beyoncé tickets. No, everything is gonna be
underwater, Trevor. That includes Beyoncé. Okay, you know what,
grifting aside, the idea of pre-reparations
makes sense. I actually think
I can get behind this. Really?
(chuckles) Wow. Okay.
(chuckles) I didn’t think that old people
would get on board so quick, but… (gasping, laughter) I’m… Dude, I-I– Like, I’ve-I’ve
talked to you about this. Stop calling– I’m not old. You don’t call me old
on the show. Di-Didn’t you get my voicemail
about this? I don’t know. What’s-what’s a voicemail? It’s-it’s a recording of my
voice that I send to your phone and then you listen to it. Oh! So it’s like a mini podcast
for one. That’s so cute. Goddamn it.
Jaboukie Young-White, everyone!

100 Replies to “Jaboukie Young-White Makes the Case for Climate Change “Preparations” | The Daily Show”

  1. I love this show… but I really dislike this character tbh.
    Too lazy, too self-centered, too annoying… I don't really like this

    But of course what he says makes sense, and the segment was interested

  2. Don't worry, climate change is fake news. The 'polar vortex' never happened. The storms that devastated the East coast and Puerto Rico were your imagination. All is well…

  3. Ok… I admit it… when I got my new phone I did look to see how to setup the voicemail – which it does not have ha ha.
    It is hell getting old, but it is better than the alternative 😃

  4. This guy is a better host than Trevor Noah. I was so amazed watching him

  5. You minority Democrats are aware that the leaders of your party are white elderly people, right? You're there for votes only. They may trot out a minority every now and then but your masters are white. Yeah, that tastes like shit huh?

  6. Stop Fossil Fuel Use. Build solar/wind powered robotic mining/sorting/recycling systems to mine the landfills for resources, build solar/wind/wave powered floating robotic plastic collection systems for the oceans, build solar/wind/wave powered desalination plants off the coasts of every major sea-side city. SolarWindWave are the only way to save your planet.

  7. He is a Generation Z. Trevor is a Generation Millennial. Trevor was made by a Baby Boomer and the kid from a Generation X. Right? I guess so confused with the Generations. I was able to keep it up until the Generation X but those Millennials threw me off.

  8. I love Trevor and now I love Jaboukie just as much. I would really like to see him do more on the show. He has a great future in comedy, movies etc

  9. Take your money fro trump and his govt. they pulled you out of the biggest climate deal. take that money and invest in AOC's Green New Deal.

  10. oh don't worry about climate change. it's fine. we'll all be dead as a species wayyy before the climate can do anything about it. Our own stupidity and ego called dibs on our extinction much earlier than nature.

  11. I hope Trevor Noah become USA president. He has so much wisdom, good hearted and funny -all those such great qualities we all need for a leader ❤️

  12. not at all into joubukie, he's not funny and he's not good. all the other correspondents are funny but he's just boring, and the ageism doesn't play well at all.

  13. To realise that climate change is real ,you don't have to be a genius: as long as one have been a resident of the planet for about 20 years + 1 or 2 brain cells = you will have to admit – we are all going down soon.

  14. The same people who think millenials should solve climate change are the ones who make fun of vegan zero-waste millenials

  15. The last joke was lame. Seriously you people doesn't know what's a voice mail is? My nephew knows what's a voice mail. And he is just 8.

  16. Y'know? He's right about one thing for sure: in the future, a case could be made about an elder generation screwing a younger generation in this way (environmentally) and the worst offenders' offspring may be expected to give some form of reparations.
    Perhaps some of their water or air rations.

  17. i prefer the older daily show where the source of satire was realted to more serious questions that really needs to be adressed

  18. in my opinion if a guy wants to see Beyonce on concert…you're gay. btw her music ain't that great I rather listen to anita baker

  19. Ahahahahahaha! "Voicemail is a mini podcast for one!" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  20. Jaboukie's exactly right. Stop the wars, get rid of the tax cuts, and increase the taxes on the rich; we'll pay for everything and have money left over!

  21. What a great idea…. Charge my 80 year old grandpa on his deathbed for working in a coal mine that he had no idea was poisoning his lungs and the climate. This podcast was dumb af and made young people sound like idiots.

  22. I'm going to use my preparation to build a million dollar house boat in the middle of the desert. Everyone is going to think I'm crazy when I tell them that it's going to flood until one day God shuts the doors tight and the rain falls because of climate change. Then I will be floating past every doubter. You have been warned… Again lol

  23. I think it is so awkward in these sketches when the other person ís looking into the camera at all times, never facing Trevor. XD

  24. I would enjoy him more if he had the manners to look at Trevor when asked a question instead of continually looking at the camera.

  25. That's bullshit. No one EVER paid me for the generation before wronging me. That ain't how it works. Millennials just want any excuse where they might get something for free. You don't deserve to be paid. Older siblings screw you over; why shouldn't everyone else be the same way?

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